In the Shadow @my.hero.xiii
Chapter 29

Chapter 29, Ballroom Blitz.

Momo wouldn't let me go ever since I got up. She seemed so clingy lately. I wonder what's wrong with her?

"Hey, Momo?" I asked, looking down at her, "Can I ask ya something?"

"Hm?" she wondered, "What is it, Koyurei?"

"Why're you holding onto me like this?" I asked, "Not that I mind, just… uhh… I wanna know,"

"Well… it's because you're so strong and warm, also you never complain when I'm tired." She stated, holding onto my arm as we walked in the hall. I just tried to stay positive, but ever since the remedial class I've gotten nervous for my dad.

I mean, he's the new number one in about a week or two. It's natural to get worried about stuff like that. But seeing Tenya at the podium and Aizawa conked out in his sleeping bag this morning was new.

"Good morning everyone!" He said, "Now I know the Hassaikai Raid has shaken a few of us, but I have some good news!" He motioned to the board, "The School Festival is coming up!" I sat down and somewhat became interested, everyone seemed to get excited.

"Oooh! Let's do a Disco!" Kaminari blurted, with Mineta raising his hand.

"Let's do a maid cafe!" He yelled, All the others yelled no and surprisingly Shoto threw an idea in there.

"How about we do a restaurant or something, that way everyone has something to do and well… it won't make everyone too uncomfortable?" he asked. Since no one could agree, we ended u back in the common area in our dorm.

"Not a bad idea, but we need time to get everyone wor-"

"Don't Koyurei and Bakugou know how to cook?" Ochako asked, "I mean, the stuff they made at the training camp was REALLY GOOD!" she pumped her fists and everyone cheered, thinking of us cooking together.

Bakugou scoffed, "Like hell I would!"

"Come on, Katsuki…" I sighed, "You're good, I'm good, Sato literally bakes godly things,"

"Nah! I ain't gonna teach a bunch of extras how to do shit! If you guys are on my team, don't expect me to hold yer little hands! Leave that to Lavagirl over here!" he declared. I sighed and Tenya nodded.

"Then it's decided!" he exclaimed, "Now we need menus, a working kitchen… and uniforms!"

Momo nodded and I cracked my knuckles, "Alright! Let's split the class down the middle! Time to learn how to become good cooks! Not amazing, but functional enough to be great! One half will be with me, the other with Bakugou!"

Izuku tried to sneak over to my side but got grabbed by Bakugou, "Oi! Shitty Hair, Deku, Cheeks, Raccoon Eyes, get your asses over here!" he yelled, with Izuku being dragged off, there was a huge chunk of the class left.

I smiled and flared up, "Now! I have a week to turn you all into a well-oiled cooking force! Denki, Sato, Jiro, Tsuyu! You're with me! Momo, start with the uniforms and get the tech sorted, love ya, babe. Mineta, Ojiro! Get ingredients, fellas! Toru, get fliers! Cooking is a vicious battlefield!"

Shoto stopped me, "Hey, what do I do?" he asked,

"Wait staff, bro! Make sure everything goes smoothly with Iida!" I exclaimed, "1-A! We gotta… MAKE THIS THE BEST DAMN FOOD THEY EVER TASTED!" I struck a pose and smiled.

"Wait… no, it's too complicated!" I hissed, "GAHHHHHHH! I TOTALLY FORGOT IT TAKES TRIAL AND ERRRORRRRRR! NOOOOOOOOO! And it's not fair… dammit… I'm just like my dad…!" I slammed my fists into the floor, "What's the backup plan?" I asked.

Everyone cocked their heads at my one-eighty but then… I thought back to the time when I was in middle school belting out Mr. Roboto by Styx. Then I remembered Jiro's dorm… I shot up. 'JIRO HAS INSTRUMENTS! THAT'S PERFECT!' I went over to Jiro and smiled down at her.

"What?" she asked.

"Jiro-chan~! Can we borrow your instruments? Please? Pretty please?" I asked.

"No, can… can we just go with your idea?" she mumbled. Her cheeks are red and trying to play it off.

"Jiro, come on… it'd take too long, do ya really wanna lecture people on this thing? Also… come on, if I can ignite despite my fear, then you can play a song for everyone!" I encouraged her, but she blew me off.

'Ehh… Okay, don't say I didn't try.' I thought, getting back up and going back to my dorm, digging around for something I used to have. My old electric guitar Dad banned me from playing because Granddad got it for me. I had his name on it, and Grandmother's, and there was Dad's there too, then I wrote mine on it.

I smiled and went back out, "Hey Jiro, if you wanna keep those ideas of heroism and hobbies separate, then why do I have this?" I asked, "I'm rusty as all get out, but if I'm willing to do it, so should you, right?"

"Yeah! Music makes people smile!" Koda piped up.

"Come on, Kyoka! You got all the instruments! So let's do this thing!" Denki exclaimed. Jiro sighed and smiled.

"Okay, just uh… we need a drummer," she said. Katsuki just snatched the sticks from her, maddogging her and sitting down, smashing out a solo like nothing. He then got up and started to walk away but everyone clamored.

"Dude! No!" Kaminari yelled.

"Come on, Bakugou!" Kirishima exclaimed.

"Bakugou-chan!" Tsuyu trilled.

He turned and snarled, "I heard earlier that most of the other damn classes are thinking were stuck up pricks with sticks up our asses, no thanks to flame boy over here winning the Fest and all the villain attacks screwing everything over!" he grabbed the sticks, "WE SHOULD DO IT FOR THE SAKE OF THE MUSIC! WE GOTTA KILL THEIR FUCKING FACES WITH GODDAMN SOUND!"

Everyone murmured, looking at me, he smirked and socked me in the shoulder, "Play something, dumbass!" He said. I looked down at my guitar and lugged it into the amplifier, I took a deep breath and…

I strummed slowly, deliberately, trying to remember the song Dad taught me. Steadily remembering it. The movements all came back to me, I tore it out of the darkness and slammed it onto the guitar, a tearing chord attack that made my wings ignite, until…

I finished.

Everyone seemed frozen, stock still as I opened my eyes and saw them all gawking, "What, I just had a really good teacher…"

"THAT'S RUSTY?!" they yelled. I just looked down at my old guitar with the ink on it from my Granddad and Grandmother and Dad. I smiled and Jiro stood up, grabbed my shoulders, and looked dead into my eyes.

"Get your ass in the band, and Denki, you too!" she exclaimed. I strummed a little more and then went in for the kill again, I forgot how much fun it was!

"Wait really, ya want me to play? That's awesome! I'm down!" Denki exclaimed. Momo looked at the keyboard and went over to Jiro.

"I'll play the keyboard, ever since I was young I had played piano," she said.

I blinked, 'I knew Momo was fancy but not that kinda fancy.' I thought, grinning in relief, 'Whew… I got a little worried there…' Then Ochako said something that got me and the other band members kinda scared.

"Hey… we need vocals." She said.

"I CAN DO IT!" Mineta yelled, "Lead singers get all the chicks! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASasassasaasaaaaaaaahhhh!" He screeched.

"Oh god I got tinnitus!" I yelled.

"Nah! I can do it, guys!" Kirishima yelled, "Not gonna lie, I'm an awesome singer! Captain of the ship, stand up tall, cause you are the manliest!"

"That's the wrong genre…" Ochako sighed.

"Non! Pick moi, Mademoiselle Jiro! A magic singing disco ball c'est magnifique!" Aoyama exclaimed before going full falsetto and almost making the ringing come back.

"Hey, Magic Man, you wanna give it a shot?" she asked. I flinched, blushing heavily as my hair ignited. The last time I sang was one time in the shower and Momo wouldn't let me go. I had Paint It Black stuck in my head and I needed to get it out.

"No… thanks anyway. I'm best at being a lead guitar one anyway," I said, while the others looked at Jiro.

"At least give it a try, dude," she muttered, turning red, I sighed and grabbed a mic. Closing my eyes and remembering back to a time when everything was okay. When I wasn't getting burned every day I tried to protect Shoto. A dark song about a mermaid giving everything to the man she loves to stay with him.

Back to when Mom used to be around. Back to when all I cared about were new episodes of my favorite series. After I was done, I noticed some of the others crying.

"Oh shit, sorry! Totally forgot that my singing makes people kinda sad." I said.

"Dude… that was…"



Momo piped up under her breath, "Hot…"

I felt my face flare and my hair started bubbling, I took off my guitar and wandered off to my dorm to calm down. I had to stay calm otherwise something is gonna burn down and it's not gonna be villains.

Following not too far behind was Momo, "Koyurei, dear, no one was angry with you!"

I turned a little, "I know that, I'm just… scared," I admitted, "One wrong note and…"

"It's alright. Everyone makes mistakes, besides, I'm sure Jiro has a plan for it all. Just make sure you have fun, okay?"

I let a shaky smile onto my face and kissing her cheek, "I will. You just focus on the keyboard," I said, "I also think Ashido has an idea for everyone else,"

Over the next week or so we constantly practiced, or rather, I did. Strumming late into the night, not stopping once. Letting it become natural again.

"Koyurei, you can't make a living off this,"

"Yeah I can, Dad!"


I continued to madly strum, to madly dream, to madly be passionate. Today was the day it'd be laid bare for all to see. For all of us to pour our hearts out. Jiro and Momo stopped by my dorm.

"Hey dude! Rise and-"

"Oh goodness!" Momo gasped, "You look like a mess, Koyurei!" she started forwards, my hair was barely lit or hot, tiredness filled my body and mind, my eyes threatened to close. I slowly let loose and fell, being caught by her.

"Koyurei… let's get you to your feet, I'll make you some tea," she said, being supported by her, I saw Shoto and he sighed.

"Yaoyorozu, you should've kept an eye on him, my brother is more stubborn than our old man sometimes.'' He looked at me, "Good luck, Koyurei.".

"Hehe… yeah… I just need to shove through this…" I sighed, "and rock their socks off!" Momo handed me my guitar and I smirked. Running through a few practices with the others wasn't hard.

So I just went along with it. Went with the flow of everyone. Everyone worked so hard and I did too, so it wouldn't do if I were to conk out right at the finisher. I finished off my tea and I heard Bakugou smacking the sticks together, closing my eyes Denki and I started the lead in. It was an original song Jiro wrote.

Denki and I got a solo and since this was our last run until zero time I gave it my all, closing my eyes and following the rhythms and the beats, knowing Bakugou and Momo were our backing with Jiro.

We were one force and one band that sounded like we were together for years or tour in a week's time. I opened my eyes and smiled.

"Okay… so, today's the day, guys!" Jiro exclaimed, "Time to rock them to the ground!"

"Wait… huh? Other… pe-people!" I breathed, "Uhhh… uhhhmmm… I-I gotta go!" I took off my guitar and ran off, my hair bubbling and hissing, "I never did this before! What the fuck have I done?"

Face it, Koyurei. You can't make it far enough.

Everyone who depends on you… who counts on you… will die. And you're not strong enough to stop it. So why fool around? So why let Momo and Shoto and all your family and loved ones go their own ways?

I grabbed my head, 'Shut up… shut up…' I thought, 'I thought I dealt with you!' Little did I know that Momo was hugging me from… Behind. I gently shoved her off, seeing some burns on her, but she stayed a little stalwart.

"Momo, you're gonna get even more burned," I schooched her into my arms, she seemed pouty, even haughty. She looked up at me.

"When are you going to realize that the past is over?" she asked, "Why're you so scared of failure even though you haven't tried yet?" She made some ointment and bandages, slathering it on herself and having me put on her bandages. I kissed them, feeling her cuddle against me as I did so.

"Koyurei… I'll be right there by your side, I promise…" she muttered, something came out of her arm and clunked on the floor. I looked down and saw a ring box.

Is that…" I breathed.

"A ring, yes, It's tradition for the women in my family to make a ring for both them and their husband to wear," she said.

I smiled and stood up, "well… I guess I'm one lucky bastard. Let's get out there and do this thing!" I exclaimed. Everyone moved out and I was psyched, grabbing my guitar and flaring up, flames igniting over my eyes. We all got ready, and my eyes made the serious mistake of scanning the goddamn crowd.

In seconds, I found them. Dad was sitting next to Grandmother. 'They're TALKING?! THEY'RE SMILING?! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?" I yelled, schooching back from the curtains, breathing like I ran a marathon, "I… I can't do it! I can't! Too much pressure! Dad and Grandmother are in the same room!" Momo grabbed my shoulders and kissed my lips.

She pulled back, "Koyurei, you are Koyurei Todoroki, you're handsome, tall, strong, and I'm very proud of you. They're here to support you and your brother, as misguided and well-intentioned your father is and how much of a divisive woman your grandmother is, you're not them, nor will you ever be them. You're you, and that's all I want you to be, now let's do this,"

"GET A FUCKING ROOM!" Katsuki yelled.

"We do in our dorms, Bakugou," I said.

I got up with a smile and picked up my guitar. That's when we noticed that Izuku was nowhere to be found.

"Hey… where's Midoriya?" I asked, "He should be here… that girl he saved is in the crowd too…" I sighed and picked up my guitar, flames igniting over my eyes as Katsuki hit the sticks, the lights flared to life as Izuku flashed us a thumbs up…

'About time…' I thought, going into the music, my fingers tearing, my focus completely on the music and the timing and the beats, hearing the singing. Everything in time, everyone in the crowd roaring and screaming, cheering like it was the best thing ever.


Then my solo hit and I went in on it. Breaking into a total musical murder of sheer skill, on the outside, it looked like I was crying, my fingers flew and my whole passion was blazing and razing the doubt I felt in my heart to the ground.

I burned right to the end, coming out the other side, everyone cheered and yells of Encore were amid them. But… I teetered. Jiro ran over and caught me, laughing and grinning.

"Did… did I do it?" I asked.

"Yeah! Yeah! You did it!" She yelled back, hugging me tightly, Momo joined in and Denki too. I smiled and after the concert everyone went their separate ways. Yet, Dad beared down on Momo, Shoto, and I.

"Koyurei, Shoto. Good job," he said, "I just came to see you two perform, and Yaoyorozu, good job as-"

"Enji Todoroki, need I remind you that you were sobbing like a baby?" Grandmother said, grabbing him by the ear, glaring at him.

"You were crying too, Mother!"

"That solo was fucking beautiful and you know it!" she snarled, tugging harder, "Admit it, Enji!"

"Fine! It was! You did the same thing to Dad…" he growled, wincing a little, "I'm a grown man, I can handle my sons myself,"

"For the record, you didn't try, and for another record, your father was a goofball," she said.

"Yes, and a movie star… Dad seemed a little somber at that, Anyway! Let's not get too caught up in things and go celebrate!" he declared, leading us somewhere as I felt tiredness overtake me.

"Uhh… guys, Imma go turn in, I didn't sleep last night and… aaahhh… I need to catch some Z's…" I mumbled. Momo took me back to the dorms, saying goodbye to the two of them and Shoto before leaving the festival.

She took me to her room, opening the door and leading me to her bed, laying me down and tucking me in. Momo kissed me on the cheek before leaving me to dream. I just surrendered sweetly to it all.

My dream was nothing less than an old one I'd had ever since I was five. A tall mech loomed over me, white and blue, its eyes dark as I studied it. The mech looked like a cool one from an old series Granddad liked. I was five and I pressed my nose up to the glass. Running out to see it better.

A searing pain cut through my skin as I did so, my first burn showed up, "Out of my way." The massive mech was still dead, but it was waiting… or he. My clothes changed to a cardboard costume colored as the mech was.

"Smile for the camera, Mr. Roboto!"

The costume burned away as my second and third burns blasted them away, "Why are you making me do this?" Replacing it was a normal shirt and shorts, with my body covered in bandages as I made it to the steps up to the mech's head.

"Daddy doesn't love me, does he?"

"I dunno, Koyu, I can't read your father's mind… but what do you want to be?"

"I wanna be a cool hero like Granddad! Driving mechs and saving people with cool poses!"

My clothes faded, being replaced by the physical education uniform I had at school. Almost halfway up there.

"Things might be hard now, but… let people in."

A hand rested on my head.

"Can you protect them for me, Todoroki Koyurei?"

Everything came into focus as my hero costume came on, my hair burst into wild life. I felt a smile tug my lis.

"Remember, Koyurei, breathe in… focus your flames where you want them… and erupt out like a volcano!"

I felt it, my back blazed into life, my ice burned off the wings that tore out of the cocoon, my coat billowing and my hair was ablaze like Grandmother's, strands of bright blue flame coursed through my grey hair as it billowed.

"Then… and only then… will you know what it means!"

The Nomu grabbed me tightly, but I blasted out of its hold, ignoring the claws shredding my back and my coat. I channeled my flames into wing shaped Prominence Jets, with some flair from Grandmother's eruptions. I ignored my pain, flying higher and higher past the buildings and reaching the sky.

"Higher! Higher! Come on! For all those asleep during this crisis! I, Koyurei Todoroki, will be the light that burns the darkness away!"

Something I always wanted to do. Something that Grandfather used to do when he was around was fly, and well… I found a way. I wonder if he's proud of me wherever he ended up. The Nomu was still on me, but I flipped it off and it was clawing at me desperately as it fell. I turned and spread my hands out wide, my wings spread too.

"Grandmother… Dad! Thank you for passing down your skills to me!"

"FLASHFIRE FIST, KRAKATOA MISSILE!" I boomed, my wings shooting out small missiles of flame, all of them hitting the Nomu and burning it to ashes, when it was over, I felt my wings wink out, and I was so… so tired and hot. My back hurts… falling and falling, but just glad I finally got the chance to fly.

And then… the mech's eyes lit up, and I went into its head. Sitting in the chair, putting on a weird headset and sliding my hands into the control yoke as the head closed. I felt a sense of peace come over me, a speaker crackled as I got ready to pilot this thing.

"How dangerous is it out there, Mom?"


I heard the mech start as I closed my eyes. Ready to fight whatever was in my way.

Waking up to it being night outside wasn't so bad, but I was hungry so I got up. I didn't get the chance to eat from practicing and sleeping. So I went out to the common area and got some ramen. Momo was drinking some tea and she looked up at me.

"Hello Koyurei… you slept for quite a while," I sat next to her and she laid her head on my shoulder. I ate calmly and she just watched me do it. Momo always just watched me do things. She finished her tea as I finished my food.

"Well then! Good job everyone!" Tenya exclaimed, "Our concert was a success!" Everyone cheered and Momo nuzzled me. I just smiled, knowing that we were all proud of what we did. Momo grabbed my hand and looked at me with that same look that she gave me during our first time.

That look of love and desire on her face was familiar to me. So I grabbed her hand and led her off to her room, getting inside and she undid her hair, the hair tie falling to the floor as she kissed me deeply, moving my shirt up.

Soon it came off and she held onto me, "It's been a while, hm…" she mumbled.

"Yeah, we were busy… now we got all night to do this thing, to just… I dunno…" She gently laid me down on the bed. My hair was obsidian again but I saw her take off her shirt. Her smile became twisted.

"Momo?" I asked.

"Koyurei~" she cooed, "Oh sweet Koyurei…" her hands rubbed my chest, "So strong… so capable…. Aww, actually kinda cute…" she grabbed my pants and I knew it was all routine until…

"Tell me, my love…" she segued, "Do you like to live dangerously?"

"How dangerous are we talking here?" I asked, "Because there's a lotta degrees of danger…" she kissed me with that same smile on her face. Pulling back and sitting on my chest.

"Now… What am I to you?" she asked, slowly lowering down to position herself, grinning, "And no wrong answers now…" she looked up at me, summoning something. Two sets of handcuffs. She cuffed me to the bed and kissed me.

"What's with the cuffs, babe?" I asked, a little scared.

"I want this… I want your undivided attention…" she said, rubbing my cock, "I want you to think of me, and only me when you think of your future," she squeezed it a little.

"Do I make myself clear?" she asked.

"Y-yes…" I mumbled.

"Yes what, Koyurei?" she wondered, smiling, "You know what to call me,"

"Uhm… no…" I mumbled.

"Shorten my name by one letter, add an M and a Y," she said. I gulped.

"Mommy…" I mumbled, she positioned herself.

"Louder, baby…" she urged, starting to ride, "Moan for me… moan for me…" I couldn't fight a moan coming out of my mouth. I strained against the cuffs.

"M-Mo… Mo… Mommy!" I yelled, "Let me go! I wanna… I wanna hold you!" I begged.

"No… no, just watch me, honey…" her soft body rubbed on mine as she bounced, her wet pussy and blushing face making me want to hug her even more. Deep down inside me I felt something stoke as the cuffs broke, I grabbed her and turned the tables.

Momo let out a gleeful laugh as I kissed her all over, "There's no way I'd ever let that stand!" I teased, "Just who the hell do you think I am? Some guy who likes it laying down?" I thrusted strongly with a grin on my face, seeing her smile was all worth it.

I was close, so I pulled out, because I didn't wanna give Momo something else to worry about. Momo laid there, happy and nudging me with her body.

"Hey… hey… why'd you stop?" she asked.

"I didn't wanna give ya a baby…" I said, "Too much to worry about…" I felt her hug me.

"Sorry…" she sighed, "I'm so sorry…" she just laid there, hugging me as my hair cooled down. I just laid there in her arms, kissing her on the chin.

"It's okay, Momo… it's okay…" I sighed, "Good job today…"

"I love you, Koyurei…" she yawned, "I love you…"

I pulled the sheets over ourselves, wondering what tomorrow had in store for us.

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