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Chapter 4

Game On.

"So… Shiozaki-chan! Do ya have a crush on anyone?" I overheard Setsuna ask that and I leaned back a little bit. I saw Ibara fidget and blush, her hands messing with her vines, looking down at the desk. The girls all gasped aside from the quiet one, Yui.

"Really?! Who?" Setsuna gasped, "C'mawn, Ave Maria, tell us!" Kendo sighed heavily.

"Guys… I got money on Shishida or Shimura," Shitake piped up, making Ibara hide her face with her hands, muttering something and making herself look so cute. There were many types of blushes, but… Ibara's was the cutest blush I'd ever seen. Her whole face just flared up into a fiery blush and her vines started to writhe and curl.

Monoma started to chuckle, "Hey… what're you waiting for, Tenko? Go ahead and kiss her already!" he whispered, with Manga showing a chibi Ibara and a chibi me hugging and cuddling. I blushed furiously and wished I had my hoodie because I didn't like showing it.

"Shhhiiiiimmmmuuuurraaaa…" Shitake teased, tapping Ibara gently, making her groan a little. Jurota came in and smiled a little bit.

"Today's the class rep election everyone! Of course we'll all get ballots but… what's wrong with Miss Shiozaki? Why's she blushing so much?" he asked.

"More 'will they won't they?' It's fucking stupid…" Togaru piped up, "Jus' kiss an' be done with that shit," Jurota took a deep breath, about to chew him out for his language and I just about had enough. I got up, feeling my chair start to tarnish, I pulled on my gloves and the chair stopped decaying. I went towards where she was sitting and moved her hands off her pretty and adorable face.

Everyone leaned forward or moved closer to get a better look as I leaned in. I started to scratch a little, something was bothering me, maybe it was everyone staring at us. Or the feeling of being watched by something far off.

I didn't notice that Ibara already did it. It was a quick peck, and I felt her vines around me, everyone was freaking out as Mr. King came in, seeing the girls freaking out and Monoma cackling and kicking his legs.

"What just happened?" he asked, "Did someone win the lottery?" everyone froze, and the new girl piped up, her big blue eyes and little horns made most of the guy's hearts melt from how cute she was.

"Mr. Vlad Teacher Sir?" she wondered, "Is it okay for people to kiss in school?"

'Pony, NO!' we all thought. I was completely red-faced and I quickly scuttled to my desk. Mr. King grinned and I laid my head down, he came up to me and tapped my shoulder.

"So, who's the lucky girl?" he asked.

"I… I wouldn't… say lucky…" I mumbled, "Just… Ibara…" He chuckled and looked back up at Ibara, who was still blushing, but muttering about how she couldn't believe she did that. She seemed rather quiet for the rest of the time.

"Alright, so! Today you're going to decide class reps! And no, you can't be 'haha voting go brr' and vote for the lovebirds to be reps. Only them on their own!" Mr. King barked, marking the board with me, Monoma, Kendo, and Yui. With some gaps for two others.

Nirengeki and Setsuna put their names up there. Mr. King stood with crossed arms as I went up first, voting for Kendo. She seemed to be a natural leader, but I noticed some marks from Yui, Shitake, Monoma, and Manga with my name. Ibara scooched up and blushed, her vine marking the space next to my name.

Everyone voted, with me… having the most?! I mean, I know I'm strong, but… I… I don't know. At least Kendo got the vice position. I stood next to her, scratching my neck and looking at her with a slight smile.

"Is everyone okay with their choices? Are we missing one? Pony, did you go?" Mr. King asked as Pony nodded cheerily.

"I like Tenko-kun a lot! He's nice!" she said. I blushed and scratched harder. I liked compliments but it was a little too far. Then Shitake piped up.

"He helped me in the exam! So… s-so… this is… p-payback…" she mumbled. I continued to scratch, with the others not knowing what I was scratching and Ibara looking concerned. I didn't like people staring at me or being overwhelmed.

The feeling of… something… was making me feel a little wrong. Something or someone was making my number itch. We all went to lunch, with Ibara, Monoma, and Jurota joining me.

"So… what do you think about being the representative?" Jurota asked.

"I… I'm nervous, what if I'm not a good leader? What… what if I fail to… protect you all? It's a leader's job to make sure everyone's okay," I mumbled, with Jurota patting me on the shoulder.

"I'm sure you'll make a fine leader, even if you don't think so. Miss Shiozaki was very adamant that you get the position," he said.

"Yeah! Even if you're a crusty little marshmallow," Monoma teased, "It makes sense, you got a strong quirk, and if something goes wrong I have no doubt that you can figure out a way out of it!"

He looked at Ibara and smirked, "Plus~ You have your girlfriend!" he exclaimed. Ibara blushed and wound a few vines around me, pulling me close and grabbing one of my hands, I had my gloves on so it was okay.

She was blushing but she still held my hand. On our way to the mess hall we stuck together, mostly because she was getting used to the fact that she was my girlfriend despite Kikono's obvious crush on me. Or Setsuna flirting with me a few days ago. Or even little Pony hiding behind me when she was scared.

All those times Ibara would look… jealous. Even angry at times. I knew Setsuna was the class flirt, but she liked to mess with me the most. Mostly because of my reactions. We were sitting together and Kendo parked herself next to me on the other side as Ibara sat on the right of me.

"So? How does being Class Rep feel?" Kendo asked.

"Nothing really ba- Ibara, stop, Nothing really ba- Ibara! Nothing bad's happened ye- Mmph!" Ibara shoved some bread into my mouth and I chewed it. She'd bake some herself and force me to try it. Not that it was bad, but I knew it was a power move.

"Oh my! Already attracting a harem I see!" Monoma teased, making Kendo huff.

"Look! I'm only sitting with him because he's the rep and I'm the vice-rep, Kinoko and Tenko are friends, and Ibara's his girlfriend," she explained, looking at me as Pony peacefully clopped up with a small paper in her hands, I took it.

"I… I'm a little confused," she admitted, "I don't really know what this means," she showed me the clumsily written script.

"That means bathroom," I said.

"Ohh! Thanks, Tenko!" she chirped. She walked away with a cute wave, making Ibara seethe a little bit.

"I don't think Ibara-chan sees it like that, my sweet Ken-" he was cut off by her glare.

"Say another word and my fist will be up your ass faster than you can blink, Monoma!" she snarled, "Just because she doesn't see it that way doesn't mean you can mess with me!"

I raised my hands, "Now, now, calm down. He didn't mean anything by it, so… let's just eat lunch and head…"


Chaos. Pure, unadulterated, chaos. Everyone was panicking aside from my class, all looking around in confusion as I stood up.

"ALRIGHT! SOMEONE INFILTRATED! CLASS 1-B, STICK TOGETHER AND FOLLOW TENKO AND I!" Kendo boomed, waving one of her hands over her head to signal the others to follow us. We battled through the crowds, Kendo gently pushing the others out of the way as I did headcounts, feeling Ibara's vines tighten around my arm.

"Anyone missing?" Kendo asked.

"I don't think so…" I mumbled, "Shoda's up front, Kinoko too…"

I saw the front gate through one of the windows, one of the teachers was holding off the reporters and cameras, I sighed and saw a kid launch himself and stick himself to the exit sign.

"Attention everyone! It's the media…"

His voice faded out, I felt a little nagging feeling in my mind. This wasn't just the media, no way they could break through that door unless they had my dad and maybe Mr. Todoroki. This wasn't just the media.

"Guys… whoever broke that gate has my quirk," I said, Monoma leaned over Kendo to take a closer look at the gate from here.

"How can you tell?" he asked.

"I'd know. And that's got my quirk written all over it in the glitter pen Setsuna uses," I stated, "Of course it's my quirk…"

I wondered what or who could have the exact same quirk as me. Or even if they were still here. It worried me so much. Everyone was together and saw my nervousness writ large on my face. When we got back to the classroom, there was so much whispering and muttering. Togaru decided to voice everybody's concern.

"Tenko, who the fuck are you?" he asked.

"W-what do you… mean?" I mumbled.

"I mean if you got family somewhere, they gotta have your quirk, too," he huffed, "So I'm smelling bullshit," I blushed and looked down at my feet, not comfortable with answering. He got up and loomed over me.

"So come on, Shimura, spill," he growled, "Tell us who that guy is,"

"I… I don't know…" I mumbled, "I… I don't know at all…"

"Bull. Shit," he snarled, being held back from me by Ibara. He reached out and moved aside my hair, revealing my number and barcode.

"What the hell is this, then? A tattoo?" he asked.

"Yeah, but all I remember is that I've always had it," I said, "I still don't know who's my… family,"

Ibara hugged me, looking at Togaru with her silent fury. She wound her vines around me and kissed my cheek, rubbing it with her own, nuzzling me. Togaru snarled and sat back down.

"You might have oddly cute looks, but yer nothing without that weird quirk that makes you super strong and fast!" he snapped, making me look down, feeling my classmate's eyes on me, all of them, some of them were scared, confused, in the case of Togaru pissed off.

I didn't know.

I never knew.

Ibara, Kendo, Pony, and my guy friends looked at me with hope in their eyes. I didn't know that this was going to open a pandora's box. I took a deep breath and smiled weakly.

"I don't know who did it… but… I know I have to strategize, this is the prep menu, and I know this'll come back to bite us," I said, "We gotta… we gotta bite back! Whoever busted the gate was someone… someone who's bad news!" I exclaimed, "This… this is the hard mode! But… If I play my cards right, and if we… we figure out who did this… and s-strike back! I'll… find the truth!"

Mr. King came in, "Hey now, don't do anything drastic, kiddo. Just take it easy," he warned, "Don't run off half-cocked with a half-baked plan,"

"Still, what Tenko said… there's no way he could've run to the gate and back to us. So someone is out there that's… Tenko's brother," Monoma theorized, with Kendo thinking too.

"Shimura's your real surname, right?" she asked.

I nodded and took out a notebook from my bag, "I've taken notes from watching you all fight during sparring, Shishida and Togaru could be a good combination... Kikono and I make a good one, we all have to contribute, Shoda you can make impacts stronger the second time around, so it'd be good for traps… Juzo would be a good partner in that aspect," I rapid-fired, making everyone a little confused.

"Heavy hitters like Tetsutetsu and Kendo could be great for crowd control… but then there's me…" I mumbled.

Ibara nudged me and smiled, "You and I could be good," she said. Mr. King cleared his throat and the strategizing stopped.

"No, you wouldn't. Tenko worries about you a ton, you'd only distract him, now, if I were the villains, staying as a team would only make it easier to split you all up," he said, "So, Tenko, what's your take on it now?"

"If we're split up, we don't hold back. We show them we're just as dangerous as we are with a team when we're alone… so… Monoma, you can store quirks, right? Only for a time limit?" I asked.

"Yeah, what'cha cookin' there, Robin?" he asked.

"A list of quirks that'd make you a wild card if you borrow them," I handed him a small list and he gawked at it, "But… some of these are…" he gasped in shock.

"From 1-A? Yeah… work on that storage time, Monoma. We only have one shot, either you make friends with 1-A or we wait until the Sports Fest. Each of us is a part of this, that gate breaker sent us a message, and I don't like it," I said, "Villains won't hold back… so we won't. We all have people to live for, families…" I sighed, rubbing my number.

"So… you're saying that…" Kendo gulped.

"If I go down, it's okay… I'd have played my role," I said, "No Phoenix Downs or Reviver Seeds. Game over,"

I noticed a lot of them looked worried and even sad that I'd consider my death in all of this. But that's the thing with strategy… you can't plan for death. I was worried and scared that I'd lose anyone.

Just like when Dad told me about his injury or how old Grandpa is.

"If any of you… you… die. I'll never forgive myself… Ever. Because you all have so much and… I know I might've been born in a tube, I might've been raised by a man whose heroics cast a huge shadow, but I… I know that whoever broke that gate won't stop once he gets the power necessary to end us all. I can plan, I can train, I can get stronger, but it doesn't matter when you all are scared and frightened that Villains will kill you, but the moment you stepped through that door, you inserted the game card, you inserted the coin," I said.

Everyone was silent, "In short, 1-A doesn't matter, but I can't be strong without you all…" I sighed, "So, work hard. Don't give up, let's show 1-A, that Gate Breaker, and the world that… that we can be strong! We can make a difference! We… we can make our own paths! Class…" I raised my hand and the bell went off.


A slim young man loped through the alleyways, giggling and laughing a little bit at the comedy of breaking that gate and causing chaos, but even more, knowing that his little 'Brother' was at UA, and even had his Sensei's rival's power! His shoulders shook and his red eyes shined in glee's bright mirth. He was so joyous that he didn't notice a misty figure that appeared from the darkness, two golden eyes shining and waiting for him.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself, Tomura," he commented.

"Of course! I… had a little… heee… heeeheee… family reunion!" he exclaimed, eyes twinkling, "Tenko Shimura… that cute little bastard has everyone in his class eating out of his hand! IT MAKES ME SICK!" Tomura slammed his hand into the wall, cracking it and hearing the pleasing sound of snapping and crackling, a sick smile spread on his face.

"Kurogiri… Inform Sensei that I want to switch my opponent… instead of Class 1-A, I want to crush that little bug before he becomes too strong! Plus… I want to see that face screwed up into grief over losing his precious class! He wasn't meant to exist in the first place!" he exclaimed with a wider smile, his eyes wide and beady.

"Game on… Tenko Shimura! My brother!"

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