In the Shadow @my.hero.xiii
Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Through the Fire and Flames.

I used my flames too much. It just would be too much to use the flames for the Cavalry Battle. So ice it is. Momo was just an excited ball of energy. Still being in first kind of screwed me over in the team department even if I cobbled one together.

Momo was nearest to me, but everyone kinda already had a team. Except for poor Izuku and Uraraka. Whatever the hell Izuku's quirk is and Zero Gravity. The two of them shuffled up to us.

"Hey, Koyurei?" Uraraka asked, "You wanna team up?" she tilted her head to the side, seeing Momo strategizing, circling Izuku and her, thinking in that beautiful brain of hers. I wasn't much of a tactician.

Momo looked at me, and I put on the ten million point headband. This better work, 'cause this was only one round. If I lose, it's gonna be really hard to hit a good stride again. She walked up to me and kissed me quickly. I sighed but clenched in. I looked up at the bowl of sky as the three of them lifted me. I gulped down my fear, my doubt was rising and my fear pounced quickly on my hope and tore through my optimism. My mind was screaming, my eyes shut, and I dragged it back into the flames.

I needed more fuel. I needed more. They would not hold back and neither was I, there was no lace for fear in my heart anymore. I gazed at the other teams, and later on, Shoto told me I looked like Dad. Determined and proud. At the crack of the whip, it began. All the other teams closed in, Bakugou champing at the bit to tear into me. I iced him and his team up, I took up a shield from Momo and a pole from her too. I smirked and set the shield ablaze, throwing it like a discus. Meeting the flames was ice, making it go out.

We darted like a Golden Snitch, trying to stay out of the line of fire. My body couldn't take much more of this! My two sides were fighting for control, then they all shot away and we were flying! Uraraka was floating us, but what about Midoriya? When I saw his hand I knew he broke his fingers to get us into the air.

"Nice one, Midoriya!" I yelled, I realized something when I palmed my head, my band was gone! Shoto took it from the claws of Dark Shadow, Tokoyami's quirk. I sighed, and we dropped gently, Uraraka looked a little green in the face. The other teams took it as the chance to strike back and strike back hard, they almost dog piled us if not for Momo and Midoriya throwing flashbangs. We broke past Team Monoma and Team Shinsou, going for their bands and snatching them right off.

We balked, Momo gasping and huffing, looking thinner, Midoriya was tenderized and Uraraka was barely hanging on. I was igniting. Prominence Jet was an improvised move. Soaked in my sweat and glaring out from my screen of gray hair. Then… I let go, lashing out full force with my flames, forming a massive wildfire before us. I was fed up with being weak, fed up with fighting it back. The battle came to a close, and I wobbled to the ground, huffing and wheezing.

Momo slid to the ground and Uraraka chucked the cookies. Midoriya was nervous, and when we got to the placements he was sobbing, and it took out my flames. There was something about those that I didn't get at all, but my uniform was burnt to ashes. Momo scooted over into my lap, laying against me.

"It's alright, just breathe, okay?" she sighed, "Let's get you a new uniform before the fights," she helped me up and hugged me, covering me up from the burns with a soft blanket. I went into my break room. Momo and I sat down and she sat in my lap, looking me in the eye.

"You're so hot," she said.

"Yeah, I am," I said. Momo giggled and smacked me on the shoulder teasingly.

"You're incorrigible, Koyurei," she sighed, "But that's what I get from such a strong, passionate boyfriend," She leaned against me and I kissed her, hand pressing her closer, giggling and smiling.

Momo let me kiss her some more, my new uniform fit like a glove, which meant she knew my size and all of that from… well, I'm sure you know. I still felt weird. About how we were closer than ever but I was worried that I might just tank it. It made me hurt inside just knowing that I'd mess up and make mistakes. I just wanted to live my own way but… I knew that I might lose her. I clung to her, feeling safe and warm in the right way.

She moved away, smiling, and I left for the outside for something to eat. Nice and piping hot soba was in a cup before me as I chowed down. I got a little of mochi for Uraraka and some katsudon for Midoriya as a thank you. While Momo got some takoyaki because that was one of her many ways, she could create more things. Little did I know that Uraraka was scuttling after me, eyeing the bag of mochi and wiggling a little. I felt the bag get torn out of my hand and she tore into it, still looking cute and nomming on it, flashing an overly serious thumbs up at me.

I just handed Midoriya his Katsudon and almost ran smack into Mineta. He squeaked and backed up fast, trying to get away but when I looked out at the field and saw Momo in a cheerleading outfit with Uraraka still nomming on mochi. I slowly turned towards Mineta and Kaminari, my heat rising and my eyes wide, I saw my flames ignite, seeing Momo so embarrassed and hiding behind her pom-poms. I glared at the two bastards and made my way towards them, flaring and spreading my hands out.

"Whoa! Hey, dude, this was a pleasant surprise, right?!" Kaminari balked, raising his hands and shaking them a little. I flared up, but Momo snapped out.

"You little idiots tricked us! I can't believe I fell for one of those schemes, even making the costumes, even ones for the boys, even after Koyurei used some of his pocket money for snacks," she sighed, I didn't exactly hear it because Shoto was busy trying to hold me back.

"You stupid bastards! I'm gonna burn your balls clean off! I'mma-" I felt a sharp chop on my neck and my flames went out. Grandmother was there holding me in place of Shoto because I got too hot. She turned me around and got down to eye level with me.

"Koyurei, I know you want to defend Momo's honor or whatever, but try to make things easier on her," she sighed, turning to Kaminari and Mineta, the two pervs backed against the wall. They parted as she just walked by, breathing out once she left.

Kaminari and Mineta gawked at where she was, "Dude… you guys never told us your sister was that hot! Oho man, it was like we just stared into the eyes of a burnin' succubus!" Kaminari gasped, grabbing my shoulders.

"Dude! You gotta tell us her details! Measurements? Favorite things? Anything!" Mineta begged, on his hands and knees. Shoto was about to say it but I wanted to. I smiled, slicked my hair down and back like hers, and looked down at them.

"Ooh, sorry fellas, but…" I stopped.

"But?!" they urged, "Come on!" I giggled.

"She's my grandmother," And the look on Denki Kaminari's face rivaled that of when I found out my pet caterpillar died, just… pure sorrow. Then from Mineta.

"A GILF! No way!" He yelled and turned around, but I stopped him fast enough. Mineta squirmed a little.

"No! I don't wanna be a grape smoothie! Lemme go!" he snapped. I heated my hand and thrust it close to his face.

"Count yourself lucky that my father didn't hear that, otherwise an apology to my FIANCE would seem like nothing compared to the ass whooping he'd give you!" I snarled and let him go. He scuttled away, most of the girls came back and Momo whacked him with a book.

I sighed as Momo ran into my arms, hugging me and burying her face into my neck. The heat on her cheeks warmed my neck and I hugged her back. I hated when she looked uncomfortable. Because she reminded me of the times when I was uncomfortable and vulnerable. I held her and sat down, lifting her into my lap and rocking her like a child. She held onto me, hiding her face and all I felt was anger. A silent, roaring rage just beneath the surface. But all I hummed was an old lullaby, well, not an old lullaby.

One Dad used to sing, one that he sang when I feared the dark when I was little and he'd have to sit nearby with his flames on… I smiled, feeling the small ember stoke and I remembered the droning audio he used to sound on the old radio.

Try to remember, but my feelings can't know for sure.

Try to reach out, but it's gone.

Lucky stars in your eyes.

I am walking the cow…

I really don't know how I came here, I really don't know why I'm staying here…

Ohwhoao… I am walking, the cow.

Trying to point my finger but the winds blowing around blowing me in circles, circles…

At that lyric of Walking the Cow I'd be asleep, but Momo was just smiling and watching the embers fall through the air. Dad used to struggle as a hero, but maybe that struggle consumed him. Trying to be something he wasn't. He tried to be Dad with me and Shoto. He never tried once we hit five. By the age of ten, I wanted to freeze myself and seal myself forever. Now I was holding my girlfriend so close and so tight.

The world might go to hell tomorrow, the sky might crash, and All Might might just meet his match. But all I wanted was my girlfriend. All I wanted was my Dad back. Maybe singing that song was just me trying to rekindle that memory. I just wanted my family back. And add Momo to it. Yeah, we're crazy and yeah, our dad isn't exactly our dad, but… I wanted to make Dad proud and make Mom proud and Grandmother and everyone!

I just… want my family to see me. I just want them to know I'm not a ghost anymore. That I remember all that happened, but I wanted to make it better. I don't want to be that useless child. I don't want to be Shoto's monochrome back-up plan! Walking the Cow was about accepting a situation and rolling with it. I want to be me; I want to use my quirk to build a better world where nothing like what happened to Mom or Momo happens again…

Where no one can be like me and my siblings, tools to be used and thrown away when they break. I looked at Momo and she was resting quietly in my arms, smiling and snuggling closer. I wish she could stay like that. I looked up into the stands, seeing Him with his arms crossed, ignited but the mask looked smaller. Time to show him how well I can burn. More powerful and more passionate than him. But mine… and mine alone. Momo kissed me gently, and I hugged her.

"Good luck, Koyurei…" she said.

I smiled and touched foreheads with her, Luck's got nothing to do with it. I just have to not pass out, yeah!


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