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Masquerade Part 2 (Astoria Greengrass)

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Harry was sitting at his table taking a momentary breather. The party was now in full swing, and Harry had already came three times since his rutting of Narcissa. The ladies of the party were very eager to have a go with him, and he certainly didn’t want to disappoint. He looked around and saw one debaucherous scene after another. One man in the corner of the room was sharing some drugs with a woman, one man close to him was jacking off while watching a young couple go at it, and many more scenes just like that. Hell, even Narcissa was currently getting gang banged by a group of lecherous old men. He was done with her for the night. He had already sampled the goods and didn’t want to go back for sloppy seconds. No, what he wanted was fresh meat.

Harry looked around the room for a decent target. He spotted a few fit older women, which would normally be okay, but not tonight. He wanted someone younger and more vibrant. That’s when he spotted him. Harry would know the slicked back, bleach blonde ferret from a mile away. Harry snickered as he recognized Narcissa’s son, Draco Malfoy. The little twerp had certainly been an annoyance for years, but thankfully, he had toned it down quite a bit since then. Even so, Harry still took his revenge anytime that he could. Malfoy had a lot to answer for, and Harry would make sure that he paid for every single crime and annoyance that he committed. Draco was sticking close to a young woman who Harry knew must have been his fiance, Astoria Greengrass. He had never met the girl, but Harry had met her sister. If they were anything alike, then she was in it only for the money. Daphne had tried that same thing with him, only Harry was smart enough to figure out what she was after. It was a shame too … Daphne was incredible in bed. Perhaps Astoria was as well, Harry smirked. Malfoy was certainly keeping her close by, and he wouldn’t blame him for that. Harry wouldn’t want to let another man fuck what was his. Now Harry just needed a plan to get her away from the ferret long enough to stick his dick in her. He sat there for a moment trying to come up with some elaborate plan. In the end, Harry just decided to wing it.

Looking around for inspiration, Harry noticed a man sitting alone at a table. He had seen the same man rutting another man not so long ago. Harry smiled to himself. He got up and walked to the man.

“Excuse me, sir,” Harry spoke to him.

“Yes, son? What can I do for you?” he asked, breathing slightly heavy.

“You see that young man with the slicked-back blonde hair? Well, he’d really like a go with you. He’s a bit too shy to come over himself, so he sent me.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

“Yes, sir. He’s a friend of mine and said that I could have a go with his wife if I was able to talk you into buggering him something fierce. He wants you to just walk up to him and stuff your underwear in his mouth, bend him over, and don’t stop until you’ve had enough,” Harry fought as hard as possible not to snicker in amusement.

“Hmm,” he heard the old pervert look at the nubile, young stallion and licked his lips. “Perhaps a taste wouldn’t be so bad, now would it?” Harry could see the wrinkly old erection the fucker was sporting as he stood up. “Thank you for coming over, son,” he said. “That’s a good lad!” he said walking toward Malfoy.

“Oh! Before I forget! He likes it dry. No vaseline! Rough and raw,” Harry called out, earning a wide-eyed, toothless smile from the old fucker. Harry snickered and quickly made his way near Astoria. It was only a few seconds later that Harry had his shot.

“Hey! What the … “

Malfoy’s complaints were muffled when a pair of smelly, old underwear was stuffed in his mouth and he was manhandled into the doggy-style position. Harry wanted to burst out laughing, but he had other things on his mind. He walked up to the luscious, young body of Astoria Greengrass and pulled her into a passionate kiss. He heard her squeal into his mouth before letting herself go, and she wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. Harry put Malfoy out of his mind when his hands began to unzip the expensive silk dress that she was wearing.

Astoria was about to tell the man manhandling her to fuck off, but that was before she realized that it was the man of the party. He was the man that every woman wanted a piece of. She wasn’t ashamed to say that she wanted some too. This was the biggest party of the year, and Draco wanted to keep her from having fun? Not bloody likely. She had been unable to sneak away, but thankfully that old guy grabbed him and was currently molesting him, giving her the perfect opportunity to enjoy the night. She moaned into his mouth as he unzipped the back of her dress. A few seconds later, the dress pooled at her feet, leaving her as naked as the day she was born. Not many women wore underwear to these parties. She heard gasps and catcalls as her gorgeous, young body was exposed to the crowd. She relished the attention. She wanted all eyes on her. It was widely known that her fondest dream was to become the most influential female socialite in all of magical Britain. That was why she was going around with Malfoy. It certainly wasn’t for his fantastic personality.

Her perfect, perky breasts were pointed at her soon-to-be lover. His eyes examined them fondly. They were lovely and round and capped with the lightest of pink nipples that were made to be sucked. Harry’s eyes lowered. Her belly was flat and smooth and ended with a hairless mound that he was desperate to kiss and lick. Her legs were shapely and smooth and were the same pale cream color as the rest of her stunning body. In between her thighs were two taut lips that hid her light pink treasures inside. Harry saw men circling them, hoping and waiting to get a piece of the young lady. They wouldn’t touch her until Harry had had his fill. He grabbed her by her round, firm ass and lifted her up. Astoria wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he slipped inside of her. They shuddered together as he bottomed out inside of her wet and warm pussy. Astoria quickly attacked the side of his neck with her lips, kissing and sucking on every inch of exposed skin. Her pussy squeezed him as he began moving, using his strong arms to bounce her on his cock. She held on tight and enjoyed the new experience. She had never been fucked standing up before. Her eyes fluttered as she rested her forehead against his broad shoulder. Astoria squealed into his shoulder as he continued to thrust away inside of her tight, wet pussy. Then she felt something nuzzling her ass while being fucked.

Harry smirked when Narcissa strolled up, looking freshly fucked, and dropped to her knees in front of Astoria’s ass. She wasted no time in spreading her cheeks open and lewdly licking the young girl's asshole right there in front of everyone.

Draco wasn’t having a very good time. He had someone’s dirty, smelly underwear in his mouth while he was being buggered by some old man! If that wasn’t bad enough, he was forced to watch as the love of his life was double teamed by a man and woman. He watched as Astoria began to shake violently as she came on the man’s cock. It pained him to know that he was never able to get her to cum like that, he thought before his head was pushed down and the buggering went into overdrive.

“Ohhhhhhhh, fuck me!” Astoria cried as Narcissa’s talented tongue wiggled against her puckered hole. Harry’s magnificent cock was spearing her innards so quickly and roughly that her tits were bouncing high enough to nearly slap herself in the face. Her pussy was leaking juices all over his invading cock, squirting around him every time that he slammed against her G-spot. She opened her eyes and looked around. Dozens of nude men and women surrounded her. Men were looking at her while stroking cocks of different sizes. One man had to stroke his with only two fingers, it was so small. Occasionally, a hand would reach out and grope her young body. One young man grabbed her tit and squeezed it roughly, making her cry out in pain. She could hear him being chastised by the crowd, and she didn’t know what had happened to him after that. Moans from dozens of people filled her ears as she was fucked for all to see. One middle-aged woman stood naked in front of her and shook her chest, making her big tits flop around. She was quickly grabbed and bent over. The last Astoria had seen of her, she was being fucked at both ends. Finally, she could feel the man shudder, and he filled her slutty cunt with his thick, warm seed. Astoria mewled as she was filled with spurt after spurt of his essence, her pussy contracting and milking his cumming cock. She stupidly thought that she would get a rest now. That wasn’t to be.

Harry carried her over to an empty chair and sat down. He moved her onto his lap with her back pressed against his chest. He spread her legs apart and placed the tip of his cock against her backdoor. Astoria gasped at the audacity but didn’t tell him no. Narcissa showed up and dripped a lubricant of some kind on his cock and her ass. The older woman happily rubbed the lube into his cock and her ass. Then she helped as Harry slowly inched his way into her tight asshole. Astoria groaned and her toes curled the deeper he went. She heard one old man say that she was a ripe young whore, and truth be told, she felt like it at the moment. Her asshole was being stretched in ways that she had never felt, and she didn’t want it to stop. Faster and faster he went as he picked up the tempo. Soon, his strokes were as long as possible, going from his head, down to the base before clapping her fat ass. Astoria cried out in pleasure when a hand began pinching her clit. She saw the woman that Harry knew to be Narcissa secure a strap-on at her waist and slide inside her previously fucked pussy without any fanfare.

“Too much!” she cried out, complaining about the intense pleasure that she was feeling. They fucked her in unison, never giving her a break to catch her breath. She was sweating and breathing heavily as she was double penetrated for the first time. Someone’s hand groped her sweaty breasts as someone played with her clit. She didn’t know who was touching her. Her vision was going blurry, and her stomach was coiling. She shuddered violently as she parted her legs as wide as they could go, her toes curling and her back arching.

“FUCK!” she yelled, squirting fluid out of her pussy and drenching a nude, thrusting Narcissa. Her asshole clamped down on her lover’s cock, and she felt him seed her bowels. She mewled and wiggled her behind against him as he filled her. He kissed her one last time before pulling out and letting her fall to the floor and curl up.

Harry took one last look at the girl. She was on the floor sucking someone’s cock as a dozen men came on her shivering, well-fucked body. He smirked. That was two women in Draco’s life that he had bedded. Harry humorously wondered if he had a grandmother somewhere.

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