My Pokemon Adventure @pokemon406
Chapter 2

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I was walking through the forest on Route One with my pokemon walking or in Pidgey's case flying by my side. The only pokemon still in their Pokeball was Magikarp because he needed to be in water in order to move.

The reason they were outside of their pokeballs is because I felt like they needed time out of their pokeballs...and because I didn't want to be alone in a forest.

The journey through the forest wasn't that eventful, any pokemon we encountered was easily defeated by my pokemon because they were more experienced.

As we were walking, Eevee suddenly stopped then turned to look at something and growled. My pokemon and I noticed and stopped.

"What's wrong girl?"I asked curiously.

She stopped growling and looked at me."Vee Eevee!"She replied and pointed in the direction she was looking at.

I looked in that direction only to see nothing but trees. I frowned and looked back at her.

"There's nothing there girl,"I said.


"Well if there is something or someone there. They haven't attacked or anything so let's ignore them and continue okay."I said then began walking again.

My other pokemon followed behind me while Eevee looked back at the trees for a second then followed her trainer.

POV: Unknown (A/N: Not the Pokemon)

Once I was sure I wouldn't be spotted again, I came out from behind the tree and sighed in relief."I can't believe she noticed me. I guess I need to work on my stealth."I giggled before following the trainer and his pokemon, this time being more careful to not give my position.


POV: Shizuko

When I got to Viridian City, Office Jenny stopped me from entering the city.

"Hold it! Where do you think you're going with all those pokemon?"She asked in an authoritative tone.

I looked at her lazily before pulling out my Pokedex and showed her my registered pokemon. She apologized and allowed me into the city while also warning me about a pair of pokemon thieves in the area.

I rolled my eyes as I walked past her, I knew she was talking about Jessie, James, and Meowth. Those three were terrible thieves and Giovanni should have fired them years ago. He probably keeps them around only for amusement.

I checked the local pokemart for any supplies I needed before heading to Viridian Forest where my team and I would rest for the night. I didn't want to sleep in the Pokemon Center in Viridian because I knew that was gonna get blown up by Ash's Pikachu.

My team helped me set up camp before I let them go off to do their own thing while I began cooking dinner for myself. I didn't know how to make any pokemon recipes so I just had them eat poke food.

After I ate dinner, I went to sleep in my tent while pokemon slept in different places. Pidgey in a tree, Charmander laid next to what used to be the fireplace, Magikarp in his Pokeball, and Eevee slept next to me in the tent.

Sometime later, I heard an unfamiliar voice trying to wake me up.

"Wake up, Shizuko."I mumbled something and rolled to the side."WAKE UP!"

I was instantly up and alert because of the shout, looking around for the source of the voice.

I heard a giggle behind me and turned around to see something that shocked me.

"M-Mew!"I muttered in shock and amazement at seeing the small legendary.

"Who were you expecting? Mewtwo?"Mew asked grinning, her tail flicking to the side.

I shook slowly shook my head. Why was...she here? I didn't do anything to attract a legendary, did I?

I heard a giggle and say,"No, you didn't do anything to attract a legendary. Some legendaries are upset about that because they did a bet where you would cause the Spearow flock to attack you."I frowned at that and wondered how they knew about that event.

"Obviously they lost the bet and are upset about it, but that's not the reason I'm here."She said.

"Then why are you here?"

"To tell you that the world you're in isn't the same as the one you know."

"Thank you captain obvious. Is there anything else I need to know?"I thought then felt something hit my cheek."Ow!"I rubbed my left cheek then looked at Mew to see her looking at me sternly.

"I'm a psychic type remember? I can read your mind."I can't believe forgot that little detail.

"So, if this isn't the anime or game version of the world then what is it?"I asked and surprised by what she said next.

"This world is a combination of both with many differences and similarities."I would question how that was possible, but then again I'm in the world of pokemon so who am I to call this impossible.

"That isn't the only thing. This world came into being thanks to one"

I looked at her with wide eyes and took a step back. After a short silence, I replied."Y-You're kidding right?"She shook her head."But how?! I'm not some divine being of infinite power! I can't create stuff out of nothing!"

"Not with that attitude you won't."Mew giggling at my expression."To answer your question, you spent so much time and effort thinking of ideas for your stories that it brought us to life in this special world created from your mind."

Her explanation left me shocked beyond belief. I didn't think spending so much time thinking of ideas for stories that I hoped people would love and enjoy would actually create life in a whole new world. I guess that old saying is true "If you think hard enough then it would come true".

"So, does that make me the god of this world?"I asked grinning, I wondered what stuff I could do.

"Yes and no. You might have created this world, but you weren't born into it,"I was a little upset at that."However, your power here will grow over time."I nodded at that.

"What can I do?"I asked.

"Anything you want, but nothing insane yet."Mew replied."And you can only do this three times a day so choose carefully."I nodded again then asked.

"So, does Lady Mew want to join my team?"

The legendary pokemon in response came over and booped my nose.

"Nope! Arceus said it wouldn't be fair if you had one legendary on your team before you even get one gym badge."She said causing me to frown and nod begrudging at that."However, if you want to catch me then come to the World Tree after you've beaten the Champion and their Elite Four."

"And what's stopping me from catching you right now?"I asked, my hand moving to a Pokeball on the ground.

She noticed what I was doing and giggled."Many reasons, but the main one is because I know you. You wouldn't try messing with something that would kill you."I frowned at that knowing she was right.

"One more thing can I scan you?"She nodded, so I pulled out my Pokedex and scanned the psychic type.

"Mew, the New Species Pokemon. So rare that it is still said to be a mirage by many experts. Only a few people have seen it worldwide. This Mew is genderless and its ability is Synchronize."

"I'm a girl you piece of junk!"Mew said, powering up an Aura Sphere to probably fire at my Pokedex.

"Wait, wait! I still need this!"I said hugging the device to my chest and shielding it.

Mew stared at me for a moment before muttering something under her breath and stopped her attack. She then came over and licked my cheek before telling me goodbye and teleporting away.

I laid down back in my sleeping bag and tried to go to sleep, but couldn't because of what I just learned. I also wondered why Eevee didn't wake up during our conversation. What I didn't know at the time was that time was frozen while I was speaking with the legendary.


The next morning, Eevee was awoken by a delicious smell. She stood up and stretched before walking out of the tent to see me cooking breakfast. She came over and tapped my side to get my attention.

"Good morning Eevee! How'd you sleep?"I asked her.

"Eevee! (Good morning, master-kun! I slept fine! What are you cooking it smells yummy?)"She asked excitedly, her tail wagging.

"That's nice. And to answer your question I'm cooking something I read in my cookbook."

Eevee nodded then realized something, her trainer understand what she said. She wasn't the only one to notice this.

"Char?! (Did you just understand what she said?!)"Charmander asked surprised. He wasn't the only one.

I nodded and Pidgey spoke."Pid Pidgey. (How?! I've never heard of a human understanding a pokemon before.)"

I chuckled at that, they didn't know about N."Well apparently I created this world which makes me a god. So, using one of my powers, I gave myself the ability to understand pokemon."I explained then looked at my pokemon.

Charmander looked at me with amazement, Pidgey gave me a skeptical look, and Eevee...just smiled and gave me a look that said: "I don't care".

"Pidgey! (A god? Yeah right! Where's your proof Mr. god?)"Pidgey squawked at me.

I smiled."Last night, I was visited by someone I thought I would never meet. Lady Mew,"My team looked at me with shock."And before you say I dreamed it, she slapped me and I felt pain which proved it wasn't a dream."

"Charmander? (Can demonstrate one of your powers kami-sama?)"Charmander asked excitedly.

"Woah! I don't want you guys to refer to me as kami-sama. Shizuko is fine."I replied."Even though that's not my real name."

"As for my powers. I can-"I stopped talking when I heard something rustle in a nearby bush.

We all turned to the bush to see it part to reveal a small yellow mouse pokemon.

"Is that?"I began before pulling out my Pokedex.

"Pikachu, the Mouse Pokemon. This forest-dwelling Pokémon stores electricity in its cheeks, so you'll feel a tingly shock if you touch it. This Pikachu is female and her ability is Lightning Rod. She knows the moves Thundershock, Quick Attack, Tail Whip, and Volt Tackle."

"V-Volt Tackle!"I said shocked by what I saw. I know the move was exclusive to the chu line, but I never thought I would encounter a wild chu with the move. I should definitely try catching it-err her.

Once I got over my shock I noticed it come out of the bushes, sniffing around until it turned to our direction. Her eyes landing on the food I was cooking.

"Piii! (Yummy food!)"The Pikachu said before she made a dash for the food.

Charmander and Pidgey tried to stop her, but she evaded their attempts and was almost upon me with the food when Eevee headbutted her away.

"Vee! (Find your own food!)"Eevee growled at the other.

The Pikachu got back up."Pika! (I found my own food and you're the way!)"She replied and looked ready to battle.

I smiled and looked over at my Eevee to see she wanted to battle too. I decided that this would be my Eevee's first battle.

"Eevee use Iron Tail!"I ordered.

Eevee jumped into the air, her tail was coated by a sheet of metal. She spins around as she came down upon the Mouse Pokemon. Said pokemon barely dodged the attack then countered by using Thundershock. Since Eevee was too close to dodge she got hit but didn't seem that hurt by the attack.

Before Pikachu could do anything else I gave another command.

"Eevee quick use Shadow Ball!"

A ball of ghost energy formed in front of Eevee's mouth and before Pikachu could dodge, fired the attack right in her face sending her flying into a tree. The Mouse Pokemon got back but it looked like one more attack would knock her out.

I quickly got a Pokeball out and chucked it at the Pikachu. The Pokeball hit her head then burst open and sucked the pokemon inside. I clenched my hands into fists as I looked over at the Pokeball with bated breath.

The Pokeball shook once, twice, three times then didn't move. I was afraid the pokemon was about to escape and I would lose the chance to capture her.

I worried for nothing because the Pokeball made that ding sound when the capture was successful. I breathed a sigh of relief as Eevee went over and picked up the Pokeball then came over and gave me the Pokeball.

I blinked, then smiled."I caught...a Pikachu!"I said striking a pose like Ash does when he catches a pokemon in the anime.

Charmander and Pidgey cheered at my capture while Eevee giggled.

"Thank you, Eevee you did great!"I said to the Evolution Pokemon causing her to blush.

Breakfast was soon ready and we all ate including our new teammate who I healed with a potion. After that, I told them about my powers and what I currently had right now. I had the ability to understand poke-speech, photographic memory, and Quick Learner which allowed me to learn things faster.

I had everyone but Magikarp train for a while. I couldn't train the water type because there wasn't a body of water nearby. I had Charmander work on learning Dragon Claw so he could have a useful move against the gym. He couldn't properly use Dragon Pulse yet so Dragon Claw was the next best thing. Once they were done, I returned everyone and went on a search for Samurai because I wanted to battle him...and ask him for the way out of the forest.

I searched for about...twenty minutes before giving up and was about to find the exit on my own when I heard a voice behind me.

"Are you a trainer from Pallet Town?"

"...Yes"I answered and wondered why this felt familiar.

"I finally found you!"The voice behind me said.

"And why is-"I started to ask as I turned around but yelped when he suddenly pointed a sword at my face. However, it didn't stay pointed at my face for long because Eevee suddenly came out her Pokeball and smacked the sword away.

"Eevee! (No one attacks master-kun while I'm around!)"She said growling at the attacker.

Samurai held his hands up in surrounder."Wait, I meant no harm! I was only requesting to battle!"He said hoping that would calm down the Evolution Pokemon.

It had the opposite effect, she looked angrier and looked like she was about to attack him so I reached over and scratched one of her ears. This had the effect I wanted because she stopped growling and purred.

I breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Samurai."So, can I get the name of the person I'm battling?"I asked even though I already knew his name.

"My name is Samurai and I won't lose to you like the two before you!"He replied.

This confused me because I was the third one to battle him. I knew Gary would be ahead of me because he had a car but who was the other trainer? I shrugged and decided to think about this later.

He sent out a Pinsir while I sent out Charmander. The battle didn't last long, Charmander roasted the bug type. So, the next pokemon the guy decides to send out is a Metapod. I was about to return Charmander and send out Pidgey when he suddenly began to glow.

When the glow faded, I saw that he had evolved into a Charmeleon. I pulled out my Pokedex.

"Charmeleon, the Flame Pokemon. Tough fights could excite this Pokémon. When excited, it may breathe out bluish-white flames."

I congratulated him before sending out Pidgey. I had him use Gust on the other pokemon until it fainted which was easy because he only had Harden.

Samurai thanked me for the battle and told me the exit to the forest. I thanked him before leaving the forest.


When I got to Pewter City, I went straight to the Pokemon Center to get my pokemon checked out. After giving them to Nurse Joy, I asked around about the gym leader and found out three things. One, the gym leader's name is Brock Stone. Two, he specifically used rock type pokemon. Three, he does three-on-three battles for his gym.

After learning this, I decided to spend the rest of the day having Pidgey learn Steel Wing and Charmeleon continuing to learn Dragon Claw. I had the others except Magikarp take a break. I had the little guy get some training in a body of water in town.

The next day, I went to Pewter City with Eevee on his shoulder. When I told her that she was going first she insisted on staying out of her Pokeball.

I pushed open the door and walked into a pitch black room. I didn't have to wait long for Brock to notice I was in the gym.

"Who goes there?"A voice rang through the room.

"I'm Shizuko Ryu from Pallet Town! I came here to challenge you!"I shouted back.

Suddenly the room lit up to reveal a large room and a rocky battlefield began rolling onto the floor. On the other side of the field, I saw a young dark-skinned man sitting cross-legged against the wall.

When the battlefield completely formed, a referee from who knows where walked onto the field and announced the rules.

"This will be a three-on-three pokemon battle between the challenger Shizuko Ryu of Pallet Town, and the Pewter City Gym Leader Brock Stone. Only the challenger will be allowed to make substitutions. Any questions?"

I raised my hand."Yeah, where are his eyes? I can see him squinting but that's about it."

"Fuck you! That's where they are!"Brock exclaimed causing me to take a step back not expecting the gym leader to curse.

"Sorry, but his eyes are a sensitive topic."The referee told me and I nodded.

Brock and I walked onto those small chalk rectangles on either side of the battlefield. Brock took out a Pokeball and threw it into the air, a Geodude materializing on the field.

I took out my Pokedex and scanned the rock pokemon.

"Geodude, the Rock Pokemon. Commonly found near mountain trails and the like. If you step on one by accident, it gets angry. This Geodude is male."

I put it away then turned to Eevee and nodded. She smiled and hopped onto the field.

"So, you're gonna battle me with an adorable fox?"Brock asked then laughed.

I smirked, he was underestimating my pokemon just like in the anime."She may be cute but she's strong,"I replied.

The referee raised his flags."The challenger has the first move. Ready, begin!"

I wasted no time and ordered."Use Quick Attack to get in close then use Iron Tail!"

If Brock wasn't squinting his eyes, they would have widened. He quickly ordered Geodude to dodge, but Eevee was faster. She was in front of the other pokemon in an instant and slammed her tail into the pokemon's face, sending it flying into a boulder. Before Brock could give a command, I had Eevee use Shadow Ball. Brock and the referee blinked at seeing the rock pokemon fainted within seconds.

"Geodude is unable to battle, Eevee wins!"The referee announced.

Brock returned his pokemon and looked at me with...a serious expression? It was hard to tell.

"I underestimated you, but I won't be making the same mistake twice!"He said and released his next pokemon which was the next evolution of Geodude.

I took out my Pokedex again and scanned the rock pokemon.

"Graveler, the Rock Pokemon. Often seen rolling down mountain trails. Obstacles are just things to roll straight over, not avoid. This Graveler is male."

I pocketed my Pokedex and told the referee I wasn't substituting Eevee. I told Eevee to do the same thing from before just to see if Brock fell for the same trick twice. He didn't disappoint me and didn't fall for the same thing twice.

"Graveler use Defense Curl!"

Graveler tucked limbs close to its body and curled into a ball, increasing its defense. Eevee slammed her tail into the rock pokemon. Thanks to Quick Attack, Eevee's attack sent it flying across the field.

Brock smirked and gave another command."Graveler use Magnitude!"

Graveler uncurled in the air and slammed its fist into the ground causing the entire field to shake. The force of its fall increased the power of this attack. Eevee and I didn't expect this, so the Evolution Pokemon wasn't fast enough to dodge and got hit.

"Eevee you okay?"I asked worried for the Evolution Pokemon.

"Vee! (I'm okay. I can keep going!)"She replied getting back up.

"It seems your victory over my Geodude was a fluke. You can switch out if you want."Brock said.

Eevee and I glared at the teen."Don't count my pokemon out yet! She's still got plenty of fight left!"

"Okay, then Graveler use Roll Out!"The rock type gym leader commanded.

Graveler curled into a ball and rolled at Eevee at high speeds. I ordered Eevee to dodge using Quick Attack, she followed my order and dodged the attack but Graveler kept coming at her.

"Eevee use your tail jump into the air!"I ordered causing Brock to raise an eyebrow.

Eevee followed my command and barely dodged the speeding boulder. Graveler turned around and came speeding towards Eevee as she came down. I waited until the rock pokemon was close enough to give my next command.

"Eevee use Double Kick!"

Brock's eyes would have widened again and told Graveler to stop, but the rock pokemon couldn't and ended up getting hit by the super effective move. Eevee also used the move to propel herself away from the rock pokemon.

"Graveler used Magnitude!"Brock ordered.

However, I expected it this time and quickly ordered Eevee to jumped into the air using her tail again. Brock seemed like he saw this coming and gave another command.

"Graveler use Smack Down!"The rock pokemon picked up a large rock and threw it at the airborne pokemon.

I ordered Eevee to use Iron Tail to detect the large rock then continue to use the attack on Graveler as she came down. As Eevee came down, I was wondering why Brock wasn't telling Graveler to dodge or block. I got my answer when he said something that surprised me.

"Graveler use Mega Punch!"

The Rock Pokemon's fist began to glow. When Eevee was close enough, she swung her tail at him and Graveler in response countered with Mega Punch. The ground beneath Graveler cracked and the two pokemon tried to overpower the other. The clash ended up in a stalemate which caused an explosion and sent the two pokemon flying away from each other as a cloud smoke covered the area.

"How the hell did that trigger an explosion? Also, Pokemon can use five moves! How can they...oh right, this is my world so it would make sense that I would have pokemon have more than four moves. Damn it!"I smacked my forehead for not figuring this out sooner.

When the smoke cleared, it was revealed that Graveler had fainted while Eevee was still conscious...barely.

"Graveler is unable to battle, Eevee wins again!"The referee announced again.

Brock returned his pokemon and was about to say something but stopped when he saw me run onto the field and pick up my pokemon.

"Young man you can't-"The referee began but I cut him off.

"I'm substituting,"I answered as I walked back to my side of the field. Eevee gave a weak protest to this but a stern stare from me stopped any further protests.

I pulled out Pidgey's Pokeball and turned to look at Brock who looked at me with a smile.

"I'm happy to see there are still trainers out there that care about their pokemon,"He said then looked serious again."But this ends now, you won't be able to defeat my last pokemon, go Onix!"

He threw out his last Pokeball and it burst open to reveal a large snake made of rocks.

I brought out my Pokedex for the last time and scanned the pokemon.

"Onix, the Rock Snake Pokemon. It burrows through the ground at a speed of 50 mph while feeding on large boulders. This Onix is male."

I put away my Pokedex and shivered not cause of the Pokedex entry but because I was afraid of snakes. One made out of large rocks was even worse.

I released Pidgey and he flew out the Pokeball with a loud cry but stopped when he saw his opponent.

"Pidgey! (Damn, I knew you said an Onix would big but didn't think that big!)"The bird type pokemon said.

I rolled my eyes and ordered him to use a combination of Quick Attack and Steel Wing. He nodded then disappeared at high speeds and zipped past the rock pokemon while damaging in the process.

"Onix use Smack Down!"Brock ordered.

The Rock Snake Pokemon picked up a random boulder and threw at Pidgey. I, in turn, told him to use Gust to blow it right back. He did as I ordered but it cost the pokemon more stamina then he would have liked. Brock ordered Onix to use Harden causing the boulder to do little damage to the rock type.

"Onix use Rock Tomb!"

This time Onix threw several boulders at Pidgey. He squawked in surprise and did his best to dodge but he couldn't dodge them all. He got hit by one and was knocked out of the air to the rocky battlefield below.

I was worried Brock was gonna Rock Tomb again or Rock Throw but instead he did something worse.

"Onix use Bind!"

I cursed and ordered Pidgey to dodge. Pidgey obviously heard the order but the attack combined with using that Gust from earlier left him exhausted enough that he couldn't dodge. The rock snake wrapped itself around the tiny bird and began squeezing the life.

Pidgey's screams of pain were one of the worst things I've ever heard in my life. I watched this go on for a few seconds before cried.

"Stop! No more I forfeit this round!"

Brock nodded and told Onix to let go which it did, the bird type falling to the ground. I ran onto the field as the referee announced.

"The trainer forfeits this round, so Onix wins!"

I picked up Pidgey and asked if he was okay. He wasn't moving which made me worried. I put my head against his chest and was relieved to hear his heart still beating.

"Rest my friend, you deserve it,"I said as I returned him to his Pokeball.

I walked back to my side of the field and pulled out Charmeleon's Pokeball. I was put to send him out when I hesitated. Charmeleon was a fire type, which is weak to rock and ground attacks. He wouldn't have a much better time than Pidgey who had the advantage of being airborne.

I didn't have another opinion. Pikachu is too new and wasn't ready yet, Eevee is too wounded and already out of the battle, and Magikarp can't move out of water and only knows Splash. I'm currently trying to get the little guy to learn Tackle before he evolved.

"Are you going to give up?"A voice asked in my head.

I flinched at the unknown voice and tried to not look around for a voice that wasn't there.

"Who are you?"I asked.

"I asked you, are you going to give up?"The voice asked again, ignoring my question.

"..I don't have much of a choice. His Onix too strong."I replied, sounding hopeless.

"And? Did you think the gym would be easy like in the cartoon and game? Of course not! This isn't a cartoon nor is it a game! This is real! A gym leader isn't a common trainer you battle on the road. They're one of the best of the best! You can't expect them to go down easily."

"I know that!"I snapped."What's your point?!"

"The point is, you can't expect these battles to work without seeing your pokemon get hurt. They can't dodge forever and the gym leader will not hold back."

I was about to reply when I felt Charmeleon's Pokeball shake in my hand. I held it in front of me and stared at it in confusion.

"He can sense your hopelessness and desire to give up."The voice said to me.

"Listen, do you really want to give up? To make all that hard work that your pokemon went through for not? They want to do this because they know that they'll get stronger by doing this and...having a trainer that believes in them."

My eyes widened at that. I was so caught up in thinking of them getting hurt that I doubted their ability and was about to give up. I told them that I would help them become the best they could be and here I am thinking of giving up.

"I'm sorry, Charmeleon. I almost gave up."I said quietly to the fire type's Pokeball."Don't worry, I won't give up! I know you can this because...I believe in you, partner."The Pokeball shook in response, agreeing with me.

I turned to the referee."Thanks for waiting for me. I'm ready to continue!"He nodded and told me to release my last pokemon.

I released Charmeleon from his Pokeball, the fire lizard materializing onto the field and looking determined to win.

"Char. (Thank you for not giving up.)"Charmeleon said to me.

I smiled and nodded as the referee raised his flags.

"This is the final round between the challenger and the gym leader. Ready, begin!"He announced.

"Charmeleon use Smoke Screen then use Fury Swipes!"I ordered.

The Flame Pokemon spewed out black smoke that soon engulfed the area. I couldn't see but I hear his footsteps running towards something in the smoke and the cry of pain from Onix.

"Onix use Dig!"Brock ordered.

I blinked and told Charmeleon to listen for his movements and try to dodge. The smoke soon cleared and both of us could see Charmeleon on the field with his eyes closed listening for the rock snake.

The ground beneath him began to shake him. He opened his eyes and jumped away from his previous spot just as Onix burst to the surface.

"Charmeleon quick use Dragon Claw!"

Brock ordered Onix to dodge but the rock snake was too close and slow so he got hit by the lizard's green glowing claws.

"Onix use Rock Tomb!"Onix threw several boulders at the Flame Pokemon.

I smirked and told Charmeleon to use the boulders as stepping stones to get to Onix. Brock was surprised by this not expecting such a move. I had Charmeleon use Dragon Claw again, this time slashing the rock snake across the face.

I thought for a second I was about to win when Brock gave an order I dreading as Charmeleon was falling back to the ground.

"Onix use Bind!"

I yelled for Charmeleon to dodge but it was too late. Onix was upon my pokemon and wrapped tightly around him, squeezing the fire lizard. Like Pidgey, Charmeleon screamed in pain as well. I felt the same feeling from earlier get to me when I remembered those words from earlier.

"A trainer that believes in them."I muttered then looked at Charmeleon."Charmeleon, don't give up! Break out of his hold and toss that snake away!"

Brock laughed."Break out? Do you really think he can-"He stopped talking when he saw Charmeleon beginning to break out his pokemon's hold.

"That's it, partner! You can do this!"

"Onix don't let up!"

Onix roared and tried keeping his hold on the lizard but was being overpowered. The Charmeleon broke out the other pokemon hold and grabbed his tail. He swung him around then tossed him to the other side of the field.

"Holy shit! I was actually kidding about throwing him."I thought shocked at my pokemon's strength."Charmeleon finish this with Dragon Claw!"

"Not so fast! Onix use Headbutt!"Brock ordered.

Both pokemon charged at each other. Right, when they met in the center of the field, a flash happened and they were on opposite sides of the field. There was a tense moment of silence before...Onix fell to the ground, with swirls in his eyes.

"Onix is unable to battle, there for Shizuko Ryu from Pallet Town wins the match!"The referee announced for the last time.

I stood there shocked for a moment before a huge smile slowly stretched across my face.

"We won. We won!"I said before bounding crossing the field to my pokemon. He was startled when I picked him and began spinning."We won, partner! You and everyone did great!"He growled in agreement with me.

While I was celebrating, Brock walked over to his Onix and returned him.

"You did great Onix. Have a good rest,"He said to the Pokeball."I never thought I would lose to a fire starter twice."He looked over at me and pictured another trainer in my place holding a Charmander.

"This kid is gonna go far."Brock smiled and walked over to me.

I noticed him approaching and set Charmeleon down. He stopped in front of me and said.

"You really surprised me. I thought for a moment you were gonna give up but instead, you kept going and showed me you have what it takes. So..."He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small gray octagon."..I give you the Boulder Badge."

I smiled and took the badge."I got...the Boulder Badge!"I said striking the pose Ash does when he wins a gym battle along with the pokemon I used for this battle appearing behind me cheering.

My attention was pulled to Brock again when he said."I also want to give you this."He showed me what looked like a CD."This is TM01. You can use it to teach your pokemon Headbutt."

I took TM01 and stored it in my bag then turned back to Brock."Well, Brock, it's been fun but time for me to move onto the next gym."

He nodded and told me."Good luck."I nodded then left the gym. I would head out tomorrow to go through Mount Moon to get to Cerulean City.



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