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Paying Off Potter (Daphne Greengrass)

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Summary - After the defeat of Voldemort, Daphne agrees to spend some quality time with him if he agrees to speak on her behalf.

Paying Off Potter

The gorgeous Daphne Greengrass got out of the shower and dried herself off. She went into her large, ornately decorated bedroom and stood in front of her full-length mirror. The vision that stared back at her was stunning, to say the least. Her long hair, black as raven feathers flowed luxuriously down her slender, delicate shoulders. Her medium-sized breasts were more than a handful, she proved by cupping and lifting them up. She turned slightly and checked out her side profile. Her smooth bottom jutted out of her thin frame, giving her a body that men coveted and would kill to possess. Her legs, while she wouldn't call them long, were creamy and smooth and blemish-free. Her mother never let her rough house when she was a child. She said that, as a woman, it was important to have beautiful skin. Her feet were small and dainty, and like her fingernails, her toenails were painted a dark blue. The face looking back at her was lovely. She had big beautiful eyes that could turn smart men into stupid boys. Her nose was small and perfectly shaped and had a pretty smile that hid rows of straight, white teeth. Her cheeks were dimpled, giving her a look that made her appear younger than she was. She was just about ready for her meet-up.

She sighed as she looked for something to wear. Her first instinct was to simply wear anything, but her upbringing wouldn't allow her to. She knew how she got into such a position, but that didn't mean that it made it any better. Still, things could have been worse. In the end, it was her own fault what had happened. She knew that it was pretty stupid to get involved in anything that had to do with the Death Eaters or any of their supporters. She needed the money though. They had said that it would be easy money with almost no chance of getting caught. That part was true. The money was easy, and she didn't get caught. All she had to do was help smuggle illegal dark artifacts into Hogwarts and distribute them to the Death Eater spawn that lived in the silver and green-clad dungeons. Daphne didn't have much of a choice. Her family wasn't doing well financially. They weren't to the point of begging, or anything close, but they didn't have the means to keep her living the type of life that she was used to. She needed her clothes and makeup and all the other things that set her apart from the pathetic masses. She was Daphne Greengrass! She was better than all those peons crowding Diagon Alley, looking for any chance to save a few sickles. She was the most beautiful girl in school, and she would argue, the most beautiful in the country. She left a trail of broken hearts to prove it.

Her problem came once the Dark Lord was killed, and his army collapsed. Death Eaters and their supporters were being captured left, right, and center. At first, she wasn't worried. She wasn't a supporter. What could they do to her? Unfortunately, someone hoping for some leniency snitched on the goings-on of her final two years at school. Those things just happened to be incredibly illegal, especially in a school full of children. She was arrested soon after. Her family, while not supporters, were suspected of being sympathetic to the cause. They weren't in the best position to demand her release. Obviously, they couldn't even afford to bribe anyone to release her, if anyone would even agree to that in the first place. So, Daphne Greengrass was left to rot. She had spent six very long days in her cell, waiting for her day in court. She wasn't exactly a high priority for the Wizengamut, so her stay might have been a lengthy one. That was when Harry Potter came into the area with the holding cells. Being a hero, he was allowed in without supervision. Apparently, Draco's mother had cut a deal with him, and he was there to talk to Malfoy. When he was about to leave, Daphne took her chance and called him over. He had asked her what she wanted, so she explained her situation to him without outright admitting her guilt. He asked what he was supposed to do about it. She told him that she'd like him to fix her situation in the same way that he was fixing Malfoy's.

Potter smirked at her and asked if she was going to offer the same payment as Mrs. Malfoy. The look on his face didn't fill her with confidence. Anything was better than Azkaban though. Of that, she was sure. She obviously said yes. He told her that he would return later and bring a contract for her to sign. When he came back, she was informed of what was expected of her. One night, every week for the next year, she was to spend it with him at his place doing whatever it is that he desired. She knew what the pervert desired! She was a bombshell. Of course, she knew what he was planning. With her situation being that or prison for at least six months, she agreed and signed the contract. Now she just needed to make sure her boyfriend never found out.

That was how she ended up where she was at, all dressed up and ready to be fucked by a man that wasn't her boyfriend. Oh well, her boyfriend was only good for the wealth he provided. She had no love for the guy, and wouldn't feel an ounce of guilt for cheating on him. It was her freedom after all! Checking the time, she only had a short while to get to his place. She touched up her makeup and hair and went to the fireplace. She floo'ed to his manor.

At Harry's House

Harry watched as the fireplace burst into green flames, and the delectable Daphne Greengrass stepped gracefully out of the fire. He wasn't ashamed to admit that he'd long since had a crush on the bitchy girl. Most boys at school did. They just weren't dumb enough to approach her about it. His crush was always more physical than anything. Her attitude annoyed him, but he could look past it for their arrangement. She came out in a white button-up blouse and knee-length black skirt. On her feet were black high heels and knee-high socks. His cock was already hard!

She just stood there, probably waiting on him to greet her like the Pureblood princess that she was. He didn't care about any of that right now. He didn't have anything he wanted to say to her either. Her attitude left a lot to be desired. What he did desire, was her body. He walked over to her, and she opened her mouth to say something. Without waiting, he grabbed her by her luscious ass and kissed her deeply.

Daphne's eyes widened as she was accosted by the simpleton that took advantage of her when she was in need of help. Pushing past her anger, she kissed him back. It wouldn't do any good to let her annoyance be known. It was best to get the night over with and go about her life until their next meeting. At least he knew how to kiss properly. She found herself getting into it and moaning as he squeezed her sexy bottom. She shuddered when his fingers crept between her cheeks and rubbed the thong buried deep in her ass crack. She was being carried like the princess that she was. Where to … she didn't know. She guessed that it was to his room. It turned out to be a correct assumption as she was gently lowered on the bed. He let go of her lips as he spread her thighs apart. She looked down and gasped as he lewdly licked the inside of her creamy, pale thighs. It was improper of him to have his face anywhere close to that area! She had to keep her opinions to herself though. He could do what he wanted. At least it felt good. Her lower half wiggled in pleasure as he kissed and nipped at the soft skin of her thighs, and she bit her lip when he buried his face in her damp panties. She blushed when he inhaled deeply.

"You smell wonderful, Daphne," he groaned into her groin. The vibrations of his voice tickled her clit.

"Don't be a cad Potter!" she gasped out, her voice quivering as he slowly peeled the wet panties off of her. Her legs lifted, allowing him to slide them over her high-heeled feet. Next, he unbuckled her heels and gently placed them on the floor. At least he had an ounce of sense. Those shoes cost more than a few galleons!

"Sorry, love." He kissed her neck. "I can't seem to help myself when I'm around you," he smirked into the delicate skin of her slender neck. She watched with red cheeks as he unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it open. Her black bra was the last thing hiding her modesty. His hand slid up her smooth belly and cupped her bra-clad breast. Soon his other hand joined but wasn't content with feeling her over the material. His hand slid under the cups of her bra and groped her bare breasts. His fingers brushed over her nipples, and she looked away from his smirking face. He obviously could feel how hard they were. So she was turned on … so what?! She was a woman after all. Women had needs, just like men. A few moments later, her shirt and bra joined her panties and skirt. Now she laid in front of him wearing only her knee-high socks. She thought that he would take them off last, but it seemed that Potter was a pervert who enjoyed seeing her in them. To each his own, she guessed.

Harry quickly kissed her again before leaning down and claiming one of her hard, pink nipples. His hand expertly massaged the other tit as he sucked and twirled his tongue around the hard nub of flesh. Daphne's moans were keeping him rock-hard as she arched her back and tried to stuff even more of her breast into his mouth. He allowed his other hand to slip down her cute, little tummy and between her legs. Her legs parted, and he stroked her wet kitty with his fingers before sliding two of them inside of her. His thumb gently rubbed her clit as his fingers curled and found her G-spot. Daphne gasped into his hair, and she clamped her thighs together, trapping his hand against her pussy. He let his magic flow through his fingers as he slowly finger-fucked the gorgeous Slytherin. The normally bitchy girl was mewling and writhing in pleasure as he greedily sucked her perfect tits, her legs spreading wide so he had more room to maneuver.

"Oh Merlin!" she choked out as her hips began to tremble. His hand was violently fucking her pussy making her entire body shake. He hit her insides with a pulse of magic and the outcome was fantastic! She yelled out as fluid gushed out of her tiny slit!

"Ohhhh … ohhh … ohhhhhhhh god!" Her body thrashed as pussy juice sprayed out of her. Harry didn't wait for her to stop either. He grabbed the thrashing girl underneath her knees and pushed her legs up until her knees were beside each of her ears. She was still wailing in pleasure and spraying her cum all over him as he vanished his clothes and slammed his massive cock into her rhythmically contracting pussy. She squealed out, and her toes curled as she was stretched far beyond what she ever had before. She choked out a cry of pleasure when he started drilling her like a ten sickle whore. She could feel every bump and vein in his monstrous penis. It was rubbing her silken walls and battering against her cervix. Her G-spot was being stimulated, and when his hand reached down and played with her clit, it was too much!

"POTTER!" she cried out, cumming again. Her pussy gripped his thick cock, milking it for every ounce of cum he could give her. He shoved his tongue down her throat as his balls pulsed. Her body was trembling wildly when she felt him seed her insides. She counted one, two, three large loads of cum splattering every inch of her innards. It seemed her pussy wasn't content. It continued to milk him dry as he speared her over and over. Finally, she wrapped her arms around him and gripped him tightly. She was breathing heavily. Potter kissed her again.

"Ready for round two?" he asked, licking her sweaty shoulder. Her eyes widened comically.

"I'm about to pass out, you depraved deviant!" she cried out in panic. She couldn't take another round like that. Potter just chuckled.

"You'll get used to it, love," he told her, flipping her over and taking her doggy-style. As Daphne wailed into a pillow, she hoped he was right.

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