Ashes @my.hero.xiii
Chapter 7

Round 2: Social Link.

I was out of the hospital with a clean bill of health. I was rubbing my neck number gently. Thinking of him… thinking of that bastard's smile. Thinking that… I'd end up like that. But why'd he hesitate? I… I just wanted to see Ibara and make sure she was okay.

I mean… not that I was too worried about her, I mean… she's probably alright. Still… I… I wanted to…

Aw dammit! Enough with the stupid tears and all that! I… I want to see her. So here I was, seeing the lights on through the window of my house. I immediately posted up.

'Okay… time to getcher guard up, honey! Just… uh… Full Bracer?' Nana mumbled.

'Nana, maybe Dad decided to visit… or Grandpa…' I thought.

'Right, right…' Nana sighed, 'Can't blame Grandmama for protecting her grandbaby…' I slowly opened the door, hearing soft humming. Smelling something good wafting through the air. Nana was making soft music with her mouth that sounded like Jaws mixed with Mission Impossible.

I saw Ibara making something, humming a little song with a shine in her eyes. She seemed happy, then she turned around, and in seconds, she was hugging me.

"You're home! Welcome back, darling!" she exclaimed, kissing me all over my face, regardless of how dry it was. Some vines wrapped around me, letting her hold me. I blushed and kissed her forehead.

"I missed you, Ibby…" I sighed, feeling her vines winding around me, I didn't know why she was here. She nuzzled me.

"I love you, dear… I love you so much!" she exclaimed, kissing me again and wrapping her arms around me. I tried to scooch away.

"How long has it been?" I wondered. Ibara pouted and sighed, closing her eyes and going back to the food. I grabbed her shoulders, my gloves were on so it was okay.

"How long?" I asked.

"I don't want you to get hurt again…" she sniffled, "Seeing you… so torn up…? I won't take it if you get hurt again! So… No more being a hero, got it?!"


'Nana! Will you shut your mouth?!'

Ibara hugged me tightly, "Just… just stay with me~" she begged, "I don't want you fighting," I huffed and I felt the thrumming power of One For All.

"Ibara… promise me you won't tell anyone…" I sighed, "Only Monoma knows about this, but I need you to PROMISE me that you won't tell a soul."

Ibara smiled, "I promise, Tenko. It won't be as bad as when you told me about Decay, right?" she asked.

"It's… something bigger than that," I sighed, looking down at my feet, getting ready to tell her, "My other quirk…" I held out my hand, seeing the flecking purple energy ignite gently, making my hand tingle.

"Is One For All. Given to me by someone to carry on into the future. That's why my body was being damaged. Why I've trained so hard to withstand it without exploding?" I explained, "As long as I have this quirk… I can't quit. I'm sorry," She pulled back a bit.

"O-oh… I see," she mumbled, her eyes closing and sighing. I touched her cheek and she pushed it off a little bit.

"Do… do you not… trust me enough?" she asked, "Do… do you not… love me?"

I sighed, "Look, Ibara, I can't just go around talking about One For All…"

"IT'S NOT ABOUT THAT! Setsuna… Itsuka… even Pony and Kikono… they look at you like they desire you… they're all better than me…" she fiddled with her shirt, balling the edge in her fists, "All… All of them… would be better fits than me," I was in shock.

'No… no, don't… don't do this, Ibby… don't beat yourself up…'

"I… I should've saved you… I should've been there… I...Mm!" I kissed her, pushing her against the wall. Kissing felt good. I didn't back away, I wanted her. I didn't dare pull away.

"Mm… Mm…? Mm…" she moaned, pulling back.

"Is that good enough of an answer?" I asked, "Because I've been wanting to max out the High Priestess Social Link for a long time…" I purred. She pulled me close with her vines, a few of them handling the food as we still locked lips.

We could eat it later. Ibara was… oddly hungry for this.

"You don't know how much love I wasted… how much I've lusted for you…?" she whispered, touching foreheads with me. She reached down, her vines taking off her clothes. Kissing me deeply and…

I backed up. I wasn't ready. Not at all! We were fifteen! Why the hell were we doing this?! This is so different! Different from Ibby, the girl that'd cuddle me. This Ibara was new. She was stripping, protocol has left the station back with the shocks.

"Ibara… Ibara, no… it's too sudden," I stated. Ibara hugged me tightly.

"There are other ways… just hold me then…" she sighed, pressing her chest against me. I sighed and pulled back even more. I just went into my room and shut my door, I didn't want this. I didn't want to hurt her. I didn't want to see her crumble into ash. I crawled into my bed and covered myself up, shivering and shuddering, scratching my number frantically.

I heard the door open and Ibara stepped in, her light footfalls sounding on the carpet, she got into bed, hugging me tightly. She was rubbing my back, hearing my distressed groaning and kissing the back of my neck.

"I hate when you scratch…" she sighed.

I curled into an even tighter ball, "I… I need time, Ibara…" I mumbled, "It's… it's not… safe," I thought back to my 'brother' and that monster.

"I can't… have anyone… because if they die it'll be on me! If I can't save the people I love and care the most about… then what the hell am I?! Now I understand… I… I can't have a family, I can't have what other people have because my quirk is too destructive! Dad won't even visit me and I can't hold you or touch you without my gloves on!" I sobbed, pulling away from her.

"J-just… put your clothes on and… and go…" I sighed, "I… I'll… hurt you…" I mumbled and shut my eyes, "I don't… I don't want to lose you…"

She wrapped her vines around me, "Just sleep, okay?" she asked. I slowly fell asleep to her humming something. I had another dream, this time just floating in that sea, just staring up at the stars above.

No Nana or anyone else… just me. It was weird… until… something grabbed me suddenly and I was yanked under. Gasping and clawing, trying to escape, seeing the stars grow brighter and brighter, I was turned around, staring into the face of my 'brother'.

"Found you~!" he exclaimed.

"AH!" I started to scream before he clamped his hand over my mouth, we were in a dream so he couldn't use his quirk.

"Shh! Shut up! Listen, and listen good, got it?" he asked.

I nodded.

"I am not Tomura Shigaraki, I'm just… well… look, this is dumb, and probably weird, but I'm the idealized version of who you are," he said, "The you… that you see, I'm not that much older,"

"Pretty pessimistic, but… it's true if you don't let other people in," he said, "So… let her in. Let her in, Me. Because if you don't... well… I don't think Nana would ever forgive you," he looked down at himself.

Blood started to seep from his body, he was slowly dying in front of me, eye glowing lavender as a spike thrust through his chest. I woke up to the soft morning sunlight and the sound of soft breathing.

Ibara was still here, and holding me.

"Morning…" she sighed, smiling at me, "Mmmwah!" she kissed me on the forehead. Then the alarm went off, signaling us that it was time for school, and time for me to embarrass myself on nationwide television. Oh boy! The heir of All Might, about to DIE on national TV! Ibara hugged me tightly.

"Mm… we don't have to go, do we?" she mewed. She still got her uniform on, and I did too. It was time…

Time for the Sports Festival.

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