My Pokemon Adventure @pokemon406
Chapter 4

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"I think it's about time we met, creator."Was the last thing I heard before I fell unconscious.

When I regained consciousness, I opened my eyes to find myself in a foyer of a mansion. The walls were painted white and the floor was black. There were two sets of stairs in front of me, they were painted black along with the railing.

"Hello! Is there anyone here?"I yelled, hoping someone would reply. I waited a few moments for a reply but received none.

"Okay so either no one's here or they want to scare me by popping up out of nowhere."I muttered to myself."Well, I won't find anyone by standing around."I smiled before I began searching for the place's inhabitants.

I found a dining room, kitchen, pantry, library, living room, game room, movie theater, weapons room, study, laundry room, garden, exercise room, garage, a few bathrooms and a bedroom. There were more rooms but the doors were locked.

The dining room was huge and had a really long table that looked like it could fit two hundred people. The kitchen had a lot of stoves, ovens, bowls, plates, and utensils needed to make something to eat. I checked one of the fridges and found a wide range of beverages. I know I shouldn't have but I grabbed myself a soda and continued exploring. In the pantry there was all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and other food. I didn't really feel hungry so I didn't take anything.

In the library, there were row after row of bookshelves filled to the brim with books. I wanted to explore the library but I felt if I did I wouldn't escape due to the size of the library.

The living room had the longest couch I've ever seen followed by few other furniture like recliner chairs, footstools, and tables. There was a large flat screen TV on the wall in front of the couch with a cabinet underneath. I checked inside the cabinet to find a lot of movies from different genres of film.

The game room looked like a YouTuber uses it because there was a camera, microphone, headphones, a stand to hold the camera, lights, cabinet, TV, and a computer. I checked the cabinet and found all kinds of video games and consoles.

The movie theater room looked like one you'd see in Regal Cinema. There were five rows of recliner chairs, stairs, lights, speakers, video projector, and movie screen. The floor was a mess. There was popcorn, candy, drinks, and other stuff on the floor.

The weapons room was one of the most interesting rooms in this place. There were guns, swords, and other weapons in the room but what I paid attention to were the ones that looked like replicas of weapons from anime and videogames. I wanted to pick up Ichigo's Shikai sword but decided against it knowing I wasn't strong enough to lift it and instead picked up his Bankai sword. I gave it a few playful swings and pretended to fire a Getsuga tenshou. Of course it didn't work because this sword was fake and not the real deal.

The study room looked like your typical study room. It had a desk, rolling chair, desk lamps, computer, bookshelf, books, filing cabinet, and a bed. I didn't stay here long because it wasn't that interesting.

The laundry room wasn't interesting either. It had some washing machines and dryers, baskets, and cabinets. There were some dirty clothes in one of the baskets but I paid it no mind.

The garden room was nice. Plenty of sunlight was going into the room and there were all kinds of flowers. I noticed one plant in particular looked like a piranha plant from Mario. It looked so life-like, I was tempted to go over and touch it but decided against it. I thought I saw it move as I moved to leave but I think it was my eyes playing tricks on me.

The exercise room looked like your typical exercise room. It had a treadmill, stationary bike, rowing machine, single-stationary gym, dumbells of all sizes, stair climber, ski machines, elliptical trainer, and rock wall.

The garage had a lot of sports cars and vehicle replicas from tv shows. The Mystery Van from Scooby Doo, Kevin's car from Ben 10, the Batmobile from Batman, and many others.

After what seemed like hours of searching, I sat down on the couch in the living room and sighed at how comfortable the furniture felt. However, I didn't get to enjoy this for long because a voice whispered in my ear.


"Gah!"I yelped before I moved quickly off the couch and looked towards the person to see a Jolteon."A Jolteon? Does that mean I'm still in the pokemon world?"I thought, wondering if that was the case.

"So, did you enjoy your little tour of our home?"The Jolteon asked in a feminine voice."We could have given you a tour but decided where's the fun in that."

"It was nice though I would have liked it if you gave me a map."I replied then realized she said we."Wait a minute! What do you mean by we?"

"We as in me and my sister who is right behind you."She replied pointing behind me.

I froze and slowly turned around to see...nothing. I turned back around and was about to say something only to jump back at seeing a Umbreon was now beside the Jolteon.

"Where are you pokemon coming from?!"I yelled at them.

"Well~ when a mommy and daddy love each other very much-"Jolteon was cut off by the dark-type eeveelution.

"Quiet,"Jolteon pouted but stopped talking.

After a few moments of silence between the three of us, I decided to say something."So, can you tell me where I am and who you two belong to?"I asked curiously.

"We'll tell you but first do you know who we are?"Umbreon asked me.

"Umm I assume you two belong to the guy that owns this mansion."I replied.

"Well, you're not wrong,"Jolteon said with a knowing grin."Oh! Guess what he named us!"

I looked taken back by this then scratched the back of my head and stared at them in thought.

"Sparky and Blackie?"

"No."Jolteon replied.

"White Lightning and Nightmare?"

"No."Jolteon repeated.

"Thunder Idiot and Dark Genius?"

"No."Jolteon repeated, this time her fur sparking with electricity.

"Shiro and Kuro?"

"Nope! He gave those names to two other mons he had."She replied.

I tried thinking of other names but couldn't think of any, so I told them I gave up.

"Do the names Hikari and Yami sound familiar to you?"Umbreon suddenly asked and I nodded in response.

"Yeah! They're names I used for my OCs. Why are you asking...those are your names aren't they?"Jolteon eagerly nods while Umbreon nods calmly. I then stared at them, realizing they looked familiar for some reason.

"They can't be. Are they…"I thought then said."Are you two my Hikari and Yami?"They both nodded causing me to take a step back in shock then ask a series of questions.

"How is that possible?! How are you both alive?! Do you hate me? Where are we?! Do you know what's going on?! Why was Fang trying to kill me? Can I pet you two?! Why are you two-"Yami, the Umbreon, raised a paw and I shut up.

"In order. We don't know. No. Your mind. No. I have an idea. And later."She answered.

I nodded then realized something."Wait a minute. We're in my mind?"She nodded."That can't be! I have never dreamed of a place this amazing!"

"I agree. This place is too good for your lazy ass."Hikari said, making me clench my hand into a fist from angry.

"Hikari…"I stepped towards the electric type eeveelution but Yami stood between us.

"I didn't call you here to strangle my sister."

"Like he ever could."Hikari commented but I ignored her this time.

"So, why am I here?"I asked, crossing my arms and looking at Yami.

"Over the years, you've created many original characters or OCs for short. All of them different shapes, sizes, personalities, and capabilities. Hikari and I being one of the oldest and most powerful of your creations."Yami said as I nodded at that.

"Yeah. And?"I asked, not seeing the problem.

"They were contained here in this mansion with no way of escape until recently…"She trailed off and my eyes widened in what she meant.

"You mean they're all…"

"Gone. Yes. However, not all of us chose to leave when-"She said but I ignored her and began to panic.

"No no no no no! This isn't good! A lot of them were powerhouses and had crazy abilities! Some crazy and psychopaths that you don't want to be near! And others created for kinks!"I yelled and would have continued to ramble on if Hikari didn't slap me.

"Yeah, yeah! We know about them! We lived with them for years! A lot of them are annoying and weird!"She yelled at me and muttered something under her breath but I didn't hear it.

"Right, right! Yami, what were you saying earlier?"I asked her.

"Not all of us chose to leave when someone decided to pick the lock on the door."She repeated calmly.

"So, everyone didn't leave..wait a minute."I thought then realized something."You said someone picked the lock. What lock?"

"The front door in the foyer. It was the only exit out of your mind."

"And who decided to pick the lock?"I asked with narrowed eyes.

"...Corey."She replied.

"I thought so,"I took a deep breath then loudly yelled."FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!"

I panted heavily for a moment before looking at Yami."Why would he unlock the door?!"

Yami shrugged while Hikari responded."Oh! That's easy! I made a bet with him that he couldn't unlock the door. Obviously he won and I gave him five bags of marshmallows."

I stared at her with a blank expression for a moment then came over and grabbed her by the neck.

"Are you stupid?! Why would you make him do something like that?!"I questioned as I shook her rapidly.

"Because this place was crowded and needed space!"She replied between shakes.

"This is my mind you idiot! There is infinite space in this mansion!"

"I told her that but she didn't listen."Yami said.

I stopped shaking Hikari and sat her down, her eyes looking swirly for a moment before she shook her head to clear it. I sighed then looked at Yami.

"Okay, so who is here besides you two?"

"Andrew or as he's preferred to be called Drew."The Umbreon said simply.

"Drew…"I repeated then looked to be in thought. He was one of my powerful OCs but disliked fighting and hurting others due to his nature. He was also a good healer and had a way with plants and animals.

I looked at Yami and asked curiously."Where is he? I haven't seen him at all since I've been here."

"Oh! I told him to hide because we didn't want you to know we were here yet."Hikari answered,"He's probably still in the garden."

"The garden? But I didn't see him-wait a minute. There was this weird flower that looked like an Ivysaur's bud!"I facepalmed for not figuring that out.

"I'm gonna go see the little guy."I said and began walking towards the garden room but then couldn't move. I looked over at Yami to see her eyes glowing.

"You can meet him later. For now, you need to return to the real world for training."Yami said.

"Training? Training for what?"

"For the OCs that are gonna come after you! You think Fang was the only one trying to kill you?"Hikari answered causing me to pale at this realization.

"Yes. However, he was under someone's control. So not all of your OCs are trying to kill you."Yami told me, calming my nerves somewhat.

"Okay, so how do I leave this place?"

"You just think of leaving and proof you're gone!"Hikari answered.

I nodded then closed my eyes and thought of leaving this amazing mansion. I could always come later when I fall asleep...hopefully.


When I opened my eyes again, I saw that I was back at camp."Was that all a dream?"I thought to myself before getting out my sleeping bag.

I heard what sounded like a dog whimper behind me, so I turned around to see Fang pinned down by Amber who didn't look happy.

"Fang, how'd you get out of your pokeball?"I asked in a surprised tone.

"A pokeball can't contain the Mighty Fang!"He replied proudly, causing me to roll my eyes.

"Amber let him up."I ordered and she looked hesitant but obeyed my command and got off of Fang.

"Thanks, Creator!"Fang said smiling. He stood up and stretched a bit before looking at and opened his mouth to say something but stopped at seeing me give him a stern expression.

"Why did you leave?"I asked and he gave me a confused look."You know what I mean. Why did you leave the mansion?"

He sat on his haunches and replied."W-Well, the mansion was nice and all but I wanted a change in scenery."

I stared at him with narrowed eyes causing him to sweat nervously. I continued to stare at him for a long moment before he exclaimed.

"Alright fine! I left the mansion because I couldn't get any there so I left and tried to find some out here!"

"I knew it,"I know I blue balled the guy but I didn't think he would leave a luxurious place like that mansion to get laid. I guess everyone has a limit. Maybe I should give the guy a mate or help him find one? I then focused back on Fang and asked.

"So, did the rest of the Poke Fighters Guild leave as well or just you?"

He gave me a knowing smirk."Do you really think they would stay once the door was unlocked?"He asked and I nodded knowing he was right. None of the members of the Poke Fighters Guild would miss a chance like this to explore the unknown.

"So, where are the others then?"I asked curiously.

He shrugged."I don't know. When we left the mansion to come here, we kind of split up."He replied.

I sighed at this, that didn't really tell me anything that I couldn't have figured out on my own. I tried to recall all of the members of the guild but since there were so many members, I couldn't remember them all from the top of my head. However, I could remember the ones that become Shizuko's pokemon. Elsa, a Espeon, was the guildmaster and wasn't the strongest of the guild but was the guildmaster because she had the qualities of a leader. Glin, a Wartortle, ran the quest and outlaw boards. Kori, a Glaceon, did quests and helped Yosei whenever she could. Yosei, a Sylveon, was one of the medics of the guild. And finally Mirage, a Zoroark, did quests with Fang often tagging along with her.

If I had to guess who's with whom, Gokken and Elsa were traveling together due to being a team before forming the guild. The same with Kori and Yosei. Glin would most likely be traveling alone because the others don't really like him much aside from Gokken. Mirage is an odd one because I thought she would be traveling with Fang unless...something happened that caused them to separate.

I was pulled from my thoughts by Fang getting my attention."So, any idea on why I'm a Rockruff again?"He asked, frowning.

I shrugged."I don't know. Maybe the one controlling you restarted you back to zero after they lost control."I suggested.

He looked horrified by what I said."Nooooo! How will I pick up chicks as a Rockruff?!"He said, falling to the ground in despair.

I rolled my eyes at this. Of course the Puppy Pokemon would care more about picking ladies and getting laid rather than about how he lost his powers and skills. However, that didn't mean I couldn't feel sympathy for the guy.

I got down on one knee then leaned over and began scratching behind the Rockruff's left ear. Fang's eyes widened and his tail began wagging from what I assume is joy. I chuckled at his expression and continued scratching his ear until I felt something poke at my leg. I looked over to see Amber giving me a begging look. I smiled then used my other hand to scratch behind the Eevee's ear. She smiled and let out a happy 'Vee!' as her tail wagged happily from the attention.

This petting session didn't last long. I stopped petting Amber and Fang when a familiar spoke from behind me.

"Oh, petting! Can I join in?"

I turned around and was surprised to see Hikari and Yami."How'd you two get here?"I then remembered the door was unlocked and realized what I said was stupid."Never mind."

"Hikari!"Fang ran over to the Jolteon and the two high fived each other."Nice to see you came out too!"

"I would have come out sooner but dark and broody over here didn't want to leave before."She replied which made me wonder why they didn't leave like the others.

Fang must have had the same thought as me because he looked at Yami and asked."Why did you want to stay, Yami?"

"My reason for wanting to stay in the mansion isn't important right now,"She replied, not answering the question."What is important right now is training, Shizuko."

"Eevee?(Why would Shizuko-kun need training?)"Amber asked.

I blinked and Hikari was suddenly beside Amber."Well, Amby-"

"Vee(My name is Amber.)"The Evolution Pokemon interrupted, frowning.

"Your trainer made a lot of enemies literally. And they want a piece of him both figuratively and literally."She continued, ignoring the Eevee's response.

After seeing Amber's worried expression, Hikari continued."But don't worry, we'll train his lazy ass into shape so he'll be able to kick their asses!"Amber looked relieved while I looked annoyed.

"Hey! I'm not lazy!"I yelled.

Hikari turned her head to look at me."Then explain why it takes you forever to make the next chapter to your stories?"She said with a smug grin.

"It takes a while for inspiration to come to me!"I exclaimed.

"Okay then. Then why after inspiration hits does it take you forever to write the chapter?"

"It takes a while for me to put it into words!"

"Nope! You're just lazy."She replied.

I yelled in frustration at her questions and rushed to put the hurt on the electric-type but realized I couldn't move my legs and arms. I looked over at Yami to see her eyes glowing.

"Now isn't the time for this,"Yami said and I began struggling to break out of her psychic hold."Don't you wanna start your training, Shizuko?"I instantly stopped struggling then looked at her and nodded.

She released her hold on me and turned to her."So, what are you gonna teach me, Yami-sensei?! Ki? Chakra? Spiritual Pressure!"I asked her excitedly.

"You'll learn those later,"She replied."Right now, you'll be learning to shapeshift."

"Shapeshift…"I trailed off before a wide smile spread across my face. Shapeshifting is one of the top powers I wished I had. The ability to change into anything or anyone would be so awesome.

"What do I have to do?"I asked.

"First use one of your wishes to give yourself the ability to shapeshift."Yami told me. I nodded and did as she asked."Now, close your eyes and concentrate on turning into a pokemon."

I nodded then closed my eyes and concentrated on turning into a pokemon. There were so many choices to choose from so I decided to focus on turning into a random one from my top five. After a few seconds, I opened my eyes and looked myself over to see I had become…

"...A Pikachu. Really?"I groaned in annoyance at this.

"What's wrong with being a Pikachu?"Fang asked in a confused tone.

I looked over at him and said."Because Pikachu is so cliche! And I've seen enough of this Pokemon!"I don't hate Pikachu but it was the last Pokemon I wanted to become right now.

"If it's a cliche then why did you turn into one?"Hikari asked in a smug tone.

I glared at the Jolteon and exclaimed at her."Because it was in my top five favorites!"

Yami must have been able to sense an argument between me and Hikari coming because I felt her flare her energy and exclaim.

"Enough! Your bickering over this won't solve anything!"Everyone wisely shut up after this."...Now, Shizuko could you come over here for a second?"She asked.

I nodded and took a step towards her only to fall on my face. As I groaned in pain at the unexpected fall, I heard everyone except Amber and Yami laugh at me causing me to feel irritated. I pick myself up and try again only for the same thing to happen again.

"Damn it! Ash made it look so easy in that episode!"I thought, remembering the episode where Ash turned into a Pikachu.

After a bit of trial and error, I managed to walk over to Yami and was about to ask what she wanted when she placed one of her forepaws on my chest. I looked confused for a second before I felt a surge of pain for a moment.

"What was that for?!"I demanded, wanting an explanation.

"Try turning back into a human."Yami told me, ignoring my question.

I raised an eyebrow at this but closed my eyes and focused on turning back into a human. After a few seconds, I opened my eyes and looked myself over to see I was still a Pikachu. I then looked at Yami for an explanation.

"For the next two weeks you will be stuck as a Pikachu."She said.

I looked shocked by this. I knew she wasn't kidding because she rarely jokes around."What! I'm gonna be stuck as a Pikachu for two weeks! What would be the-wait. What if I choose to turn into a Magikarp or Caterpie?"I asked with narrowed eyes.

"I would have had you turn into something else because I am not that you."She replied, causing me to raise an eyebrow in confusion at this. Yami was either cold, cruel, or indifferent to everyone except those who are precious to her. So, was I someone she considered precious to her?

"Aw, really? I think it would be funny if he spent two weeks as a fish or a bug,"Hikari said.

I turned to glare at Hikari for a second then looked back at Yami."So, are you gonna teach me how to live as Pikachu for these two weeks?"I asked her curiously."Also, what happens at the end of the two weeks?"

To my surprise she shook her head negatively."Sorry, but I won't be teaching you. I have something important to check in on."

"And what is this important thing you need to check?"I asked in response.

"You don't need to know."She replied.

"What! If it's something important then I need to know!"I exclaimed to her.

"Trust me, you don't need to know for now."She replied and before I could pester her some more on the issue she teleported away in black flash of light.

I sighed at this and folded my arms."Great, now who's gonna teach me?"I asked no one and stared at the ground in thought until I heard someone to my right clear their throat loudly. I turned my head in that direction and jumped in surprise at seeing Hikari right in my face smiling widely.

"Who needs stingy old darkness to teach you when you have light right here."She said proudly.

"No."I replied immediately.

"Aw, but why? I could teach you lots of stuff!"

"No, you would just have me do random stuff while you sit back and watch me suffer."





"Pretty please with cherries on top."She said, giving me puppy dog eyes.

"You've trained for this Shizuko. You can resist the eyes!"I thought, trying to look away from the eyes. I almost succeeded in looking away from Hikari until I heard her whimper and add a pouting lip."You must resist! You must resi-"

"Fine! You can be my teacher! Just stop looking at me like that!"I yelled in an exasperated tone.

"Yay! We're gonna have so much fun, Shizuko! You won't regret this!"She said, coming over to me and nuzzling her cheek against mine which felt nice.

"Pretty sure I will,"I thought, mentally sighing.

She then stepped back and glowed, her form shifting. When the glow faded away, there was a Pikachu standing in front of me instead of Jolteon.

"Now, while you train under me you will refer to me as Hikari-sensei or Speed Master or The White Flash or-"I cut her off before she could continue with names to call herself.

"How about I call you neither and call you Thunder Idiot?"I suggested, grinning.

The White Pikachu looked at me with narrowed eyes."Call me by anything else, especially by that name, and I will punish you."She replied, causing me to chuckle.

"Punish me by doing what exactly?"

"You'll find out if you call me something I don't like."She answered.

I thought about whether or not I should call her 'Thunder Idiot' again but decided against it...for now at least.

"So, what do you plan on teaching me first, Hikari-sensei?"

"The first thing we're gonna do is teach you how to use pokemon moves/attacks."She told me, causing me to smile for a second before I remembered who was teaching me.

I folded my arms and asked skeptically."And how are you gonna teach me to use moves?"

"Easy! Just close your eyes and feel for the electric-type energy in your body."She replied like it was the simplest thing in the world.

I opened my mouth to argue but no words came out. I shrugged then closed my eyes and began to feel for the electric-type energy in my body. After a few minutes of searching, I was gonna stop and ask Hikari for advice when I felt a certain energy along with a few others.

I then opened my eyes and looked at Hikari."Alright, I found the energy. So, what am I supposed to do now?"

She smiled at me."Now, I want you to use that energy to use Thundershock on…"She zipped away and came back, putting a certain Puppy Pokemon in front of me."...Fang!"

"Okay!"I said immediately, grinning.

"Wait what!"Fang said as I began feeling for the energy again.

I found it quicker this time, much to my surprise, and felt electricity spark from the cheek pouches on my cheeks. I then looked at Fang who hastily shook his head negatively at me which would have made me chuckle but I had to focus.

"Take this!"I yelled, firing a stream of lightning at Fang.

He flinched and yelped in surprise at the attack hitting him but then blinked and looked at me.

"Was that it? I've been hit harder by Rai on his worst days!"He told me, grinning smugly.

Normally, something like this wouldn't piss me off but hearing that my attack couldn't hurt Fang of all of my OCs kind of angried me. I glared at him as my cheeks sparked dangerously with electricity. The smug grin quickly left the Rockruff's muzzle and he took a step back.

"How about this then!"I yelled, firing a larger stream of lightning at him.

This time when my attack hit him, he cried out in pain and did that thing where they became a silhouette with eyes. (A/N: You know in the anime when Ash or another character gets hit by Pikachu or another electric-type.)

I continued firing my attack for a couple of seconds before stopping. I fell to my knees and panted heavily for a moment then looked at Fang to see him covered in char and soot.

""I asked him.

"Better."Fang replied and coughed a puff of smoke.

"Good..."My vision became blurry and it was getting harder to keep my eyes open."...Okay, maybe that was a mistake."I said before my eyes closed and I blacked out.

Sometime later, I was awoken by a delicious smell hitting my nose. I opened my eyes and met with forest green eyes.

"Gah!"I yelled, crawling away from the pair of eyes. The owner of the eyes was revealed to be an Ivysaur.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you, Shizuko."The Ivysaur said to me in an apologetic tone and judging by the voice, it was male.

"It's fine, uhh...Drew?"He nodded."I was just surprised to see someone when I woke up."I replied, smiling at him.

I then stood up and asked curiously."So, Drew do you know what's making that smell?"

Drew said nothing in response and only pointed to the right with a vine. I looked in that direction to see my whole pokemon team except Nemo eating curry. I briefly wondered who cooked the curry for them since none of them knew how to cook when I remembered Drew was a really good cook.

"Hey, you're awake!"A familiar voice said to my right.

I turned to my right and jumped at seeing Hikari in my face."Okay, the next person who suddenly pops up in front of me gets punched in the face."I warned at no one in particular.

Hikari giggled."No promises!"She grinned at me."Anyway, you wake up just in time for lunch."She said, and my stomach decided to remind me that I hadn't fed it by growling.

"Yeah, so can I get some of that curry?"I asked her while trying to keep my mouth from salivating.

To my surprise and slight annoyance she shook her head negatively."Nope! You're going to do the next part of your training of being a pokemon."She told me, getting a confused expression from me.

"Next part of my training? What do you mean?!"I exclaimed, a little angry. I get a bit grouchy when I'm hungry.

"Did I stutter or are your Pikachu ears defective?"I growled a little at that."The next part of being a pokemon is finding food for yourself."She said and I frowned in response.

"Can't we do this after lunch?"I suggested, not wanting to do this.

She shook her head negatively."Wild pokemon most of the time search for food on a empty stomach so you have to as well."She replied.

"But-"I began to say but she cut me off.

"Who is your sensei?"

"You are but-"

"And you normally do what your teacher tells you to do within reason, right?"She continued.

"Yes, but Hikari-"I tried to say but she got up in my face.

"Do you want me to punish you?"She asked, giving me a look that made me feel small and insignificant.

I felt my ears droop."...No,"I answered in a quiet tone and looked away from her.

"Good! Now, get out there and find some food!"She told me in her usual cheery tone.

I hastily walked out of camp, looking at the ground because I didn't want to make eye contact with anyone as I left the camp.


When I was a certain distance away from camp, I stopped to ponder about Hikari's attitude."She has never acted like that before. Normally, when she wants me to do something she annoys me until I do what she wants."

"However, she didn't do that this time and instead acted like a teacher and threatened me with a punishment if I didn't do what she said. I guess this means she's serious about training me and isn't fucking around."I thought and couldn't help but feel both happy and angry. Happy that she was taking this seriously and angry about threatening me with an unknown punishment if I didn't do what she wanted.

"Whatever, I'll get her back for this later,"My stomach growled, reminding me that I still haven't eaten."But right now I should probably find some food!"I thought and figured the quickest way to find food was by smell.

So, I sniffed the air a few times and picked up a variety of smells that I didn't notice when I was human. I was never the best at describing smells so I wasn't gonna begin to explain them. I smelled something sweet not too far to my right and walked quickly in that direction to find an Oran Berry bush.

"Food!"I exclaimed before racing over and began eating berries one after the other. Now, had I been less hungry, I would have approached this more cautiously and realized some wild pokemon might have already claimed this berry bush.

"Hey! What you doing?!"A voice said behind me.

I froze and slowly turned around to see five Mankey."Uh, nothing."I answered.

"Were you eating from our berry bush?"A Mankey to my left asked.

"No…"I noticed they were looking at the half-eaten berry in my paw."Umm, it was like this when I picked it up."I said, hoping they were stupid enough to buy it.

Apparently not, because they began shaking in what I'm pretty sure is angry. So, I did the smart thing and began running away from the group of monkeys-err I mean Mankey. However, I didn't get far before falling face-first to the ground. In my hurry, I momentarily forgot I wasn't used to this form and couldn't run. I picked myself and looked around to see the Mankey had surrounded me.

"Can we by any chance solve this nonviolently?"I asked nervously. They said nothing in response and was upon me in seconds, punching and kicking me ferociously everywhere.

"Ow! Ow! Please stop! I'm sorry! I didn't know the bush was taken!"I exclaimed in the hopes they would stop but they didn't and continued. I tried to use Thundershock but I couldn't concentrate because of the pain.

"Please...stop."I begged, beginning to cry due to the pain becoming unbearable.

"Someone...anyone me."I said as I began losing consciousness. I thought this was the end of the line for me until I heard someone yell stop and the Mankey stopped attacking me but that didn't stop me from passing out.

POV: Drew

Hikari told me to follow Shizuko and I'm glad I did because I arrived to see him fighting a group of Mankey. Well, more like getting the crap beaten out of him but I didn't wanna be mean.

"STOP!"I yelled loudly to get their attention away from him.

It worked, they stopped punching and kicking him to look over at me."You come to eat our berries too!"One of the Mankey yelled at me. I sighed at this, of course that was the reason they were attacking him.x;

They charged at me but I wasn't in the mood for a fight. Large roots came out of the ground and wrapped around each of the Mankey, they yelped in surprise and began struggling to free themselves. It was useless for them to struggle because at their current level, it was impossible to escape. The roots began glowing and sapped away at their energy. In moments, the Mankey all fainted so I set them all gently to the ground with my roots.

I rushed over to Shizuko to find he was unconscious. I checked his injuries and sighed in relief, he had a couple of bruises here and there but nothing too severe. I wrapped my vines around his waist and began healing him. In no time at all, he was healed of his injuries and was smiling serenely in his sleep. I smiled and picked him up with my vines and walked back to camp.


I walked into camp and was immediately approached by Hikari and Amber, both looking concerned at seeing Shizuko unconscious.

"What happened?!"Both of them asked at the same time.

I laid Shizuko down on the ground beside me and unwrapped my wines from him then began telling them what happened from my point of view.

"He found something to eat like you told him to, Hikari. A berry bush to be exact. Unfortunately, it was already claimed by some Mankey. They didn't wanna share and beat him up for eating their food. Luckily, I got there in time and was able to save him."I finished explaining to them.

The two Pokemon breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this. Amber turned to glare at Hikari."This is your fault!"

"My fault! How is this my fault?"Hikari asked.

"If you didn't tell him to go out and search for food he wouldn't have to fight some Mankey!"

"Oh, I'm sorry! I couldn't foresee he was gonna be attacked by some fighting monkeys while looking for food. I don't have future vision!"Hikari told her."Although it would be cool if I did, then I could see when stuff would happen and pull off all kinds of pranks."She looked to be off in her own little world.

I sweatdropped at this while Amber growled and looked ready to pounce on the Pikachu. I noticed this and knew a fight was about to happen so I quickly said.

"Arguing won't change what happened! He is safe, that's all that matters right now."

Amber stared at me for a long moment before sighing."You're right,"She turned to Hikari."I'm sorry for blaming you for what happened."She said in a apological tone.

"No worries! I would have done the same thing."Hikari replied, smiling.

The Evolution Pokemon smiled back then went over to Shizuko and laid down next to him. She was probably gonna wait for him to wake up.

I was happy that a fight was avoided and pulled Hikari a bit away from the two to ask her something.

"Are you gonna have him do something else today?"

She shook her head negatively."Nope! That was it for today. Even if I did have something else, he probably wouldn't be up for it after what just happened."She replied and I nodded in agreement at that.

"Do you you think he'll be ready for him."I whispered to her.

She looked unsure."I don't know. Shizuko's a hard worker but I don't think he'll be ready to fight him when he appears."She whispered back.

"I just hope we can help Shizuko fight him when he appears."I said and she shook her head negatively at this.

"Unfortunately, that probably won't happen. He would do something to make us not able to join Shizuko in the fight,"Hikari said, knowingly.

I sighed at this, knowing she was right."I guess the only thing we can do is train him and hope he wins."I said.

"Pretty much!"Hikari replied.



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