In the Shadow @my.hero.xiii
Chapter 33

he Game Change

Early morning patrols were easy enough. Besides getting up early every morning. My phone rang at the same time every day. Dad always called at certain times. Always being reliable in his weird way.

"Koyurei, I know it's impertinent for me to ask, but is your quirk acting strange in any way?" he asked, worried in his voice like always. Why did he treat me like I was fragile?

"Aw come on, Dad! I'm fine! Dont worry about it!"

"Son, it's in my nature to worry, especially after what occurred in Kamino,"

"Look, dad, stop reminding me. I'm fine."

"Koyurei, if you need me to come get you, I'll do it. I know how you feel about this. You don't have to do anything you don't want to,"

"Dad, seriously, quit it! I decided long ago that I wanted this! So I'm getting my way!" I snarled, "Sheesh! It's like I'm gonna die tomorrow or something!" Dad seemed to huff in disappointment and I stopped.

"Dad, I'm-"

"Son. When will you understand that I'm not angry with you?" he asked, "I'm saying this as your father, not as your senior,"

"I know that… but you treat me like I'm fragile! Stop that!" I snapped at him.

"Your quirk is affecting you, isn't it?" he guessed, "You're burning, you're freezing, and you're trying hard to live up to the legacy I set, Aizawa has told me of your training, you're torturing yourself Koyurei!"

I felt the sickening feeling of sarcasm rising in my chest, "Well! Learned from the best!"

Silence on the other end, I just hung up. Coldly glaring at the road ahead. When I put my hone away I went back inside, knowing that Dad was right. I wasn't cut out for this. No matter what, everyone always widened the gap. Everyone shoved themselves further, Plus Ultra…

But I had Non Plus Ultra. Nothing Further Beyond. While Shoto was climbing further, I was burning out. Even Momo was surpassing me. Bakugou glared at me as I passed by.

"Whaddya doing back, Major Payne?" he snarled.

"Oh ha ha, Katsuki, what do ya want a medal?" I asked.

"Nah! Just wondering what the hell your issue is! You're the only other bastard who was in that fucking shit show in that bar! Ever since then you've been worrying the shit outta Ponytail and Icy Hot," he growled, "The fuck is wrong with you?"

"A lot of things, Bakugou." I answered, "Just a lot of bad things in my past…"

"Still! It ain't fair to shove people away. Yer like your old fart, Nowhere Man!" Bakugo said, "Yer shoving people away an denying yer weaknesses! If ya need a break just let Raccoon Eyes or someone else know!"

I felt cold prickling at the base of my neck, hearing someone coming up from behind me. A gentle hand fell onto my shoulder. Turning me around was Momo, her hair down, her costume not even on.

"Break day, Koyurei~! We all know you hate Mondays, so no patrols for you today!" She exclaimed, "Come on, don't be such a stick in the mud!"

"Yeah dude! Besides, who's gonna make my rolled omelettes?"

"Or my pancakes?" Mina asked, grinning.

"Or my cinnamon rolls?" Sato wondered.

"Look, Sato, you're in a whole nother league!" I exclaimed, "When it comes to baked stuff at least!" I made a shooing motion and got to work. Cooking food always calmed me down, assisted me with relaxing.

Cooking was just… what I loved. To show my love to my friends and family. To make them something gone in an instant, but always there as a good meal. Always there as a good memory.

Even if I couldnt be a hero, even if I couldn't save the day. I could always be a cook. That's why I'd do so much cooking for everyone. Just so I could give them my appreciation. A thank you for being there. Something to have and to enjoy from me to them.

The smell was nice, the smiles even better. The oven and stove are going at full and ham and bacon going, eggs too. Omelettes flew and pancakes and eggs got finished, eole were happy. Rice, even noodles.

That's all I wanted. I packed a few boxes for the nursing home and got on the bike the Bike shop owner let me buy. I got on and rode down the way towards the senior center.

"Oh! Biking today, Todoroki-kun?" the owner asked, smiling as I got off. The senior center was on a mountain overlooking the sea, a nice little home for those retired and with families that couldn't take care of them.

"Yeah, it's my break day. But that doesn't mean you guys should miss out," I said, "My quirk's been going haywire and all that."

"Aww, since when?" The owner asked.

"Since a few days ago, everyone's forcing me to take a break, and I guess I got carried away!" I reasoned. So I'm taking a break today!

The owner was a kind lady, and I always visited the seniors. The owner smiled, "You're such a kind young man, Todoroki-kun!" She exclaimed, "They love it when you come here,"

"Well! It's the least I can do, I get carried away after all! Have a good day!" I got back on my bike and edaled away, my legs pumping and my hair billowing in the breeze, not even lava. Just a long gray streak, normal all over again, the length was the same.

I braked and wheeled it into the rack near the agency. Locking it and heading inside, seeing mostly everyone already at the call center desks, out on patrols, or doing small jobs. They didn't say anything to me.

It was odd, but… then it just hit me, soft and dark, and giggling. A blanket was around me and staring up at me was Momo. She grinned up at me and kissed me on the chin.

"How'd it go, honey?" she asked.

"It went smoothly Momo…" I muttered, kissing her on the forehead. She just wanted me to carry her, and Mina and Tooru snickered nearby. I just hoisted her into my arms and carried her over to my room at the end of the hall.

Momo and I landed on my bed and I just sat there, running my hand through her hair, watching the small TV play reruns of old Godzilla flicks. Momo just watched them with me, a simple day.

"Hey Momo… how do you feel about… living here?" I asked.

"When we're older?" she wondered, "I wouldn't mind a summer home here, its quiet, perfect for a private little home,"

"No, I mean… when we become heroes!" I exclaimed, "Just think about it! We've spent our whole lives in the spotlight… don't you just wanna take it easy?"

"Well…" Momo mumbled, "Maybe?"

"Maybe? It's a yes or no question!" I giggled, kissing her. She leaned into it and smiled, pulling back and touching my cheeks.

"Of course, but I need some time to think about it, Koyurei, I need to at least try to keep up, a marriage is a partnership after all,"

"Right… right…" I sighed, feeling her shift to lay on my chest, looking up at me, wiggling a little.

"You know… it's been a while…" she cooed, "Since we…" I suddenly pinned her down, kissing her forcefully, feeling her arms around my neck, pressing herself on me. She backed off, breathing out a tiny coo at my kisses on her neck.

"Koyurei... You're… you're so excited!" She exclaimed, luckily it seemed Tenya wasn't here, otherwise he'd bust the door down to yell at us. Not only that, but we had Mineta, Mina, and Tooru to worry about!

Momo just smiled, "Relax… shhh…" she mumbled, "Just try and be quieter…"

Too bad I was a moaner. And Momo was heading down, pulling down my pants, my underwear straining. Once they slid down, my cock was out and standing right at attention, my breath coming out quickly.

"Oh… look at it… so… so cute." she said, and that's what got me blushing crimson. I covered my mouth, knowing I was the one that'd get loud. She started, kissing my dick before sucking gently,

"Oh god, Momo!" I muffled, seeing her rise a little and wrap her breasts around my cock, her smile almost kinda… dangerous. My moans were flooding out like lava from a volcano. Not all my moans were muffled though.

"M… Mo… Momo…" I moaned, "I…I can't! I… I gotta…" Then it came out, streams of white oiled her breasts and some landed on her face, She giggled a little.
"Aww… you came so much, Koyurei!" She exclaimed, "And your face is so adorable…"

"Momo.. I… I uhm… Can I… C-Come… inside you… r-raw?" I asked, Momo wiped the mess off her face, her eyes widening.

"Wait… are you… are you sure?" she asked.

"Yeah! I've never been more sure! If… If you do end up with my baby, I'll do whatever it takes! That's my promise to you!" I exclaimed, lifting her onto the bed. Pulling her in and inserting into her pussy, feeling her arms squeeze me.

"Ahm… mm…" Momo moaned, my kiss quieting her. Going into it as fast and hard as I did. She just held on and kept going along with me. She knew our rhythm and she knew it well, the soft squish of her body against mine always filled me with joy.

My kisses turned into playful bites, thrusting faster, I climaxed along with her, holding her close. Momo let out a strained moan, falling to the mattress. I just hugged her tightly. I pulled out at the last second. I didn't want to give her a baby. Not yet. Not when we still had a long road to go down. I smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

"I love you, Koyurei…" she sighed.

"I love you too…" I said, pulling the blankets over us to take a little nap.

After that, I just got into the main room. My eyes are bleary and just wanting to hang out. Nothing much was going on and it kinda sucked. Of course it did. Back there I always had something to do. It wasn't my fault that I had to stay busy or anything.

It felt like I was still spinning my wheels. I wasn't proud of myself. I didn't get social cues, my only friends were the class perverts, the only way I could avoid my lost feeling was to train.

Always. It was the only way back then for Dad to be happy with me. But now, I was cleaning everything not nailed down with barely even a mite of dust on it, mopping the always pristine floors, I tried to calm down.

It didn't work. I always had to be busy with something and someone. I bumped into someone and flinched, "Uhm… it's not what it looks like! I… I'll… I'll just…" I squeaked. Jiro just cocked her head at my overreaction.

"Whoa, it's like I caught you murdering someone." She said. I lowered my head.

"Sorry…" I mumbled, my voice quietening. Jiro sat down and patted the empty spot next to her.

"Pop a squat, Koyurei," she stated.

"Am… am I in trouble?" I wondered. She just shook her head and I sat down next to her. Jiro just sighed.

"You're not happy, Koyurei," she huffed, "I can tell considering what Momo says about you," she looked over at me and I nodded. I already knew what I was gonna say or what I would do. But…

I didn't cross my arms. Jiro smiled.

"I know how ya feel sometimes, Koyurei," she said, "But still, you've been through this three whole times by now, You always get discouraged and try to dramatics your way out of Momo's life." She sighed and touched my shoulder.

"Look, you don't see how happy you make her, I get it. But come on, letting the past get in the way doesn't change shit, what the hell happened to the kid who fucked up those guys at the USJ? What the hell happened to the guy who threw himself into a portal with no hesitation? You did whatever you set your mind to, but… are you really gonna destroy that?" she asked.

"Well… I dunno." I said.

"It's a yes or a no, Koyurei," she said.

"No." I said.

"Then don't destroy it, it's that easy." She reasoned, "Just make her happy, then just do what you do, rush in headfirst," I stood and took a deep breath. I needed to do this right or not at all. All it took was one step forward I guess.

I noticed that the people of the town were here, and Momo and Tenya were talking to them, "Oh please, we can't accept this!" Tenya exclaimed, seeing all the food, I strode forward.

"Iida. I can't cook every night for you guys!" I exclaimed, bring it on, guys! Thanks so much!
Tenya sighed and Momo giggled a little at my excitement. Seeing all kinds of food. Everyone really liked it.

I sat with Momo, Jiro, and Denki. My plate piled high with food and all kinds of it, shoving it into my mouth. Everything seemed okay. Everyone had their own little cliques.

"So buddy, what's with you and Yaomomo now?" Denki muttered, I smiled.

"Eh, the same old same old."

Patrol was strangely quiet today, not that everyone else had jobs, but the eerie thing about it was how the beach was still booming. Until my phone went off, "Koyurei! Koyurei, we need you down at the beach!" Mina exclaimed, "Ojiro and Tokoyami need cover!"

"What's going on? You got visual on anything?" I asked, blasting into the sky. Coming towards the beach I saw a cruise ship scuttled on the shore and Ojiro trying to take on a big wolf guy. He was easily getting overwhelmed until I blasted the guy back with my flames.

Skidding in, I looked over my shoulder at Ojiro, "I'll take it from here! You get outta here!" Ojiro hesitated.

"But what about you?" he asked.

"JUST SHUT UP AND GO!" I roared, the wolf guy with the dragon's tail and bird feet laughed at my yell, his cigar throwing clouds of smoke around. I readied my ice instead of my fire. I might need it for later.

"So… yer the Todoroki that can fly…" he growled.

"You know me?" I asked.

"Who doesn't know one of the kids of the number one hero taken by the League?" he snarled, "Ain't half bad what you brats did… but I always wanted to test my strength against one of ya…"

"Ask and ye shall receive, Dogman!" I exclaimed, my ice coming out of my shoulders like Dad's fire. It's been a while since I used it. The Chimera man loomed over me, menacing as I closed my eyes.

Snapping them open, I beckoned him, "Bring it!" I closed the distance with him doing the same, fists meeting each other's cheeks, my ice growing on his face, and the pain rocketed through my senses. His strength was unreal!

The special thing about my ice is that contact with me could freeze the attacker if it was cold enough. But he muscled right through it. I warded off his blow with a small shield of ice, shattering into fractals and digging into his fur.

"Is this all you got, Wolfie?" I huffed, wiping the blood off my cheek, my mask reforming, "Alright… seems like you wanna get… uhh… what's the word."

"Howzabout… Dead?"

"I was thinking 'On Ice' but…" he rushed me, clotheslining me into the side of a cliff, my ice shattering, my body erupting into agony, blood shooting out of my mouth. The Chimera smirked.

"Kid… you gotta shut yer mouth when yer fightin!" he growled, letting me go and I fell to the sand, seeing three others get out of the boat. One had glossy red hair and the smell of smoke unctured the air, the port was basically boatless now judging by that. One of the others was wreathed in red bandages, and the third guy was…

Whatever the lovechild between Darth Vader and Storm was. He loomed over the other two and the Chimera guy backed off.

"Hm. Having fun, Chimera?" he asked, his empty voice enhanced by his mask. He sounded young. Not that much older than Hawks I guess. He wore a dark life support suit underneath a silver suit coat and slacks. He looked half intimidating half business chic. Long white hair and cold storm gray eyes.

"Nah… kids all bark and no bite," Chimera growled, lighting a cigar, "Had ice, a little fire, not much." I sat up.

"You know… when I woke up today… I didn't know a queen, a mutant with breathing issues, a monster out of Greek Myth, and Imhotep were gonna visit… I woulda gotten the Book of Life from Hamunaptra for the mummy… and… and maybe heavy duty shaving gear for Tacky Hair Lady… and lemme guess…" I rose my head, looking the masked guy in the eyes, "You're a social darwinist?"

The woman snickered a little, with the masked guy striding towards me, "Only the weak use words to win their battles… in my world there will be none of that."

"Oh wow, looks like Senator Armstrong really… rubbed off on you…" I laughed, "Ah god it hurts to laugh. But I gotta because that's literally what that guy thinks!"

I smiled at them, "So come on… go ahead and knock me out or tie me up or whatever the hell you're gonna do," I said, "Honestly… I knew I was gonna lose," I noticed something fall to the sand… a small matryoshka.

The mummy was gone, Chimera went off, the only two here were Asmatic Storm and Tacky Hair.

I shut my eyes, the flash bomb going off and I ignited immediately, getting out my phone and blasting off into the air, my flaming wings carrying me aloft. Seeing Momo getting smaller and smaller below me, speedialing my dad, hearing the dial tones.

Trying to get through to him, 'Dad… Dad…! Come on, pick up!' I thought, feeling something stab through my legs, driving into my arms, my flames going out and agony shooting through me. More and more projectiles dug into my legs, down down into the waves I went, slamming into the water with a stinging smack.

Terror filled me in the moment just before hitting the water. I'm going to die. I thought, I'm going to die in front of my one great achievement. I'm not gonna go home or see Mom again. I'm not gonna eat Fuyumi's cooking again or prank Natsuo with Shoto anymore… Dad is gonna add me to that shrine where Touya's old picture sits. Mom is gonna cry. Momo…

I hit the water right as I thought of her.

She's never going to marry me...

This sucked. Lying on an ice floe. Legs shot to hell, vomiting water on my ice and everything. A call to Dad interrupted by no signal. The sound of battle in the distance. My ice floe bobbing in the salty water. I stared up at the sky, my eyes watering with tears. Pathetic. Heroes don't fail like that. Heroes don't give in. But what did that- No, no. Sto it. You're a goddamn Todoroki so get on your feet and fly right back there and burn those villains to ash!

One leg. Shooting pain.

The other. Shooting pain.

One arm. Barely feeling.

The other… absolute agony. I think I broke it. Laying back down. Feeling sorry for myself. Regretting ever choosing to go on this trip. I could've stayed home. I could've become a failure like my siblings, at least they have normal lives! Everything that occurred, Mom going crazy, Dad being a jackass, it all…

It all broke me. Just like this. The USJ, the Training Camp, Kamino… no agency. Running in half cocked because I dreamed of my father lifting me up to where he was. To see the summit, to see what was so great about it. So my dad could see me as an equal. So that everyone could see me. See what I do. See what I, Koyurei Todoroki, could do. I clenched my hands into fists. Grandmother and Mom saw something in me. Everyone in class saw something in me. Shoto never saw anything different from himself in me.

I heard the sounds of battle. I heard my friends fighting. I heard it all. They didn't have to save me… but they did anyway. I felt something within me break the moment I hit the water, the moment I felt the most despair. The moment I landed here… I felt the same feeling I did years ago. Something I felt facing down the shark coming at me from below, Dabi, the villains at the Camp and USJ, it was…

Courage. Enough to make me stand in the face of darkness and shine with all my flames and ice. Anger enough to make the gods fear me. My guide being myself and myself alone. My wings burst from my back, my body heating up, my entire body feeling like a great force of nature! I felt my body leave the ice, my flames burning away the hair in my wounds and cauterizing them. Blasting through the air, screaming through the sky. I truly felt like the grand old fire bird of old, Rodan.

Flying towards the island, I came in at the beach. No one was there. I landed and barely lurched myself towards the main road. My flames are still burning, my eyes heavy. I couldn't move much further.

I slumped to the ground, seeing a few shadows moving towards me in the waning evening light. I couldn't fight them off, I just wanted to rest. I used a lot of energy on that flight back. I fell asleep, my lips turning into a smile.

Waking up on the floor next to Izuku and Bakugou was weird. Even stranger were two little kids peeking in on us. I sat up, my arms and legs feeling a lot better, but the scars would never go away. They both had sandy brown hair and light brown eyes.

I smiled and got to my feet, going up to them, "Let's go somewhere else," I said. The little boy in overalls looked up at me with shining eyes.

"Mahoro! He looks like Endeavor!" The boy exclaimed. The girl in the peach colored dress crossed her arms.

"Nuh uh, Katsuma! He's too skinny and short! And not scary at all!" she exclaimed. Making me chuckle.

"I don't wanna be scary," I said. "So… Where am I?"

"Well… the pretty ponytail girl brought you into the tunnels!" Mahoro said, "You were really messed up, but the doctors helped, even though Katsuma tried to help too," I smiled at Katsuma, ruffling his hair.

"Thank you." I said, but Katsuma seemed a little apprehensive. His eyes cast down to his feet. I knelt.

"Hey, eyes up, Katsuma," I said. He looked up at me with tears in his eyes, his Edgeshot pin clenched in his hands, "I know you're scared, kiddo… but it'll be okay!"

"Promise?" he sniffled,

"I promise with all my soul and heart that it'll all be okay!" I declared, giving him a thumbs up.

"He's really not like Endeavor…" Mahoro sighed. I just went over to Bakugou and Midoriya. They looked just as bad if not worse than me. I sighed and remembered that Chimera guy. How strong he was and how strong the other three felt…

But that one… the one with white hair…

I felt my chest clench, my breathing coming fast. It felt the same as that pressure I felt from… from… All for One. I swallowed hard, my body filling with adrenaline and panic. The only time I felt like… like I was going to die.

Even from whatever distance I was from him I could feel the power being on a whole nother level than even Dad. I never thought I could face despair like this.


Looking at Katsuma, seeing how scared he was…

I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists, my hair glowing brighter than ever, I couldn't just let this kid be scared! It was my responsibility to keep everyone on this island safe! It was my fault! My fault for letting them get as far as they did!

I was supposed to keep everyone safe! Just like before! Just like when I was little! No matter what! No matter how strong my foes were! Chimera only took me out because I got too cocky. But this time…

I could win. I could try again and win. I could use their tight knittedness against them. Or just go out and fight them over and over. Looking at Katsuma and Mahoro, at Bakugou and Midoriya. Thinking of everyone in class falling against these goons…

I felt hatred seeping into my body.

I couldn't just sit back and wait. Not when others are suffering. I didn't even know if the message to Dad got through. But this is something only I can do.

Something I can't run from.

Something I won't run from.

Throughout the base the others were slumbering, all of them tired. My friends, my classmates, my family. I had to protect them. So I stayed awake, watching the outside. Watching the stars and the moon, and the boat looming in the distance.

I couldn't fly back to the mainland. Like I ever would! I found Momo asleep on the big map of the island, hair spreading out on it. I gently took off my coat and wound it around her, hearing her soft groan as she huddled into it.

She always worked so hard.

I settled in alongside her, yawning a little. I knew I should've not been running around like this but I just wanted to sleep beside the one I love.

Was that a crime?

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