In the Shadow @my.hero.xiii
Chapter 27

Doing the Job Nobody Wants To.

Class was lively, the classroom all abuzz. It felt odd to have obsidian for hair. Momo went to go sit down and Shoto was already sitting at his desk. Shame made my area colder than usual. I sat there, my broad frame and sheer height already making me tower over most.

So here I was, sitting here and feeling ashamed over what happened. Just failing like Bakugou and my brother made me feel horrible. I looked down at my hands, realizing my fire side isn't warming up at all. Of course it was because I went all Lava God on Gang Orca. Suddenly, I was jolted out of my reveries by none other than my teacher. He glared at me, "Focus, Todoroki, even if you failed, it's irrational to think that everything goes according to plan."

I sighed and closed my eyes. When I was younger, my dad wouldn't like it when I failed and well bungling the exam brought those memories of his hard, icy stare right back. So failing the exam really put a damper on things.

Even worse is that girl at the front of the room nailing everyone with questions that completely ignored me and fell asleep in a GODZILLA MOVIE. So… that's… fun! Mr. Aizawa looked at us all as three older kids, one I knew and she was bouncing cutely while one guy was staring at the wall, head against it. The third guy was around my height with a Tintin face, his hair sticking up.

"What's up, other than my hair, firsties?" he asked, "Who's ready for Work Studies?"

I let out a halfhearted woo. Everyone was so excited that they drowned me out. Shoto reached over and rubbed my shoulder a little. I just felt uncomfortable. Not only was I stuck with my failure looming over me like a shadow, but a girl I went on a date with is here too! With my girlfriend in the same room! Denki looked back at me and then remembered.

Then Nejire made eye contact with me. And the snowball is rolling now. She gased, and I flinched as she ran up to me. "Koyurei! It's been a while! Sorry for falling asleep on ya, how did it end? Was it good?"

I slowly tuned her out, then… I felt her squeezing me, and that's when the snowball gained velocity and was about to demolish my nice little brain cabin. I felt her let go, and I just sat there in shock.

She moved on fast with more questions for everyone, but I steadily tuned out more and more. Now we were in the locker room getting our uniforms on. Kirishima walked by me and patted my shoulder.

"It's okay man, I know how torn up you were about failing, but just focus on the positives!" he exclaimed.

I just took a deep breath, trying to warm back up, "Great… now Momo is gonna be all clingy…" I sighed, And my fire is gone, my life so far is a trainwreck going towards another train wreck, the only positives I can think of are how my dad isn't so bad anymore.

I just got on my fresh coat, crimson with fiery ends, my goggles the same way, my cloak billowing behind me, trying it on and feeling so different before I put it away. My regular uniform jacket about my shoulders. 'Just who the hell do you think I am?!' I thought. 'Imma burn it all down, then freeze the ashes!' We all stepped out into the training gym, seeing the guy from earlier and Nejire and that Tamaki kid. Everyone was waiting for something to happen.

Tintin boy strode up to us, clothes coming off the instant he did I didn't surge forward. Something wasn't right about him. His clothes…

In seconds, half the class went on the attack. "Guys! He's go-" I was cut off by a hard, fast strike right to the cheek, staggering and getting hit with yet another strike. Kirishima tried to get in his way but he came right through him and knocked him out with a swift hit to his neck, Kirishima slumped, getting tossed at an attempted group attack by Bakugou, Sero, Kaminari, and Sato.

Bakugou dodged and blitzed right for him, "FUCKING DIE, TINTIN!" He roared, letting loose a blast as the kid sank into the floor. If I had my flames back this would be over in seconds.

"POWER!" the Tintin guy yelled, taking out Bakugo and going right for the remaining guys, Shoto tried to ignite but got clothesline before he could. Tokoyami and Dark Shadow made some headway, but the minute the kid closed in close enough it was all over.

He then got to the girls and took them all out in one shot. That set my blood boiling as I felt a heavy strike right to my gut, sending me to the ground, trying not to hack up my breakfast. This kid was no joke… I sat down, already feeling bad about the exam, but even worse that I could barely even react or warn anyone about his quirk without getting the shit beat outta me.

That only pissed me off. So for the rest of the day, a foul mood set over me. Being made a bitch by another guy was the straw that broke the damn camel's back. I slowly got to my feet, my eyes burning holes right into that kid. Who cared if he was strong? Strength means nothing! My foot slowly came down, ice spreading out quickly as I slowly stalked him down, remembering all the times I was on the ground from training with Dad back then.

"Dude… dude, calm down! It's not worth it!" Kaminari exclaimed, grabbing me. Sero bound my arms with tape and Mineta tackled one of my legs.

"Dude! Stop!" Sero yelled, getting dragged.

"Koyurei, let it go! LIke that dumb Disney movie Momo likes but you grin and bear it because she does!" Mineta screeched.

"He's worth it. He made me look like a fool," I calmly stated, still walking forward, ice spiking around me, "Not only that, but he reminded me of the weakness I still have." I calmed down and they all dropped off me. Shoto sighed in relief, and Momo looked absolutely confused.

I turned around and walked away with the others following behind me, I didn't want to make this even more embarrassing. So that was that. I washed my hands of that and just walked away, leaving the gym and getting to the locker room. I changed back into my normal uniform, smoothing my slightly ignited hair.

Waiting for me like always was Momo. She grabbed onto my arm, looking around and practically dragging me to lunch. She seemed ticked.

"Momo, what's wrong?" I asked.

"You went out with that girl, didn't you?" she asked,

"Oh, so now you're mad at me for something I wanted to do but then we took a break because I wanted to save you from having my kid and then bam! I'm my dad, look at me, traumatizing our kid!"

"I thought it was only just that, a break. Something you needed to have time off to get things straight, not to go find another lover,"

"It was just one time!" I objected, "Just… look, you can't knock me for trying."

"Still! It's upsetting!" she sighed, "Just... please don't do that again. Unless you actually want to be done with me."

I huffed and picked her up, carrying her and hugging her, kissing her forehead. She froze a little, soon melting back into my arms.

"Koyurei… I'm still displeased with you…" she mumbled.

"Would it be better if I were to spoil you rotten with kisses and cuddles?" I asked.

Momo sighed, her eyes meeting mine. "That is agreeable." she said, burying her face into the crook of my neck, kissing me there.

"I love you, Momo…" I mumbled.

"Don't make me regret this, Koyurei!" she warned, squeezing me tightly. I nodded and headed on to our little lunch spot, this time I had hot soba ready for me. Momo settled down across from me with a grin.

I dug in with gusto, shoveling it in quickly, with Momo calmly eating across from me. I felt my head feel a little lighter. A slight bubbling sound sounded from my hair as it lit back up. Momo smiled.

"Feeling better now, Koyurei?" she asked.

"Never better, Momo!" I exclaimed. "Sheesh… I almost froze that kid earlier! Man… that was scary, huh?"

Momo huffed, "Yes, you almost did. That was reckless!" She glared at me.

"Look… I get it, you're mad! Take this!" I tossed a rice ball her way, she caught it and ate it, still glaring at me. She attacked it with gusto.

I smiled and watched her eat. She slowly lost her angry expression. Sometime this week Shoto and I were gonna take the remedial exams. I just hoped that this time it wouldn't be a miserable failure.

Back to the dorms I went, wanting to just go to bed. I had a long day of class and screwing up. Of course I had to just grit my teeth and bear it. My hair went out and I settled in on my bed, seeing my door open and Momo came in, calmly settling, her oddly silky pajamas brushing against my chest as she turned and kissed me on the forehead.

"Hm… you're cooler than usual…" she muttered, carefully pulling me to her chest, making sure my bed hat was on right, "Koyu, it's okay… It's just that I was a little worried,"

"Worried about what?" I asked. I hugged her and rolled so she could be on top of me, gently running my hands through her hair.

"I was worried that you already found someone else… I know it was a dreadful miscommunication and I didnt mean to come across in the way you thought," she said, looking into my eyes, "I… I didn't want to come across as another classy wretch,"

I chuckled, "You never did. After all, you thawed me out…" I traced her cheek. Momo's cheeks flared red. She looked away, her eyes closing and sighing.

"I can't keep up with you…" she huffed. "It's like no one can..".

"Aw come on, you've surpassed me!" I exclaimed, "I'm reckless and stubborn, and not really great at the whole hero thing! You're so confident and assured…" I kissed her gently. Her soft little gasp made me chuckle a little.

"Besides, it's okay that my future wife is okay with being better than me!" I declared, "So… tomorrow is the exam… I wonder what it'll be?" I asked.

Momo smiled. "Whatever it is, I know you'll succeed," she said.

I smirked, hugging her and turning out the light. I feel way better now. It was almost like everything was fine...

Waking up at the buttcrack of dawn wasn't my style, but I had to because today was the remedial exams. While Izuku, Kirishima, Ochako, and Tsuyu were on their work studies. So I got up and got on my uniform, grabbing my case with my costume in it. Momo shifted with a small whine.

"Babe… nooo…" she moaned, rolling over and sleepily opening her eyes. "Come back to bed… it's six in the morning…"

I smiled, "I gotta get up early for this thing, it's the same for my brother and Bakugou, I'll be back before you know it." I knelt and leaned in to kiss her. She met my lips and pulled away a little. I got up and went out, running into Bakugou in the hallway.

He glared at me, and I glared right back until he dropped the glare and smirked.

"Done marking on Momo, Freezer Bird?" he asked.

"Yeah, also I saw ya giving the eyes to that girl in 1-B with the sharp teeth." I chuckled.

"Tch! None of yer business, Freezer Bird!" Bakugou snarled, "I don't go around ruining things with girls or anything like you did at the camp with Icy-Hot and that vine brain!"

I just smiled and made sure I looked okay. Shoto joined us as we walked out. It looked like he had some thorn marks on his arms but he didn't seem to care. We all had solidarity because we will never tell others about time with our girlfriends. Momo must never know one thing… That I love a lotta Super Sentai stuff! The gear! The poses! The giant robots! Everything about it! So the minute I got my case.

"I am… THE FIREBORN HERO, RODAN! SCREEEEEEEEE!" I screeched, doing a weird pose, almost like a bird. Katsuki and Shoto stared at me until…

"And I am his brother, Shoto… blaaa…" Shoto said, posing alongside me. We just smiled at each other as Katsuki rolled his eyes.

"Fucking nerds… I can't believe I gotta deal with you two dumbasses," he snarled.

"We can live with that!" I exclaimed, smirking and walking onward. The exam was in a building similar to the Licensing Exam but… well… there was that wind guy and…

"Hey hey! I'm totes stoked to be training with three total hotties~!" a voice said, belonging to a girl in a Shiketsu uniform, hat and all, her brown eyes glittered as she took all three of us in. I was wearing my Rodan suit so I had really tight spandex showing off my muscles and red shades that looked like a character in an old anime about a combining robot fighting a god, my lava made my flames blue and contrast with the red.

She smiled, "I'm Camie Utsumushi! It's really nice to meet you all! Her body was curvy and in a zip up black jumpsuit, Shoto and Bakugou remained impassive, or uncomfortable like me.

I shuddered as she came closer, "Uh… Uhm… e-excuse me… I uh…" I turned tail, "I gotta go to the bathroom!" I dashed off and towards anywhere away from my brother and kinda friend. I felt panic rising in my chest as I thought I would fail again.

Or lose someone I cared about because I let my eyes wander too long. I tried to find it so no one could see my weakness. Kamino… the Training Camp, Dad's temper tantrums, and… and even the exam…

It was all my fault. I tried to find the bathroom so I could relieve my fear and panic, but nothing. Until… I fell onto the floor, slamming into someone hot and tall. Well, not much taller than me but…

"Huh? Oh, Koyurei, what's the matter?" Dad asked, turning and kneeling, helping me up and dusting me off a little, he looked concerned.

"Uh… well… trying to… uhm…" I mumbled, 'Dammit! Think! Dad is right here! What the fuck do I say to him?' I thought.

"What are you doing here, Dad?" I asked.

'Fuck…! Here it comes!' I braced myself, thinking about that.
Dad smirked and crossed his arms. "To see you and your brother pass this exam, did you think I'd miss it?" he asked.

I blinked. "So… you're not mad at us failing?" I wondered.

Dad shook his head. "No, I'm not. It would be foolish of me to be ashamed of that," he said.

I blinked and looked at him like he was from another planet. His eyes shone and his flames burned cheerily. He seemed… a little troubled, but… not at me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders, bringing me close. He leaned down a little.

"Also, I'm here to have a talk with All Might, don't tell your brother, he'd never let me hear the end," Dad sighed, "Besides… you and that Bakugou boy were affected the most by the Kamino Raid, so I'd say that your failure was because of that getting in the way,"

I wiggled a little and Dad let me go, "Dad… I… I uh… thanks?" I awkwardly stammered, "Just uh... watch me out there, I guess," I fast-walked away, hustling quickly back to the exam grounds.

I didn't notice that I was crying back there. That was the first time Dad ever cared about failures being okay. That is what I needed ten years ago crying in that frozen room. Or at least just something to tell me I'm okay. I dried my tears and came back, seeing my brother and Bakugou waiting with the other two Shiketsu kids. My flames flared and I smiled. Time to do it my way! Mr. Gang Orca and the Commission guy were here.

"Hey! If it ain't the second Todoroki brother! What kinda stuff do you like?" the big wind guy asked, I smirked and struck a pose.

"Hot soba! Warm blankets! Baggy… CLOTHING! Those are the three things that I like best! How about you?!" I exclaimed. The boy slammed his head into the floor, cracking it and yelling.

"My name is Inasa Yoyarashi! I like udon and hot soba! And passionate guys that do manly things!" I gasped.

"No way! That's so cool, Inasa!" I declared, "Did we become friends?"


I felt something snap in me, "What…" I growled, "You bastard… you don't know my dad… yeah, he might be a selfish jerk that has no idea how to raise kids, but… HE'S MY JERK THAT HAS NO IDEA HOW TO RAISE KIDS!" I flared up.

"WHAT? I RAISED YOU TO THE BEST OF MY-" Dad tried to interject.

"SHUT IT, DAD! I'M TRYING TO DEFEND YA, YA DAMN OLD MAN!" I yelled, "SO QUIT COMPLAINING AND SHUT YER MOUTH!" I charged right for Inasa before a loud screech stopped me.

"Owwww! Owowowowow! Shiiit…" I whined, skidding to a stop as Gang Orca strode out.

"This is exactly why you're here, Yoyarashi and Todoroki. You let your personal baggage get in the way," he said, looming over me and Inasa like a storm on the horizon.

I flinched and closed my eyes, remembering how I felt when I was little. When Grandmother was bandaging me after another training session. All those times I felt less than. I sighed and opened my eyes.

"I get it," I sighed. Everyone gathered together and I silently looked down at the floor. Dad was watching, and I hope he noticed the pain in me. I hope he noticed that I tried to keep everyone around me safe.

"There's one thing you all need to understand! YOU'RE ALL BOTTOM FEEDERS!" Gang Orca roared. I shuffled off to the side.


"You're gonna throw me, so I'm going over where I'm gonna land anyway," I said, knocking myself over.

Joining me were Bakugou, my brother, and the two other Shiketsu kids. I sighed and crossed my arms, waiting for the next challenge. Gang Orca grunted and seemed to smile.

"Alright so… you five all have too little or too much heart! You get carried away in battle and don't seem to care about civilians! Only your own hides… So, sea turds… let's see how you handle this!" He declared. Suddenly, the doors opened, and a ton of little kids ran in, "Wow! Real heroes!" One of them yelled, with so many of them running around but a few gathering around me, some of them girls.

"No way! That big guy with the blue hair looks like that Ranger guy!" One of them said.

I smiled and nodded, "I! SURE! AMMMMMM!" I yelled, posing, "YET. I AM NOT VERDANT RANGER, BUT HIS SUCCESSOR… ROOOOOODAAAAANNNN!" I posed dramatically and a bunch of the kids cheered.

This was gonna be cake!

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