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Chapter 10

Chapter 10: A Brick Tied To Me.

The day arrived, and I did my best to control my flames. No matter what I couldn't let them consume me. I wouldn't be him. I'd never be him. I closed my eyes and decided that I'd be me. That's all I needed to be. The stadium was gigantic, soaring over us and shadowing us, but I didn't go to the student boxes. I just stood with the others, but I felt hot, it didn't feel right. Momo studied hard, and I just sat, meditating with my ice and fire. It was kind of hard to control my fire regardless if I had used my ice before.

"Man, what's with Todotwo?" Kirishima muttered.

"I can hear you, ya know," I said, feeling His eyes on me and Shoto. I shut my eyes and breathed out shakily. Freezing or blazing, that's my choice. I'm not doing this for anyone else. All of Japan would see my scars. The whole world, too.

All I saw was him. All those times I'd snap and burn him away or impale him on spikes of ice. All of it was mental, but I died a little every time I did it. I opened my eyes and Momo was hugging me. She knew my ticks and fidgets well, and me avoiding eye contact was one of them. Just feeling that heat again scared me. At this rate, I'd be better off just burning things down. Just like before. Yeah, I can't run, but what's the use in avoiding it? I gotta just burn the past away.

"Hey, you okay?" Shoto asked, "Look, I know he's here, but just calm down, you have Momo and I, just take it easy,"

I nodded, "Yeah, yeah, you're right, I'm just-" I was cut off from above by Grandmother and Natsuo.

"GO Shoto! Go Koyurei!" they yelled. I felt the heat from him grow, "SHOTOOOO! KOYUREIIIII! NO MERCY!" he screamed.

Ohhh boyyyyy… Great, not only do I have my older brother and grandmother riled up but then He starts a dick measuring contest with the world's cruelest handicap. I sighed and wanted to die. Or at least leave the damn country. Hell, Momo is set for life, being a hero wasn't needed at all. I just wanted to go somewhere where nobody knew me. Nobody would know Todoroki or even heard of Endeavor. Just some foreigners and their little kid. Still, with all the flash and bang of the Festival I wanted to win.

So… here we go!

I'm gonna burn it down! Of course, Bakugou went up and embarrassed all of us in front of the entire world and Midnights our ref, but that doesn't matter too much to me. I wanna get going! Time to blaze a path to the future! My way!


"Whoa there, Todoroki 2, you're at a twenty. Bring it down to a five, okay?" Mr. Mic asked.

"Right, sorry! I exclaimed with a grin, "I'm just so fired up!" I heard a fierce whip crack and I hid behind Momo, shaking a little. Midnight's blue eyes stared past her and at me. I gulped and stood tall, my flames igniting as I smirked and felt the familiar flames on my arm, I looked at her with eyes full of challenge.

"Bring it, We're more than ready!" I growled, seeing the screen go to a roulette. Midnight winked at me and I scoffed.

"Just for you, Koyu-kun~" She cooed. I rolled my eyes and saw that it was the Obstacle Race. I smiled widely and everyone in 1-A looked at me strangely. I looked up into the stands, seeing Him white-knuckling the railing, blue eyes meeting mine.

'Watch me.'

"Well! He's passionate! Don't you agree, son?" Tekka asked, joining Enji watching the lineup. His azure eyes pinned on his sons. Tekka Todoroki glared at her son, his eyes flicked over to her then back at his sons.

"Enji, look at me when I'm talking to you," Tekka said flatly, Enji growled lowly and turned slightly, still not engaging but still trying not to throttle his own mother in front of every person in Japan. Tekka smiled, but Enji didn't return it. Blue on blue, a strained smile to scowl, mother and son together again brought together because of one little gray piece still clinging onto their hands and never letting go. Enji broke the silence.

"Why are you here?" he said, voice hovering between a statement and a snarl. The tension was so thick you could slash it with a knife. Tekka chuckled airily, the same chuckle Enji used to loathe coming from her. Now he was numb to it.

"To see my precious grandsons, of course!" she exclaimed, "How about you?"

"To see my masterpiece and its failed clone battle it out for supremacy, if Koyurei doesn't win, I'll call off the marriage and just send it off to some boarding school, it's broken so it needs to be fixed," he snarled, "You made it too soft, she made it too soft, and that Yaoyorozu Girl is making it question its purpose,"

Tekka looked down at Koyurei, seeing her son's true colors up close. She sighed, her eyes flicked over to Enji and he was smiling! Tekka looked at her son and didn't see that same honorable and loving man he was back with Touya.

"Is that all he is to you? Is that what Natsu is? Fuyumi?" she asked, "Three children, three of your children and even your wife?"

"Oh please, don't act like you're a saint just because you were their little shrink," Enji spat, "It's a failure, mother,"

"He's just a little boy who wants his family back, a little boy who thought his mother abandoned him, so I had to pick up the pieces, and he only spent time with you because he wanted his father," Tekka said, "I know I was never a shining example, but why do you think Koyurei stayed over at my place for so long?"

Enji stood facing her now, eyes staring at her like he was seconds away from ending her, but Tekka stood firm, she knew she could stop him. She took a deep breath.

"Enji, do you want to know what I see?" she asked, going on without his answer, "I see a man with such fragile pride. A good hero, yes, couldn't be prouder of Endeavor, but Enji… none of them are like You."

"Have you ever sat down and talked to Koyurei about what he likes? No. you forced him into this box, he told me once how much he wanted to run away or burn his face so badly that he doesn't have to look at what he has of yours, his face, Enji!" Tekka was staring right at the monster her son became and he flinched.

It was time for her to twist the knife in deeper, "You have to start somewhere, Enji. Meet him where he is, he's going out there to show you he's good enough. Just do it for your son, then your other son, then your daughter. I dont know how Rei feels, or how Natsu feels, but you have to take responsibility for what you've done," she turned around, looking over her shoulder.

"Because they don't need Endeavor, they need their father to buck the fuck up and at least try to fix what he's broken! I'm only asking you to do this for their sake… so Koyurei or Shoto don't end up dead because of you," she left her son to go make sure Natsuo wasn't screwing around somewhere.

Enji sat down heavily, flames winking out, he looked down at the students all lined up. For the first time, the Hellflame Hero was silent, fully extinguished. Enji Todoroki looked inwardly at himself…

And he was disgusted by how weak he was.

I was running fast, or rather FLYING. Burning on wings of blue fire, running and just scorching the robots from the exam. Even if I was gonna overheat, I saw Him watching. I knew that I wasn't too shabby. Regardless of his cruelty, regardless of the past… I commit it all to the flames. I didn't care about my placement in the race, I just wanted to show him that I survived and I won't stop just because he tore me to pieces.

I always remembered him when he took us to the theme park. How he carried me home and we fell asleep on the couch, just the three of us. That was Dad. Then he faded away. He checked out, and the Balrog killed him. Now I was here, still holding out my hand to him. Trying to save him. I hit air and Ice formed beneath my feet, catching me, embracing me in the cold. Mom's power, and mine too. My father and my mother gave me their powers, both in their extremes.

"NO WAY! Koyurei has gone from flyin' on his flames to flyin' with his ice! It ties both Todoroki brothers in third, Izuku Midoriya in second, and Katsuki Bakugou in first!" Mr. Mic yowled. I launched off the ice and reignited, my scars burning blue.

'My past and my future! Mom! Dad! I embrace you both!' I thought of Momo and I smiled, 'Now burn, my heart! Flashfire Fist…' I spread my hands, flying on jets of fire over the platforms, 'Prominence Jet!' I saw the minefield and switched back to ice, everything blurring together, blazing flames and jagged ice, "Koyurei's blasting right through the minefield!" Mic yelled, "He's in second and Midoriya's in first!"

"FUCK THAAAAAT!" I screamed, blasting right towards that green headed kid that I swore was All Might's secret lovechild. Both me and Shoto thought so, but I burst onward, flames wreathing me as I slammed down over the finish line.

I rolled, skittered and bounced until I slammed against the far wall, I shakily stood back up with my head down, gasping and huffing heavily. Slowly, I raised my smoking right fist. I looked up through the screen of gray hair, past that, up to His box. His right fist was raised in answer, and it all came crashing in. Tears coursed down my cheeks. He was watching! He saw me! I hit the ground, sobbing and trying to make it stop. I felt someone hoist me up, and it was Kirishima.

"Bro! That was the most manly thing I've ever seen!" He exclaimed, "Dude! You gotta tell us who taught'cha that!" I smiled and gestured to Him, he was watching the tunnel and coming out of it was Momo, heaving and huffing, cheeks flushed with effort, but a certain someone was clinging to him.

Mineta chuckled, his cheek nestled right against her back, no wonder she was so slow, she had a goddamn freeloader! He was grinning, rubbing it against there, but then…

*WHAM!* he was slammed off by a chucked sandal, courtesy of Grandmother, she looked so proud of herself. Mineta was on the ground. Momo dashed forward, hugging me and ripping me away from Kirishima, landing on the ground and kissing me all over. She was so happy, hugging me so tightly my bones popped.

"You won the race! Yes!" she laughed and kissed me again, "Mmmmwah!" I smiled and hugged her, seeing that smiling face of Midnight looming over us. She licked her lips, teasing her whip a little, looking down at me like, 'God, what wouldn't I give to be in her place!'

"Hahaha! You may have one the race, but… There's this one,"

The Cavalry Battle. Oh boy.

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