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Chapter 21

Chapter 21. Welcome Home.

I missed Momo so much. I missed her smile, I missed her laugh, I missed waking up every day, rolling over, and seeing her smiling there. I missed it all and all I wanted was to go home. But no, being tied near biggus dickus was really fun!

Because we were planning everything out in secret. Being tied together gave us a lot of time to observe and sleeping in shifts helped too. Bakugo nudged me.

"Koyurei, we can take most of em… but… the main guy…" Bakugo was referencing their Sensei, "We can't, best we can do is run like hell. You can fly, I can kinda fly,"

"Bakugo, I have to get a blasting start." I muttered, "After that its game on, we fly as far as we can and get the hell outta here," I looked up at the other villains. The only one I'd say was an immediate danger was Toga, she was always hovering but not today. I didn't know but the heroes were already planning a rescue.

My back burned a little and I closed my eyes. Hoping beyond hope that help was coming soon because I was losing faith fast. Dabi loomed over us and untied me from Bakugo, taking me to a table in the back art of the bar.

"Hey," he said.

"I have nothing to say to you,"

"Whoa, harsh! Just got a question, Koyurei,"

"Tch, whatever. Youre gonna torture and kill me anyway to get to my dad, right?" I asked.

"What? No, not at all!" He exclaimed, "I just wanna know… why the hell are you so determined to be a hero? It's a lotta fun being a villain, ya know!"

"Being a villain hurts people, even the ones you care about the most," I reasoned, "Being a hero is a good thing, but… I don't always like the whole selling your privacy and soul to it. It's all I've ever known, why're you so curious?"

"Well… let's just say I'm out to ruin yer dad,"

"And you think Imma letcha do that?"

"Koyurei! Why are you still- Why are you still defending him?"

"Because he's trying, Dabi, besides… I've told you enough already, so tie me up before I decide to make Krakatoa and Pompeii look like a goddamn tea party." I said.

"Ooo, what a kinky bad boy~!" Another voice yelled, the voice belonging to a man with thick lips and sunglasses with long reddish hair. I blushed and got up, going back over to where Bakugo and I were tied together, with him almost biting Toga and Twice dodging.

"Whoa! We got a biter! That was gonna HURT!" Twice yelled.

"Ooh! Also my type!" Toga squealed.

"FUCK OFF!" Bakugo roared, still fighting, "Wait til I get my hands on ya! I'll blow yer faces clean off and use em as speed bumps to drive over!" I just sat down and Twice tied me back up . It was simple, I gained their trust and Bakugo was the live grenade. Well, the only ones I couldn't get through to were Kurogiri, the mist guy. And Shigaraki. I just sighed, wishing and thinking about Momo and the others. If getting through was like going through molasses. Twice and Toga were shaky and Magne was wary, Dabi was downright trying to shift me over to their side.

I just wanted to hurry up and go home, because now Toga is hugging me.

This was it. It was time. Meticulous planning and everything. My team comprised me, Tenya, Midoriya, Shoto, and Kirishima. And now we needed disguises. I nervously clenched my hands. Everything had to go according to plan.

"So… uh… what now, Yaoyorozu?" Midoriya asked. I smiled and grabbed my wallet.

"We go out and buy disguises!" I exclaimed. Kirishima blinked.

"Ahh… what? Cantcha just make 'em yourself with your quirk?" he asked. I shook my head and he sighed.

"It would be easier though, and isn't time of the essence?" Tenya asked, "I respect that but at the same time the heroes might have to resort to drastic measures knowing that… well… Endeavor is there,"

I sighed, leave it to them to bring up that huge monkey wrench… he wasn't the number two for nothing.

"But if we don't do something, both Kacchan and Koyurei might become Nomu!" Izuku exclaimed, "So… shouldn't you just facilitate the process by making the disguises?"

He had a point, and Shoto looked… angry. He glared at all of us.

"If we don't do something, Koyurei and Bakugo have a snowball's chance in hell if they try anything, we all saw how messed up he was from just that Dabi guy alone! Not to mention their numbers compared to ours, and the heroes… it'll just be a storm of chaos that might end in them dying," Shoto sighed.

"So let's go!" Kirishima exclaimed, "I ain't gonna sit on my ass knowing Bakugo and yer brother are still with those guys!"

Shoto smiled, "Yaoyorozu, lead on," he said. I smiled and led them out of the classroom. Our plan was sealed but I worried. What if we didn't succeed? What if we failed? I still didn't want to think about it. I just want to bring my boyfriend home.

So here we were, about to get our disguises. Of course I left most of them to their own devices. I bought a pair of shades and a nice frilly dress. Looking at my hair in the mirror, I hesitated, knowing that Koyurei gets scared around disguises.

Well, as long as they aren't masks. He gets terrified and runs like mad when he sees others wearing them. He doesn't like Halloween too much, or even scary movies. He told me it was because of his older brother Natsuo accidentally leaving Halloween on the TV when he was five. Koyurei saw it and was traumatized by masks ever since. So I put on my sunglasses, my hair fluffed out and fell on either side of my face. I smiled and watched the others getting ready. Kirishima wore mostly black, with two fake horns on either side of his head.

Tenya looked like an old timey villain with a fake mustache, mostly going for the trumped up Battle Training version of himself. Slicked back from his face like Present Mic. Everything was going well.

"HEYO! HOW YAAAAA DOOOOINNNN!" Midoriya yelled, his chin jutting out and trying to look like a thug. But in reality, he just looked like he was trying way too hard.

"No, no no! Dude, stick yer chin out more! Make it jab!" Kirishima said.

"WE'RE OUT TO GET BITCHES AND TAKE NAMES!" He screeched like a dying pterodactyl.

He looked like he just shot a man after yelling that, "Yaomomo, Todoroki, Kirishima, Iida, PLEASE don't tell Kacchan or my mom I swore!" He begged us.

"Haha! Now you got it, bro!" Kirishima cackled. I sighed and pulled out the tracker from my bra, clicking it on and seeing the ing somewhere a few train rides away. We walked over to the station and I clenched the tracker nervously.

"Koyurei…" I muttered.

"Hey, Momo?" Shoto asked, his hair obscured by an ill-fitting black wig and odd suitish style, "Just… don't be nervous" he hugged me and did a weird flutter tap I sort of squeezed him back but it was so awkward.

Just because it felt like he hugged no one before. It wasn't the same, not the 'I'll never let you go ever again' kind of hug.

"Uhm… thanks?" I wondered, Koyurei was taller and warmer, stronger while Shoto was cold, awkward, maybe the perfect fit for Shiozaki. Just slow and calm instead of the literally erupting love that Koyurei and I have.

Closing my eyes, I breathed out, fading back to when I was five. Clinging to my dad, face blurred in black, watching the car drive away. Watching everything. Burns, pain, hot springs, island sunshine, growing older and older. Only to end up here, stomach hurting, eyes emptily staring at the ceiling, silently feeding a leech of a girl because I had no choice. 'Some hero I turned out to be… nice going, me!' Bakugo bumped my wrist.



I smirked, my eyes glowing and my hair glowing slightly as well. I knew it was almost time. The press conference was a cover, I knew Dad would be tearing through creation to find me. I knew everything. They tried and failed to recruit us, so… I just knew I'd be one of those monsters, just because I was like him… Mom left. She was at fault for how I was, treating that training as punishment. As my sacrifice, as my burden to carry and… I was tired. So tired.

I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know anything anymore. All I know is that Dad wants me to be a hero, Dabi wants me to be a villain, and I just wanted… I wanted... I don't know what I wanted! Dabi loomed over me, Toga moving off, her giggle echoing, and I stared into his cold azure eyes, smiling.

"What? You wanna untie me? You wanna try to convince me? Come on, you and I both know I wont budge and neither would Bakugo!" I asked, staring up at him, seeing his fists clench and his eyes glowed back.

"Go on! Hit me! I know you have it in ya!" I snarled, "What's one more burn?" I smiled and the feeling of a fist blowing into my cheek was nothing new, slamming to the floor and taking it. He kicked me in the stomach over and over, my smile still staying on.

Even if it hurt. Even if I were to die. I'd die with the cockiest smirk ever on my face knowing one thing… I did something worthwhile. I got under his skin. Made him mad. Made him break. Blood trickled out of my mouth as he calmed down, blue eyes still going back to emotionlessness. But I sat back up, my eyes still locked on him. When everything went quiet. When the door had someone at it.

The knock rang out and everyone froze, Bakugo and I couldn't fight the smiles on our faces.

"Pizza delivery!"

"Eh… We dint ord-" Twice began before the answer for what something crashed it in.

"SMASH!" All Might busted down the ENTIRE FRONT of the bar! His muscles riled, and he smiled, "Have no fear, Young Bakugo! Young Todoroki! I AM HERE!" I laughed and Bakugo smirked.

While everyone was going crazy, I felt Bakugo grab me, blasting off and throwing me skyward, Get to the others, Icyhot! That damn Nomus in the wrong place! He yelled, my wings ignited, and I took to the air again, finding Izuku, Shoto, Tenya, and Kirishima, trying to get to Bakugo.

The heroes were having no trouble, but I couldn't see Momo anywhere! Everything was insane! Flying right at me were rabid tiny Nomu but I just blasted them to nothing, my body overheating and trying not to extinguish my flames. Flying onward towards the swarming near the warehouse, feeling more and more of them tear me to shreds, my shirt long gone, feeling the razor sharp teeth and wings slash even through my flames. There had to be a queen!

Then, in the center… there she was! The Nomu Queen was massive, and fat, drones swarming around her and I was barely even close to exterminating them. Each cut burned and each sizzle of my blood only spurred me on to action. Just before I could do so, a jet of flames burst out of nowhere, blue and not mine at all, but… it wasn't Dabi either. The whole swarm wall burst into azure flame as Dad stood there, hand smoking and flames hotter than ever, he just smirked.

"Mind if I join you, son? Or are you too busy hesitating about your looks?" he asked, I just cracked my neck.

"Not a chance! Also, you see Momo anywhere?" I wondered.

"What… they're… what…" he mumbled but the thing roared and suddenly eight legs shot out of it. Dad looked at me, then back at the monster. Eight eyes, Eight legs, and a whole lotta-

"DUST THIS BITCH!" He thundered, shooting fireballs and I just did the same, my wings shooting them out rapid fire and we both took it down, with me floating safely down, he ran over to me and hugged me tightly, extinguished and smiling.

"Son… Koyurei… Goddammit you had me worried sick! What if you woulda died, huh? Now I… I… God…" he buried my face into his chest, hugging me tighter, breathing so hard I swore he ran a marathon. I felt raw, I felt… broken. Dad carried me away from it all, the man who burned me over and over seemed so… far away from this Dad.

"D-Dad… I… I was so scared!" I sobbed, chest hitching, "I'm not like you! I never was! I only let you train me because it made you happy! I only took that much pain because Mom left and I thought it was my fault! Now All Might is fighting and… and Its all my fault! I decided to try to save Bakugo! And now… now… Shoto and Momo are in danger!" I ranted, crying loudly.

"I'm not like you, Dad! You're stronger, and better, and always knowing what to do! Nobody ever asked me what I wanted! I wanted a normal family that isnt crying or yelling or even beating the shit outta each other! I just- I just- wanted my Dad back!" I howled.

"I don't even know who you are anymore!" I thundered, lava starting to boil the ground around us, "Now that creepy burned guy beat me up for something you did!"

Dad looked at me in shock, his eyes wide.

"I'm scared, I'm terrified that… that Imma mess up and when that day comes, when I finally… break… I'll hurt someone I care about, I'll end up in the shrine like Touya! Just another failure you can forget about! You always… had Shoto, yet you gave up on Natsu, and Fuyumi, and Mom! And me too!" I slammed my fist into his chest, tears burning azure and the lava erupted behind us.

"Grandmother isn't gonna be around forever to chaperone you! Just like Granddad! She's tired, Dad! She's tired of you, and the only good memories I remember from my childhood are from her! She was just as bad as you, but dammit!" I went in for the heartbreaker.

"I… I look like you. I look just like you… I hate looking at myself in the mirror, I hate myself! Now I'm just imagining hurting Momo or our kids and I'm… I'm stuck worrying about that when I should be well adjusted," I mumbled, Dad putting me down and ruffling my hair.

I looked up at him and he turned away, looking back, "Koyurei… how about you cook dinner next time you're home. I'm… sort of… hopeless in the domestics… and when I'm old… I might not have Fuyumi around to handle it, and well, you're going to… be whatever you want to be and… might not have time for your old man with Momo and your inevitable children occupying your time and…"

"Dad, just shut it and get back out there and kick some asses!" I snapped, "I'll be there on Friday, there's stuff I left there,"

Dad grinned, "You don't have to come home, I can come over. I'm too busy sometimes, but I won't be too busy for you,"

I just marched away, wings igniting and flying away, smiling for the first time in a long time. Blasting off and seeing the others, Gran Torino, Mt. Lady, Kamui Woods, and going back to… help All Might was Dad! I slammed down, my eyes searching for her. For my wife. For my Momo. They got away, didn't they? Wait…Momo was dueling Toga, knives and tomahawks flying, cuts all over her, tears in her dress, hair a little disorderly. She parried the strikes with her shield, cool and indifferent.

"Koyurei is MINE! ALL MINE!" The blond screeched, "YOUR SKANKINESS WON'T FLY!"

"Look in a mirror," Momo sighed, slamming her shield against Toga's face. She stood, shield up and mouth set in a scowl. Toga wiped the blood from her face.

"You're so strong… Momo-chan~! I like you! Fighting so desperately for a boy that was forced on you! It's so hard being the rich princess, right? You're living my life!" Toga charged at her, wildly slashing, the shield just barely warding off the blows.

"SO EASY! SO CAREFREE! ALL OF IT WAS SET FOR YOU!" She screamed, the shield breaking, and I ran to her side, throwing Momo to the side and taking the slash meant for her.

Toga noticed but didn't keep going, actually hesitating a little, "Koyurei… you… you care about her, huh?"

"Yeah, I do. And I'm getting real tired of you!" I exclaimed, taking a deep breath and focusing myself, using my Fire Breath Style that I used for Island's Fire. In one simple motion, I disarmed her, using a classic self-defense move, knee on her chest.

"Haha! Ooh! So rough, Koyurei! Do you do this to Momo-chan? I know what naughtiness you two do! Because I can smell it all on her! I…" she reached up with her free hand, touching my cheek.

Like. she leaned up, inches from my face, you. She closed in and kissed me, suddenly sinking into one of the war holes and… leaving me and Momo alone. But not before saying.

"Bye-bye, Koyu! I'll see you in my dreams~!" she cooed. I sighed and Momo came over and hugged me tightly, sniffling and crying. I picked her up and carried her away. Everything was going down, but the moment I held her in my arms again.. I just wanted to go home. I didn't care about anything else than going home and continuing my heroic pursuits. Her arms wrapped around my neck, my arms weighed down with her. My scars are on full display, but I didn't give a damn. Burns, cuts, stabs, none of them mattered.

All that mattered was the girl in my arms.

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