In the Shadow @my.hero.xiii
Chapter 34: Revamp and Preview

Blue flames lashed out of my hands, licking up the concrete. The stone blackened as I blasted the rest of the building. An excited grin almost slit my face wide open. Ecstasy filled my body as I pulled my fingers, lashing it to the next building.

A transformer blew as I grinned, orange and blue mixing together and charring the next building. My blue eyes shone as I spread my arms and roared to the skies. I want attention. I want him to see me. I want him to watch as his world crumbles to ash.

I danced, whirling down the fire escape, burning it too. My body is smoking, the burns are growing. But I didn't care. No matter how much it hurt, I wanted him to know that I needed him to see.

Screams joined the roaring flames and I fucking loved the sounds mixing together. Screams, flames, smoke, the crack and spark of power lines. It wouldn't just be MY fire anymore. But the fire of a sudden accident began.

I smiled, walking by a blue firelight, a small candle rather than my full hand. I remembered the words of that fireman, Guy Montag…

It was a pleasure to burn.

And that was right. It was a pleasure. A good release from all the agony. As much as I would like to stay and watch the world burn, I needed to go.. Remains of people caught in the flames of my joy burned a sweet scent into the air. Well… sweet to me.

I smirked and bowed to the building.

"It was a pleasure to burn…" I hissed, my voice crackling and snarling like the kindling I used tonight. The slight smell of burned flesh tinged the air as I practically skipped away. A message to my father. A message to them all.

The class is abuzz about the burnt complexes last night. Shoto and I both kind of shrug it off though. My brother and I sit next to each other. My shoulders bunch together, my hands flicking through my cards like a miser counting money. He's on my right and watching my slushy gray hair billow from my feet hitting the floor.

He raises an eyebrow. "Hey. Are you okay?" he asks, nudging me slightly. I quickly nod and flick a card up.

I'm okay.

Shoto sighs and rubs my back, "It's alright, Koyurei." he says. My eyes looking up at the other students, a weird feeling of nervousness clawed its way into my chest. Just thinking about how Shoto was more of a heartthrob than me didn't help. I sigh and get my introduction card ready.

Now I know what you're all wondering. Why the hell have I stopped writing this and what the hell is with this chapter? Well, I'll tell you. In the form it is now, In the Shadow has fallen to the wayside. Not just that but I have done other stories. To answer your questions as to why I have halted, I have answers!

1. I feel as though Koyurei is overpowered. Not only does he have ice but he also has fire that extends into lava. That would make the fights uninteresting and maybe even a cakewalk while for others it would be difficult. And that isn't fair considering that Koyurei and his quirk seem to be stronger than his brother and I don't want him to Marty Stu it. Also I think I moved him too much away from what he was before.

2. I have a very finicky taste in stories and tend to jump from story to story.

3. The content above is from a rewrite of this very same story with a lot of the same beats and maybe the same ship. Or a different one. One thing I found while writing Koyurei and Momo is that maybe its too convenient and I went too much into it just being a smutfest.

4. I feel as though Koyureis arc is done. That is due to my own tendency to rush it.

5. I basically gave him a Gurren Lagaan style mech in the original ending and I think thats too much for MHA.

6. I also feel as though the writing quality is lacking considering my other endeavors.

Please let me know if you all have something else to say about this story and some issues with it. I'm all ears. Thank you all so much for reading this story! And stay tuned for the revamp!

Plus Ultra,

My Hero XIII.

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