In the Shadow @my.hero.xiii
Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Burn.

Momo woke me up with a kiss, smiling and sitting on the bed with her hands on her lap, "Wakey wakey, Koyurei," She was wearing an apron and smiling down at me, "We have to go back to school,"

"No, I wanna stay home with you," I sighed, "I don't wanna go, and I don't wanna take part!"

"Don't you want to be a hero?" she asked.

"No, I don't, because He'll just take all the credit and leave my brother and I as his sidekicks forever! Then I'll be known as Endeavor's son forever, and I don't want that! Not to mention that my grandmother is probably going to end up in a shouting match with him," I sighed, remembering one time where grandmother went ballistic and He ran while she was slinging globs of magma at him for hitting me on the back of the head for slouching. And another time when Shoto got woken up by their argument, almost shaking the whole house.

Momo sighed, "Sweetie, don't just do it for them. You may think he's going to do that, but you may be wrong. Come on, just do it for me~" She wrapped her arms around my neck, burying her face into the crook of my neck and sighing, kissing me there. She looked up at me with the puppy eyes.

"Fine, you're lucky you're so cute," I huffed. She giggled and squeezed me tightly.

"It's a perk of dating me, being so gorgeous, you looked so adorable when you blushed back when we, well… lets just say a few of the boys are going to be jealous," She stretched out, batting her eyelashes at me.

She was so gorgeous. I got up and put on my uniform, with Momo pulling me close and doing my tie, kissing me after. I felt heat on my cheeks and I squeaked a bit. She laughed and felt it too. She grabbed my right hand and we headed out.

I felt better, way better. We got into class and headed into our seats, Mineta glaring at the two of us. Sero scooched up and watched us sit down, with Shoto by my side and he seemed happy.

"Dude, you and Yaomomo…" Sero ribbed me, making me roll my eyes. Mineta had a small doll of me and he stabbed it with a pencil. Nothing happened. Then the door slid open and coming in was Mr. Aizawa, covered in bandages.

He looked at all of us. His eyes are still burning behind them. He settled us down and began.

"As of now, they move the Sports Festival to a few weeks from now. Because of the USJ attack we want to prove that UA is stronger than ever, that means no slacking, train like your lives depend on it, because it's also a shot at a good agency, even though two of you are shoe ins, not naming any names," he shot a glare at me and Shoto.

I sighed, and Shoto did too. Regardless of if we won or lost, Shoto and I would be railroaded into Dad's agency. I felt okay with it. Momo and Mom kind of bolstered my confidence. It was hero business, not family business. I sighed and looked at the crowd forming outside. Of course, Bakugou rammed his way right through while I just hung back with Momo and Shoto.

"Well well, The Todorokis! What, was the little ghost too scared to use his fire the whole time in the USJ?" a mocking voice belonging to a kid who I could only describe as 'that bastard' snapped, "Face it, guys, one of 1-A's powerhouses is a nervous wreck, another has Daddy Issues, and one is so angry that it just is so surprising he's even gonna be a hero!" he stepped up close to me.

"And one just wants Mommy and Daddy to get along so desperately that he'd throw himself at danger just for attention! A little, stupid boy." he tapped my forehead, "So easy pickings, right?" I felt my heat and my cold stoke up, he smiled.

"Careful, Koyurei Todoroki, your Endeavor's showing!" he snarled, and at that moment I saw red. In seconds I was being held back, screaming words out in a loud roaring jumble. The bastard backed up and grinned widely.

"And here we are, seeing that 1-A has a mentally broken boy as one of their best students quirk-wise!" he exclaimed, "An arsonist in the making! He has all the destructive force he can muster at his fingertips! A villain, simple!" I sighed and then…

"That's enough," a new voice said, and stepping out of the crowd was a boy with purple hair and bags under his indigo eyes, "The only villainous one here is you, with your little stupid dick-measuring contest with a kid that didn't want it,"

The boy looked at me, "Hitoshi Shinsou," he said.

"Koyurei Todoroki," I said, feeling Momo's arms loosen from around me. I didn't realize she was holding me back. She looked downright terrified as the crowd dispersed. Hitoshi looked at the two of us.

"Do you mind if I join you guys?" he asked, I shook my head no and so did Momo, we didn't really care. Shoto joined us or Tenya if he needed to ask Momo about something. Hitoshi walked not close, but a little further off. Mostly staying distant, we sat down and Shoto joined us, his right side covered in ice.

Hitoshi sighed, "Look, I never liked interclass conflict, but seeing that brat dress you down in front of everyone made me step in. I just saw something wrong, and I know you had your girl and your brother, but you seemed ready to flambe that kid," I nodded silently, eating and seeing Momo still hovering over me, wanting to be alone but maybe making my first ever outside friend would do me some good.

"Yeah, pretty messed up, right?" I asked.

Hitoshi nodded, but I still knew that it justified my rage. It just scared me that Momo was holding me back and Shoto looked ready to as well. I was worried about that. The fact of my fire consuming me.

The fire I hated more than anything. Even if it was blue, I'd never forget what they meant. Mom's nightmare and Dad's legacy. The rage and seducing fire. Crazy and uncontrolled. A mad dance between ice and fire. A biting sub-zero chill and a blazing wild heat. That was my quirk.

Momo death-gripped me. When we were going home, she looked at me with a level of fear I've never seen on her beautiful face. It worried me, seeing her just dead silent, finally seeing what she had to deal she wanted to back out, that's fine. I needed to prove myself stronger, better. The only way He'd ever try to be a father! Using my right side just to bring him back was the only way I'd know that I'm strong enough!

Then… I could finally hear him say what's on that card. When we finally got home I just walked into the bathroom, closing the door and locking it. I wanted to see what changed when I ignited, I almost burnt Monoma to a crisp. I looked in the mirror and saw Mr. Ashes. His blue eyes staring at my right side.

"How'd it feel, Koyurei? Liberating, wild, powerful… Just beautiful, right?"

"Questing after no one's approval… Don't you want to burn it all down? The world will end by fire and ice, the cause is begging for you!"

He changed into Momo, clinging to my middle, long hair billowing, her eyes shining a bright blue, "Being a hero won't protect them, won't protect me, and… You'll never be strong enough being chained to the heroes," She whispered. Blue flames ignited on my right, not out of control.

"See? See how easy it is to just let go?" Skin grafts appeared on her face, "Lift it up… you can't save it. The only way is to bathe in fire, become ash, and rise again like a phoenix," Her hand lifted my hand by the wrist, close to burning me, but…

"Koyurei! Stop!" On my left was Mom, holding my wrist too, holding the flame back, she looked at me and so did Momo, I shut my eyes, and I slowly lowered my right side. My uniform was burnt and falling off, I ran into the shower, sliding the door shut and wrenching the cold water on full blast. I lashed on the water, my eyes open, drinking it and trying to dampen the heat.

"You. Can't. Run."

I washed the heat out, hearing the TV on and I dried myself off and put a towel around myself, I opened the door and Momo was lounging on the couch with her eyes set on the TV. I stepped out into the living room, seeing her glance at me.

"Hey," I said. She still looked at me with a slight smile. She got up and looped her arms around my neck, kissing me, her hair was still up but she pulled back. She was oddly silent. I felt her heat but I looked away, still imagining the other her with the burns, looking like my imaginary friend and just about to make me burn myself.

Momo grabbed my wrist and placed my hand on her chest, feeling her heartbeat. She smiled and closed in, kissing me deeply and down came the hair. Her lips pressed to mine, her eyes staring into mine, silver. Not blue. Face flawless and not rough, she pulled back.

"W-wall…" she gasped, "Wall,"

"I… I want you to give it all you have, burn me or freeze me, do what you want with-" I set her down and silently went into our room, putting on my clothes and looking in the mirror, my anger at almost falling into the seduction of the heat and disfiguring myself making me more angry.

You. Can't. Run.

It's not their choice to make. Mr. Ashes and the Other Momo were wrong. I could get stronger. I went out on the balcony. Igniting a flame on my finger…

Hey Mama! Look! I was holding out my right hand, a blue flame burning healthily there, Mom quickly extinguished it, looking around, Honey, we don't use flames, okay

But Dad uses flames, and Gramma has Lava! Dad will be happy! Mom grabbed me in a hug, squeezing me to her chest, I could feel her crying, and she called me…


I don't remember Touya, but looking at the flame dancing on my fingers, playing and darting there. It was like I had a link with him, the burns and the stress graying my hair from a deep crimson.

I looked over the city, my hand burning a bright azure, I didn't know him. I always felt like he was watching over us though, I had the picture I drew for Him one Father's Day. I burned it and I felt numb. The fallout settled and I was just numb.

Looking at the city below, knowing that He was out there and so was my brother. Momo had gotten dressed again and came out to join me, hugging me from behind and I just stared out at the city.

"Let's just go back inside," she said.

I stopped her, taking a deep breath and remembering everything. Did I really want to drag her further into this? Each day I wake up and look at her and I just… regret it. I'm clipping her wings before she can fly and she's okay with it? She shouldn't be!

I come from a messed up family, one brother's missing, one hates my father, my twin doesn't care but still hates him, my sister cries and sobs wondering what she's doing wrong, my mom's gone and my grandmother and him aren't on speaking terms until now!

Sometimes I thought I made things worse. My quirk is hard to keep back, my rage even more so. I try to bottle it all up and store it away, cry into nothing and just become robotic. No father, no mother, just me and my siblings. Momo didn't need that. She never needed that. She had a good life, now she's holding herself back.

Wild flames and jagged forests of ice. Twin forces of destruction cranked up to eleven. More trouble than I was worth to train but the burns on my body were a testament to how far I'd go for my family…

Even my Dad. I clenched my fist and the flame extinguished, smaller flames I could control, but something about waves of it I couldn't. I closed my eyes and just felt it wink out. I remembered all Momo did for me, but that was just me, she just facilitated it. Gave me a way out and I took it and ran like hell.

She was this far in, taking her out now would be stupid. I hugged her tightly, we didn't need words and we settled back in, laying against her chest. She grinned and played with my hair.

"I love you," she said.

"Yeah, me too," I sighed gently.

Momo giggled and kissed me. I fell asleep and finally felt at peace.

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