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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Maria walked down the hall of the Helicarrier trying not to catch anyone's eye. Unfortunately things don't always go to plan.

"Maria!" called out the Black Widow, Natasha Romanov. Maria held in a sigh. Turning around she smiled.

"Hello Natasha. How did your night go?" she asked, hoping it didn't end up like hers.

"Ditched Stark right after you left. He didn't even notice. He was too busy chatting up some blonde bimbo," she laughed out. "I assume you went back to Potter's place like planned?"

Maria nodded her head but didn't say anything.

"Well how did it go? Find any solid info?" she asked, curious of what she found. Harry Potter had intrigued Natasha. The man seemed to have come out of nowhere and created one of the largest and most important companies in the entire world. As far as the government went, he was damn near untouchable. She heard Maria mumble something. "Can you repeat that?"

Maria huffed. "I said that I didn't find anything."

Natasha raised a well manicured eyebrow. "So he's clean?"

"I don't know if he is or not. I didn't get a chance to check," she said embarrassed.

Natasha noticed her cheeks reddening and wanted to find out why. Grabbing her hand, she lead Maria into an empty room down the hall. Once alone and secured, Maria spilled the beans on exactly what had happened. She explained how she was unable to initially spike his drink, and deciding that a little girl talk wouldn't kill her, she told her exactly how Harry had wore her out.

"Completely passed out?" Natasha asked, wide eyed. "He was that good?"

"Best I've ever had … by far," Maria answered, blushing. "Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to tell Fury that I was unable to complete the mission. Hopefully without him transferring me to Siberia."

Natasha laughed. "Good luck with that," she shook her head. "Maybe you'll get lucky and get another crack at it."

"A girl can dream." They both laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation. What Maria didn't say was that she was hoping for just that.

Harry Potter: The Avenger

Harry Potter was laying by his pool, catching some sun, and thinking about the previous night. Not the part about spending the night with Maria, that was all fine and dandy. No, what he was thinking about was SHIELD and the apparent leader, Director Nick Fury. After he called a taxi for Maria, he'd asked his AI Bianca to dig up as much information on them as she could. What she got wasn't much. SHIELD was very good at covering their tracks. From what he took from Maria's head, they were suspicious, and suspected him of possibly being "Onyx" as the news had named him. They didn't want to harm him, unless of course he was a danger to society. No, what they really wanted was for him to work for them.

That was certainly a possibility Harry thought. The only thing Harry really wanted in his new life was money (which he had), women (which he could get), and adventure. Basically he was just trying to keep from getting bored. SHIELD had much more information than he did. They were going after the bad guys on a world wide scale. With them, he could make a real difference. Harry wouldn't rush a decision. He would think about it.

Harry Potter: The Avenger

Decked out in his armor, Harry was stuck to the ceiling of an office in a rather large building in Manhattan, New York. He watched the security guard walk by before letting himself fall into a back flip and land silently on the floor. Technically he didn't need to do any of this since he had magic, but Harry always like to make sure he had the skills to do it without. Knowing that it would be around seven minutes before the guard walked by again, he magically unlocked the door to the bosses office and went inside, closing the door behind him. He pulled out a USB stick and stuck it into the computer sitting on the desk. "Do your thing Bianca," Harry ordered.

"Of course sir," she replied in her sexy accented voice.

As she uploaded a virus that she herself had created, Harry just stood guard to make sure everything went to plan. Harry tapped his toes while waiting. Checking the time on his HUD, he could see that they only had around a minute and a half left. With forty five seconds to spare, her voice startled him.

"Upload completed sir,"

"Cutting it kinda close," he replied. "Doesn't matter though, let's go." Harry locked the door from the inside and disappeared just as the security guard walked by.

Appearing back in his lab, Harry walked over to his main computer and sat down. "Begin the clone," Harry said, grabbing a cold drink from his mini fridge.

"Beginning Mr. Potter. It should take roughly twelve and a half minutes." Harry used that time to grab a snack.

The office he had broke into belonged to a small time company that Harry suspected was in cahoots with HammerTech. Recently, he was getting quite a few attacks on his servers and mainframe. Not to mention the times someone tried to break in to his property in the middle of the night. Bianca was able to trace the attacks to the office he had visited. He wanted to know everything there was to know about these idiots.

"Complete sir. We now have a full copy of all the hard drives in the office building."

Excellent Bianca! Start analyzing it. I want to know exactly what these people are doing and who they're doing for."

"Right away sir," she replied.

Harry sat back in his chair. He had been thinking a lot about the whole SHIELD thing. He was very tempted to join up with them. At the very least he wanted to hear them out. Now all he needed to do was to find a way to contact Director Fury. He couldn't just show up in front of him. If someone had done that to him, they'd probably catch a curse in the face. Harry'd probably catch a bullet. Harry knew about the Helicarrier, but the problem with that was that it was always moving. He didn't dig enough into her mind to find out any more secrets offices or bases. He shrugged his shoulders. If they wanted to meet him bad enough, they would find a way.

Later that night, Harry was suited up and looking at the situation unfolding before his eyes. He could hardly believe what he was seeing. A green tornado was moving down the street, tearing up everything in its path! Harry had responded to the call of someone robbing a jewelry store, not this! Sadly, this wasn't the strangest thing he'd ever seen. Shaking his head, he jumped into action. The tornado wasn't very large, so Harry flew up and examined it from above. He could see down into it and spotted what appeared to be a man in a green outfit! Summoning him up into the air, Harry only got a second to look at him before he threw a nasty punch that launched him down and through the roof of a small building. The loud crashing sounds drew everyone's attention. In apartment buildings around them, people looked out their windows to see what was going on. Harry flew down through the hole and kicked the guy just as he was getting to his feet.

"AAAARRGH!" he yelled in pain, slamming up against the wall. "Enough! Who dares attack the mighty Whirlwind?!" the crazy guy shouted.

Harry rolled his eyes. Every evil person that he had ever met always considered themselves the "mightiest" of them all. This Whirlwind character sure was strange. He wore completely green body armor with a helmet that was shaped like an American football with airplane wings that pointed upwards. 'Totally not cool,' Harry thought. His evaluation had to be put on hold as a ferocious wind hit him, sending all the junk within the building hurtling towards him! Knickknacks and doodads slammed into his magical shield, throwing off flares of bright light as they all disintegrated upon contact. He didn't expect Whirlwind to be suddenly standing right in front of him, nor did he expect such a hard punch to send him crashing through the wall! Harry skidded to a halt as he landed on the street. The green tornado was already after him, blowing right through the wall he had previously come through. Throwing out his hand, Harry sent a torrent of icy, cold mist directly into the tornado. Suddenly the tornado stopped and out of it fell a shivering Whirlwind. "I … I'm n-not done yet!" his teeth chattered out.

He spun around and used his powers to fling a car directly at him. With a thought the car turned into a thousand feathers which he then banished back at Whirlwind. The feathers hit him in the face and distracted him as they exploded into a feathery cloud. Whirlwind felt something hit him hard in the chest, sending him flying. He landed a hundred or so feet away on the road. Looking down, he could see a large crack in the armor in the center of his chest plate. "Shit that hurt," he winced. He barely had time to notice the wall of fire coming straight at him! Going tornado, he spun the fire around him and let it travel up into the air before he let it go. As soon as he stopped his tornado, the black clad weirdo was already on him!

Harry saw the fire shoot up into the air and waited until the right time. As soon as Whirlwind appeared, he apparated directly in front of him and started throwing punches. His first few punches were blocked, but Harry's strength soon overcame the green villain. Hitting him with a fearsome uppercut, Whirlwind was thrown off of his feet backwards and smashed into a brick wall. He tried to get up for a second, before collapsing unconscious.

Hearing police sirens closing in, Harry became invisible to make sure the super powered criminal didn't escape. A few moments later the entire area was crawling with cop cars. Harry was about to leave when he spotted something that made him stop. A fairly normal looking man in a black business suit was talking to the investigator in charge. He had seen that man in Maria's mind! He didn't get the name, but was sure he worked for SHIELD. Taking his opportunity, Harry conjured a pen and piece of paper.

Harry Potter: The Avenger

Agent Phil Coulson was talking to the officer in charge, telling him in no uncertain terms that his organization was taking this enhanced individual into custody, and that his department should just forget it ever happened. Basically, a normal Sunday night. Once everything was squared away, he got back in his black sedan and drove back to SHIELD Base Bravo.

SHIELD Base Bravo wasn't much, truth be told. It was a small, run down building that appeared to sell antique photographing equipment. That was until you told the woman behind the register the correct password. She then hit a secret button and a hidden door opened. Going inside, he heard the door close and lock behind him. There weren't many agents there since it wasn't a major base of operations. Phil walked into the lounge area and got himself a cup of hot coffee. It had been a long day. First he had to deal with Director Fury, who was still annoyed that they hadn't been able to find much on Harry Potter or the so called Onyx. Then he had to take a flight from the Helicarrier, all the way to Vegas to try and salvage the "Potter Operation". Before he even landed, he got a call from Fury and was rerouted to Reno to apprehend a superpowered individual causing a scene. Thankfully the powerful trouble maker had already been taken down before he arrived. He didn't need to risk the lives of any of his agents. His eyes widened when he had heard exactly who was the one to take him down. Once again, it was Onyx. 'Fury's going to blow a gasket,' Coulson winced to himself. He can already imagine the beating his ear drums were going to take.

He did the only thing he could in that situation. He left some of his agents to ask around and confiscate any video recordings of the battle that took place. Hopefully they would find something. Taking a sip of his coffee, his other hand brushed against his trouser pocket, Hearing a crinkle, he reached inside. He pulled out a folded up piece of paper. He didn't remember having anything in his pocket. Shaking his head, he put his cup of coffee down on the table and opened up the piece of paper. His eyes widened comically! Checking the rest of his pockets to make sure nothing else was added, he pulled out his phone and made a call.

"Coulson," he replied to the voice on the phone. "A657Y9914," he told his passcode. "Transfer me to the boss."

Harry Potter: The Avenger

"Are you sure this is all there was?" asked Fury for the third time. Receiving another yes, he sighed. All the note said was …


Meet me at Lorenzi Park. Tuesday, midnight.


Everyone was trying to talk him out of going, or at least going with massive amounts of back up. No, Fury had to go with as little back up as possible. Seeing agents posted everywhere would likely scare him off. Fury needed to talk to this man. If he was able to get him on his side, then they could start making a real difference! There were so many missions that he had to scrap simply because it was too dangerous or would likely be too costly. If he had someone that could personally handle those difficult situations, then he could focus his efforts and resources elsewhere.

"Are you sure you don't want me there as back up sir," asked Coulson again.

"For the last time, no. I'm sure everything will turn out fine. Besides, I'll have Barton and Romanov with me, hiding in the shadows.

Coulson nodded his head and took the hint to stop talking about it.

"You just make sure the park is cleared out before midnight. I don't want any civilian showing up and mucking up our meeting!"

"Yes, sir," Coulson answered.

"That will be all," he stated, leaving no doubt that the conversation was over.

Over in another room two agents were discussing the mission. "So this should be fun," the beautiful redhead stated.

"Yeah a regular barrel of monkeys," a muscular middle aged man replied, cleaning a wicked looking bow.

Natasha snorted. "What? You don't think we'll get any action?"

"Doubt it," Hawkeye said, testing the new string he just put on. "I'll still keep on my toes just in case."

"How come you don't think anything will happen?" Natasha asked, playing with a new knife that she had recently purchased.

"If he had wanted to hurt Fury, why would he leave a note in Phil's pocket? We've seen some of the things this guy can do. If he really wanted, I'm sure he could track down Fury and take him out silently and quickly. No need to announce his presence like he's doing now."

"Yeah I guess. Either way, it gets us out of the office," she smiled at him. He smile back.

"Why do you think I'm not complaining," he chuckled.

"I really do want to meet this guy," Natasha said, putting her knife away. She slipped it in the knife holder attached to her shapely leg.

"Why's that?" he asked, looking up. Seeing the very slight blushing of her cheeks, he decided to tease her. "Is it about what happened to Maria?" Noting that she didn't deny it, and the fact that her cheeks began to pink even more, he thought that he actually hit on something! "It is about that! Oh dear," he laughed out, dodging a punch aimed at the side of his head. "Our dear little Natasha is all grown up. Do I need to give ya'll the talk? Owww!" he yelled out, getting kicked in the shin.

"Serves you right," she muttered as he rubbed his aching leg.

Tuesday night came and Natasha was hiding out somewhere close by while Hawkeye was perched high up in a tree with his bow at the ready. Fury was standing in the shadows with his one good eye scanning the darkness. "At your three o'clock boss," one of his agents said over his ear piece. Turning slightly to the right he spotted a black clad figure slowly walking up to him. Walking towards him to meet him halfway, he said,"I half expected you to swoop in like a bird."

Harry chuckled. "I was tempted. Flying is much better than walking. I didn't think you'd appreciate it though."

"So let's get to the point. Why did you ask for this meeting?" Fury asked, always suspicious.

"Your group has been looking for me. They've been searching for answers. I'm here to answer a few of them and find out what kind of people you are."

"We're the people who keep the unknowing public safe. We're the ones who travel the world chasing down the scum of society. We were created to take down the bad guys by any means necessary, on a world wide scale. That answers who we are. Now who exactly are you?"

"I'm just someone with too much power whose looking for adventure. Capturing a few law breakers along the way is just icing on the cake," Harry said, shaking his head.

Fury raised an eyebrow. "So you don't actually care about catching criminals?"

"Not your average criminal. They'd end up getting caught by the police anyway. I'm looking for some bigger fish to fry," Harry replied.

"And how exactly are you going to go about catching those big fish?" Fury asked, always searching for information.

"I was hoping for your help on that actually."

"Really?" Fury asked, surprised. "So you're looking to join a team?"

Harry shrugged his shoulders. "May as well. You have a lot more information about the goings on of the world than I do. With you, I can make a bigger impact on the world, and hopefully leave it a better place."

Fury nodded. He handed Harry a card. "Meet us here, at this specific time. We'll take you in for an evaluation."

"Alright. I'll see you then. For now, I need to go. Got some things to do," Harry replied, walking away.

"Wait! Who are you?"

"Why don't you ask Natasha?" Harry chuckled. "I'll see you soon Ms. Rushman!" he yelled out.

Natasha's eyes widened as she saw him fly away into the night sky.

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