In the Shadow @my.hero.xiii
Chapter 16

In the Shadow.

Chapter 16. Next In Line.

Today was the last day of internships and nobody could shut up about me. So Momo pretty much put me on house arrest. I sighed, cycling through the channels, my ice forming gently around me into scaled shapes. My flames flickered on my shoulders and back a little. I was slowly training my quirk to become like ice armor and fiery wings. Or at least try to. I was so bored! I was so fired up to get back in the field again, but Momo was all going all tiger girlfriend on Dad no matter how much he tried. I got up and stalked over to the kitchen, filling the kettle on the stove with water and grabbing the tea.

My hands shook as I breathed deep, trying to center myself. Remembering Grandmother and Dad's lessons on their ignitions. For Grandmother, she'd breathe really deep and focus. For Dad because of his explosive temper, he'd correlate it to the clenching of his fists. For me, not that. I'd just feel tingly and then… FWOOM! You know? Still, I lit my hand up and touched the kettle. I had to time it right. Soon it was screaming and I quickly dumped it into the cup of tea. I didn't care about how watery it most likely was!

I slammed the kettle down, hissing at the water splashing my skin. I didn't really do anything about it. I just scoffed like it was a minor inconvenience. When I sat back down with my tea, there was a commercial on TV and I noticed Momo on the screen. 'Wait, Momo. Commercial. On TV.' Cue a huge spit take the likes of which were never seen except once in my entire family.

Because she was in it. It was a hair commercial where her hair was curled in the ponytail style just frolicking around. I sighed and turned the TV off. I just wanted to go out there and fight again but no... I just ended up cleaning the entire apartment, doing Momo's laundry, doing the sheets, taking the garbage out, flipped off pictures of Dad on the internet, took a nap, and also did my daily dose of katas while screaming.

I came back to see Momo poking around and checking on things. She looked a little shocked, looking around and seeing things so clean. I smiled and saw that she looked tired. Her hair was messy and she didn't seem to wanna go anywhere.

I got behind her and hugged her, feeling her jump a little but calm down, "Hey, how was it?" I asked.

"You cleaned," she said.

"Yuh uh, I did. I was bored without you," I sighed, kissing her on the cheek. She leaned back and kissed me on the cheek right back. I smiled and hugged her again. She was lovely, and I just felt her tiredness by looking at her. I pulled her into my arms and landed on the couch, kissing her and grabbing a blanket from the other side of the couch, laying it over her and heating up a little, scattering embers over us, small enough not to catch anything on fire.

She laid on her back, head on my chest and staring up at the embers falling from the ceiling.

"I missed you too, and your dashing good looks!" she giggled, a few embers tickling her skin before winking out.

"So toasty!" She sighed, "Ohh, I missed this!"

"Didja know that I used to cling to my dad when I was a baby a lot?" I noted. Momo smiled and buried her face into my chest. I grinned and let her hold me. We didn't need some flashy dates and big declarations of love or stuff like that.

Just cuddling was all we did and watched movies together. Other than studying our guts out for the exam… I teetered on my feet, this time I was standing before the front gates of UA, if you told me I wouldn't be with my cards months ago, I'd laugh in your face.

Momo held my hand and I looked at her happily, "Seems like you're full of energy," Shoto said, coming up to us, I thought you'd be tired."

"Nah, Momo just made me study really hard and… well, she also tutored some of the others at her place, then when she got home she helped me, Momo's really amazing!" I declared, seeing my fiance talking to the others that were with her at her house this past weekend.

Shoto grew serious, "Aren't you being a little unfair to her?" he asked.

"Unfair? Whaddya mean?"

"I mean that she does these things for everyone, and for you… I mean, come on! This is the happiest I've seen you in forever! Momo did a lot to help you out," he reasoned, and a slight weight became a bigger one. What if… what if I don't thank her with something She does so much, she's the vice representative, a good cook, deals with my weird trauma tics, even… even helps others? She's… she deserves…

Someone… better. Someone way better than me and even Shoto. She didn't deserve the drama or to be shoved into a marriage with me. I… I feel…

Just like Dad.

I mean, Momo is filthy rich and I am too, but I just can't… I can't just go through with something He decided for me. Not in good faith. Unless we both are okay with it. Really and truly okay with being together.

I sighed and sat down next to my brother, keeping quiet as Momo and Tenya passed out the exam papers, with Momo giving Shoto and I ours. She lingered by me a little and kissed me on the cheek.

"Good luck, Koyurei," she said.

I felt a blush rising on my cheeks so much that the kanji of my name got a little messed up. So now I went through it as best as I could, mostly going through a good amount of it. Once I got done, I got it back before lunch and…

'No way. It can't be! I passed! I… I did it! I did it! Haha! Wooo!' I looked at the others and they seemed really happy aside from a few of them. Denki started crying a little. Momo was comforting him a little and I just wondered how I did compared to everyone.

But I couldn't shake the feeling like something was gonna go horribly wrong. I had the worst feeling in the world that… that there was something terrible just on the horizon. Of course they kept the practical exam under lock and key. Which really set off my alarm bells.

At lunch I usually sat with Momo and Jiro, with Denki joining us too. They seemed a little nervous too. Even Momo, who usually was so cutely confident. I just ate my food because I knew something was up the moment I saw Shoto sitting with Midoriya and Iida.

Both of us knew what this feeling was. Dread, fear, and even anger. The two of us just ended up getting up at the same time and walking away before lunch ended. Momo tried to follow us but when I slid against the wall and sat down, shaking and breathing faster Shoto pretty much knew what to do.

"Koyurei, breathe, okay? He's not gonna be here. I'd doubt that he cares enough to even try to be here for this, just…"

I felt Momo hug me and bury my face into her chest, "Shh… shh… it's okay, no matter what you do, you've got this, alright?" she muttered, I calmed down, smelling her scent and just closing my eyes just for a moment.

I found myself crying, my arms squeezed her tightly. Just thinking of breaking it all off and leaving it all. Just thinking of seeing her in the arms of another guy made me want to burn it all down. Just because I was scared I was gonna throw my happiness away.

Momo just hugged me back, rubbing my back and just letting me cry it out. Just sitting there and crying out all my troubles. Something I wasn't able to do back when I was little.

I got back up and helped her up. Shoto left and I hugged her tightly, kissing Momo on the forehead. She smiled and dried my face, kissing me on the forehead right back. I laughed weakly.

"You're overwhelmed," she said.

"Yeah, I am…" I mumbled. She hugged me again and I just closed my eyes.

"Don't worry, Koyurei, maybe Endeavor is here just to watch!" She assured me, "Besides, no matter what you're my handsome future husband!"

I smiled wider, "You know what, I'm gonna pull through, no matter who it is. I've always survived!" I exclaimed.

"There he is! There's my Koyu!" she exclaimed, "Go get 'em! And tonight… Well, let's just say well have all the time in the world to play!" I blushed heavily. There wasn't much time left in lunch but I went ahead and changed into my hero costume, my coat billowing behind me as I walked, I didn't know who I was gonna be with, but chances are.

"SON! MY BOY! HEY! HEY! KOYUREEEIIIII! SHOTOOOO!" Dad was here, all aglow and waving his arms like a dumbass as if I didn't see him.

'Please, can someone just knock me the hell out? Dad's the last guy I wanna see.' I thought, gritting my teeth. Ms. Thirteen was nearby and I tapped her on the shoulder.

"Huh Oh! Koyurei-kun! What's up?"

"Why is my dad here?!" I hissed.

"He… requested that he take part, so… yeah," she answered, looking at him as he was warming up I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Trying so desperately not to lose my ever loving mind.

I just walked back to my class and Shoto stood next to me, his eyes fixed on our father. I gritted my teeth and just stood there with my arms crossed. Knowing exactly who we were gonna fight.

"Don't tell me… we're gonna be fighting…"

I nodded, feeling both cold and hot at the same time, I never felt this rage before. Just the searing, frigid feeling of finally being able to go all out against the man that ruined everything in my life and still had the audacity to think I'd let him waltz back on in.

"Hell. No."

"That's not the Koyurei Todoroki he thinks I am," I growled to myself, "I won't hold back! I'll do my best and if that means failure, then that doesn't matter! I'll rise up further than him," I went out with Shoto, knowing that we had to either get to the exit or take our own dad out like the mafia.

In our area, it was a mountainous region. Shoto and I both set up Ice barriers, the thing is that he might just diesel through them. We both knew that he'd have a hard time with our teamwork, and if we needed an out, I could always just fly us out of here with my fire.

I looked at Shoto as we both moved throughout the barriers, seeing him dashing up the way fully ignited, "Shoto! Now!" I yelled, we sent one barrier down, seeing it melt and take out the flames on his boots, Endeavor blasted some fire my way and caught my coat on fire. I threw it off and felt my flames blast me aloft, grabbing Shoto's hands and darting over our dear father.

Shafts of flame shot out of nowhere, causing me to serpentine and try to get out with my flaming wings intact, this was Hell Spider! He was smirking.

"You should know by now I have ways of dealing with aerial villains, and with Shoto's added weight… YOU'RE WIDE OPEN!" he thundered, the shafts growing in frequency, I closed my eyes and tossed Shoto as hard as I could, that was our strategy, I'd take to the air as Shoto runs towards the exit, he can't focus on both of us, and as long as his legs stay wet… well, that means he can't dance with me in the skies.

"Leaving Shoto with a shot to get to the exit." I muttered, dodging more and more shafts of flame, spinning madly and shaking them off my tail. I was fast, but I knew every second I stayed with my wings, the hotter I got.

I had more power, but he had more control. I didn't know it at the time, but he turned the mountain into his own personal volcano. That was bad. That was REALLY BAD.

"YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS, MY SONS! That damn woman never told you that I know her techniques too! I never used this because it's ineffective due to my quirks drawback, but you know of it well enough!" he thundered, standing at the peak after getting up there with fire blasts.

I saw Shoto trying to get enough agility to get to the gate, but before I could scream at him to take cover, Dad began the dance to end all dances. Forceful, no grace, summoning his quirk from deep within to bend the mountain into a volcano. His yells were like thunder and his movements like the rock itself

"ISLAND'S FIRE… DRAGONS MAW!" He screamed, the volcano blasted out a dragon shaped fire blast, I couldn't dodge, I couldn't run. At that moment I flashed back to those times in that in-home gym, Dad looming over me.

"Where did you learn that?"

"From Grandmother!"

I remember that he hit me after that, for daring to keep her in the family even if her moves were more effective. Flying before the Maw, I breathed deep and summoned my wings for one last run. I went into my own high flying stunt show, my wings screaming in challenge at my fathers volcano move.

"One last run."

I blasted towards the flames, my own flames forcing it back, my Ice coming out too to coat me in enough layers to make it through, my wings extinguished as I closed in. Hitting him with all I got using Grandmothers Fire Dancing Style. He countered viciously, both of us at our limits, but neither one of us gave in.





I punched him harshly, sending him back and on the ground in the volcano. The Balrog was vanquished! Dah dah dah dah! I slumped against the wall and Dad grinned, taking off the weights.

"You know, you and Shoto… you almost had me a little stumped there for a moment, Shoto just blitzed by after you tossed him, and then you had me resort to the Islands Fire," He said. I scoffed and waved my hand lazily.

"No we didn't… you're insane… even grandmother doesn't use that technique…" I gasped, noticing a tattoo on his arm, a big one that looked like those ones in the pictures grandmother had of great grandfather.

"I didn't know you had a tattoo…" I wheezed.

"Yeah, I got it when I first got into UA, your Grandmother insisted. I only went for a sleeve because your mother didn't like the pictures of your great grandfather with all of his," he chuckled a little, "How about when your birthday rolls around, we can go out and get mine touched up and yours inked on you."

I blinked, "Really?!" I exclaimed, leaning up and Dad grabbed me. He hoisted me onto his shoulders and got out of the mountain. He carried me on his shoulders just like when I was little. Still…

I felt like I was on top of the world.

I bit my lip, seeing Koyurei giving it his all like all those other times. But when he shot into the volcano… I screamed. Everyone went insane, with Denki yelling.

"OH HELL NO!" which very much summed up what I was thinking because there is NO WAY my handsome, amazing husband to be was fighting an ACTIVE VOLCANO. But the cameras inside were showing basically a shirtless slugfest.

"Place yer bets, place 'em now! Who's gonna win The titan of fire or our lava spirit? Place em now!" Mineta yelled, "And I will make sure Yaomomo doesn't kill herself out of grief!"

"You son of a bitch, look who's reforged a bond! THAT'S THE MANLIEST SHIT I'VE EVER SEEN!" Kirishima thundered, Shoto came back in first, a little singed, but he still looked emotionlessly around. His hair was messy but then we heard laughing coming from outside, which made Shoto look really uncomfortable.

Emerging from the outside was Enji Todoroki, smiling and carrying my Koyurei on his shoulders, smiling like they were talking about something. He got set down and he hobbled over, bluish gray eyes shining and messy gray and azure hair wild and out of the hair tie.

I marched over and grabbed him, hugging him tightly, "Are you hurt?" I asked.

"No," he answered with a sweet little smile.

"How many fingers am I holding up?" I asked, holding up my whole hand.

"Five," he rattled off, still smiling. "Did I mention how pretty you look today?" That set off my inner alarm for something indecent or wrong or if he's being threatened.

"What did you two talk about?" Both Mr. Todoroki and Koyurei flinched.

"Shit! Dad, she's using Grandmother's death stare!" Koyurei hissed, looking away.

"I know!" His father hissed back, fidgeting. I smiled and leaned close to Koyurei, holding him.

"Remember how we shared our deepest and darkest secrets, Koyurei?" I asked, feeling him flinch, "Now… tell me, or I'll tell everyone about that halloween you went as Midnight!"

"Don't you fucking dare, I rocked those heels," he snarled, not noticing Knucklehead Mcgee and Goodtime Charlie decide to listen in. They started giggling and his father surprisingly came in with the save.

"Excuse you, my son rocked those heels, now MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!" he thundered, scaring them off. I sighed at Koyurei and he wobbled a little. He finally passed out and I held him close.

Good job, Koyu...

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