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Chapter 6 Sweet Child O Mine

Sweet Child O Mine.

"Wahhhhhhhh… Wahhhhhhh!" Kounna was sobbing, so I just went down the hallway to his room. He was wiggling around, crying even more and I shoved the door aside. Kounna was a fussy little sleeper. So I just picked him up and he cooed.

Maybe he just needed me. Because soon enough he fell right to sleep. I stayed with him though, rocking gently and just thinking about what it'd be like if Toga and I were still together. We toyed with the idea before, but now I just wanna kill whoever might touch him other than Nejire and Eri.

I looked around at the hurriedly assembled nursery and I chuckled a little. I just remembered going to the store to get this stuff, as much as Nejire didn't like Kounna being down the hall from us, I assured her that he'd be safe.

But he looked scared. Even with the pretty star night lights, and the cute animals on the walls he just looked so scared about something. I checked near the window and the night was heavy with clouds. Everything was quiet.

Kounna let out a quiet little sigh and I chalked it up to just needing a little dad time. He loved me and Nejire mostly equally because he would reach for her when she was around. I still stayed with him though, soon falling asleep in the rocking chair with him.

Feeling your little son slapping your cheek to wake up was weird but then again Kounna was a smart little dude. He wiggled and yelled at me. I sighed and reminded myself that he was also Himiko's son, so…

"Alright alright, Kounna, Daddy's up…" I yawned heavily. Kounna pointed to the door and babbled, coming through was Nejire in her pink pajamas and Eri running in her kitty onesie. Nejire floated up to me and kissed me, making Kounna whine a little.

"Aww, what's the matter, Honey Bun?" Nejire asked, taking him and kissing him on the cheeks, making Kounna giggle and I just sighed. Knowing that Kounna would probably have so many girlfriends.

She went to go make some formula, knowing that I felt uncomfortable about the other way. Not because I didn't want her to, it's just that she's not his real mother and everyone seemed to know it.

Nejire was humming and making it as Kounna wiggled against her and atted her chest. She just grinned and ruffled his hair, with the little guy outing and still waiting. Eri was at the table eating breakfast and looking at her new little brother.

"Why can't Kou-kun talk?" she asked.

"That's because he doesn't know how yet,"

Eri nodded, "So Kou-kun can't play with me yet?" she continued, her little kitty ears on her onesie hood drooping a little

I sighed and smiled, "Yeah, he can't, he's still little." I looked over at Nejire feeding Kounna while still humming, he was such a sweet little guy. I mean, compared to me and his mother he's downright saintly.

Nejire happily went through taking care of him. I knew that there was a chance that she knew where I lived. And would most likely try to shove herself into my life for the sake of Kounna. He already had Nejire.

I didn't need her anymore. That meant if she wanted him, she'd have to survive me. I still was thinking about the what if, but I shouldn't. I pulled on my coat and smoothed it out. Knowing the story behind it.

I was born swaddled in it. So it became my most common piece of wardrobe. So here I was, watching my family get ready for the day. Nejire was in her uniform and Eri was too, leaving us guys to fend for ourselves.

Nejire floated up a little and kissed me on the lips, with her moving on to Kounna, she kissed him on the forehead and he laughed, touching her cheeks. Her smile was so nice and Eri hugged my legs tightly, looking up at Kounna and waving a little.

I watched them go and Kounna whimpered a bit. His little face twisted with worry. His golden eyes looked at me for assurance.

"They'll be back, Sweet Child," I sighed ruffling his soft silver curls and he hugged my neck, burbling a little. I just hung out with him. He mostly clung to me before making a weird face and then LOSING IT.

I carefully maneuvered over to the table to change him. He was kicking the air, wiggling his arms and yelling at me. Gee, wonder where he got it from… Soon I got a new diaper on him and he giggled at me.

"Haaa, you're lucky you're so cute, you little biscuit," I huffed, petting his hair and he giggled. Sweet little guy was always smiling and giggling. But then he got a little sleepy, grabbing onto my coat and refusing to let go just like his mother.

I just put him down in his crib and he sniffled a little. "Daaa…" he whimpered, "Daaa..." I blinked and smiled, he smiled, reaching through the bars and grabbing my finger. I leaned in and kissed his forehead.

"See ya later, Kounna," I muttered, putting a small metal ball near the side table. He couldn't reach it but he didn't need to. It was for later. I went to sit down in the living room. The other ball softly floated in my hand.

I just sat and waited for Nejire to come home with Eri. Hearing crying and the whining of my shere in my hand I went to the door. I pushed it open and saw Kounna crying in there, wiggling and squirming like something was bothering him.

"Did you stink again?'' I sighed. I swept him into my arms and smiled, noticing he was calming down, "Heh, still obsessed, right?" I teased, with him grabbing my finger. He stared up at me with his golden eyes.

Stinging. Clogging. Acid falling from my eyes. My throat closed as I just cried holding my son. Giving it all to my son. All my hopes and dreams, all my pain and all of my past with Himiko back when she still was sane. Back when I was a stupid little boy.

Back when the world seemed so big. That one night… it was a mistake. I shouldn't have gone back to her, gone back to that bar, and snuck in. I had my way with her and she got Kounna. Every time I held him, every time I looked into his eyes...

I never regretted it. All the scars and tears in my coat. All the abuse and blood I endured with crimson anger. All the rust I shed, all the times I died inside. Kounna smiled and I grinned, touching foreheads with him.

My lucky little man.

Nejire and Eri came home to me and Kounna on the couch with him clinging to my chest.

"And the brave, strong hero ended up saving the galaxy and bringing his father back from the bad guys, and there was a cruddy sequel trilogy but you don't need to know about that," I said, turning off the TV as Kounna wiggled and laughed.

"Showing him Star Wars, huh?" Nejire asked, leaning over the couch and Kounna reached for her.

"Maaaa," he said. Nejire picked him up and Kounna nuzzled her.

"Aww! He's trying to say Mama!" she exclaimed, "Try it again, Honey Bun!"

"Maaa… Maaaa…" he mumbled, with Nejire hugging him tighter, I smiled and hugged her too. Eri sat on the other side of the couch and we all sat together with Kounna just babbling and giggling. Telling Nejire all in baby talk the day he had with his Dad. Eri laid against me, smiling and just letting me hold her.

One happy family. A cute little family. I saw Nejire looking at Kounna then back to me with a smile, scooching into my other side and laying her head against my shoulder.

"Mm… so comfy…" she sighed. Eri nodded.

"Daddy's so warm!"

Kounna laughed and smacked my face gently, "Daaa…"

I grinned and closed my eyes.I knew I could get used to this. Of course I could. I was always adaptable.

The next day came when I heard the water going and Nejire was bathing Kounna in the sink. Eri was getting ready and I got up to go get some breakfast. Morning sun streamed through the windows and everything, framing Nejire in light.

"Hey," I said, kissing Nejire and looking at my little guy getting clean. He laughed at me and Nejire, she hugged me a little as he splashed around, his smile wide and his eyes shining. Such a hay little guy.

Nejire giggled and rinsed him off as he continued his little crusade. I just ate some cereal and Eri was eating then…

"More! More ancaaaakkeeesss! More!" She slammed her little knife and fork into the table. I raised my finger and the utensils marched towards the sink.

"Sorry, lil Sandman, we don't just demand that," I said, "Unless ya say the magical word even Kounna-kun knows how to say. Hit it, little guy!"

"Weeeeeeaaassse!" Kounna yelled.

"Fucking superb, you funky little Honey Bun!" I exclaimed.

"Language, baby!" Nejire exclaimed.

"Fine…" I huffed, smoothing my hair. Nejire laughed and kissed me again, I couldn't help but smile. She dried off our little son and he smiled at her, reaching his little hands up. Nejire hoisted him and he laughed.

"I'll stay back with him! You go take Eri to school," Nejire said. I smiled and grabbed Eri. I put her on my shoulders and she waved at Nejire.

"Bye Mommy!" Eri declared, and we were off to school. I remembered where to go and everything. Just going to school with my daughter was nice. My son couldn't have a better Mommy either.

I just held her hand and felt the sun on my face. Everything was nice and calming at least. When we got to the schoolyard a bunch of little kids ran out towards Eri. They all looked at me, all of them shivering.

"Where's your mom, Eri?"

"Yeah! Where is she? My big brother wanted her name on his poster!" they clamored with some more and I smirked widely. My little girl is a celebrity now! I waved goodbye and headed back home.

If only it was that simple. Oh no, of course when things finally look up for Tenkara Sorikami, a certain blonde would slam into me. Which is what occurred and why I froze her. Her wild hair asymmetrical and clothing mismatched and ruined. Madly swinging her knife midair.

"Gimme my baby! My baby boy! I KNOW YOU AND THAT SKANK HAVE HIM!" she howled, "I want him back! You're going to ruin him!" One motion and knife to the throat.

"Carotid Artery, one snip and you're gushing blood," I huffed, "Or, I could just mutilate your face, your choice,"

Himiko flailed her arms, eyes wide and mouth stuck in a clenched growl. I raised my hand, her knife poised near her cheek. I chuckled a little. The girl who used to have me at her beck and call on her knees.

"So you'd think the others would let you even take care of a baby, even Giran knew I was more stable than you," I stalked up to her, grabbing the knife handle, "Don't worry, this'll only take a moment, when you get to hell… tell the devil to make some room,"

Himiko's breath ghosted over my fingers, her fear clear on her face. I hesitated and leaned close to her, "You show your face around here again and I swear I'll fucking GUT you!" I snarled. She flinched and I let her go, she ran away for a few moments, but she stood a little ways away.

"Once shit hits the fan, Tenkara… you'll be BEGGING to let me back in," she said. I just walked away, pulling my hood up. The sky became heavy with rain and it opened up with torrents. I ran home, coat billowing behind me.

Once I got there, I shoved the door aside and Nejire was on the couch, bouncing little Kounna on her knees, "Aah! Earthquake!" She exclaimed as shaky giggles came out of him. She looked up to see me.

"Oh! Welcome home, honey!" Nejire greeted. I leaned over the back of the couch and kissed her and Kounna. I just floated up a little and landed on the couch next to them. Kounna laughed and held out his hands to me.

"Daaaaa…" he babbled, Nejire laughed and handed him over, kissing my chin. Kounna just snuggled into my arms. At that moment I realized how much Kounna looked like her. But I never wanted to see that smile fall. I never wanted to see him holding a knife and just suck blood.

I wanted to see him grow into a fine young man, I wanna see him embrace his own ath without knowing that his mother was such a monster. I want him and Eri to grow up together as real siblings.

Nejire grinned at me and Kounna, getting a little… a weird look in her eyes. She looked at Kounna and said one thing that made me feel as though I knew what to do. But the thing about that look made her look so strange…

It made her look cuter than ever. Eyes sparkling and her smile so infectious that I couldn't help but smile too.

"Kounna's going to be so lonely without another brother, a baby boy is just what Kou-kun needs! Playing dress up with Eri is gonna get sooooo… sooooo boring!" she flopped onto me, head on my lap and Kounna laughing and babbling in baby talk.

"Imma go put Kounna down for a nap," I said, moving her out of the way and going to the nursery to settle the little guy in. He clung tightly to me.

"Kounna," I sighed.

"Nuuu…" he whined. I chuckled and took off my coat, swaddling him in it and hearing him giggle and coo because it smelled like me. I grinned and watched the little guy just… wait, is his hair periwinkle? Why does it feel like Nejire's?

Kounna smiled. And I laughed. He looked almost exactly like Nejire. Shar eyes changed to round and innocent. Hair was a lighter shade of blue than hers.

"You're just full of surprises aren't you, Kounna?" I asked. Slowly and softly I closed the door. Once I was done with that, I moved on to my room, taking off my shirt and tracing a few of the worst scars.

My chest hitched, gunshot coughs. Flecks of rust on my hand. Throat burning and running to my bathroom. Terror cold and death in the shadows. Throwing the seat and lid up, wheezing and hitching more and more.

I was sick. Hocking rust into the toilet bowl. Each gob bigger and bigger, mouth gritty and tasting of how much I loved my son, my daughter, my… my whatever Nejire was. The final chunk shot out and tinked on the bowl.

"Shit… fuck…" I breathed, flushing and watching the bronze water swirl and drain. Washing my mouth out, the caustic taste of soap soaking my mouth. I looked in the mirror at my haggard face, bags under my eyes, eyes red and black.

Hair messy, too tall. Quirk is too lethal to be a hero. My eyes are too bright. My face is too predatory. A stupid little boy that hugged the toxic friend and followed her until she didn't need me anymore and dumped her son on me.

Why the fuck did I go with the periwinkle girl? The bubbly and confident girl that decided to save a piece of garbage like me? Why did I fall in love with her and not the woman who could and most likely would fix my goddamn sleep schedule and deal with my masochism?

One of these days, I would lose them all. Imagining Toga killing Nejire, Eri being torn to shreds and my son being taken from me and bashed against something. I just wished deep down I could just vanish and no one finds me.

Because losing them always happens. Always. Crying and just begging to keep it. Trying to grab hold of all three of them and never let them go. Like the lost little boy never understanding why he couldn't be a hero like that man said he always could.

Years of moving and vanishing, years of following the only person that understood until I got shot in the back and saved from the edge because I didn't know. Suddenly, I felt the warmth.

Was I good enough? Was I doing it right? At times I didn't know what to do. Nejire was hugging me, on the floor of our bathroom, the perfume of jasmine and lilies filled the room and the harsh, hitching sobs emanated from me.

Nejire just cuddled me, wrapping her hair around me and just letting me cry. She smiled and tilted my head up.

"See? Sometimes a good cry is all you need, Tenkara!" She exclaimed. Nejire kissed me, picking me up and almost carrying me to bed. I felt the firm softness of the mattress, the softness of her hair almost like a blanket.

I kissed her, soft and new. The scars burning away, the rust in the toilet making the water murky gone. The perfect azure eyes, and the soft blanket of blue sky. The hope and joy in her eyes. The smile on those soft, velvety lips.

Her bra was off, her panties too. I just held her and kissed her cheek. With her kissing my lips deeply. We then devolved into just kissing and never pulling away. Even some biting. But not much, didn't wanna show her how freaky I could get.

"Mm… Mmm… Aaah…"… she moaned, "Tenka~!" I just gently put her under me and she smiled, my teeth leaving small marks, loving on her and she gave it right back. Moaning softly and holding me tight.

Kissing her soft chest, loving on her breasts and just making her sing was my goal. My dick pushed against my pants, wanting to be sated. Slowly kissing my way down to her pussy, ready to devour her.

Easy, slow licks, making her moan softly. Sweet and gentle. Nejire moaned, her body shuddering under my touch, my eyes closing as she moaned even more.

"Ahh… my Tenkara~!" She gasped, I just went on my merry way, doing all I could to make this more worth it than that time with Toga. Crawling up to her, I kissed her gently and waited for her. She wrapped her arms around my neck, her legs doing the same to my waist.

She wanted me. More than Toga ever did, I mean, this time I wasn't drugged outta my mind but... was that really what she wanted? Me outta all the guys that were crushing on her that wouldn't put her in danger?

I just bit her on the neck, if she wanted me so badly, then I should oblige. I slid into the moist heat, feeling her grip onto my shoulders, I was taller than her, stronger than her, but I didn't wanna hurt her. Her voice whined out and I petted her hair

"Shh… shhh… it's okay, it's okay…" I muttered, "You sure you want this?"

"I… I do! I want this, Tenkara! I want you to be happy!" she squealed. I gently went deer, knowing how it worked thanks or no thanks to Toga. But this wasn't her. This wasn't Toga, this was Nejire. The woman I loved and wanted more than anything to be loved by.

I bit back a groan at how tight she was. She cried out and sunk her teeth into my shoulder. I didn't flinch at that and continued on, never once letting go.

"Ahh… haaa…" she sighed, "Tenkara… don't let me go!" She kissed me deeply and caught me off guard. She always did. Nejire wound her legs tighter around my waist. The faster we went, the more I thought of our future if we got to it.

A little girl or boy playing with Kounna, or Eri living her life. Nejire being safe and happy about our family. No more danger, and no more villains. Nejire kissed me and held me tightly, nails digging into my back and then…

*BAM.* The bedframe was on the floor and so was the mattress. I snickered, but then almost like a siren…

"Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" Kounna howled from his room. Nejire smiled happily and kissed me on the forehead.

"After we're done, go handle him," Nejire said, "J… Just finish it…"

I thrusted faster and faster, harder and harder, finally reaching the moment. A loud moan tore out of our throats before releasing it all. She weakly kissed me on the cheek. I smiled and got up, breathing hard. She really tested my stamina.

But I had to take care of our boy. I kissed her goodnight and got up to get to him. He was making a ruckus and I swept him into my arms, seeing his little face twisted into a knot of sourpussness.

I hugged him and he settled down, "Hey… hey… sorry to wake you… Daddy just made his quirk go bam," I muttered, with Kounna slowly falling back to sleep.

"Goodnight, kiddo, sleep well, and.. We love you, both of you, you and Eri." I whispered and went back to my room, settling in next to Nejire, my arms around her. I pulled the sheets over us and went to sleep.

She's got eyes of the bluest skies

As if they thought of rain

I'd hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain

Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place

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