In the Shadow @my.hero.xiii
Chapter 3

Chapter 3: I'm Not a Hero, I'm Not a Savior.

Everything felt strange today, I felt better. It was just that feeling that I had a future. Shoto was already up, and He was already gone like usual. Fuyumi was already at the table setting up a video call. She looked up.

"Seems like someone's in a good mood today!" she exclaimed. I nodded and leaned over to the screen, knowing that my brother would probably not answer. The camera turned on and there he was.

"Hey sis! How ar- Master Commander?! Oh my god, you look good, lil' man!" Natsuo exclaimed, I smiled and nodded.

"Koyurei went on a date last night," Shoto said. Fuyumi stopped, Natsuo froze with his mouth slightly opened, I braced myself for surely ruptured eardrums, the only one who could be louder was The Balrog.

"YEAH! THAT'S MY BRO! WOOOOOOOO!" Natsuo yelled, "Hell yeah! That's awesome! Was she cute? Pretty? Fancy or a lil' lower?" he asked excitedly. Fuyumi looked a little perturbed, but a little interested.

"The old man arranged it," Shoto explained, "Not exactly Ko's choice, but he seemed to be happy when he got back so I guess they hit it off," Natsuo was grinning and looked right at me.

"That's one lucky girl, you know that, Koyurei?" he asked. I blushed and didn't respond. I didn't know if that was true or not. She was amazing, beautiful, social and kind. Everything I'm not. We were opposites, but I loved her.

I think? I'm not sure. I can't stop thinking about that kiss. That smile. It set something in me, set off something. I can't continue this. I can't let her in. I'm not ready but if it makes me happy? I want her. I want to be happy and I want to be happy with someone.

"I want to be with her but it's playing right into what The Balrog wants," I muttered, "It's not right that she didn't get a say in seeing me or not," I looked down at my arms, I won't let my voice be silenced, no matter what, I'd try to make it ring out somewhere.

"Well, she showed up, and you two got along. It was her choice to show up or not," Fuyumi reasoned, "It's easy to see that she likes you back," Natsuo cleared his throat.

"Listen bro, what that bastard thinks doesn't matter, he hurt you and Mom, and Shoto too, and if you don't wanna have him be a part of your life, then it's your choice, it's up to you," he said, "I have spoken, and now you guys gotta head on out," I sighed and got out of my chair, making sure my cards were in their box and all organized.

I smiled and walked out the door, my earphones playing Don't Fear the Reaper. I was in a good mood at least, walking at a brisk clip, smiling and trying to be more social than usual. At least having the cards on standby if I'm too overwhelmed. Only time would tell, of course. My brother had to run to catch up to me. Coming into class was much easier than yesterday, settling in next to him and just greeting everyone with a good-natured smile.

I saw Momo and waved at her a little. She waved back, and that caused my cheeks to heat up, I didn't know why they did that, it was an automatic response to some stimuli I didn't know the name of. The classes went well; I guess?

"Todoroki, the gray one, what did the Costume Act do?" Mr. Aizawa asked, "Try not to use your brother this time, or your cards,"

I stood up and cleared my throat, "T-the-the Co-Costume A-act l-limits the… the uh… amount of skin one can s-show wi-with their co… costume…" I mumbled, "It also doesn't a-allow skin-tight material… to be easily rippable unless appealed f-for…"

"It's in the process of… a-amending…" I stammered. Mr. Aizawa nodded.

"Good, you can sit down now," he stated, I sat and took a deep breath, being met with a pat on the shoulder. I smiled and laid my head down to calm down so I won't freeze anyone in an accident.

Aizawa looked at Momo knowingly, "Alright, Yaoyorozu, why can't we freely use our quirks without certain paperwork or licenses or conditions that might lead to Fully Active Quirks, like Quirk Activation Disorder?"

"The reason why is to prevent another Quirk War or disaster in the streets," Momo answered. Mr. Aizawa nodded and looked at another kid, this one with golden hair with a black streak in it. He looked up.

"Huh?" he asked.

"Kaminari, what's two plus two?" he asked.

"One hundred and eleventh birthday?" Kaminari spat, being yanked by Mr. Aizawa's scarf, he was brought before him and Aizawa looked tired.

"Really? You call yourself a hero when even a kindergartener can answer like they can tell their parent's deepest secrets?" Then, just before he was about to get a punishment rivaling The Balrog's in brutality… the bell rang.

He let him go and everyone breathed a slight sigh of relief. We all filed out, with Momo grabbing my hand and leading me out to a cherry blossom tree, sitting down and patting a spot beside her. I sat down and she took out two boxes, "I made lunch for us today!" she exclaimed. I looked into mine and saw that it was my favorite type of soba, some rice, and a few rolls of some mystery sushi.

"Thanks, Momo," I stated, she nodded and grabbed a roll, I looked down at it and I opened my mouth, she dropped it in and I chewed in thought, almost robotically. I chewed like I was thinking, and Momo noticed.

"Something on your mind, Koyurei?" she asked.

"What do you think of… this? What do your parents think? You make it sound like they forced you to date me," I said. Momo shrugged, looking kinda cute.

"It was bound to happen eventually, I had the option between you and your brother, I picked you," she admitted, "I have to say, I think you were the right pick," I blushed and wished I had my coat to hide in the collar. My heart skipped a beat. Momo smiled and was on her knees, lifting another sushi roll my way.

"Say 'ahh'," she said. I opened my mouth, and she plopped it in. And I was in heaven. Nothing could be better than just sitting under a tree being fed by my girlfriend or friend who is a girl that met under forced circumstances by our parents.

Either way, I enjoyed this time. She was oddly doting. It felt a little odd at first, having someone so doting around, but it reminded me of how my mom used to be before she left. I wouldn't use that as conclusive evidence that we'd end up like my parents. In the distance, the bell rang, and I sighed heavily; I didn't want this to end. I didn't want to go back to that empty house with its soul ripped out. No more cards and no more silence. I just wanted to speak my mind and break my silence.

I grabbed her hand, and she giggled, "Oh? Premarital hand holding?" she taunted. I looked away and led her back inside. She wouldn't meet my gaze, cheeks pink, and my hand was a little warm. It felt nice. We went back to class, with her putting a hand on my arm too. She bumped her head against my shoulder. We made it back on time, but I wanted it to be longer, you know? I sighed and sat back down next to Shoto, feeling Momo's lips on my cheek before she sat down in her seat.

I was kind of happy. I was happy, and I never wanted that to end. I wanted to stay with her so badly. But soon it was time to be apart. I felt empty again, devoid of emotion once more. Put the mask back on, Mr. Roboto, it's not time to be Kilroy yet. I ambled reluctantly, plodding through molasses. I didn't want to go home. The station was close, and our house was about three stops. I couldn't just run away, considering that I needed to go home.

I couldn't just leave my brother out to dry. It wasn't right at all. I got in and went straight to bed, not stopping even for dinner, I didn't feel like eating at all. There wasn't any real love in it. Not that I refused to eat because Momo didn't make it, but because I wanted to stay with her.

I shuffled under the covers, ignoring my stomach, "Where's Koyurei, Shoto?" Fuyumi asked.

"He's turtling again," he answered. Fuyumi stopped what she was doing.

"He usually did that when Dad and Mom would argue. Is he okay?" she wondered.

"Not really, he misses Mom and his girlfriend reminds him of her, he stays in his room more and more often. He's just becoming frozen again," Shoto sighed, "Just give him time, he's not a robot,"

"Still, it worries me a lot, He took Mom leaving even harder than you did," Fuyumi huffed, "Dad really was hard on him, too,"

"That old man never understood how strong he is," Shoto huffed, "No matter what, Koyurei won't eat at all unless he feels like it," I felt my phone buzz and I dug around in my pocket.

"Mm? Hello?" I asked.

"Koyurei? You seemed pretty withdrawn after lunch today, what's the matter?" Momo asked, she'd called me so I had to answer.

"Just… things." I stated.

"Things?" she echoed, "What sort of things?"

"I miss you, a lot. I don't know how to feel without you, and I mean it." I admitted, "I don't know what I'm feeling at all! And I'm scared…"

"It's understandable, Koyurei. You're changing and adapting, it's trial and error and trying new things, if you need help just ask, okay?"

"Okay," I said automatically, "Thanks for the talk," She sighed and I heard her shift.

"Sweet dreams, Momo," I stated. I hung up and snuggled under the covers, glad that He'd be home late that way I wouldn't have to deal with him. All I thought of was my time with Momo. It'd be nice if we had lunch together more often!

It makes me happy. I wanna stay that way.

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