In the Shadow @my.hero.xiii
Chapter 28

Doing the Job Nobody Wants to, Part 2.

I was wrong. So wrong. It wasn't cake. No way it was. Nobody could work together, I had a gaggle of little girls trailing me, everything was just clamoring. The girls were all muttering and murmuring.

"He's so cute!" One of them exclaimed.

"Yeah! Like a big warm fire!" another exclaimed. Shoto was being whacked by a bunch of the kids, Bakugou chased them and Inasa actually did okay. Although he was being socked a bunch. Camie just ditzed around.

I watched the little girls all gossiping about me and Shoto, making me think of Momo back at the school. Camie came over and I looked away from her.

"Oh! Such a hottie like you is totally cute with kids! See, I'm good with kids!" She glomed a poor little guy to her chest and I winced. 'That's not how you do it!' I thought, 'poor kid!'

"Owie!" She yelled as one of my little groupies pinched her ass, making me snicker a little. "Grandmother would do petty revenges like that," I muttered, the little girl glared at her with righteous fury.

"Don;t seduce Sho!" She snarled, squatting with her friends, "Let's just ignore her!" they all looked at me, "He's ignoring her too!"

I just smiled and waved a little, frustrated that I came close to losing traction with these tykes. I could have easily gotten my license! My eyes locked onto Dad.

'And he's here too! Come on, you piece of garbage! You gotta do this! If you don't win this… then you have no future at all! And then you're right back to being Dad's number one failure! Momo will break up with you! Mom will hate you! Grandmother won't look you in the eyes! Everyone who's counting on you will fucking hate you!' I screwed my eyes shut, trying to keep it cool, 'Why don't you just give up? You're not gonna make it, and at this rate Dad is gonna die in the public's eyes faster than light! You're useless and all you're good for is just a placeholder!'

I gritted my teeth, feeling my hair heat up, 'Face it, loser… you're gonna end up just like him, or like Touya.'

My inner thoughts were having a field day with me. And surprisingly… Dad stood up and glared right at me.


Or at least that's what his glare seemed to say. I knew we had the skills to show these brats who they're messing with… alright! The kid-friendly gloves are coming off! I went over to Bakugou and the others, with all kinds of spirit breaking, confidence busting remarks, morale was low.

He looked at me, "Lava boy, you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"You guys handle the brats, Shoto and I got a slide to make!"

"What, fuck no! I was gonna say get the leader brat, tie him to a post and make the other kids beat him with rocks!" He snarled.

"And now I see why Midoriya is horrified of you," Shoto stated, I took off my shoes and socks, feeling the bare floor underneath my feet. It's easier to use my ice and my fire without my shoes on, I just have the boots just so I dont break my feet.

I took a deep breath and lowered my cowl too, letting my hair flow free as it froze into obsidian. I motioned with my foot, flowing into my hand movements, letting my ice steadily spread out, twisting and turning gently as Shoto did the structures.

Enji watched the boys making their little slide and felt a smidge of pride build in his chest as he saw them be so much better than him. Koyurei gently reassured the kids that it was safe.

"Hey! As long as you guys have fun it's worth it, right?" Koyurei's voice echoed from below, Enji noted that he was much more gentle and confident than he was before. He was truly in his element.

"Hm… Young Koyurei seems to have changed a lot, and so has young Shoto," Toshinori Yagi, the man who was All Might, said, his skeletal form simultaneously wince worthy and sickening to Enji.

"Hm. How did you do it? How did you conduct yourself as the number one?" the troubled former number two hero asked, knowing that he was far from what society needed. Knowing that his redemption would be a long, painful road.

Toshinori placed his hand on Enji's shoulder, the flames dying down so he knew his colleague was dead serious.

"I was just myself, no one else. You just have to be a new symbol rather than trying to copy me,"

Enji looked back at Koyurei and Shoto, remembering the Sports Festival… remembering…

"Are you happy? I… I wanted… to be like you," Koyurei croaked, his eyes flooding with tears.

"That's what you wanted…" he muttered. Enji had held onto Koyurei for the rest of the festival, with Enjis mother glaring daggers at him. How could he be himself if he hurt his children? How could he be himself with their trauma in his hands?

How could he face the future… with Touya still nagging at the back of his mind? He was dead, right? Dead and gone and his lovely wife along with him. How could he face the future knowing that he threw them both away?

Enji came out of his inner thoughts, "I see." He stated, "Besides, the Billboard is in a few weeks…"

Toshinori nodded, "Right, so just be yourself!"

'Easier said than done, you bastard…' his inner self said, looming behind him, aflame and gigantic, 'Big bad Enji Todoroki without that nice woman who covered you for years! When you're old, no one will care about you. You'll be forgotten for a better hero!'

Enji stood and walked into a hallway, seeing the other him looming just on the other side, 'Koyurei, Shoto, poor sweet little Fuyumi, Natsuo and Touya. When is it gonna be enough for you, Enji?!' His other self had his mother's voice, mixed with his, a symphony of just… sheer guilt.

He gritted his teeth, heat building, his eyes closing.

'Enji.' his other self said, gentle and quiet, a meek little voice, 'You have to face them. You have to take responsibility, what was it that I taught you?' it asked.

Enji opened his eyes, seeing his other self being a shorter man with carmine hair and friendly charcoal eyes, framed by square glasses and had a little bit of a bulk to him. The man smiled.

'Son… don't tell me you forgot!' He chided, Enji didn't know what to say, was this a memory? Well, it was because he was wearing the same clothes as he was when he last saw his father.

'Father… I..'

'Son, don't call me father, you never called me that before so why start now?' his dad asked, Enji felt his throat close up and his eyes watered a little.

'Anything worth fighting for…' he muttered, 'can get destroyed by obsession,'

Enjis father smiled as Enji turned around, his jaw set as he finally let a smile on his face. His father always had proverbs like that.

'Yet everything destroyed can be restored.'

I finally got to sit down, but a bunch of the kids gathered around us.


"So cool!"

I shook a little, my body freezing and my flames barely keeping up, 'Dammit…' I thought, 'I really gotta stop making my flames my go to…' Shoto helped me up.

"You okay?" he asked, "You need a few to rest?"

"Nah… Nah, I'm fine… hhh… no, no I'm not…" I shuddered, trying to ignite back up, "Damn… I put too much energy into it…"

Shoto sighed, "You dummy… You always have to get carried away like him, huh?"

I smirked, "Yeah… I was always the one slowing him down," I hissed, "I guess I'm just gonna head back to the dorms," I took a deep breath and centered myself, my hair and everything else heating up as I melted away the cold. Shoto and I were leaving with our uniforms on and Bakugou stormed ahead.

"Hey! Icy Hot, Flame Boy! … You did nice work, but that doesn't mean shit to what I did!" He snarled, Camie and Inasa lagged behind but they had nicer things to say.

"You guys were totally amazing! I would totes wanna date you guys! So how about it?" Camie asked.

"I have a fiance," I said.

"I have a girlfriend,"

"Aww! No faiiiirrr!" Camie whined a little.

"Aren'tcha forced into chastity vows or some shit at yer school?" Bakugou asked harshly.

"Internally!" Inasa bellowed, "But I guess that doesn't help your cases!" I sighed and Shoto and I went on ahead, ignoring them because the even bigger issue was staring right at us. Dad was standing there, ignited, his eyes on us and somewhat… nervous?

"Shoto. Koyurei. That was amazing, I'm proud of you both," he stated with a grin, reaching down to ruffle Shoto's hair, he knocked it away.

"Don't touch me," he said, making Dad back off.

"I see. Well… sons… I… he seemed a lot more defensive, I want to be a hero you two can be proud of… I cannot be the father you wanted, but please… let me try,"

I gritted my teeth, turning my back and walking away, "Shut it! Just show it through your actions! Words don't mean shit if you don't act on them!" I snarled, "So act, Dad!"

Dad seemed to ignite a little, but he smiled, "Right."

Shoto and I walked away side by side, both of us with smiles on our faces. Shoto nudged me.



"Go! Before he notices!" Shoto hissed, starting to fast-walk. I just hustled alongside him, trying not to make a scene. We got away and Shoto opened Dad's wallet being all like, 'Haha! I did it!' then we noticed… the card was already gone.

"Aww man…" Shoto sighed, "Come on! Koyurei, you have the backup, right?"

"Why…" I sighed, "Don't tell me you got a reservation at a fancy restaurant… I'm not using my card for that..." Shoto just closed it and got to the mouth of the alley, looking around.

"Well… uhhh…"


"Ya see…"

"No, don't tell me…" then his phone dinged.

"Ah shit…" Shoto sighed, "It's Dad…"

I just started walking away, "Fuck this… just… just give it back." I sighed, "It was fun when Natsuo used it to order all those roombas to tape knives to them, but THAT?!" I ignited and glared at him.

"Just get back to the dorms when it's over, this is the last time," I said, handing my card over.

Coming back home was so relaxing. Just seeing the Heights Alliance building come into view after a long day of training and dealing with kids just made me more tired than any training that Dad would force me to undergo.

Because there were two different things that this dormitory contained. One was my room, and the other was my girlfriend. I found her in the common area going over yet another review sheet. Her eyes completely focused on her task as the others were just hanging out.

Kaminari waved as I came in and sat down next to her, leaning against her a little, "Hey Momo… I'm home," I sighed, "And I'm really tired…" She put down her notebook and pen, looking at me with a smile on her face.

"Koyurei, you must've done so much today, right?" she asked.

"Yeah… dealing with some kids, a lot of them were following me around and all that, kinda helps looking like a Super Sentai character," I said.

"Whoa dude! So that weird Red Ranger look paid off?" Kaminari gasped.

"Dude! It's a Verdant Ranger!" I snarled. Kaminari laughed and I sighed, making Momo just curl up against me on the couch. Her head rested on my chest and my chin rested on the top of her head.

She just laid there with a blissful smile on her face. Her eyes staring at my chest and her soft hair threading through my fingers. Momo smiled and kissed my chin.

"Dear, let's go to bed… I'm so tired…" she sighed.

"Hey! Gimme a sec, babe! I need to shower first! I can't be stinking up the bed!" I hissed.

Momo just smiled, "Koyurei, I'll be waiting, okay?" she said, getting up and going towards the rooms.

I knew what that meant. Kaminari and Mineta both came up on either side of me.

"Dude… that's the look of a girl who wants the D," Kaminari muttered.

"No fair! Why does he get to bang Yaomomo?!" Mineta yelled before I slapped a hand over his mouth to shut him up.

"Guys, shut it! I'm sure it's going to be perfectly wholesome," I said, "Now lemme go!"

I got into the bathrooms and got into my shower stall, situated in its own room so my steam doesn't blind others due to my hair. I turned on the water and felt the sweat and grime wash away, getting myself cleaned up and feeling better.

When I came out I heated up and put on my pajamas, having brought them with me. I just wanted some sleep. I tackled my comfy old bed with the godzilla sheets and nuzzled the pillows like I would Momo.

Speak of the devil, here she comes. In her normal sleeping clothes. She settled on my bed and scooched closer. I smiled and she laid her head on my chest, legs tangling with mine.

"You had a rough day…" she sighed, smiling a little, "I know that look on your face,"

I chuckled and kissed her, "It was all worth it," I said, pulling away, "Besides… imagine this. Our own little agency, me, the frontliner, you, the rescuer, the angel that's always there for those in need while I'm torching the villains and freezing them in their tracks!"

Momo smiled and touched my cheek, "Koyurei, I wonder what you had to deal with,"

"Kids… I can't believe my Mom and Dad had five of us, I just… I mean… wow." I said, "It'd be something if we had our own, once I got them to listen to me it was a walk in the park…"

"That's not all it is, Koyurei," Momo sighed, rolling over and resting her chin on her hands, looking down at me, "Children don't always follow orders, they liked you because you were something they loved, something familiar,"

"Like my grandfather's character, right?" I asked. Momo nodded and kissed me again, her eyes twinkling in the light. I just pulled the covers over us and Momo giggled.

"I love you, Koyurei…" she said, "Goodnight~!"

I hugged her tightly, smiling and kissing her on the forehead, "Love ya, Momo…" I said, holding her close and just letting sleep take me.

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