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Chapter 4: Call Me Call Me

Chapter 4: Call Me Call Me.

I woke up to a pair of blue eyes right in my face. Nejire grinned and booped me on the nose. I slowly raised my head. Seeing her on my chest with Eri still passed out next to us.

"Wakey wakey~!" she cooed.

"Hey, you stayed," I said.

"Yeah! You're comfy!" she exclaimed, "And handsome!" I scoffed and saw Eri stir. Nejire wrapped her arms around me, "Let's go out somewhere today! Whaddya think?" she asked, getting intercepted by an excited little Eri, bouncing a little.

"Mommy and Daddy are going out on a date?! Yay!" she exclaimed. Nejire giggled and picked her up, floating a little, "Yep! Mommy and Daddy are gonna go out!"

"Wait, who's gonna watch Eri?" I asked, "It's really important,"

"I got a friend! Don't worry! He's cool!" Nejire exclaimed, "Eri might really like him!" I bolted up protective, picking her up and holding her tight, grabbing Nejire and pulling her against me, a whole battalion of silverware marched out.

"No. She's coming with. End of story," I said flatly. The silverware marched back to the drawer and I calmed down. Nejire looked a little shocked and Eri was hugging me tightly.

"Don't hurt Mommy!" she squeaked, "She didn't-"

"Eri… I wasn't gonna hurt her, I'm just… overprotective." I said, "I like Nejire, and I wanna protect her,"

Nejire smiled, "Yay!" Eri exclaimed. I sighed and put Eri down as she ran off to put on some new clothes. Nejire leaned against me, arms around my waist, staring up into my eyes.

"See? You're a good guy, Tenkara," she said, "Just remember it's gonna be okay." she was so cute and I wasn't prepared for it. She nuzzled me, smiling as if we were already together.

"Okay! I'm gonna go get ready now!" she exclaimed, taking up a bag she brought in earlier. I switched my shirt out and beat out the dust and rust flecks from my coat. I needed to look better, my daughter and 'friend' were counting on me for it. I smoothed my hair and checked myself in the mirror. I heard a giggle and there was Eri, in a little white dress and yellow boots with a cute little sunhat. She ran up to me, she loved the clothes I got her from some assignments Nemuri couldn't get to.

Hell, I was already being set up as the Mop-Up Guy for her. She even made me her bodyguard just in case things go insane. Now can ya see why it's so hard to pick? Nejire. Pretty, Eri likes her. Nemuri. Mature, a total bombshell. Eri likes her too. But… Nemuri didn't save me. Nemuri didn't make me smile often or as widely. Then out came Nejire, hair down and wearing a navy blue and white dress with sneakers. She went up to me and hugged my arm, she had a little pair of sunglasses.

"Alright, where're we off to?" I asked Eri.

"The Zoo!" she exclaimed, "I've never been, but Rappa-san promised to take me sometime!"

I smiled, and we headed out. The day was pretty but I couldn't help but feel nervous. My first dates weren't conventional. The first one was trying not to die by stabbing, the second one was cuddling in bed with an older woman while you vented to her, so what kind of weird shit's gonna happen to Metallica? Eri grabbed my hand, and I felt my lips tug with a smile. She was so happy looking as we went from enclosure to enclosure.

"Daddy! Look, it's you!" Eri pointed at a bat and I snickered. It was a Flying Fox. Those little bastards are adorable.

"You really think I'm a flying fox, Eri?" I asked.

"No! I pointed to the vampire bats, silly Daddy!" she exclaimed, Nejire was looking at the Bush babies.

"Aww… they're so cute!" she exclaimed, "So cute!" I smiled, and we went out of the nocturnal area and went onward to the seals and polar bears. Eri loved them, looking at them as Nejire stuck by my side, looking at her fondly.

"You really like Eri, don't you?" I asked.

"Mm-hm! She's adorable!" she exclaimed.

"I mean, how do you feel about this?" I asked, "About me and Eri? About living with us and possibly doing it for a long time?" I looked at her and she grinned.

"Sure! I mean, it makes you both happy, right? Eri couldn't stop smiling yesterday about me coming over and when I stayed the night, it was adorable!" she exclaimed, "So… you wanna move on?" Eri rejoined us and we went on to my favorite part, the eagles.

They were always so cool. Eri looked up at them with a gigantic smile and I smirked, seeing them fly around, I always wanted a quirk like an eagle's. Even though I was terrified of heights. I still liked them though, they looked cool.

Soon we made it to Eri's favorite animal in the entire world, "Mommy! Daddy! Sea Pancakes!" she ran up to the petting tank with the stingrays in there and I trailed after her with Nejire bringing up the rear. She was gladly petting one and grinning, Nejire got some food for them and one of them rose out of the water, making her squeak in surprise, getting splashed and hiding behind me. I chuckled and Nejire peeked out.

"I did- didn't know…" she stammered, wide eyes pin-pricked and hiding behind me like a child. I smiled and guided her back, taking some food and letting some of them eat. She peeked back out and smiled.

"See? Not so bad, right?" I asked, "Just an animal that sees food and wants to eat it. My life's been the same way."

"Why?" Nejire asked.

"Well, my family wasn't big on sentiment or love, my mom was. My Dad wasn't," I sighed, "So I was just alone. Then one day my quirk awakened and…" I looked at Eri and closed my eyes.

"I killed my mom,"

"M-mom? Hey, get up, I'm sorry!" Little me was sobbing, grabbing my mom's hand and trying to wake her up, rusting out of his eyes, "Mom! Quit it!"

Dad came home, and I remembered running into his arms, "Dad! Mom won't get up!"

He just smiled.

Nejire looked at me with those blue doe eyes, and I looked away. I didn't mean to bring down the mood with my big, ugly tragic backstory, but here I was spilling out my guts. Just like Nemuri and Himiko, I cut myself open to bleed out my feelings. Himiko validated and encouraged the resentment and Nemuri patched it up, but the genuine test was Nejire.

"Now my own daughter's trying to set me up with someone and I-" I looked down at my hands, "I just don't get it. Why me? Outta all the guys in the world you picked the deadly assassin with so many kills of corrupt politicians, villains, heroes that got in the way that I don't see me in the mirror… I see my grandfather, I see my dad, but I don't- I don't see- I don't see me!"

Nejire had no words to say. And I get it. It's kind of hard to say things when I just spilled out so much of my inner blood.

"It's up to you, Nejire," I said, "It's up to you if you wanna stay or not," I grabbed Eri's hand and closed my coat over her, refracting. Eri had fun, but she was a little confused. I just kept walking. It was up to whoever got to me the most.

Nejire, innocent and cute, never deserved me but would lower herself to me just because she liked me and because of that stupid sandwich. Nemuri, beautiful and mature, liked the way I held her like she was the only lifeline in this vast dumb ocean we call life. I wondered if I were to be in her gas for long enough… Would I be able to sleep forever?

Himiko, my old friend, Himiko, the girl I loved more than myself. The girl that was always there, the girl that no matter how many times she hurt me I'd crawl back to. Just because she understood what it was like. My mind was whizzing and skittering and Eri was in bed that night, little Stingray in her hands. Sleeping so soundly. I could just walk out and keep walking, turn my back and leave her in more capable and less bloodied hands.

I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, "Go off to Never Neverland, Lil' Sandman," I said. I walked out of her room, refracting and leaving the complex, marching to my own beat, Metallica and Ghost playing in my ears as Nirvana added some much needed rage to them. I walked among the streets, the ghost I always was. Walking down the roads and backstreets, seeing a happier Tenkara in every window. Holding Nejire's hand, cuddling Eri to his chest with his hood down, smiling widely. A little blue-haired baby boy in a stroller in front of Nejire.

In more of the glitzy ones, a happier Tenkara and Nemuri, Nemuri holding a baby with silver hair, a girl, Eri happily running ahead in a UA uniform. I looked in those reflections and saw myself. That was supposed to be me. Then in the puddles from the rain a few weeks ago, I saw myself, still me. Holding a silver-haired little boy with yellow eyes, Himiko holding my arm. God.

Which way was right? Which way was good?

I sighed and looked up at the sky, seeing the stars and slumping down against the wall, I sat there, staring up at the stars. I curled into a ball and cried. Wracking, breaking sobs that shattered my chest and made my eyes a gushing geyser. I didn't deserve this second chance. Out of all people to have it, it's me. Then I felt someone wrap their arms around me.

"A one-y and a two-ey and a…"

We were in the air, "WHA-? H-hey! Put me down! Seriously! I hate heights!" I screeched, "Aggh! Put me down!"

Nejire giggled, "Hey, relax! Shh… it's okay!" she exclaimed, "I'm just gonna take ya home!"

I clung to her tightly, "D-don't drop me!" I snapped.

"I won't, silly!" Nejire exclaimed, "Once we get home we can go to bed and not have to be so sad, you sad sack!" I hugged her tightly, peeking out and seeing the city floating by, she was in her hero suit, the scent of the city and the slight vertigo I felt from the feeling of flight made me cling to her tightly. Soon enough we landed back at my apartment, with Nejire setting me down with a smile. She wrapped her arms around my neck, staring up at me, staring into my eyes and kissing me on the forehead.

She led me inside and I touched my forehead sheepishly, seeing her taking it off, and I turned away, blushing and trying not to peek. So I didn't. Still, settling into bed felt weird tonight. Just settling into bed and seeing her come out in her pajamas, scooching towards me and hugging me, her hair wrapped over her chest and in a cute little scarf.

"Hehe, I love you," she said, kissing me on the forehead, "Nighty-night!"

I froze, 'What?' I thought.

"Uh… yeah. I love you too," I said, feeling her arms squeeze me. I slowly wrapped my arms around her. I slowly fell asleep, and I hoped that this wasn't a dream.

Call me, call me. Let me know it's alright.

Peace of mind, what can I do to get me to you?

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