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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

March 2008

HJP Nanoworks had taken the world by storm. After taking Tony on a tour of his Las Vegas megafactory, proving that what he claimed was completely true, and providing more samples to be tested at Stark Industries, they were practically falling all over themselves to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. It had taken five months to receive and install all of the machines and tech that was needed to fully start production. Staff, workers, accountants, and tax professionals were hired, and samples were sent to all major companies of the world. Soon after, he just sat back as the orders started rolling in. It had only been two and a half months and his company had already recorded more than three billion in profits. Things were going well.

"Has Stark figured out how to dampen or redirect sonic booms yet?"

"Not yet sir. He is currently still testing his latest prototype."

The sexy and sultry voice that answered him was his new A.I. Bianca. Harry had requested a sexy, female Italian accent, and Tony was more than happy to comply.

"Let me know when he does. The new hypersonic private jets we designed are nearly ready for production. Stark Industries are especially eager since they have so much money tied up into the tech going inside them," Harry instructed as he stood in his lab in the basement of his Las Vegas mansion, examining the holographic display of the new jet.

His newest designed was a work of art. Sleek and sexy with wings that could retract backwards, the Athena V1was the epitome of class and luxury. Kitted out with only the best tech and finest Italian leather, the jet was as comfortable as it was fast. Harry's new MHEs (metallic hydrogen engine) could push the jet to just past 6800 mph, or slightly above mach 10. Thankfully while metallic hydrogen's melting point was 2460 C, it's temperature to start combustion was more than twice that. That, along with his partnership with Stark Industries helped keep the government regulators at bay.

"Of course sir. Two new orders came in today bringing the total to 341."

That was really good. The jet came with a price tag of one hundred and twenty million each. Of course those numbers didn't count the one being made for himself, or the one for Tony, or the three for Stark Industries.

"Mr. Potter? May I suggest going over the application files for your new personal assistant?"

The holographic display of a middle-aged neck-beard replaced the image of his new jet.

"Ugly," Harry stated, swiping left. "Ugly. Ugly. Smelly. Fat and smelly. Ugly, fat, and smelly," he swiped left on them all. "Is it so hard to find a decent assistant?" Harry asked, throwing his hands up in the air and leaving to get something to eat.

"Ugg!" came the exasperated voice of his A.I.

The sound of crunching could be heard as Harry scarfed down his salami sandwich and Dorritos while watching the evening news. The report on the mild heat Las Vegas was experiencing by a particularly attractive weather girl was interrupted by breaking news. "This just in! The Starstruck Hotel and Casino was just robbed by a group of at least a dozen armed men. They are currently fleeing the police in black SUV's speeding down the I-15. As you can see, gunfire is being exchanged between the suspects and law enforcement!"

Sure enough, footage taken from a news chopper showed the high speed chase as flashes of light appeared from both sets of cars. The excitement in Harry grew. Sure, building a business was fun in its own way, and yes, the money earned was his end goal, but nothing could ever quench his desire to take down the bad guys. The excitement and thrill was what gave his life meaning. His mostly eaten sandwich left abandoned, Harry hurried over to a blank wall in his bedroom. He placed his hand on it and pushed some magic into it only for the wall to melt away revealing his armor. In his opinion, he thought his armor was pretty fucking cool. Skin tight, black, dragon skin pants with a matching long sleeve shirt and gloves was awesome enough, but Harry had also added nanoceramic vambraces for each forearm, chest plate to protect his chest and back, and shin guards, all painted jet-black. Along with black, dragon hide boots, he had a custom made, ankle-length trench coat with attached hood, all made from a very old Hungarian Horntail. His favorite piece however was the new helmet he had designed. Black nanoceramic and filled with Stark Industries tech, the helmet was futuristic looking with two red, glowing lines traveling diagonally from the upper back of the helmet down to the front before heading straight down the front, leaving two inches between each line. A quick switching spell had him wearing his armor.

Pulling his hood up he said, "Bianca, combat mode."

"Combat Mode activated sir," she replied through the speakers in his helmet.

"Track the dirtbags currently being pursued."

"Tracking sir. Waypoints on your helmet's Head's Up Display will lead you straight to them."

"Thank you Bianca," Harry said gratefully as he apparated around fifty feet straight up in the air and used the self-flight magic that he had once witnessed Voldemort and Snape use. Tearing down the desert, it only took a couple minutes to see the chase in the distance. There were dozens of cop cars, lights flashing and sirens blaring as they chased after three black SUV's. He put on the speed and tore past the cops and flew right up to the front passenger side window of the lead getaway car. Politely, he knocked on the window. A few seconds passed before the window rolled down, exposing an idiot wearing a black ski mask looking at him with disbelief.

"Excuse me sir! You wouldn't happen to know the directions to the Ooo La La Gentlemen's Club? They have a midnight buffet that's absolutely to die for!" Harry yelled out in his slighty robotic, helmet augmented voice. The wind rushing past him made it hard to hear, but he clearly heard the idiot that was driving yell out, "Shoot him!" The first moron pulled out a handgun and aimed it at him. Harry quickly grabbed his wrist and pulled him out the window.

The doppler effected 'Ahhhhhh!' was heard as bad guy numero uno landed in the ditch at around 100 mph! The rest of the bad guys were apparently displeased. The back window rolled down and the barrel of an assault rifle poked through. As the shots rang out, Harry pulled up a magical shield. Flashes of gunfire and sparks from bullets hitting metal blinded all onlookers as enemy bullets ricocheted off his shield and peppered their own car! A pained yell echoed from the SUV before pulling hard left and flipping off the side of the road. Harry caught a quick glance of the SUV barrel-rolling off to the side, kicking up dust and sand. His attention was diverted back to the action as bullets struck his back and merely bounced off the tough dragon hide. Apparating away, he appeared on the second SUV's hood, laying down in a sexy pose. He blew a kiss at the driver and waved. A guy which Harry named Einstein popped up out of the sun roof and pointed an AK-47 at him. He apparated again just as shots rang out! Bullets tore through the hood and engine of getaway car number two. "You fucking idiot! You shot the engine!" As the driver berated his accomplice, neither of them noticed a powerful, black clad body drop down from straight above and slam feet first into the hood. An explosive sound rocked the area as Harry pile-drived the front of the SUV into the ground, tearing it apart and sending the whole thing flying head over heels! The third SUV swerved then accelerated to avoid hitting his fallen brethren. Flying behind it, Harry summoned a whip made of blinding, white light and lassoed the rear axle. A mighty pull had it tear free from the car and the SUV skidded a hundred or so feet before it came to a stop. Harry landed as the last four robbers piled out of the useless vehicle. He walked toward them as they opened fire. Bullets bounced off his armor as he slowly made his way to them. Fear could be seen as he was only a few feet away! Quick as a flash, he punched one guy, knocking him out instantly and stunned another. One hero decided to make a break for it and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Harry's hand shot out and lassoed his legs with the same whip of light and then he felt an impact on the back of his head. Looking back, he saw the last bad guy looking at a bent rifle that he just used to clobber Harry over the head with. The man landed twenty feet away after Harry angrily spartan-kicked the living hell out of him. He didn't move again. Turning back to the last moron, he saw the guy struggling to get away. Harry pulled the rope of light and slowly dragged him back. Once at his feet, Harry grabbed the robber by the front of his bullet-proof vest and lifted him up to face height with one arm. BANG! Harry's head snapped back as he took a blast from a Desert Eagle .50 at point blank range. 'That fucking hurt!' Harry thought as he shook it off. He growled at the guy who was currently wetting his pants. "I'm going to tell you the same thing an old girlfriend once told me. Don't shoot that thing off in my face!" A sickening crunch was heard as Harry headbutted him into oblivion. Tossing the possibly dead asshole to the side, Harry turned and looked at the cops lined up a couple hundred feet back looking at him with fear and awe. Harry issued a jaunty wave and disappeared.

Popping back into his room he said, "Bianca, please run diagnostics and make sure the armor isn't damaged."

"Running diagnostics. Diagnostics complete sir. All pieces are working at optimal levels. I can find no damage."

"Excellent," Harry happily exclaimed. A switching spell later and Harry was back in his normal clothes. As the wall resealed itself, he went to get ready for bed. Being a kick-ass hero sure took a lot out of you! Thinking back on his performance, he decided that he was reasonably happy with how things went.

The following day, he made sure to watch the news and read the local newspapers to see what they had to say about his heroics. He was sure that some would be happy and others wouldn't. That was just how things worked. You couldn't please everyone. His prediction was correct. Most of the everyday citizens were quite happy that some super powered individual was there to save the day, while a few local politicians were complaining about vigilantes taking the law into their own hands. Due to his extremely advanced age, Harry was well beyond the point where he cared about what some useless stuff-shirt said about him. Now that he had a taste for adventure again, he wasn't going to stop. The world was full of criminals and catastrophes, and sure, he wouldn't be going after pick-pockets and jaywalkers, but there were many more that were a much greater threat to society ... and society needed someone to take out the trash.


A tall, grumpy looking black man with an eye patch was watching various screens. On those screens were dashcam recordings from different cars, all of which belonged to the Las Vegas Police Department. Those recordings showed what appeared to be a man with mind-boggling powers completely tearing through a well armed and organized gang of thieves and thugs. Some of the things he saw the man do were unbelievable. That was saying something. If there was one thing that could be said about Nick Fury, it was that he had seen everything! Evidently, that was incorrect. Director Fury slammed his fist on the table, making many of his underlings jump in fright.

"I want to know everything about this individual and I want to know now!" he yelled, starting a flurry of activity. Keyboards could be heard clicking away as every one of his analysts and fact finders did their best to keep him from blowing a gasket.

"Sir." flowed the sweet voice of a beautiful woman with dark brown hair that was pull back into a bun. She was slim and fit with a nice, shapely figure draped in a form fitting SHIELD uniform. She confidently walked up to her angry boss.

"Agent Hill," Fury greeted her.

"It's going to be difficult finding anything about this guy. We can't see his face and the recordings are less than ideal when it comes to resolution. The best we can tell, he is maybe six and a half feet tall and well built. Even that may not be correct. He was wearing black and with it being night when this incident occurred …" she didn't need to finish her thought. Fury had seen the recordings dozens of time and knew what she was talking about.

"This guy had to have come from somewhere. Scour the globe for any kind of similar incidents. If some two bit thug was hit over the head by an old lady's purse, I want to know about it." Fury scowled.

"I did have one thought," Agent Hill added.

"Oh?" Fury raised an eyebrow.

"Yes sir. At the end of the recordings you can clearly see him getting shot multiple times. The final shot was directly in the face by a Desert Eagle. A shot like that can cut through a steel plate and yet, I didn't seem to hurt him all that much," she stated.

"Your point?" he asked impatiently.

"My point is that his armor must have been made of some seriously strong stuff. The only material I can think of is sold by Harry Potter, the owner of HJP Nanoworks, and fits the physical description of our Person of Interest. Did I also mention that the incident took place in Las Vegas which just happens to be the city where Mr. Potter lives?"

For once Director Nick Fury smiled. "A lead we can work with," he nodded. "Find out everything you can about this Harry Potter and his company. Right now I'm making it a top priority."


"Yes. Yes I know. I'm already offering my products at bargain basement prices! Yes I am aware of how much you're looking to buy. Very well, if you pay for the entire order up front then I'll reduce the cost by ten percent and no more. Okay … good. I'll have the contracts sent over by the end of the day. Thank you. Have a nice day as well."

Harry sighed and rubbed his eyes. He really needed a vacation. Negotiating was always an annoying task.

"I take it that the deal was made sir?" asked the sexy, Italian A.I.

"Yeah. American Elemental got the contract to produce new powerlines for several large energy companies including Houston Lighting and Power. They need one hundred thousand tons of MH every three months. After paying my employees and covering the cost of shipping, it should be about one hundred and fifty million in profit every quarter."

"Very good sir. I'll inform management."

"Thanks. I need to go and expand MH production capabilities. Soon more companies are going to be doing the same thing. Metallic Hydrogen lines will effectively bring the loss of electricity down to zero and double the profits of power companies. That's too much money on the table for them not to." Harry got up out of his expensive office chair and stretched. Now he had to add several thousand more MH Chambers over the coming months to meet future global demand. NASA and other space agencies were already in talks with him to produce a powerful and reusable rocket that used his MHEngines.

A week later the voice of his AI blared through the speakers as he was watching two Jersey housewives pull each others hair on the tv.

"A hostage situation is in progress!"

"Where?" Harry asked alarmed, getting up off of his sofa.

"The First National Bank of Chicago."

"Pull up the footage."

The holographic news feed blinked to life showing him exactly what was going on. It only showed the outside of the bank that was swarming with cops and SWAT teams.

"I assume the hostage takers are still inside?" Harry asked, running up to his room and donning his battle armor.

"Yes sir. Two hostage takers equipped with automatic rifles and handguns. There are twenty three confirmed hostages. No fatalities so far."

Finding a good spot to apparate to on the feed Harry said, "You know what to do."

"Combat Mode activated."

Appearing above the bank invisible to the naked eye, Harry flew down and took a peek inside the bank. He could see the hostages sitting together on the floor. Bianca was running scans and facial recognition through his HUD. Two faces in the far back were suddenly highlighted with blinking, red square-shaped lines. The image zoomed in. "The hostage takers sir."

"Good work." Harry silently apparated in a few feet away from them. The hostage takers were talking quietly with their heads close together. They seemed to be in a panicked state. Not surprising considering that they were probably not going to get out of this with their freedom intact. Walking up close to them he became visible. Their heads swung around and looked at him with wide eyes.

"Hey boys! What's crackin' ?"

Before they could move a muscle, Harry grabbed both their heads and clunked them together like the three stooges. A loud, hollow sounding THUNK filled the room as the two men dropped like a couple bags of dirt. Bags of money littered the area and Harry knew then that it was a failed robbery attempt. Shaking his head he grabbed them both by the scruff of their uniforms and dragged them to the front door. He kicked open the door and tossed them both out and flew off into the night, not waiting for the local law enforcement to try and talk or arrest him.


The country of Peru was very lovely this time of the year, especially from Harry's vantage point. The Andes Mountains sprawled before him as he floated high up in the air above a collapsed mine. Below him hundreds of people worked to open up the mine shaft and free the forty eight souls trapped deep below the earth. Concealed to all, Harry landed at the mouth of the collapse. Placing his hand on a large boulder, he released a new toy that he had Stark develop for him. Nanodrones scampered through every crack and crevice until they made their way to the trapped gold miners. Video footage appeared in his HUD as the drones linked up. The miners were huddled together in a small portion of the shaft looking desperate and disheartened. He examined the area and apparated in. Shouts of surprise and fright echoed throughout the small enclosure as he materialized out of thin air.

"Calm yourselves. I'm here to get you out. Are there any injuries?" he declared in English, and Bianca verbally translated over the loud speaker into Quechua, which was the native language of the people in the area of the Peruvian Andes. One of the braver men came forward and told him that they were mostly fine, a few scrapes and bruises and one broken arm. Bianca of course translated it for him. Harry went over to the man holding his arm and pointed at it. A loud yelp followed by an expression of awe let him know that his healing charm worked. That and the fact that the guy was swinging his arm around to test out its motion. He summoned a piece of rope from the ground and turned it into a portkey before recovering his drones.

"Everyone grab a hold." It didn't take much persuasion for all forty eight men to grab the rope. He activated the portkey and had to keep himself from laughing as most of the men yelled out in fear as they were whisked away by their navels. They popped back into existence a short distance from the large group of rescuers. A few seconds was all it took for someone to notice and cheers went up as Harry took off into the sky.


"News of the miraculous rescue are flooding in. Reports state that the rescuer was none other than our very own Las Vegas hero who stopped a group of fleeing bandits that had killed four police officers in their desperate attempt to escape. The Peruvian locals have begun calling him, when translated, The Unseen for his ability to appear out of nowhere, though here in America the media has dubbed him the name Onyx for his all black attire."

Harry switched off the tv. 'Onyx … what a strange name,' Harry thought. Shrugging his shoulders he went back into his lab. He had after all, a million things to do. Harry was already planning another megafactory near the Houston ship channel. That one would mostly be used to produce ships, yachts, and other sea faring vessels.

Later that night he got a call from Tony. "Hey Harry!"

Harry had to smile at Tony's boyish enthusiasm. "What's up Tony?"

"I'm in the neighborhood! Let's go have some fun tonight!"

"What exactly do you have in mind?" he asked, shaking his head.

"I've booked a date with these two models! I get the pretty one. You can have the other," Tony happily exclaimed.

"They're models Tony. I can imagine that they're both pretty," Harry chuckled.

"Whatever! Just meet me in an hour at the Black Swan."

"Black Swan … got it."

"Good! See you then." Tony hung up.

Harry sighed and went to get ready. He wasn't one to turn down a night with a model.

An hour later Harry pulled up to the very exclusive night club in his 2008 Aston Martin DBS V12 and tossed his keys to the valet.

"Harry! Perfect timing, we just got here! Harry this here is Maria. Can't remember her last name." He indicated to a pretty brunette in a short, backless, black dress that showed off a decent amount of cleavage. "This one here is Natalie Russian!" he exclaimed happily, with his arm around the waist of a good looking redhead in a short, gray dress, and apparently looking proud that he remembered her last name.

"It's Rushman," she corrected. Harry snorted.

"Harry Potter," he introduced himself to the lovely brunette. He took her hand and kissed it.

"Maria Hall," she replied, smiling sweetly and batting her long eye lashes at him.

"What are we wasting time for? Let's go!" Tony yelled out, leading them into the club.

Hours of drinking and dancing was something that Harry was used to. As he got older, he had developed a bit of a reputation as a party animal. The club itself was certainly one of the better clubs that he had been to. The room was dark and full of purple and blue LED's with fake smoke lingering around the dance floor. Only the rich, famous, or absurdly beautiful was able to make it inside. Hot women were walking around or dancing, some with the most skimpy of outfits on. Harry had his own sexy lady to worry about. They were on the dance floor, and Harry was sliding his hands up her slim torso, kissing her neck as she rubbed her tight ass against his groin. He growled into her sweaty neck as he turned her around and kissed her deeply. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she licked his bottom lip, begging for entrance, which he happily granted. She tasted good, like peppermint and salt. Her tongue was soft and nimble, and she definitely knew how to use it.

"How about we go back to your place?" she asked huskily, eyeing him like a piece of meat.

"What about your friend?" Harry asked, looking around for Natalie and Tony.

"I'm sure they'll be fine on their own," Maria answered. She grabbed a hold of his arm and lead him back to the table to gather their things. Harry just shrugged his shoulders and followed her lead.

The ride back home didn't take long, and soon he was driving through his nanoceramic gate that was controlled by Bianca.

"You have a beautiful house Harry," Maria gushed, looking over his massive home. His large Spanish style mansion had ten rooms and all the luxuries he could ask for. The large pool and grotto was great for those very hot days, and there were plenty of those in Las Vegas. He had hot tubs, game rooms, and even a cinema. He spent most of his time either in the basement lab or his room.

"Thank you," he said, helping her out of the car, and held her hand as he gave her the grand tour. She marveled at the wealth and luxury on display. The house was full of priceless art that he knew would be a good investment. As he was showing her his room, she interrupted him.

"Would you mind getting us a couple drinks while I use the little girl's room," she asked cutely. Not one to leave a near stranger alone in his room, he took a quick peek into her mind. Maria Hill. SHIELD agent. Tasked with finding out more about him. His eyes nearly widened. Luckily he was able to quickly compose himself and smiled.

"Of course love," he said, pointing to a door on the other side of the room. "It's right through there. I'll be back in a few minutes." He left the room to fetch some wine. Harry smiled to himself. She was a good actress. He didn't suspect a thing. He guessed that Natalie Rushman was probably in on it as well. He went to the wine rack and selected a fine vintage that he personally liked. Grabbing a couple of wine glasses, he slowly made his way back upstairs. Her "job" was to spike his drink and rummage through his personal things and hopefully find some useful info while he was passed out. Then she would sneak out only for him to never see her again. Good plan, if your victim didn't have mind powers. Sliding through the bedroom door, he spotted his second laptop closed and sitting on a small glass table by the bed. He smirked to himself. That would likely be her first target. Unfortunately for her that laptop didn't hold any information. He never used it for work, only for buying useless crap while lying in bed. And of course, porn. He placed the glasses down and opened the bottle. Filling both glasses half way, he handed one to her as she came out of the bathroom.

"Here you go love, enjoy," he said while they clinked glasses. She took a sip while Harry downed his in one go. Her eyes widened as he set his glass down and wrapped his arms around her waist. He kissed her again and took the glass from her hand and set it next to his. His hands dropped down and cupped her firm backside. He moaned into her mouth as his hands squeezed and massaged her lovely derriere. She placed her hands on his shoulders as he lifted her up and carried her over to the bed. Resting his forehead against hers, he took another peek. She knew her plan had gone to crap. She could either leave now and may never get another chance, or sleep with him and try to finish her job when he fell asleep. As she wrapped her legs around his waist, he knew she chose to stay.

Sitting down on his bed, she straddled him while their lips remained connected. His hands were sliding up her thighs, and he felt that her dress had rode up. Taking the opportunity, he grabbed the hem and lifted it up and over her torso. Her arms raised allowing him to take the dress completely off of her. He tossed it aside and laid her down. Her hair fanned out behind her pretty face, and her eyes were wide and inviting. Letting his eyes roam further down, he stared at her naked breasts. They were more than a handful, round and firm and capped by quarter sized pink nipples. Her stomach was slim and toned and ended with nice flaring hips. He was surprised by her choice in underwear, considering she was a federal agent in the middle of an investigation. They were minuscule by anyone's standards. A tiny purple G-String that was tied together at the sides was riding low on her hips, letting him know that she was hairless down there.

He leaned down and captured her nipple in his mouth, immediately feeling it harden against his tongue. One hand massaged her other breast as he pulled at her nipple with his teeth. She slid her hand through his hair and gently scratched at his scalp as she moaned and pulled his face closer to her body. Letting her nipple pop free from his lips, he kissed his way down her stomach, taking time to lick, and suck on her tender ribs. Her belly button was explored thoroughly by his tongue, which she enjoyed greatly. His lips then peppered their way across her hips and thighs until he could no longer take it. Her scent was driving him crazy! He spread her thighs and dragged his tongue up the crotch of her wet panties. Stopping at her clit, which he could feel poking through the thin, silky material, he sucked it into his mouth as he inhale deeply.

Maria arched her back in pleasure. Putting both her hands on the back of his head, she pulled him closer and rubbed her moist panties all over his face. It had been more than awhile since the last time she spent the night with a man. Perhaps she was getting a bit carried away, but at the moment she didn't really care. Harry was handsome and fit and available. She felt him pull away and nearly whined before he took her ankle in his hand and unbuckled the strap on her black stiletto. He slid her shoe off her foot causing he to sigh in comfort. Those shoes were sexy, but uncomfortable. Her eyes widened as he placed feather light kisses on the soles and arches of her feet. Her other foot soon got the same treatment, and she became so worked up that she nearly tore his clothes off.

He grabbed her by the upper thighs and pulled her closer, her legs together and pointing straight up in the air. The strings of her panties were pulled causing them to come undone. He pulled them off of her and tossed them over his shoulder. He looked her directly in the eyes as his hands traveled the length of her silky, smooth legs. Her cheeks went pink as she looked away.

Harry took off his shirt, then discarded his pants and socks and shoes. Wearing only his boxers, he grabbed her ankles and brought her feet up to his tented groin. He moaned as he rubbed her pretty feet all over his covered cock. She took the initiative and rubbed the length of cock with the pad of her toes while her other foot rubbed his thigh. She was able to hook her foot into the hem of his boxers and pulled them down until his cock sprang out.

Maria couldn't believe the size of his penis. It was huge! It looked as wide as a roll of silver dollars as well! She trapped the top half of his cock against the arch of her foot as she used the bottom of her toes to rub the underside of it. Wanting more of it, she twisted around until she was on her hands and knees and grabbed him around the base. She placed the head in between her lips then started sucking him off as she stroked him from base to head.

"That feels good Maria," Harry moaned, lovingly running his fingers through her soft hair. Her sucking intensified as he did so. 'She seems to respond positively to loving gestures,' he thought. "Lay back love. I want a taste."

She let go of him and flopped back on the large, soft bed. She spread her legs as he laid down between them, face inches away from her moist pussy. Leaning down, he kissed her clit causing her to buck her hips and moan. Harry chuckled and sucked her clit all the way into his mouth. "Use your tongue!" she cried, grinding her hips and fucking his mouth.

'Time to add some magic,' he thought to himself. He channeled magic through the tip of his tongue which just happened to be placed right on her clit as he slid two fingers inside her and channeled more magic directly into her g-spot.

'He's really good at using his mouth,' Maria thought to herself before sudden blinding pleasure coursed through her spasming body. "FUCK!" she shrieked, curling her toes as fluid violently squirted out of her pussy. She saw the juice fly out and splash against his face as he continued to suck her clit. "No more, NO MORE!" She tried to push his face away as another orgasm tore through her even stronger than before. Her body was shaking, her breasts were jiggling, and her pussy was fluttering, desperately trying to milk his fingers of seed that wasn't there. Finally she felt him release her clit and pull his fingers from her insides. She dropped back on the bed, already exhausted. Harry it seemed wasn't having any of it.

Laying on top of her, Harry wrapped one arm around the back of her neck and the other around her back as he entered her in one go. Her squeal was music to his ears, and she desperately clung to him as he started with short but powerful thrusts, enjoying the wet sounds being produced by them. Her warm, pleasant breath washed over him as she rested her forehead against his. His mouth claimed hers in a sweet, gentle kiss as his thrusts became longer and harder. Her breathing intensified as he fucked her harder and harder, slowly adding more magic until he was nearly spent. Feeling the coil in his stomach, he hit her with a burst of magic and came hard as she contracted around him in another violent orgasm.

"Ahhh! GOD PLEASE!" she yelled, thrashing in his arms. He gripped her tighter, trying to keep her from hurting herself until the pleasure subsided, and she was able to control herself once more. Not saying anything, she curled up in his arms and fell right to sleep. Her cute, little snores made him smile. He'd be surprised if she was able to finish her "mission". 'Oh well, maybe she'll have to try again,' Harry contemplated lecherously. Kissing her head, he pulled a blanket over them and drifted into the land of slumber.

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