My Pokemon Adventure @pokemon406
Chapter 3

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"Why are there so many Zubats?!"I yelled in anger after encountering my thirtieth Zubat.

I was currently in Mt. Moon and so far I've only encountered Zubats. I haven't found a Geodude, Sandshrew, Paras, or Clefairy. The last one I wasn't expecting to encounter...and maybe capture.

I wasn't the only person in this cave unlike in the anime where only Professor...whatever his name was in this mountain. There were others here looking for fossils or just passing through for all I know. I even battled a few of them. However, one trainer stood out. A lady with a very strong looking Clefable. I wanted to battle her but unfortunately, she had no interest in battling a trainer who just began his journey. I didn't know how she could tell I was just starting out but she was right. I wouldn't have won the battle anyway, her Clefable looked like it would easily destroy my pokemon.

Eevee, who was on my head, hopped onto my shoulder and licked my cheek to calm me down, which it did.

"Vee Eevee. (Why don't we just move on? If you're getting frustrated about all the Zubats.)"Eevee suggested.

"Yeah, that's probably for the best,"I said sighing."Thanks, Amber."She nodded and hopped back onto my head. Amber is the nickname I gave her.

I also gave nicknames to my other pokemon. Charmeleon's nickname is Hiryu which seemed to fit because he would one day take flight. Ass-I mean Pidgey's nickname is Ace because it fits a flying type. Pikachu's nickname is Electra because it fits an electric type. Magikarp's nickname is Nemo because I was thinking of a good nickname and thought of Finding Nemo.

I turned to the pokemon that I had let out to battle the Zubats Hiryu, Electra, and Ace.

"Alright everyone we're leaving!"I told them and they nodded in response. I brought out their pokeballs and returned them.

I began to make my way out of the cave only to stop when the room began to shake for a moment then stop. I blinked in confusion and looked around only to yelp when Eevee made me move forward quickly.

"Hey, Amber what's the-"I stopped talking when I heard something behind me. I turned around to see a large rock spike in my previous position."Never mind."

The room began to shake again and this time I saw the spikes but this time there were several. I yelped and dodged them in comedic positions before making a run for the exit. I continued dodging rock spikes until I finally made it outside of the mountain.

I collapsed to the ground and panted in exhaustion."...What...the heck just happened,"I asked then jumped when Amber tapped my cheek.

"Vee? (Are you okay, Shizuko-kun?)"She asked in a concerned tone.

"Yeah, I'm okay,"I replied then asked,"Are you okay, Amber? You weren't hit while I was running were you?"She shook her head negatively making me sigh in relief.

I stood up and looked around to see if what caused this was nearby but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. However, I felt like someone was nearby so I wasted no time in making my way to Cerulean City.


"What do you mean it's already been claimed?!"I asked.

When I got to Cerulean City, I immediately went to the Bike shop, hoping I could win a free bike but doesn't seem to be the case.

"It's already been claimed."The bike store owner repeated."I don't know who told you about the bike but you need a bike voucher in order to get a free bike from here."He explained.

"Maybe I should have played the original Kanto games."I thought. I only played the recent Kanto game, Pokemon Let's Go."Okay, how much does a bike cost then."

"Hmm well, a bike costs...1, 000, 000 Poke."He replied.

"Come again?"My eyes widen in shock.

"1, 000, 000 Poke."He repeatedly."Do you wish to purchase, sir? Sir?"I didn't reply. I just stood there in shock with my eye twitching.

POV: Amber

"Shizuko-kun?"I asked my trainer but he didn't reply. I hopped onto his shoulder and nuzzled his cheek to get a response but still nothing.

I hopped off his shoulder to the ground then bit his pant leg and tried dragging him out of the shop but he wouldn't budge. So, I released his other Pokemon and with their help, was able to drag him out of the shop.

"So, how do we snap him out of this?"Hiryu asked curiously as he poked me in the face but I still didn't react, slightly unnerving the fire-type.

"I got an idea!"Ace exclaimed.

We brought him over to a stream and briefly wondered what he had planned. I watched as Ace dunked Shizuko's head underwater. I gasped and was about to tackle him when Shizuko flailed his arms within seconds of being dunked underwater and let him up for air.

POV: Shizuko

"What the hell?!"I asked looking at my pokemon with an annoyed expression.

"Pi Pika!(Hey, don't give us that look! He was the one that put you under!)"Electra said pointing at Ace.

"Pidgey!(Well it worked so I don't feel bad!)"Ace said.

"You're on my shit list now, Ace."I thought and used my jacket to dry my face.

"Pika Pika?(What's the plan, Shizuko? We take on the gym?)"Electra asked.

I shook my head negatively in response."No, we'll take on the gym later. I wanna gather some info on gym before we take it on,"My stomach suddenly growled."...but first I need something to eat. Let's go get something to eat!"I finished smiling then stood up and went back to the Pokemon Center with my pokemon eagerly following behind me.

POV: Unknown (A/N: Not that Pokemon)

I snarled as I watched from a hidden position my target and his pokemon walk off somewhere.

"My target would have been killed back in Mt. Moon had it not been for that blasted fox! Now, he's in a populated city with lots of water surrounding it!"

"I could attack him now or sneak into the center and kill him in his sleep but stealth was never my thing."I grumbled to myself."And if I attack him in front of everyone then that'll attract a lot of attention."I was maybe stronger than your average Pokemon but I knew I could still get overwhelmed.

"I'll have to wait until he leaves the city. Why couldn't that bitch tell me his location back in Pewter City!"I growled, attacking him back in Pewter City would have been perfect for me.

"I hope you enjoy these moments because you won't be safe for much longer creator!"I said, smiling evily before retreating back into the forest to wait.


POV: Shizuko

After my pokemon and I got something to eat at the Pokemon Center. I left the center to ask around about the city gym leader.

I left most of pokemon back at the center, wanting them to relax or do whatever as long as they didn't cause any trouble. The only pokemon I had with me was Amber. The Evolution Pokemon seemed to be more attached to me than the others which I find odd because I didn't catch her.

Anyway, what I found out about the gym was that Misty is the gym leader, she does three-on-three battles, and she had three sisters like in the anime but Misty was the one in charge.

So, I spent the next three days training my Pokemon and helping them learn new moves.

Right now, I stood in front of the Cerulean City gym with Amber on my shoulder. I mentally prepared myself and took a deep breath before walking into the gym and searched for Misty. It didn't take long for me to find her, she was next to a large swimming pool training some water type pokemon.

"Excuse me, are you the gym leader?"I asked as I approached her.

She jumped a little in surprise then turned around to address me."Yup, the name's Misty Waterflower, the Tomboyish Mermaid!"She said, doing one of her poses from the video games.

"Are you a challenger?"She asked.

I didn't answer because I was taking in her appearance. She was dressed like she did in Let's Go which was fine but I liked her attire better in HeartGold and SoulSilver. At least this Misty had noticeable breasts.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when Misty snapped her fingers in front of my face.

"Hey, kid my eyes are up here!"She said in an annoyed tone.

"Sorry, sorry! I am a challenger and the name's Shizuko Ryu. I'm from Pallet Town."I replied.

She huffed and muttered something I didn't hear then said."Alright, give me a minute."I nodded and sat over at the bleachers.

While she was doing whatever, I decided to play some games on my switch. I pulled out my switch and looked through my selection of games. Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Pokken Tournament DX, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and more.

After a few seconds of thought, I decided on playing Pokemon Let's Go Eevee. I thought it would be fun to battle Misty on the switch before actually battling her in reality. However, when I tried to play the game an error message appeared. I frowned and clicked again only for the same message to appear.

"Well that's odd,"I muttered to myself, wondering what was wrong with the game.

I felt something soft tap my arm and turned to see Amber with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in her mouth.

"Eee! (Play this!)"She said, though it was muffled.

I smiled and plucked the game out of her mouth. I put the game in the console and unlike the previous game this one worked.


I played at least three one-on-one fights until Misty told me she was finally ready. I looked up from my system to see that the battlefield looked like the one from that Sun and Moon episode.

I pocketed my switch and Amber hopped onto my shoulder before I walked over to the challenger box on the battlefield. Misty took her place on the leader box as a referee came onto the scene and raised his flags.

"This will be a three-on-three pokemon battle between the challenger Shizuko Ryu of Pallet Town, and the Cerulean City Gym Leader Misty Waterflower. Only the challenger will be allowed to make substitutions. Any questions?"I shook my head negatively.

Misty took out a Pokeball."Psyduck come on out!"She yelled as she tossed the pokeball into the air. It burst open and a Psyduck appeared on the field, a vacant expression on its face.

"Psy?"The yellow duck asked, tilting its head.

I smiled at the pokemon before I took out my Pokedex and scanned the water type pokemon.

"Psyduck, the Duck Pokemon. Always tormented by headaches. It uses psychic powers, but whether it intends to do so is not known. This Psyduck is male."

I put it away in exchange for Ace's pokeball and released the Bird Pokemon onto the field. He cawed loudly before looking at his opponent then looked back at me.

"Pidgey! (You want me to fight this dunce? Really? I wanted a challenge!)"He told me in a whiny tone.

I rolled my eyes before giving a command."Ace use Wing Attack!"I said, with my hand forward.

Ace sighed before taking flight and flew towards his opponent with glowing wings. Misty told Psyduck to dodge and use Water Gun but the pokemon only tilted its head again. Ace smacked Psyduck in the face but the pokemon didn't seem fazed by the attack. I told him to repeatedly use Wing Attack and he did so. While he was doing this, I glanced over at Misty and wondered why she wasn't giving Psyduck a command. I found out why after Ace hit the Duck Pokemon for the fourth time and saw my pokemon freeze and get outlined by a blue glow.

"Confusion!"I thought before seeing my pokemon get psychically slammed into the ground a few times then flung into a rock formation.

Luckily for me, Psyduck calmed down causing his eyes to stop glowing and look like a goof once more. I looked over at Ace to see him groan in pain then get back to his feet and look over at me for a command.

"Ace hit him hard with Quick Wing!"I ordered, Quick Wing was a combination of Quick Attack and Steel Wing.

He nodded at me then disappeared and slammed into Psyduck before Misty could give a command. The Duck Pokemon was sent flying into a rock formation like Ace however unlike my Pokemon he was knocked out.

"Psyduck is unable to battle, so Ace wins!"The referee announced.

Misty was about to recall her pokemon but stopped when she saw my pokemon begin glowing with a familiar light. When the light of evolution disappeared a Pidgeotto stand in place of the Pidgey.

"Pidgeotto! (Hell yeah!)"Ace said before taking flight and flew around the area for a moment then stopped to hover in front of me.

Misty recalled her pokemon and muttered something to pokeball which I assumed was a "Thank you" then looked over at me.

"I hope you're not feeling cocky kid because that's the last win you're getting."She told me.

I smirked."You sure because that Psyduck was easy!"I exclaimed.

Misty smirked right back at me."That's because he didn't have much experience,"Making me feel a little nervous. What she did next caught me off guard, she pulled out a switch and pressed the button.

The battlefield floor rumbled before it split apart to reveal a large pool of water underneath the field. I would've been worried about how my pokemon would battle if the rock formations weren't still on the field.

I looked over at Misty to see her pull out a pokeball."Seaking come on out!"She yelled and released the water type pokemon into the pool.

"Seak!"The water type said looking ready to battle.

I pulled out my pokedex and scanned the fish.

"Seaking, the Gold Fish Pokemon. The horn on its head is sharp like a drill. It bores a hole in a boulder to make its nest. This Seaking is female."

I put away the pokedex and was about to return Ace and send out Electra when I realized something strange with the pokedex entry.

"Shouldn't the female Seaking be known as Seaqueen? They're girls so shouldn't they be called that?"I thought then quickly shook my head and pulled out Ace's pokeball.

He noticed this and quickly said."Pid! Pidgeotto! (Woah, woah! Don't return me yet! I just evolved I wanna see how strong I am now!)"

I looked at him for a second then shrugged and put away his pokeball. I told the referee I wasn't subsisting my pokemon then told Ace to use Wing Attack. Ace obeyed my command and tried to hit the Seaking but it dodged the attack by swimming away.

"Seaking use Rain Dance!"Misty ordered.

I watched the Gold Fish Pokemon do a little dance in the water before clouds appeared above the field and began to pour down. I put on Amber on top of head then pulled my jacket hood over my head and told Ace to use Gust. The Bird Pokemon nodded then flapped his wings rapidly to blow powerful winds at his opponent. The attack hit the water type Pokemon but didn't look fazed by the attack.

"Ace use Quick Attack!"I ordered.

Ace slammed into the water-type Pokemon, sending flying across the field into one of the rock formations. Misty asked her pokemon if it was alright and nodded back to her. She smiled then told her pokemon to use Water Pulse. A blue sphere of energy formed in front of the orange fish's mouth and then fired the attack. I was surprised by the speed of the attack and wanted to tell him to dodge but noticed he wouldn't have enough time for that so I told him to block. He followed my command by putting his wings in front of his face and let the attack hit him. He fell out of the sky and into the large pool, it didn't take long for the Bird Pokemon to surface.

"Pidgeotto! Pidge! (Help! Help! I can't swim!)"Ace yelled as he tried to flailed his wings around to stay a float.

"Can your Pidgeotto not swim?"Misty asked with a sweatdrop.

"I guess not…"I replied with a sweatdrop at the sight.

"Okay...Seaking use Horn Drill!"She commanded.

"Horn what?"I asked in response.

Seaking's horn started spinning like a drill then swam towards my Pokemon at high speeds. I told him to dodge but he was too busy trying to stay above water to listen and got hit by the attack. He was sent flying and crashed back in the water, he soon surfaced but this time he was unconscious.

"Pidgeotto is unable to battle, so Seaking wins!"The referee announced.

I returned Ace to his pokeball then thought for a moment on who I should use next. I felt something tap my cheek so I looked up at Amber.

"Eee? (My turn?)"She asked smiling.

I shook my head negatively."Sorry, Amber you had your turn back in Pewter. Gotta give the other members of the team a shot."The Evolution Pokemon pouted but nodded in understanding.

I continued to think for a few moments then made up my mind on who to use next. I pulled out my next pokeball and released the pokemon into the water.

"Karp!"The Pokemon said.

"It's your turn, Nemo!"I said, mentally knowing this wasn't a good idea but he needed to battle a gym leader's pokemon eventually and now seemed the best time.

"Vee! (Give it your best, Nemo!)"Amber said.

I looked over at Misty to see she was trying not to laugh at my choice of pokemon but failed and began laughing loudly.

"Haha! A Magikarp! You gotta be kidding me, kid!"Misty said between fits of laughter.

I felt a little annoyed by her laughing at my pokemon but I could understand. I would have done the same thing if someone used Magikarp against me.

Misty continued laughing for sometime before finally pulling herself together. The referee began the round and I told Nemo to use Tackle. He nodded before launching himself at the other fish. Misty didn't bother her pokemon to dodge because Seaking didn't seem fazed by the attack.

"I thought so..."I muttered and tried to think of my next move.

"Seaking use Horn Attack!"Misty commanded.

I told my pokemon to dodge the other water type pokemon's attack while I tried to think of what to do. I quickly looked around the battlefield and spotted a small crack in the rock formation where Misty's Seaking smacked against.

"Maybe…"I muttered then got an idea."Nemo! Swim away in that direction!"I told him, pointing in a specific direction.

Nemo followed my command and swam in that direction with Seaking following after him. I then told him to continue dodging and waited for the right moment. When I told Nemo to jump, Seaking, of course, went to attack him with Horn Attack I saw my chance and told Nemo to dodge. Nemo dodged to the right and Seaking continued forward, slamming into the crack in the rock formation. More cracks formed until that part broke apart and fell on top of Seaking causing Misty to cry out in concern for her pokemon.

"Did that do it?"I thought hopefully.

Seaking soon resurfaced looking a little hurt but nothing too bad. I mentally cursed and tried to think of what to do next when Misty gave her pokemon a command.

"It's time to end this! Seaking use Horn Drill!"

I yelled for Nemo to dodge but apparently Seaking was holding back their speed because the Gold Fish pokemon was much faster than Nemo and landed the attack. When Nemo was seen again, he was revealed to have fainted from the attack.

"Magikarp is unable to battle, so Seaking wins!"The referee announced.

I sighed sadly as I pulled out Nemo's pokeball and was about to return him when the rain that was pouring down on the field finally stopped.

"Finally,"I muttered, that Rain Dance had lasted for a while.

I returned the Fish Pokemon to his pokeball."You did better than I hoped for Nemo."I said to the pokeball. The pokeball shook and I smiled at the ball. I put away his pokeball exchange for my last pokemon.

"It's all to you, Electra!"I yelled, throwing the pokeball and it burst open to reveal Electra. The Mouse Pokemon landed on one of the platforms in the pool and cried out loudly before getting on all fours, her cheeks sparking with electricity.

"You had a electric type! And you didn't use that to start things off! Why?!"She asked while looking at me like I was stupid for not starting out with type advantage.

"Because I wanted to give my other pokemon a shot before using my Pikachu,"I replied,"And I didn't want to wire her out by having her battle three pokemon without a break in between."Misty nodded in response, understanding my reason.

The referee began round three, I told Misty she could have the first move and she decided to have Seaking use Rain Dance to get that speed boost back. In response, I quickly told Electra to use Thunderbolt. The Mouse Pokemon cheeks sparked before she fired a bolt of lightning at her opponent while they were in the middle of their dance. When the attack ended, it was revealed that Seaking had fainted.

"Seaking is unable to battle, so Pikachu wins!"The referee announced.

"Well, that was easy,"I said, laughing a little at the win.

Misty returned Seaking to her pokeball and thanked the pokemon before looking at me.

"Shizuko was it? You've done well so far but you won't be able to defeat my last pokemon!"She told me before she tossed a pokeball into the air.

"Please don't be Gyarados! Please don't be Gyarados! Please don't be Gyarados!"I chanted in my head.

The pokeball burst open and a purple star shaped pokemon appeared on one of the platforms.

"Oh, thank Arceus!"I thought before pulling out my pokedex and scanned the pokemon.

"Starmie, the Mysterious Pokemon. The center section is named the core but is also known as the 'the gem of the sea'. People think it is communicating when it glows in 7 colors. This Pokemon is genderless."

I put away my pokedex and the referee began the last round.I started things off with Electra using Thunderbolt. Misty countered my pokemon's attack with Hydro Pump. The Mysterious Pokemon fired a large torrent of water from the top part of its head. The two attacks clashed for a moment before exploding, sending droplets of water everywhere.

"Electra use Electro Ball!"I ordered.

A yellow sphere of energy appeared on the Mouse Pokemon and she hopped into the air before tossing the sphere at her opponent. Misty countered this time by having Starmie use Swift. The fiery of stars collided with the electric attack burst through it and continued towards a surprised Electra. The attack hit the electric type and she ended up crashing into the pool.

I expected Misty to attack Electra while she was in the water but instead had her pokemon use Rain Dance. Rain began pouring down on the field once but did nothing after leaving me confused on why she didn't attack.

Once Electra was on a platform I gave an order."Electra use Thunderbolt!"The Pikachu fired a bolt of lightning at the Mysterious Pokemon.

Misty ordered her Starmie to use Hydro Pump. The two attacks collided but unlike before Starmie's attack overpowered Electra's Thunderbolt and she barely dodged the attack.

"What the! I know Hydro Pump is a powerful move and Rain Dance increases water type moves but it shouldn't overpower electric type move unless…"I thought then looked over at Misty.

"Misty, what's Starmie's ability?"She looked at me like I was an idiot."It's fine if you don't tell me. Unless you think I can defeat you with that knowledge."I said, playing to her ego.

Misty frowned for a second then said."Starmie's ability is Analytic. When Starmie goes last, its moves are even more powerful."

"Shit! That means long-ranged attacks are useless because they'll just be overpowered."I muttered."Maybe if I attack after she does then I can…"

"Starmie use Water Gun!"Misty ordered.

I cursed and told Electra to dodge, the Mouse Pokemon jumped platform to another platform. Misty ordered her pokemon to keep up the attack and told my pokemon to keep dodging. I didn't realize this was a bad move until it was too late. After dodging for the third time, I saw Electra slide across the platform before falling into the water.

I slapped my forehead at this, I didn't account for the platforms getting slippery after the attacks hit. When Electra resurfaced, Misty told her pokemon to use Rapid Spin. I told my pokemon to dodge but Electra couldn't swim away fast enough. The Mysterious Pokemon slammed into her and sent her flying out of the pool and into a rock formation. Electra climbed onto the rock formation, she was panting heavily but looked ready to continue.

"I need to end this…"I muttered and tried to think of something. I looked at the clouds above the field and got an idea."Electra fire your strongest Thunderbolt at the clouds!"

The Mouse Pokemon gave me a look before nodding and firing her strongest Thunderbolt at the clouds. When nothing happened after a few seconds, Misty opened her to say something probably a remark about me stupid for trying and expecting it to work when our attention was pulled to clouds. The clouds sparked with electricity for a moment then fired a bolt of lightning not at Starmie...but at Electra!

"Oh crap!"I said then got blinded by a flash of light.

When the light faded, I was expecting to see my pokemon fainted but was surprised to see her looking like she was supercharged. I looked at her amazement for a moment then told her to use Thunderbolt. She followed my command and fired a Thunderbolt that looked much stronger than her previous one. Misty countered by having Starmie use Hydro Pump. The two attacks clashed only for a brief second before Electra's Thunderbolt overpowered the Hydro Pump and continued towards Starmie. An explosion happened, leaving a large cloud of smoke. After a few moments, the smoke cleared to Starmie had fainted from the attack.

"Starmie is unable to battle, there for Shizuko Ryu from Pallet Town wins the match!"The referee announced for the last time.

I smiled and pumped a fist in the air. Electra jumped off the rock formation and towards me, I caught her and she nuzzled my cheek making me laugh then yelp when she hit me off a jolt of electricity.

Misty returned her pokemon to its pokeball then pulled out her switch and turned to the battlefield to what it was before. She then walked towards and stopped in front of me.

"To be honest, you did better than I thought. Not many trainers can defeat my Starmie so you can have this."She reached into her pocket and pulled out a water drop."The Cascade Badge."

I took the badge and said."I got...the Cascade Badge!"Striking a pose with Ace, Nemo, and Electra appearing behind me cheering.

I heard Misty giggle and looked to see her shake her head at this causing me to look sheepish. She pulled out a ™ and said.

"This is TM29. You can use it to teach your pokemon Scald."

I nodded then took the TM29 and stored it in my bag."Thanks for the battle, Misty. It was a challenge to defeat you but I gotta move on."

"Alright! Don't be afraid to stop by the aquarium if you haven't already."She told me smiling. I nodded then left the gym to head to the Pokemon Center to heal my pokemon.


After getting my pokemon healed, I decided to take Misty's advice and check out the aquarium in Cerulean City. In the aquarium, I was surprised to see normal fish and not pokemon. I know there were animals from the real world in Pokemon but they appeared less and less frequently in the anime.

This made me realize that if normal fish are here then that means animals like chicken, cows, dogs, cats, etc are here as well, which means I could still eat hamburgers and chicken here. Hopefully, the diseases that animals had back in the real world didn't follow.

I spent the rest of the day at the aquarium, looking at the variety of fish they had there then checked out of the Pokemon Center and went into the forest to sleep the night. After feeding my pokemon, I tried to go sleep in my sleeping bag but couldn't because I felt like I was being watched. I glanced over to the side and my eyes widened at seeing glowing red eyes for a second before vanished into the darkness.

"Was that a pokemon?"I thought then shook my head."Of course, it was a Pokemon but which one?"There were a few pokemon with red eyes in Kanto but I'm pretty sure there weren't any in this forest.

Since I couldn't sleep and I was curious about what pokemon was following me, I decided to try and find this pokemon. Making sure to not wake up Amber who slept beside me, I got out of my sleeping bag and tried to follow the pokemon.

After a bit of walking, I found myself in a clearing illuminated by moonlight. I looked around for a moment then heard movement behind me and turned around. My eyes widened at seeing a pokemon not native to Kanto.

"What the hell is a Lycanroc doing here?! Is that kid from I choose you nearby."I thought confused.

I stared at the Wolf Pokemon as it walked over and stopped in front of me. It tilted its head and surprised me when it spoke.

"Lycan? (Why do you look, confused creator? Don't you recognize one of your creations?)"The Midnight Lycanroc asked with a frown.

"Recognize him? What does he mean? Wait a minute…"I looked at the Lycanroc closely then asked."...Kiba is that you?"Kiba is one of my Pokemon OCs and this Lycanroc looked just like him.

The Lycanroc grinned and nodded. I smiled and moved to hug the Wolf Pokemon only to feel numb for something and body move on its own before I felt a seething pain.

"Ahhh! Fuck!"I yelled in pain, holding the side of my face in pain. I could feel warm liquid dripping down the side of my face and knew I was bleeding.

I heard Kiba chuckle and looked at him to see him lick his paw, a paw covered with my blood, before looking at me with an evil grin.

"Lycanroc. (Well, well, I didn't think I could injury you but he was right. You are weak right now and can be hurt by us.)"He said.

"W-What was that for, Kiba?! A-And who is this he, you speak of?!"I exclaimed in a scared tone while crawling away from him.

"Roc Lycan. (You don't need to know, creator, but I will tell you this. He sent a group of us to kill you and I'm the lucky one that got picked to kill you.)"He said while walking towards me.

My eyes widened and tried to think of something to get out of this situation."Um is there anything I can give you that isn't killing me. Anything at all? Come on I know you want something!"I asked in a hurried tone.

Kiba stopped walking for a second to think and used that time he was in thought to get some distance between us.

After a moment of thought, He looked at me,"Roc? (Can you make me stronger than Gokken?)"He asked in a hopeful tone.

Gokken is one of my Pokemon OCs like Kiba except he was a Lucario OC and is pretty much Goku except with slight differences. I stared at him for a second then began giggling before it turned into laughter. I could he was angry at my laughter without even looking at him. What I said next pretty much made his decision to kill me easier.

"Hahaha! Make you stronger than Gokken! That's like if Akira Toriyama made Yamcha stronger than Goku! Hahaha!"I said between fits of laughter.

I heard Kiba growl loudly before I suddenly felt something grip tightly around my throat. I opened my eyes to see the Midnight Lycanroc in my face with a livid expression and knew I done fucked up.

"Ack!"I tried to say something but couldn't due to his vice grip around my throat. I tried scratching and spitting in his face in an attempt to make him let go but that only made him tighten his grip more.

The lack of oxygen I was getting was making made my vision blurry and I could feel my consciousness slipping.

"Is this really how I die? Killed in another world by a creature of my own creation?"I thought as the world began getting darker and darker."My only regret is that I died a virgin like that guy from that one anime."

I was about to fall unconscious when I heard Kiba yelp and his grip loosened enough to let me breathe. My body moved on its own and jumped away from the Lycanroc. I rubbed my sore throat then looked in front of me and was surprised to see Amber.

"A-Amber? What are you doing here?"I asked wondering how she was here when she was asleep last time he saw her.

"Eevee Vee! (I woke up and noticed you were gone. So I followed your scent and found you with this Pokemon choking you.)"She replied before glaring at the Pokemon across from her.

Kiba growled at Amber."Roc!(You bitch! I was so close to killing him and then you come out of nowhere to ruin it!)"

"Eevee! (I won't let you kill him! If you want to get him then you'll have to go through me first!)"Amber replied.

"Lycan. (Is that so? Well, I wouldn't want to hurt a pretty face but oh well.)"He said before he disappeared and reappeared in front of the Evolution Pokemon tried to hit her with Crush Claw.

Amber dodged the attack and hit him with Shadow Ball. Kiba didn't seem fazed by the attack and continued trying to hit her with Crush Claw. As the two pokemon fought, I was trying to figure out what I think do.

"What to do? What to do? What to do?"I thought in a panicked tone. I knew Kiba was only toying with her and would eventually defeat her before moving onto me.

"You have two choices."A familiar voice said in my head.

"You again! This is not the time!"I told the voice.

"You can run away as fast as you can away from here. Cover your tracks and scent so Kiba won't find you. The only price being you leave Amber and your pokemon to be killed by Kiba."

"Didn't you hear me! I don't have time for-"I looked over at the battle between Amber and Kiba but stopped talking when I saw them frozen."What!"I thought shocked at the sight.

"Ignore them for a moment,"The voice said before it continued."Or you can stay here and protect your pokemon from Kiba. Choose."The voice said simply.

Since time seemed to be frozen or at least Amber and Kiba were, I thought about what choice I should make here. I was no hero. Mainly because I'm not a comic book hero who saves people and fights bad guys for a living. I was a person who preferred being in the background and didn't have to worry about others in my day to day life. I avoided confrontation and always did my best to be nice to people, even to those that annoyed me. Now I'm being given a choice to save someone or leave them to die.

I closed my eyes and thought about the time I spent my pokemon. After what seemed like an eternity I opened my eyes and finally gave the voice my answer.

"I want to protect them but I'm not strong enough."

"Don't worry, you will be one day but for now we'll lend you power."The voice replied but this time it sounded familiar like I know who this voice belonged.

I was about to question the voice when I felt a sudden surge of power flow through me and the side of my face healed.

"Holy shit! I feel like I can do anything!"I thought in amazing.

I was broken from my thoughts when I heard a cry of pain come from Amber. I looked over at their fight to see Amber on the ground in pain and Kiba looking ready to finish her off. Reacting with speed I didn't have before I appeared in front of Kiba and kicked him away from her.

"Roc?! (What the? When you get stronger?!)"The Lycanroc exclaimed at me.

"It doesn't matter how. All that matters right now is you getting an ass-kicking you won't forget!"I told him with a serious tone.

He snarled then charged at me. I heard a familiar theme song play in my head before I hit him with a series of punches that would make a certain anime character proud. On the last punch, I sent him flying across the clearing into a tree where he fell to the ground with swirls in his eyes.

I stared at him in silence to see if he was faking it. When I was sure he wasn't I breathed a sigh of relief and checked on Amber. I looked the Evolution Pokemon over to see she had scratches and bruises all over but looked like she'll be okay. I healed her of her wounds then explained what happened after she fainted. She gave me a look of admiration making me chuckle nervously. We then walked over to where Kiba was so I could heal him and ask where he came from but before I could do anything. He was suddenly engulfed by a purple sphere for a moment that then disappeared to leave a Rockruff in place of the Lycanroc.

"What the!"I thought in shock at what I saw.

The Rockruff groaned then opened his eyes and looked around until his eyes landed on me. He reached out for me with a shaky paw."C-Creator."He said tiredly before falling unconscious.

"Vee? (Creator?)"Amber asked me in a confused tone.

"I'll explain later,"I replied before taking out a pokeball and tapped the Puppy Pokemon with the ball. He was sucked in and the pokeball immediately clicked showing no sign of struggle.

I looked at Amber."Let's head back to camp,"I said and the Eevee nodded in response.

Once we got back to camp, I just wanted to get in my sleeping bag and fall asleep without a care in the world but unfortunately, I couldn't have that.

"I think it's about time we met, creator."A familiar voice said before I fell unconscious.



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