In the Shadow @my.hero.xiii
Chapter 22

Chapter 22. Pompeii

A few weeks passed after Kamino and I was recovering well. Dad was still kinda awkward, All Might retired, and all was NOT well but whatever. All that matters is that I'm okay, and that Momo is okay with me being okay.

She curled against me, closing her eyes and mumbling a little.

"No… no… my Koyurei…" she mumbled gently. I petted her hair, still that cute and fluffy ponytail. She gripped my shirt in her hands and whimpered. I hugged her and she lazily kissed me, eyes opening.

"Sweetie?" I asked, "You okay?"

"No…" she sniffled, I tilted her face up and kissed her on the lips. She didn't pull back for a bit. Her body pressed up against mine. She knew I was weak to her crying, so I didn't have an advantage.

Momo pulled back with a small grin, "How about you cook breakfast today?" she asked.

"Oh! Uh… sure." I started getting up with a small smile. She looked so cute all sleepy and yawning. I went to the kitchen, turning on the burners and getting out the notebook again. Granddad was really into western food.

"So… these things are called… pancakes. But they aren't… cakes, and what do ya need a pan for these?" I mumbled, "Besides… it's weird to use a frying pan for it anyway but… it says to use it so… Eggs, butter, milk, flour, throw them in and make the batter, stick it in the frying pan and flip them from time to time."

I got to it, getting to making the tea and basically chargrilling the sausage. Hearing the bath going and a soft sigh come from the bathroom. Momo was bathing. Flipping them was easy once I got it figured out.

All I wanted to do was take a break from all the shit with everyone. Dad running me ragged, school bogging me down, I just wanted my Momo. I wanted some shreds of normalcy. I wanted everything to settle back the fuck down.

Because I was overwhelmed. All I wanted to do is rest without any stress. Normal living shit. But I guess that was the worst thing I could ever think because… well, look at my family and tell me we were! We got my Grandmother, who does as she pleases, my Dad who's an asshole at worst and an awkward thing at best, my Mom who is a shell of her former self, my older sister who is the ONLY ADULT I TRUST WITH MY CHILD AND OR CHILDREN, my older brothers who I love very much but Shoto can get a little strange and Natsuo is a bit of a footballer.

Now I started the bacon and eggs, those were easy, and the rice was done, too. I plated them all and waited for Momo to come out of the bath. I made enough to feed a small army. I had an inkling that my family would swing by.

Momo drifted out of the bathroom, wrapped in a fluffy robe with her wet hair now damp. I sighed and waited for the door to be bashed, burned, frozen, or even maybe all three. Then, coming in first was Grandmother, trailing behind her was Fuyumi, then behind her Natsuo trundled in, flanked by Shoto.

Then, dragging himself in awkwardly with a handprint on his face most likely from Grandmother, was Dad.

"H-Hey… son, D-daughter-in-law to be…" He mumbled, nodding at me and Momo.

"Dad, Grandmother, everyone. What the fuck?" I answered, "Can I just have one day alone with Momo?"

Shoto looked just as uncomfortable as Momo did, and Dad seemed to be even more than that. But Grandmother seemed calm. Natsuo looked downright unpleasantly fidgety and Fuyumi was about to interject but Grandmother butted in.

"That's no way to greet your family, Koyurei." She said.

"Yeah, it is when I'm not expecting you! You didn't call or text or anything! You just… rolled on in! Eat and get the fuck out of my house, plates are in the cabinet, get your shit yourselves, and by God don't start with the nagging," I sighed, going towards my room with Momo trailing behind me.

"Nagging? I'm just checking on my recently rescued grandson! It's not like I don't care, wait a second, I do!"she snapped at me, I tensed and felt my eyes flare.

I just wanna be left alone, so that's what I did, leaving my family to their own devices. Momo sat next to me on the bed. Her head on my shoulder with a small smile on her face. I just settled against her.

"Sheesh, they can't just leave you alone, dear?" she asked.

"Nah…" I sighed, "I wanna stay inside and stay with you…" she smiled and hugged me tightly. I laid in her arms, smelling how good she was. She giggled and her robe was really all she had on.

She shifted it a little, "Check if they're gone, Koyurei~!" She said.

I nodded and poked my head out from my room, seeing that they left soon after my snubbing of them, I sighed and shut the door, behind hit in the face with the silk robe, warm and still smelling like her. I tossed it off and there stood Momo in her full glory.

Her arms spread out, smile on her lips as I took off my pajama shirt. I needed to do laundry anyway. She waited patiently. I took off my bottoms and I saw the soft glow of her quirk. She was ready.

I hesitated a little. Not exactly ready for this. But I hoisted her into my arms, kissing her deeply and carrying her into bed. Momo laughed a little at my soft, warm kisses. Gently returning them with her own, soft and bubbly and kissing me everywhere she could reach from my position.

I nibbled on her collarbone, her soft whines under me, drawing my attention to her body. Soft and sweet and there for me to just love on. She grinned.

"Go on, Koyurei," she said, "Love me like you'll never let me go!" she kissed me, and in between them she moaned my name. Slowly and surely we settled into a comfortable lull. Momo was so vibrant, so alive.

Her desperation was clear. Loud and bright neon. I mean, she was basically grinding into me, but at the same time I knew why. That girl just… kissed me. And fuck I hated it. That was the only time I wanted to swat a woman.

That blond bitchy bimbo with her stupid dumb little toothpicks… I could see why she was upset, she could've died and heartbroken about me. Holding me so tightly. I knew why. I just clambered on top of her, sliding in and feeling the folds tighten around my dick.

That gave me encouragement to just go. To just do what I wanted to do. Which was to hold her tight and just thrust until I couldn't anymore. Arms around my neck and legs wrapped around me too..

Faster and faster we went. Screw Endeavor, screw the whole marriage thing, I don't want to go through pain anymore. I just wanna make my own destiny. I want to make my own life. Momo moaned and looked at me.

"Sweetie… Koyurei…" she moaned, "Yes… aah… my love~!" Momo kissed me and I finally relaxed against her, letting it all go. She smiled and ran her hands through my hair. I forgot all about that bitch and Momo just let me lay there.

"I'm bored!" I sighed, "Bored…"

"Aww, what do you want to do then?" she asked, "Maybe…"

"No round 2, we'd have no time for a baby anyway," I said. She sighed and it dawned on me.

"Momo, you wanna do it, don't you?" I asked.

"Well, that's the whole goal of our relationship is to have children," she reasoned. I huffed and got up. That was a rocky subject for me and a landslide was about to occur if I kept getting mad.

"Is that all it is, Momo? Be honest. I've been nothing but honest to you since the beginning, I love you but… if you don't love me that's fine, you can go and be with whoever you want," I gave her a shaky smile, thinking about what she said about Shoto or feeling as though she liked someone else other than me.

"If I… don't make you happy, just tell me!" I exclaimed, "I'll get my stuff and go, and we'll only see each other at school and I'll NEVER talk to you again!" My voice became shakier. It was a reality that I never wanted to see but I had to.

"I'm dependent on you, I hold you down, and you're so much smarter and better… and here I am just leeching off you like a parasite," I mumbled softly, "So… if you wanna break up… now's the time to jump ship,"

It stung. But it was true. I lost the fire. I loved Momo a ton, but it was true that it was built on that. That was no love. That was a lie. So here I was, standing tall and alone. Momo took it hard, but I still closed my eyes and still saw her in everything.

Even in class it was hard to avoid her. So here I was, with my family. I pretty much moved out quickly and Dad never talked to me about it. Fuyumi nudged me.

"Koyurei? Hey, you're gonna be okay," she said, "I know it's hard, but it's not your fault," I clicked on my model of Rodan's wings and searched around, finding it on the floor.

"I know, Fuyumi!" I said, "Can ya hand me a red piece? Rodans beak is almost done," she dug around and handed it over. I broke him in an accident and it was a birthday gift from Granddad who knew my favorite Kaiju was Rodan.

So I fixed him. Fuyumi smiled and hugged me with one arm. I set him on his shelf with a model of Ghidorah.

"Thanks sis," I said.

"You've come a long way from your cards, Mom told me she was proud of you,"

Then, the doorbell sounded and I excitedly ran towards the door, throwing it aside and seeing Denki on the other side. He grinned, beach stuff in his arms with Mineta and Sero flanking him. I grinned.

"Yo! Ready to go, man Been awhile since we've hung out! Man, we gotta do this more often!" He exclaimed.

"Yeah, Koyurei… ever since we heard about you and Yaomomo… ya need your boys," Sero sighed, patting me on the back sadly. I huffed.

"Are we gonna mourn the past or are we gonna be bachelors. So where are we headed?"

The holy grail of beaches, the best one! Denki declared, The one in Osaka!

"The black sand one that my grandmother opened up just last summer?" I asked.

Yeah! Word is that its gotten really famous for that… and the hot girls there! Mineta exclaimed, Get back in the saddle, dude! Also, your sister and your gramma are haw-"

"Hey! No! Nuh uh!" Denki snapped at him, "No creeping on Fuyu or Mama Todoroki!"

"Yeah, you don't… wait, Fuyu?" I asked, my eyes wide, "Denki…" I growled.

"Look! It's not like I find your sister really cute, but… she is!" he exclaimed. I laughed and grinned.

"Dude, have at it! It'll tick my dad off!" I laughed. Mineta gasped harshly.

"NO FAIR! He gets to hit on her, but I ca-"

"Shut it, your mom buys you Mega Blox instead of Legos," I growled, making Mineta snarl and cross his little arms. I sighed and leaned back, "Oh, and Denki~ Sweet Denki, my brother, my companion, if you hurt my sis there won't be a soul in Japan that remembers your dumbass,"

"Dark, but okay," Sero said as we went down into the station to get there. Denki smiled and I hung on to the pole as the metro carried us towards the land of Takoyaki and now the only black sand beach in Japan due to my grandmother's volcanic rages.

The city actually just gave it to her. So we got off the train and headed there, seeing the beachgoers and hustling to find a good place to sit. Also there were some killer hot tubs and all that too.

The instant the employees saw me they GOT OUT OF MY WAY. They knew me ever since I was little and clinging to Grandmother. So… needless to say I was kind of a local celebrity just by association.

"Dude, kinda spooky that they avoided you," Denki brought up. I smiled and waved at them. They waved back.

"My gramma MADE this beach as a stress reliever because my grandfather wasn't home because of his job, and raising my Dad was really stressful for her," I sighed, "But, I spent a lot of time with her and my Granddad when he was with us,"

"Wow, your Dad was a dick even back then?" Sero sighed.

"Kinda… well… have fun, guys! Imma go hang out in the waves." I said.

"Well, Imma go scope out the hot chicks!" Mineta exclaimed. Sero laughed and walked with me as Denki trailed behind Mineta to make sure he wouldn't go crazy. I sighed.

"Did I mess up with breaking up with Momo, Sero?"

"What? Dude, no. Your dad decided she was right for you, not you yourself, I remember seeing ya all blushing at Mina," he said, "Then turning around and being all lovey with Yaomomo just looked… wrong, outta nowhere and all that,"

"Yeah… I see that now, Sero," I sighed, "I miss her, but… I'm not sure if she was the right one,"

Sero nodded, "it's natural, but…" he shrugged, "What do I know? You guys are always so standoffish,"

"Heh, yeah…" I marched into the water and sat down, the ground still under me. Sero had swam out further but I stayed at the edge. Just like with Momo. I wanted to keep her away from me. Yeah, we went way further than I ever thought I would but…

It wasn't the same knowing she didn't get to decide. Our goodbye took forever, with her just hugging me for an hour. But I knew it was for the best. Dad never let go of Touya or Mom. But I laid back, staring up at the sky and feeling the soft bubbling of my hair in the water.

Momo taught me that everything's okay. That not everything was the end of the world. Yeah, it hurts, but at the same time… it heals. It feels nice to finally think you can decide things. And for the first time in a whole week…

I smiled. The warm water around me and the sky above me. It felt good. Just remembering those times where I felt happy. When nothing could hurt me. And then… there was a shadow over me, curiously bouncing on tiptoe was a girl.

Wide blue eyes met my gray, long twisty periwinkle hair contrasting with my oddly blue and gray hair from the lava streaks in it. She grinned down at me.

"Hey!" She greeted, "What're you doing just laying there? Are you too scared? Dont worry! My friend Tamaki is like that alllll the time! Here! Lemme help!"

"Wait- Wait no!" I yelled, getting hoisted up and tossed. I went hurtling into the water and trying to get back onto shore. I thrashed and fought like Gojira Ghidorah as the girl flowed close to me, grabbing my wrists.

"Hey… hey, relax… Sorry…" she sighed.

"Yeah! You better be! What the hell were you gonna tell my Grandma if I died out here!" I snarled, "Seriously, airhead!" The girl ignored it.

"I'm Nejire, nice to meet you!" she exclaimed with a bright smile. I rolled my eyes.

"Koyurei Todoroki,"

She gasped, "No. Way. You're the boy that won the sports festival for the first years!" I blushed and looked away. She was oddly cute. I just backdedled a little. But she had a firm grip on me. Still pressed against my chest, despite our height difference.

I looked towards shore, seeing my friends freaking out excitedly. Nejire smiled up at me, and all I felt was awkward.

"Yeah, I am. Get off me."

"You sure you want that, Koyurei-kun~?"

"Don't make fun of me!" I growled, "I didn't come all the way to Osaka to be yeeted into the water by some cute girl! You got some nerve!"

Nejire giggled, "Awww! Thanks! You think I'm cute!"

I felt a blush rise to my cheeks, 'fuck! FUCK! What would Dad do in this situation?'

'Bye, son!'

'I'm beginning to think I have issues… okay, what would Grandmother do in this situation?'

'Don't just sit there dear! Tell her about yourself!'


I just edged back to shore, blushing like crazy and trying not to die on the inside. When I got back, Mineta and Denki barred the way.

"Nah, you go right back out there, dreamboat!"

"Yeah, did you see her? She's HOT with a capital H!"

"I'm… I'm not…"

"Yoo hoo! Koyurei! Little Rodan!" A familiar voice called, coming up from her house was Grandmother, her stride easy, "Aww! Look at you laying with your little friends! I was just wondering where Momo-chan is, is she sick?"

"N-no, Grandmother…" I mumbled, "Momo and I… Well…"

"We're here to take his mind off her, ma'am!" Sero yelled.

"Sero, bad call! The last time Mama Todoroki got mad, a beach got created! What if she ends up an indestructible Kaiju Lava Monster thingie?" Denki asked. Mineta looked like he saw an angel. Grandmother sighed.

"And here I thought Momo would be another arrangement…"

"Grandmother, are you… mad at me?" I muttered. I looked down at my feet.

"Now why would I be mad because of my Grandson's kind decision? You cared about her a lot, and… well, sometimes it takes a lotta guts and heart to think of her needs before your own," she said, I'm glad you got her out of our family mess, now you're single and ready to mingle again! Haha!

I crossed my arms, "Tch, you decked Granddad in the face and ended up with Dad, I was only thinking about the future, and… and I didnt wanna end up like Mom and Dad!"

"Koyurei, they love each other…" she sighed, "You never saw them when they were first kicking this idea around."

"But still! I'm scared, Grandmother! Dads probably already got the list out again! Then more bimbos and money grabbing sluts and… ugh!"

"Sweetie, that girl's been staring at you for the past five seconds of ranting," she said. I turned and Nejire was standing there patiently.

"Oh hey! This is where you went!" She exclaimed, I blushed and rubbed the back of my neck. Grandmother shoved past me with a smile.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Koyurei's grandmother Tekka! It's very very nice to meet you, uhm…"

"Nejire! Nejire Hado! Oh hey! Is that your real hair or is it just a weird cosplay wig?" she asked, bouncing excitedly. Grandmother blinked and grinned.

"Well, no, it's my real hair, and… well…"

She turned me around, "Koyurei, she's perfect! So cute and airheaded!" she clenched her fist You have my blessings and full support!"

"Oh joy…" I sighed. Grandmother grinned and winked. I flinched.

"Just trust me, sweetie!" She exclaimed and I groaned. This day couldnt get any more awkward. I just wanted to make my exit and go home. At this rate I'd be heartbroken forever. I took a deep breath.

Steadily, I tapped Nejire on the shoulder. She perked up and smiled. I smiled and gave her my number scrawled on a small bit of tape I borrowed from Sero.

"How about we go see that new Gojira movie sometime?" I asked, "I know he's not very famous right now… at least not Shin, but… uh… would you?"

Nejire nodded, "Sure!" She chirped, "see ya then, Rodan!"

"Uhm… yeah, sure, uhhh… Mosura, Mosura, yeah!" I stuttered, 'okay Koyurei, just… just walk away,' I thought, You'll miss Momo, but she'd want you to move on- wait… she knows Godzilla monsters! SCORE!' I pumped my fists.

Grandmother hugged me, "Now, whaddya say we go to the house and crack into some ice cream, and also watch some dumb movie your grandfather was in?" she asked.

"Okay, and… well… thanks," I mumbled.

"For what?" she wondered.

"That little nudge. Thanks!" I exclaimed.

Grandmother smirked, "Have I ever steered you wrong before?" she asked.

"There WAS that time I burned a shark, and I was five, and I gave you that shark tooth I yanked from it."

"Never stopped wearing it, Koyurei, because of the shark you got really bad hydrophobia," she pulled the tooth out of her dress with a smile, "Still, seeing you come back with this tooth all bloody was scary, still, that shark meat was good, huh?"

I nodded with a grin… if I closed my eyes…

Nothing really changed at all.

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