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Guarding Harry (Tonks)

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Summary - Tonks was guarding Harry outside of Privet Drive, thinking about the long dry spell that she was having. She spotted a well-hung Harry Potter and decided to do something about the lack of a love-life. SMUT

Guarding Harry

Nymphadora “if you call me that again, I’ll put my boot up your ass” Tonks was sitting under her borrowed invisibility cloak leaning up against a hedge in the front yard of Number 4 Privet Drive. Why was she there? She was there to watch Harry Potter, and make sure that no bad guy got anywhere near him. Personally, she thought that was pretty stupid. She had made her opinion known and told them to just take him to Grimmauld Place, or the Burrow. Dumbledore, however, refused for whatever reason.

As annoying as that was, it was even worse when they had to give up what little free time that they had in order to guard him. She wasn’t annoyed at Harry. He didn’t even know that he was being watched. No, she was annoyed at Dumbledore. Perhaps the old man had a good reason for keeping Harry here. Whether he did or not, she couldn’t say. Dumbledore absolutely refused to tell them his reasons for wanting Harry to stay here for the time being. Then he had the audacity to order them to guard him. Tonks shook her head. Well, he had another thing coming.

Being in the Order of the Phoenix wasn’t as exciting as she would have believed. When she had been approached by certain members, they had made it seem like an action-packed muggle movie. Instead, what she got was a lot of sitting around, boredom, and occasional arguments. Add in the fact that her social life had gone down the crapper, and Nymphadora Tonks was not a happy camper. She hadn’t had a boyfriend in ages. She had only been out of Hogwarts for a few years, and in that time, she spent most of it training to become a full-time Auror. That alone had sucked up a lot of her free time. Now she had Auror duty and Order of the Phoenix related stuff. It could be years before she found a steady boyfriend! Hell, even a quick fling would work for her. She had tried to start things up with Remus Lupin, but he had turned her down almost as soon as she started up. Why ... she couldn’t say. He didn’t have a girlfriend, and Tonks was quite good-looking if she did say so herself. Oh well. It was his loss.

Tonks wiped the sweat from her forehead and glared at the sun. That day was one of the few where it was sunny and hot in England. She sighed as she pulled out a few blades of grass. She was having trouble concentrating lately. She knew the reason why. She was too damn horny! Normally, it wouldn’t be too bad, but right now it could end up being dangerous. They were in the middle of a silent war. Times were dangerous, and she needed to be on her A-game. She couldn’t afford to have a single slip in judgment or lose her concentration at the wrong time. It could cost her, or one of her fellow members their lives. Something needed to be done about it.

Just as she thought that she heard a thump from upstairs. The Dursley’s were out of town for the next few days, so she knew that it was Harry making that noise. She tossed the blades of grass onto the ground and got up from her hiding spot. Being invisible, she didn’t worry about getting seen. She went around the side to look into the window that wasn’t covered by a curtain. What she saw had her eyes as wide as saucers. Harry was completely naked and drying himself off with a towel. He was standing right by the window, but being down below, she couldn’t see that well. She hopped onto her broom and rose up to window level. She gulped noisily. He was rubbing the towel through his wet hair, leaving his lower half exposed. Her eyes were glued to the massive slab of meat hanging between his legs. It must have been six inches while soft! It looked so thick as well, with huge, cum-filled balls hanging low. She licked her lips lewdly. She felt her nipples crinkle and get hard. Her pussy moistened while watching his pendulous cock swaying ever so slightly from side to side. She was very tempted to slide her hand down her jeans and rub one off. ‘That wouldn’t be very professional, now would it?’ she thought naughtily. It didn’t really matter, because around that time, she looked up and met Harry’s eyes. He was looking at her with wide, unbelieving eyes. Her eyes widened as well as she looked down at herself.

Her invisibility cloak was on the ground below her! It had somehow slipped off sometime in the past few minutes. Harry squeaked in embarrassment and covered his cock with his towel. Tonks squeaked in fright and slipped off of her broom.

“ARRRRGGGH!” she yelled on the way down. “OOF!” she grunted when she collided with the ground. “Uggh,” she groaned in pain. Thankfully she landed on the soft grass so she wasn’t hurt too bad.

“Who are you and are you okay?” Harry hissed quietly, his head sticking out of the window. Tonks looked up at him.

“Yeah, I think I’m fine. I’m Tonks. I work for Dumbledore,” she said, pulling herself from the ground and brushing the dirt from her jeans. She made sure that she didn’t break her wand. Grabbing her broom and cloak, she looked back up at him. “You may as well invite me up. I was trying to be sneaky, but that’s out the window now.” Harry nodded and disappeared back inside. She waited for him at the back door. It was a few minutes before the lock clicked and the door opened. A pink-cheeked Harry ushered her into the house. Tonks looked around. The place was abnormally clean and tidy. It was kind of freaky.

“So Dumbledore got you watching me?” Harry asked, pouring them both a glass of icy cold water. She happily drank hers down. Tonks nodded.

“Yeah. How did you know?” she wondered.

“This one guy always falls asleep with his feet sticking out of the invisibility cloak,” he explained. Tonks sighed.

“That’s probably Mundungus. He’s not someone that I’d count on to get the job done.”

They chatted for a few more minutes until they went upstairs to Harry’s room. Tonks saw that there wasn’t anything special about the room. It had some junk in it that clearly didn’t belong to Harry. She guessed that it belonged to his cousin. She didn’t care about any of that. She couldn’t get the image of his big cock out of her mind. Here she was, on the biggest dry spell of her life, and she had the largest penis that she had ever seen a few feet from her. Harry was saying something, but she didn’t even pay any attention to that. She was staring at his groin. Tonks didn’t know what had come over her. All she knew was that Harry had something that she desperately wanted. Seemingly running on autopilot, Tonks got in front of him and dropped to her knees.

Harry was confused. At first, he was talking to Tonks and asking her questions about the goings-on in the wizarding world when she suddenly went down on her knees. “Hey!” he exclaimed as she grabbed his shorts and pulled them down. His complaints were cut short as she sucked his soft cock straight into her mouth. Harry’s eyes widened and he groaned out in absolute bliss. As her head bobbed and his cock grew, he experienced the most pleasure that he had ever felt.

Only a few minutes in and Harry was already shuddering. Tonks suspected that this was his first sexual experience with a woman. It wasn’t surprising. He was only fifteen. Tonks decided to give him the time of his life, and hopefully fulfill her own needs at the same time. She moaned as his cock grew to massive proportions right in her mouth. She bobbed expertly, and as he shuddered, she grabbed his naked ass and pulled him all the way down her throat. Her metamorph talents kicked in, and she was able to milk him with her throat as he spilled his seed right down her gullet.

“Oh wow!” he gasped, thrusting his hips and fucking her throat. His body spasmed because of how sensitive his cock now was. Tonks pushed him away, and he pulled out of her mouth. She took a deep breath and pushed him onto his bed. She roughly pulled his shorts off leaving him nude from the waist down.

Tonks kicked her shoes and socks off. Next came her jeans and panties. Finally, with Harry’s eyes glued to her form, she pulled off her Weird Sisters t-shirt and was totally nude in front of him. She smirked and shook her chest tantalizingly. Harry started to sit up, but Tonks wasn’t having any of it. Today, she was in the driver’s seat. She lifted her leg up and placed her bare foot on his chest.

“Not so fast, loverboy!” she smirked as his cock stood straight up, completely erect and waiting to be fucked. “I’ll do the work for the time being. You just lay there and thank your lucky stars that I haven’t had a good lay in forever,” Tonks said. He gasped as she sexily dragged her soft, bare foot down his chest and over his stomach. He moaned as it slipped over his hard cock, her toes tickling him. She giggled as she used her foot to pull his cock down, and laughed when she removed it, and his cock sprang back up, long and proud. “Shirt off,” she ordered, spitting on her hand and using it to rub her clit. She straddled him as he quickly pulled off his shirt.

Harry watched the sexy girl with bubblegum pink hair rub her clit as she climbed on his lap. Her tits were fantastic in his opinion. They were more than a handful and quite perky. He desperately wanted to suck on them. Her pussy was the real prize, however. He could smell her arousal already. The wonderful, heady scent was making his head swim. Her mound was covered in hair that changed color, from red to pink to purple. He didn’t know why it was doing that, but it wasn’t important at the moment. She lowered herself, and he groaned and tried to raise his hips as her hot slit touched the underside of his massive erection.

“Fuck, Harry! Your cock is so warm,” she shuddered as her wet pussy hotdogged his hard dick. She arched her back and squeezed her tits, wanting to give him the best show possible. Tonks knew that since she was taking his virginity, he would remember this moment, and her by association for the rest of his life. She wanted him to remember her in the best possible light. She used her powers to make her tits a little bigger, and a little perkier. Her rosy pink nipples were as hard as rocks as she rolled her hips on his lap. Tonks moaned as her wet pussy rubbed his thick member, coating it with her juices. She bit her lip and squeezed his pecs while her hips danced on his groin. Leaning forward, she laid on him and sucked his neck as she reached behind her and took his cock in hand. Her tongue was slithering over his Adam’s apple when she started slapping her pussy with his Beater’s bat sized cock. She was too horny to wait any longer and leaned forward. Her lips claimed his as she placed the head of his cock at her entrance and dropped herself down.

They moaned together as he penetrated her for the first time. He was so long and thick! Tonks had never had a man so deep inside of her! Sucking on his tongue, she began bouncing her hips. His hands were gliding over her sweaty body as the sounds of wet clapping filled the small room. The smells of sweat and sex filled her nostrils as she rode him faster and faster. Tonks’ eyes fluttered as Harry hit a wonderful spot deep inside of her. She angled her body so he would continuously hit her G-spot. She spasmed and shuddered as she pulled her lips from his mouth. “Mmmm, Harry,” she quietly moaned into his neck, her hips slamming onto his lap. She concentrated and tightened her wet pussy on him. They both gasped with wide eyes. Her nipples crinkled as her pussy tightened again, this time on its own. Harry kissed her deeply as his hands molested her tight ass.

Tonks mewled like a blushing virgin as her pussy began to pulsate, her walls gripping his thrusting cock. Her tongue was wrapped around Harry’s as his fingers brushed over her virgin asshole. That tiny bit of extra stimulation was all that she needed to push her over the top. She squealed into his mouth as her pussy clamped down, milking him for all it was worth. Harry groaned and arched his back as her milking pussy coaxed a hefty load from his balls. They moaned into each other’s mouths as they orgasmed together. Tonks was trembling as she was creampied over and over. Finally spent, she collapsed on top of him. They breathed heavily as they snuggled in post-cordial bliss.

“So how was your first time?” she asked sleepily.

“Bloody brilliant!” he groaned, his cock already hardening from being in contact with a naked, sweaty girl.

Tonks groaned. “Fine! Once more, then no sex for at least an hour,” she commanded, rolling on her back and parting her legs. Harry was on her so fast that she could have sworn that he had apparated. She groaned as they connected once again. Maybe guarding Harry wouldn’t be so bad after all!

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