In the Shadow @my.hero.xiii
Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Time Has Come At Last.

I came into class walking arm and arm with Momo. I was more than ready to take on the next challenge. Still, I didn't know what was happening with my right side. It wasn't ice, or frost, and it didn't feel cold at all. It felt itchy and hot. I couldn't stop rubbing at it. What was going on? Was it something with my quirk? My other side, my left, was normally cool, but the other side was so overwhelmingly hot. I didn't like it. Momo looked at me and leaned against my right side.

"Koyurei, you feel hot, are you feeling okay?" she asked, kissing my forehead in front of everyone almost maternally. Everyone almost awwed at that, except for Mineta and Bakugou.

"Get a room!" he snapped.

"What? Do you call her Mommy, too?" Mineta muttered, I felt the heat increase and I felt my cheeks flush, seeing that greaseball's face twist into a vicious grin. I glared at him and felt the cold return.

What the hell was wrong with my right side? It was bothering me a ton. I opened my blazer and rolled up my pant leg. It was so hot… and my arm was… Steaming? No, no, smoking. I backed up and ran out of the classroom, seeing blue sparks coming out of my arm, breathing fast, tears running down my cheeks. I couldn't believe what was happening, this was- was a nightmare!

'Just close your eyes! Close your eyes and wake up! This… this isn't fire…' I thought, 'This isn't fire at all, just open your eyes.' I was running, my legs pumping and my eyes were wide open, fire was trailing from my right side and I ran outside, the heat was unbearable, my uniform was burnt off on my right side, the blue flames licking at my body as I curled into a little ball.

"Make it stop! Make it stop! Somebody please make it stop!" I yelled, "I-I don't know wha-" I didn't notice that Mr. Aizawa followed me outside, he was in front of me, his hair already billowing.

"Koyurei, look at me," he said. I peeked out and my flames winked out like they weren't even there, he helped me up, "How long have you had flames?" he asked.

"I… I dunno…" I mumbled, "I didn't know I even had the ability…" Mr. Aizawa nodded but still kept the stern glare up. I didn't break eye contact and ended up clinging onto his scarf on the way back to class. He seemed unbothered, but at the same time he let me cling to him until I got back into class, glomming onto Shoto instead.

"Shoto… d-did you know?" I asked.

"No, I'm just as surprised as you," he said, "Grandmother used to say that you had stronger fire than The Balrog and that it reminded her of Touya's fire,"

"Oh great…" I mumbled. I just wanted to keep my ice and not be a flamethrower but here I am. So here I was, an ice machine and now a deadly misfiring flamethrower of doom. About to go on a magical adventure to the Unforeseen Scenario Joint.

I put on my hero suit, trying to not ignite again, but I was cold again. Momo stuck close by with Shoto nearby too, taking a nap. Another boy with red hair and Kaminari sidled up with slight smiles.

"Hey, you good, Duroki?" Kirishima asked, "You really scared Momo there for a bit, so not manly, dude," I sighed and nodded.

"It was rather uncouth of me, but… I wasn't thinking. I have a phobia of fire. Once I see it, I run, and there's nothing I can do about it," I said, feeling Momo lean against my left, sighing and smiling.

"I still have to overcome that fear. I'm just worried that they'll overtake my ice, it's hotter than my… ugh, father's flames," I said. Momo grabbed my hand and I looked at her.

"Look! It shouldn't matter what your dad's flames are like! What matters is that they're yours! Lettin' it hold ya back's not manly at all!" Kirishima snapped, "You gotta power through!" he was grinning.

"Right," I agreed. Momo smiled and I saw the huge dome in the distance getting bigger and bigger. I took a deep breath, hoping that I didn't get the fire area, that'd just make it worse. Mr. Aizawa looked back at me, his eyes meeting mine.

He nodded and I looked away, nervous. With my flames and my ice, will they work well together? Aizawa cleared his throat.

"We're here, everyone," he said. We all disembarked and I stood near Shoto and Momo, Kirishima was with us too.

"So, seems like you two had heard 'a this place before! Pret-ty cool!" Kirishima exclaimed, Shoto and I looked at each other, remembering His Fire Trials and the Climbs of Chaos. The Balrog's training went from mundane Mr. Miyagi-like training to complete insanity.

"This. This is better than my old man's training by a long shot," Shoto said.


"Yes. I agree, my brother."

"Man, what happened to you guys?" he wondered, "It really concerns me, dudes,"

We kept quiet, knowing that if we told them they'd never get very far. His legal team was terrifyingly competent. He scrubbed Mom's breakdown out of the public eye and took down the tabloids that got the truth from our grandparents on her side and even Grandmother came out of the woodwork to help.

Shoto was told that his scar was to be kept hidden for a while until things died down and say he was playing with something he wasn't supposed to. While my teachers got suspicious, I went from one of the most talkative kids in class to dead silent.

I mean, who wouldn't? My mom was gone, and I thought it was my fault. We were walking up and Shoto looked at me, specifically my right side. I felt way more nervous than I looked. I didn't know that there was a huge problem with my flames.

We were all excited and it seemed the spaceman in the center was mirroring it. Well, except for me, I was full of dread and fear. I didn't like it at all. My right side was hot and tingly, and it didn't stop. I was scared.

Now I was like him. I had fire. Not only that but it was that fire. The fire Touya had. Blue and hotter than The Balrog's. Mr. Ashes had the same fire, but he knew I didn't like fire so he didn't ignite.

"How is everyone today? I guess this is you guys' first time here! Nice to meet you all!" the spaceman said, waving their arms in greeting, "Name's Thirteen! Got a swell quirk that makes me shoot out black holes from my fingertips! Really cool, right? Good for rescues!" They spread their arms wide.

"This place is my baby! It's my pride n' joy: The USJ!" they said, their white eyes closing happily, "I know a lot of you's first times are happening today, so lemme give you the low down!"

"Basically, we're here to test out your quirks in a ton of rescue situations! Todoroki Brothers, you two would be great during aquatic rescues!" Thirteen exclaimed, being pulled aside by Mr. Aizawa.

"Where's All Might?" he asked.

"Just resting, Aizawa, we'll be fine! I got state-of-the-art security! He'll get here when he gets here!" Thirteen exclaimed. Aizawa sighed, still looking wary. We all split up and I started with my brother.

We were in the area I dreaded the most, the Fire Area, I just used my Gungnir Attack to fly over the fire, spreading it out in water before I froze up. The fire was so big and I only just got started! But it was so hot, and so loud, and really, really hot.

I felt my throat constrict.

'Always denying that part of yourself, you always knew deep down that's why I was angry.'

'Always wanting those women to fawn over you and coddle you… even that Momo girl does the same! Don't fear your fire, let it burn the past away! Leave my lessons, leave what I've taught you!'

I wish he could just shut up.

I wish I could make him shut up.

The fire roared and crackled, red and orange tongues so familiar to me they might as well had've burned me at birth. I closed my eyes.

I remembered Grandmother showing me her quirk, 'See? It's not so bad. I know it's scary, but sometimes… you gotta be scared, my boy.'

I used to be scared of him, but that moment, seeing those flames extinguish… changed something. I shut my eyes tighter.

It was years ago. Years ago when I thought my mom abandoned me.

I opened my eyes, 'The time has come…' I thought.

'Throw away the past, throw away the terrible things that made you the way you are. Yes, they happened, but- it's mine and mine alone!' I thought, feeling my right side heat up, 'It's all I've got… as much as I hate it I should embrace it!'

I saw the blue sparks ignite, 'No more. No more will I ever look at fire as something to fear. I'll make sure that nothing like what happened to me ever happens again! Not if I can help it!' I thought, clenching my fist, seeing the flame burning there, 'Just watch me.' That's when everything went to hell, the moment I decided to ignite my flames was the moment that changed everything.

Darkness spread around the two of us, and I knew something was wrong. Normally if it got dark I'd still be able to see, or at least my flames would give me a light to see by. I came out near the center, Shoto was gone and I was surrounded.

On all sides were villains, and it was just me against them all. I closed my eyes and raised my hands, feeling cold rip through the area, 'Freeze the past away! Scream into the future on wings of blue flames belonging to you and you alone!' I swiped my left hand and ice shot out viciously, spikes and frost choked the area.

They all charged, boring through the ice and I grinned, clenching my left hand into a fist, bursting the forest of ice apart, in my peripheral vision I spotted a villain coming at me fast, until a shovel smacked into him full-force, Momo was here! With Jiro and Denki bringing up the rear.

She looked worried, even scared, but when our eyes met she seemed to calm down. There'd be time for us later, "Denki! What's our status?" I asked.

"Comms jammed like that time my hand got stuck in a toaster! If I had a nickel for every time I did that I'd have too many," he said, looking panicked and hiding a bit behind Jiro.

"What's the plan, Momo?" Jiro asked, "Cause I'm all ears," Momo made a pole and tossed it to me, I froze it into a battle axe and clicked my heels, freezing a ramp in front of me, I skated fast, going up and tossing it at a group of villains, feeling my right side heat up.

"TAKE IT!" I thundered, lashing out wildly with my right arm, a tidal wave of azure flames blasted out of my arc, landing and annihilating the ice around me, my right side burning with flames. Fear filled me, but also relief.

He wasn't here. I could let loose. With a backdrop of blue fire, I smiled. My coat and shirt were wrecked, the dregs of blue fire burning it away, exposing my scars and half of my body, I loped back to the others, heatstroke making me woozy and lethargic, cramps ruled over me and a few villains that got through the wall of flames rushed me.

Momo got one in the shoulder with an arrow, and another in the leg. Okay, can't check to see if she got him in the knee or not. She ran to me, pulling me into her arms. Her arms were strong and her face was twisted into a worried look.

"Did I get 'em…?" I mumbled.

"Yes, yes you did," she said. I doubled over and upchucked, with Momo pulling me into a small little insulated blanket thing. It was cool and dark in there, I wanted to sleep but Momo laid me down away from her.

I couldn't sleep without my Momo...

"Ooh… a fort?" I asked, getting a water bottle put into my hands. I sipped it slowly, watching Momo and Jiro peeking outside.

"Momo? Come back… can't sleep…" I mumbled, making what Mom used to refer to as, 'Grabby Hands.' Momo scooched over and kissed me on the forehead.

"I'm sorry, Koyurei, but the others might need my help too," she said. I grabbed her arm. I didn't want her to leave, I was scared. She kissed me on the lips.

"Koyurei, look at me, dear…" she said, I looked at her and sighed gently.

"Look, I'm holding you back, just go. If I fight anymore my flames might just go out of control, I don't want to outshine you," I said.

Momo sighed and put on her new costume. I was almost ready to go again, but Momo pushed me back down, hugging me tightly.

"Koyurei, take a breather, okay?" she asked.

"No! What- what if you-" she cut me off with a hand on my cheek.

"Trust me," she said.

"I- I-" I stammered, bad memories coursing through my mind. Mom left, then Grandmother, the same way. Convinced they wanted nothing to do with me after He got done with me.

"Some guys wanna watch the world burn with you in it, are you gonna let 'em? Are you going to let her walk out there and get killed like that? Come on, Koyurei, don'tcha wanna blaze through the bad guys like nothing?"

"Come on, that's not all you have in store, son. Your initial burst took up too much energy! Get out there and fight them!"

"You're no son of mine if you let that girl go!"

"Burn those villains down in the name of the cause!"

"To be a hero!"

"For the cause!"

"Will you still hold back?!"

I darted out, seeing Momo and Jiro standing there as Kaminari was shorted out, some villain had her in a hold. I gritted my teeth, ice forming on my left and a few sparks whispered off my fingers on my right.

"Don't move or this pretty face gets fucking charred! You little fucks took out my friends and now I'm gonna turn the tables!" he thundered, "I wouldn't make any funny moves, charcoal!"

"Oh nooo… go ahead, make your move jackass," I snarled, "You know you're pretty much outnumbered, right? You're desperate and reaching for a way out, just like a minion that was just tossed into a room full of kids with powerful quirks,"

The villain tightened his grip slightly, "I'll snap her neck! Don't think I won't!"

"Oh yeah? Then do it," I said, remembering when Grandmother would pull the same thing, mostly with Natsuo. The villain hesitated, and then let Momo go, I dashed up and froze his legs. Momo looked at me with stars in her eyes.

"Koyurei, yo-" I cut her off with a hug, "Oh…"

"Don't do that again! Don't just- abandon me like that!" I sputtered, "Momo, please…" I buried my face into her neck. I felt tears coming down my cheeks, turning to ice on my left and heating up on my right.

"E-everyone's... le-left before… don't leave me too!"

She hugged me tightly, letting me cry. I couldn't stop crying, all the villains around us were knocked out or frozen, some of them burnt but not too badly, I just couldn't take it. Then All Might came in, fought a monster, 'saved the day' and we left.



"Hey, Koyurei? You haven't touched your soba, you gonna eat it?" Shoto asked, pointing at my bowl, I looked down at it in slight disgust, not believing His little tirade using the 'But FAMMMMILLLLYYY.' excuse.

If Grandmother were here, she'd kick his ass for even thinking about family after what he did to us. Or tell me to go back to my house and my girlfriend who is not liking this one bit and was blowing up my phone trying to reach me.


"Wow, never thought I'd see the day. You always finish a bowl," He commented. I sighed.

"Not hungry."

"Hm. I see." He commented, "Well, I'm glad to see that you two a-"

"Old man, give it a rest," Shoto flatly stated, "We risked our lives today, it's only natural that we're a little shaken," He took a deep breath and looked at me, Shoto looked down at my right hand.

"Well well well. Seems like your brother lied to me," He said, heat built in the room and I looked down at my right hand, a blue flame danced on the back of my hand, tapering up to my wrist. He was blazing.

"I knew you had it in you, Koyurei!" He exclaimed, and I closed my eyes and said exactly the equivalent to a nuclear bomb in words. Years of what I wanted to say to him just exploded out of me like Bakugo's quirk.

"Shut up! All you do is yell and complain like a little bitch! No wonder Mom broke! No wonder Touya's dead! No wonder Natsu and Fuyumi are so scared of you! You always wanted SOLDIERS! NOT CHILDREN! Mom wanted us… but you wanted heroes," I ranted, he opened his mouth to try to defend himself, "No, no, my turn! You always move on! You never stop! You're more concerned with beating All Might than us! I'm- I'm not out for that, I'm out to… to get our family back!" I snarled.

"So, this isn't your fire, this isn't another you. This is my fire. This is my time with my twin. I don't care what the hell you try to do, but I'm done with being quiet about this. I'm going to my house and staying there. You're never going to see my kids, they'll never know you," I glared over my shoulder at him.

"Good night, Dad. Sleep well," I turned on my heel and walked out, picking up the pace when I was out of the premises. I was glad Grandmother and Natsuo taught me to save my anger for the right person because I destroyed him. I went back home and kicked off my shoes.

I wasn't angry, I just wanted to be away from that. Momo was already in bed and she was waiting for me, looking up from her little encyclopedia with the sheets covering her. She smiled.

"Well, that seemed to go well," she said.

"Eh, I'm glad that we live so far away, but Shoto might need to be careful now," I sighed, "I nuked him with words, Natsuo would be dying with laughter, and my grandmother would probably agree with me or bring up some embarrassing factoid about my dear, precious father that would pour salt in the blast crater," I laid down and she snuggled against my left, smiling and I petted her soft hair.

"Now all I gotta do is avoid him for the rest of his sorry life," I noticed something when I moved my hand down her back, "Momo… where's your…"

"Clothes?" she asked, "Too tired. I need my cuddles," she smiled up at me and kissed my neck. I blushed and let her kiss me, going up to my jaw, I noticed that she was holding me kind of tightly.

"You know what? Seeing you so assured and confident really sealed the deal for me," she said, "Something about you makes me want to- how do I put this without sounding inappropriate?"

"I know you have reservations about having children to serve that bastard, but- wasn't the point of you going over there was to say you couldn't take it anymore?" she asked.

"Well, yeah, but-" she cut me off with one move that Natsuo told me was a 'She wants the Todoro-D' move. She smiled, reaching up and undoing her ponytail. I swallowed hard as she touched my cheek.

"But what, my sweet little Koyurei?" she cooed, "My hero~" her bang fell over her eye and it was all over. She was giving me the single most loving gaze I'd ever seen. Her other hand pushed off my blazer, silver eyes twinkling in the light.

"W-wait, what're you-" I was cut off by her kiss. She unbuttoned my shirt with a sweet smile. Once she did that she rested her head on my chest, listening to my heartbeat. She giggled and kissed my chest.

"So nervous," she said, "It's okay, I'm nervous too…" I shakily smiled, feeling her hands tracing my scars, each touch feeling like that tingly lightning pulse thing. I really started feeling hot, and not in the new fire kind of way.

Her touch was so soft and her chest too. I kissed her, my arms wrapped around her tightly. Needily kissing her, I made my stance clear enough. If He wanted to be part of my life, he'd best stay back.

"Mm…" she sighed.

I pulled back and kissed her neck, hearing her soft moan, "Ah… th-that feels good," I continued, kissing everywhere I could reach, hearing her soft panting and gasping. A symphony of just her, getting used to her body on mine.

Getting used to feeling so close. To hug someone and give them the love I wanted to give all these years. She wiggled and squirmed, looking into my eyes and begging me with them to keep going.

I saw that blush and embarrassed smile, her embrace close, as if she was hiding. She wanted me. She wanted me. Out of all of my brothers, even Shoto, she wanted me. Momo spread her legs and then I knew there was no going back.

"Koyurei, come on, let's consummate this now," she said, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me again, I felt that tingly blush tinge my cheeks. She pulled herself closer, my arms wrapped around her and seeing her shy smile, seeing the glow of her quirk and I gently kissed her, seeing her wrap her legs around my waist and lay back against the pillows.

She hid her face on my shoulder, wincing as I went in, the soft rhythm of what I was doing was set, and I felt her grip me tighter and there was a soft, low moan. I petted her hair, the dark locks threading through my fingers, gently holding her like she was something to value, and she was.

Momo's soft body and my rough scars were one engine, a bond stronger than anything. Her soft body sent that same soft electricity through my own, the scars meant nothing and the day meant nothing. All that mattered was us.

More of those moans and gasps, her nails dug into my back, the slight pain spurring me on to go harder, "Ah?! Mm…" she gasped, biting down on my shoulder, her hot breath against my skin making me lose my senses. Messy kisses and bites, her hair messy and her eyes full of passion and desire. Pain and pleasure both mixing into a passionate haze of bottled up desire.

I wanted her ever since I met her. She was smart, strong, gentle… everything I loved in a woman. Beauty was never a factor to me, she could be deformed for all I care and I'd still love her. Soft and rough, that's how we were.

I felt her grip tighten even more, hips bucking and gasping turning into passionate moans and cries, "Yes! Yes… ahh… I'm yours, Koyurei. All yours! I… I! I love you!"

She rammed her lips onto mine, pushing me back and I felt her moan in my mouth, tongue lapping around mine, silver eyes shining as she slowly laid back down on the bed, I saw the condom on me and I pulled it off, getting up to ditch it, hearing her soft whimpering pants.

She was mine. It was an odd feeling but seeing her laying on our bed, cheeks flushed, messy sheets tangled around her and hair as messy as it could be? She never looked at me with so much love before.

Momo reached out to me and I got pulled back into bed, sheets wrapped around me, her smile was so beautiful. She was the most beautiful girl in the world to me. She laid my head on her chest, smiling still and petting my hair.

I didn't mind being a Yaoyorozu at all.

*Vmmm! Vmmmm! Vmmmmmm!* my phone vibrated strongly, and I rolled over, palming the device with my left side, Momo still tangled around me, sleeping soundly as I rooted for my phone on the nightstand.

I didn't bother looking at the Caller ID, if I did my heart would probably explode and my apartment would be a pile of ash.

"Mm? Hello? You… you're talkin' to… haaah… Koyurei… Todorozu…" I mumbled, hearing a low chuckle and I realized who it was, "Eh?! Grandmother! Oh, oh man… I'm so sorry!"

"Aw, seems like I startled my charming little grandson, your father wasn't too happy with my call and growled something about you. Did he hurt you again?"

"No, not at all, I just told him what I actually thought about him," I said, hearing her laugh and it made me blush even more than last night.

"Oho! That's my boy! Finally you've grown some backbone!"

"I just… uh, what're you calling for?" I asked.

"Well, I figured I'd come to watch you and your brother in the Sport Festival, so I came in around a few hours ago,"

"Oh, okay," I said.

"You know you could've called me earlier, yes?"

"I know, I know…" I huffed, "I was just busy," I looked at Momo's frowning face, she yanked me back into bed, the phone probably picking up the movement.

"Busy with your girlfriend? Hmm?"

"Grandmother… I already get teased enough by Natsu and Fuyumi…" I huffed. Grandmother laughed and I sighed heavily.

"Don't lie to me, Koyurei. I know you and your brothers and your father, you are all terrible liars."

I huffed and Grandmother seemed happy.

"So maybe before you go into the breach, we can go out to lunch sometime? I want to meet my future Granddaughter-in-law."

"Sure, I… I'm glad you called," I said.

"Of course, dear, just try not to freeze up anymore,"

"Har-har…" I sighed, "Bye,"

I hung up and Momo cuddled me tighter, "Nuu…" she mumbled, "Don' go…"

"I'm not going anywhere," I sighed, hugging her back. Life was better now, and I threw away the mask, it took a long time, but I had to try. That gamble did more than just tell my father what I thought about him.

It freed me.

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