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Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Don't Stop Me Now… but please, Someone Stop Him Now...

I felt on top of the world. On top of it all. Regardless of how I felt about the fest itself, I just moved on. A medal was a medal either way. I had a way better reward than that. My Momo was back at my place or… our place. I'm still not used to that. I went home and even then it felt weird opening the door and just seeing the life I made was so strange. I heard the shower going and smelling something good. I was so cold and I'm sure that the shower was so warm.

That meant Momo was warm too. I wanted to get in there and hold her. I just wanted to lie in bed with her and just sleep. Something didn't want me to just kiss her though. The minute I got in there, I opened the shower and saw Momo waiting for me. She pulled me into her arms, regardless of what happened it just felt empty. So much happened and everything was like I bombed it all. It was glass floored and smoking. All of it was healing slowly. Dad stitched it a little, but Momo couldn't stitch it with her love.

It was way more complicated than that. If kisses and hugs were a cure-all, I wouldn't have even met Momo. I just wet my hair down and just washed calmly. I didn't need her to feel happy anymore. It just felt weird. Oddly numb. I distanced myself from her. I just put on my pajamas and went into our room, scooching into the sheets. She looked a little concerned but I just closed my eyes, feeling her wrap her arms around me, brushing against me.

I didn't react to it. It was like I felt nothing for her at all. I was too scared to do… that again. It's not that I didn't want to do that. I… I feel like I'm forcing her to stay. I… I don't know what to do… so I cried. I'm a terrible boyfriend, I cling too much and Momo is so perfect for someone like Shoto. I'm quiet, I hide, and everything seems to go wrong. I don't need to mess anyone else up!

I mean, thinking about it now, I just… I don't know what I want to do. I felt her kissing my shoulder blade, going up to my neck, nibbling gently and kissing my jaw. Her eyes met mine. She turned me around and laid on my chest, hands laying with my hair. Momo was smiling, kissing away the tears and the confusion, bringing me back to reality. She held me so tightly, grounded me in her warm arms and how she just didn't care about what was hurting… only that it did.

So she kissed me, shining softly in the moonlight, calmly and gently opening my shirt, kissing me with her eyes on me. I realized that it was stupid to doubt myself. She showed me that everything was going to be okay. I was scared and worried for the future, and all I wanted was to be loved and appreciated for not being the son of Endeavor. I kissed her deeply and took out her hair tie, laying her down gently, tangled in her embrace and just thrusting, kissing her neck and chest, hearing her voice saying my name in breathy moans.

"More… more…" she sighed, gripping me tighter, thrusting harder and biting her neck gently. I wanted her, I needed her, she knew how hurt I was without me just telling her. Closer and closer to that moment where she could just hold me, the tightest they have ever held me. The moment where I could laugh and smile, despite my tears. When I have a family of my own, holding my children and telling them how Mommy saved me from doing something terrible. I already had a couple of names for them. Wait…





"He… AHHHH! Get off! Get off!" I yelled, "Momo… no condom…" I stuttered, "I totally forgot them! And I pounced on you and… and barely gave you a shot to create one!" I sounded sort of like Grandmother when she was worried.

"Hah… ahh… don't… don't worry… I had it all well in hand," she gasped, her eyes half lidded and her lips smiling. She pulled one out of her hole and smiled, "I got you fooled, honey…"

"How dare you make a fool of me," I snarled, "How dare you…" I pulled her up to my lips, pressing them to her ear, "I hate liars, I hate backstabbers, but most of all, I. Hate. Tricks. So hold on tightly, my dear~," I lifted her face up by her chin and heard her little whine.

"Koyurei…" she whined, "Koyurei…"

"Ssshhh… shshshsh… honey, sweet little creation angel, my one and only girl, shh…" I whispered in her ear, petting her hair and kissing her bitten and bruised neck. Momo moaned a little, kissing me and letting me hold her, my body warmed up and chilled out. I carried her to the wall and pinned her against it. I smiled and lowered myself, seeing her grabbing onto something, I smiled and began, feeling her shaking from every bit I was giving her. She was tense, my tongue lapping at the sweet waterfall flooding from her, eyes closed and just going by taste.

Hearing her sweet voice just losing itself, just focusing on nothing but her. She dug her hand into my hair and clinched it, other hand on the wall, looking down at me, the soft panting, the softness of her unmarred skin, the sweetness of the source just inches from me. Legs draped over my neck, crossed like an x and steadied by my hands, holding her.

My precious little Wifey was just perfect in every way. I just didn't want this to end. I opened myself wide to her, and she gave me love, all of it. She wobbled and sunk against me, her arms weakly hugging my neck as she panted and gasped. Her soft little breaths met my lips, and I picked her up and carried her back to our bed.

So beautiful laying there with her neck all bruised and bitten, so beautiful holding her arms out to me with an inviting smile that told me anything that happened to me in the past didn't matter in the slightest. Black hair spread out on the pillows, bang falling into her eye, breath panting out and her eyes staring at me with a look full of just her love.

I laid down and slowly crawled up to that beautiful face, touching her cheek with my right and my left, her eyes closed and I kissed her, sliding in and hearing her sweet little gasp and deep moan. Hands meeting her breasts and kneading them, feeling her arms wrap around my neck and deepen the kiss.

I just had Don't Stop Me Now playing in my head, blasting out. Bodies in rhythm, holding on so tightly it was like the end of the world. One last passionate lovemaking before we all blow up in a fiery hellstorm of death. I felt her soft body squished against me, her face buried into my neck as I came with her, my hand threading through her soft, thick hair, feeling her shaking and soft giggles, a smile on her face.

I took my Momo for a ride. She smiled and kissed me again.

"My… my Koyurei… no one else's Koyurei…" she whispered "Mine…"

"I know, I know, I'm yours… always, that's what it means to be together, yeah? You know I'd never ignite outside of battle to hurt you. I… I love you, seeing you so scared of me when I… lost it I just… wanted to show you that I loved you more than anything,"

She was asleep, a smile on her face as I laid on her chest, curling up and still undressed but not caring one bit because my Momo was more important.

I don't wanna stop at all...

*Vmmmm! Vmmmm! VVMMMMMMRRRRRRR Chunk!* my phone took a nosedive onto the floor and vibrated there, I palmed it and picked it up. Hearing Momo groan and hug me tighter.

"Nnnh… hello?" I mumbled.

"KOYUREI! MY BOY! Let's go celebrate!" Dad boomed, making me jolt and fall out of bed.

"Nu… Nu flamey flamey screamy mans…" Momo mumbled, "Don' make my Koyu go…"

"Dad… hah… I just woke up, seriously…" I groaned.

"Let's go out to breakfast! I'm paying!"

"Yeah, cause I'm a broke High School Student…" I sighed, rolling over and kissing Momo on the cheek.

Silence. Did he hang up? Please tell me he hung up… He didn't. He snickered and I looked outside, seeing the car out there and sighing. He was already here. Dragging a brush through my silver hair and brushing my teeth after hanging up, hearing rustling and dragging, seeing a messy haired and sleepy Momo shuffle behind me and wrap her arms around me, blanket brushing against my chest.

"No… I wanna cuddle… tell flamey mans I don't wantcha to go…" she sighed. I turned around and kissed her, she giggled and hugged me tightly. Her messy hair tickled a little as she kissed my face.

"Love you…" she sighed. I smiled and kissed her again.

"Remember, take your stuff, okay?" I asked,

She nodded, and I kissed her goodbye, there'd be time for kids yet, but not now. Momo leaned in for another sleepy kiss and I received it, feeling her trying to pull me back to bed. She was relentless, whining a little.

"Baby, not now, I got somewhere to be," I sighed. Momo slid her tongue down my throat and I pushed her off, she fell to the bed and spread her arms out to me. I sighed and put on my shirt, taking a hair tie and tying my hair back.

Momo got up again and she grabbed my shoulders, "Koyurei, remember, YOU set the boundaries, he's on your terms," she kissed me on the lips again. I hugged her and recessed my lips to her ear.

"Aw man, seems like you cant let me go, its only one meal, it's not like he made a whole day out of it," I lifted her face up by the chin and smirked, "Besides, there's nothing in the whole world that could keep me from you," I touched foreheads with her, smiling, barely inches away from locking lips with her, Momo was red faced and I broke away.

"Well! Can't keep my old man waiting any longer! I'll see ya later, Momo!" I dashed out the door, not noticing how much like Grandmother and Dad I sounded like. Day by day and month by month, I was closing the height gap between myself and Natsuo, Shoto and I were identical, and well…

Shit. I looked a lot more like them the more I thought about it. Softer, less bulky, I got Mom's face and Dad's hair, but his height and sikiness to his hair. I walked down to the lot where Dad was waiting in civilian clothes. He was off duty. What was the world coming to where Enji Todoroki, Endeavor, the man who is second only to All Might, was off duty? He was smiling, and it looked genuine. I rubbed the back of my neck.

"Hey, Dad…" I choked out, my face reddening, I didn't know what else to say, but he chuckled.

"You sounded tired on the phone, are you alright?" he asked, looking sort of concerned. I just brushed it off.

"Oh that's because Momo and I… well uhm… I was kinda tired from the fest, ya know?" I stuttered, Dad started the car and I got in, shutting the door.

"So. We have the entire day ahead of us! Lets do it! After all, you need to look your best for the future!" he declared, smiling and ruffling my hair. I looked away and paled. "I promised Momo it was only a frigging MEAL, not a DAY!"

Dad noticed that, "Koyurei, I'm doing this because I want to help," he sighed.

"You never cared about me before, so why now?"

Dad sighed, watching the road. I looked out the window at the passing cars and just drifted. I heard him softly humming what was on the radio. I listened closely and noticed it was a song he used to play a lot when I'd have nightmares or get a little scared.

I just sighed and looked out the window again.

"Aw come now, Koyurei! You used to love this song!" he exclaimed, smiling and nudging me.

"Uh, yeah, when you actually tried," I huffed, "What's your game?"

"Hm? My game?"

"Yeah, what have you been doing lately? Did you hit your head or something? Did someone else replace your soul and I'm talking to someone else?"

Dad laughed a little, and I gawked at that, I had never heard him laugh like that, "Koyurei! Haha! That's hilarious! Another soul Hahaha!" he wiped a single tear from his face, smiling widely and making me feel so weird. I just don't know what he was doing or what this feeling was. I noticed that he took me to a little building and owned the back, setting out the food and stuff. He smiled and sat down next to me.

"So… my father used to take me here, nice isn't it? I know you don't like being out in the spotlight often," he looked up at the sky. It was oddly considerate and… and I still didn't know how to feel about it.

"What was Grandfather like?"

"A man who loved life more than anything, but he wasn't a thrill seeker, I… I lost him when I was around the same age as you and Shoto were when I started your training, he was a better man than me, you and Natsuo are… similar to him but you inherited your grandmother's tongue…" he growled a little, "I remember when you went to parties with your mother and I, you'd just cling to me and not look at anyone," he smiled a little at that.

"You were my little tag along, but this time I… I want to see what you want to do, this day is ours to seize,"

I remembered what he said about getting a suit, and I always remembered how fun it was for me and Grandmother to go out and do that kind of stuff when I could see her. So I just ate and sighed.

"Are you ever going to cut that mane of yours?" he asked,

"Tch, no, I like it! Sikes for you, length for Mom, slickback for Grandmother, hair tie for Momo! See, it's a tapestry of my past and my future, and my present too!" I snapped, "I… I still remember you when… you know, but… I never hated you,"

Dad fell silent.

"You think you need to jump through hoops with me, but you don't," I huffed, "I cant believe Grandmother had to kick your brain in the ass to get it working right… but to me, even if you were scary, even if you hurt Mom and the others, I still believed in you!"

Dad bitterly chuffed, "I remember every time you get burned, you'd always say you were okay. Even though… I knew I hurt you"

I flinched a little at that, "Lets just… quit living in the past, okay? I wanna get a suit. Imma need it cause Momo is an old-fashioned gal," I held out my hand, and he took it, I hoisted him up even though he was way bigger and stronger than me.

He grinned, and we got in the car after cleaning up, showing up at the tailor's shop having an appointment. Dad went through the fabrics, holding up colors.

"Dad, I like maroon, black, white, gray, silver, and sometimes azure," I said, getting measured by the scuttling and terrified woman. I couldn't blame her, Dad was really intimidating. She had a chameleon quirk and was turning every color in embarrassment.

I still waited for the suit to be done, Dad finally settled on a silver jacket and pants with a white undershirt and nice silver cufflinks. I put it on and studied myself in the mirror. I didn't even recognize myself as the monochromatic twin.

"It goes with your fire and your ice, Shoto likes more muted tones, being a hero sometimes requires you to wear suits like this, not every hero wears spandex and capes," Dad said, "I hope you do well in your internship, wherever it is,"

"Yeah, just try not to… uh, push Shoto too hard, okay?"

Dad smiled and put his hand on my shoulder, seeing me flinch a little, he retracted it, "Koyurei, just know that I want to give you the key to a good hero career, but it's your choice if you want to fly above me and take an internship on your own,"

I sighed and carried my suit on one arm.

"I… I want to intern with you, I'm still getting the hang of my fire, and well… I need to balance it with my ice, and… I… I wanna… I wanna be as strong as you are! I dont give a single crap about All Might!" I snarled, Dad's eyes widened and just before I got into the car he grabbed me and yanked me into a tight hug.

"D… Dad?" I stuttered.

"Koyurei, you are seeking your own strength just because of me"

"I mean, come on, Prominence Jet and Gungnir being the same as your moves wasn't obvious enough? I just iced your Hells Lance and minimized your Jet Burn to limit overheating, and also my GIRLFRIEND!" he just went spine breaker, so…


I struggled out of his arms, "Okayokayitwasnicehavingthistimewithyougottagobye!"

"Huh, Are you sure, Koyurei"

"You made it weird,"

"Come on, I'll still give you a ride back to your place"

"No, no, you made it weird."

"Oh… sorry."

"No no, we're not… there yet."

I hurried away and just hauled ass to the station, leaving Dad behind and going back home to my dearest Momo. I got to the station near the apartment and scurried up to the door, once I got there, I opened it and saw Momo sitting proudly at the table, a cup of tea in her hand, she leaned forward, smiling. Her hair was down and curled slightly at the ends, her silver eyes shined playfully. What she was wearing though really took the breath out of my lungs. It was a dark maroon dress that flared out into a fiery orange. It looked backless, and Momo blushed a little.

``Welcome home, darling! She greeted me happily, "What do you think?"

I smiled, "I love it, where d'you get it?"

"Where do you think?" she asked.

"My grandmother?"

"Well, she gave me the inspiration, but I created it myself." She said. I walked up to her and picked her up, kissing her deeply and tasting the tea on her lips. I pulled back and touched foreheads with her.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting, Momo… but I'm here, right back where I belong most of all," I kissed her and I thought back to the old me all those days ago, cards fluttering around me, burning blue and icing over. The past was burning and freezing away, Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough to hate. To say that for destruction ice is also great. And would suffice. An old poem I enjoyed summed it all up.

No matter how the world ends, I'd still have her, and they would both be right. Fire and Ice, two forces of destruction, holding the beauty of creation, wearing a dress she made. Tangled together and just holding each other so desperately. It was almost like if we let go, or if I let go.

She'd burn or freeze. End in fire or ice.

And both wouldn't suffice.

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