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Girlfriends (Susan and Tracey)

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Summary - Susan and Tracey are secretly girlfriends who want to spice up their love lives, so they call in the one man who knows their secret.



Susan Bones was fresh out of Hogwarts and was still trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Since she was so young, she had plenty of time to decide. She had recently moved out of her Aunt’s home and moved in with her friend, Tracey Davis. What almost no one knew was that Tracey wasn’t just one of her best friends, but her secret lover as well. It was something that she had to keep secret. Homosexuality was something that was frowned upon in Pureblood society. Personally, she didn’t care, but Tracey did. So for her sake, she would keep it a secret. Both she and her lover were bi-sexual, so hopefully, they would find someone that would give them children in the future. That was years away and didn’t need to be worried about.

The only ones who knew of her relationship with Tracey were her best friend Hannah Abbott, Tracey’s best friend, Daphne Greengrass, and strangely enough, Harry Potter. He knew because he had run into them in a muggle dance club. He saw them making out passionately and eventually came to talk to them. They were grateful that he hadn’t told anyone else. Since then, both she and Tracey have considered him a great friend.

Both Hannah and Daphne thought that the two were just a couple of girls trying out new things and would eventually find men to be with. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Susan and Tracey were very much in love with one another. They wanted to spend their lives together and planned on doing it. They didn’t care what anyone else wanted. Of course, they would have to do it in secrecy, but that was just the way that things were. Hopefully, things would change in the future, but for now, they needed to be careful. Tracey’s parents would lose their minds if they found out. They were depending on Tracey to further the Davis name since she was an only child. Susan couldn’t exactly say anything since she was in the same boat. Her family name was damn near extinct at this point. Sometime in the near future, they would need to start popping out babies. They would worry about that later though. Right now, they were just worried about having as much fun as they possibly could.

Susan watched as the woman she loved walked into the bedroom of their flat completely nude with a butt plug hanging out of her ass. Tracey was a very pretty girl with long, very dirty blonde hair that was bordering on brown. She had a sweet smile and a sexy body. Like most pureblood girls, she was quite pale. Even though Tracey was a half-blood, her father still raised her in the pureblood way, and she was expected to act like it. She wasn’t acting like it at the moment, turning around and wiggling her sweet ass at her. She kept her eyes on Tracey’s ass and a moment later, she reached back and spread her cheeks apart and bent over. They locked eyes and Tracey smirked at her before giggling and hopping into bed.

“So what kind of kinky shit do you want to do tonight?” Tracey asked, dragging her tongue up Susan’s smooth thigh. Susan ruffled her girlfriend’s hair fondly.

“Don’t know. Got any ideas?” Susan asked. Tracey was a very kinky girl, and sometimes she had trouble keeping up with her. Tracey took her by the ankle and lifted her foot to her mouth. Susan moaned as her girlfriend’s lips peppered it in kisses and licks. Susan loved having her feet played with. It was such a huge turn-on for her, and Tracey knew it. Any time that she wanted Susan to get instantly wet, all she would do was play with her feet. Susan closed her eyes and brought her hand down between her legs as Tracey sucked on her little toes. Her fingers grazed her clit as they split her folds and rubbed her wet insides.

“I was thinking,” Tracey started, wiggling her tongue against Susan’s sensitive soles.

“Yes?” Susan groaned out, already finger-fucking herself hard.

“How about we invite Harry into our bed?” she asked, nipping at her heel.

“Not that I’m opposed to that, but why do you suddenly have an interest in him?” Susan asked as she used her other hand to rub her asshole.

“Well, first of all, he’s a good-looking boy that knows our secret. If we want a man in our bed, he’s the obvious choice. Second, we may have to go to him to impregnate us in the future. It would be nice if we already had a sexual relationship. Finally, we can try out so many things with a third person who happens to be a boy!” she giggled happily, lewdly licking her entire foot.

“It would be nice to get properly double-penetrated for once,” Susan moaned.

“Exactly! Maybe he’ll even let me give him a golden shower! You know? Since you won’t let me give one to you,” Tracey playfully glared at her. Susan snorted.

“I don’t want to do that because it’s gross! You’ll have to talk to him about that. Oh! I can try out a proper footjob on him, and he can cum on my toes!” Susan giggled as Tracey softly bit down on her pinky toe.

“You’re always thinking about your feet,” Tracey mumbled.

“That’s because it feels so good when you play with them, love,” she said, hoping to her knees and kissing her girlfriend deeply. Their tongues battled for the next few minutes before they broke it up and fell onto the bed, lying right next to each other. Susan kissed her shoulder softly as she stroked Tracey’s supple breast. Her thumb brushed over the hardened nub causing Tracey’s breath to hitch. “So are you gonna floo him or not,” Susan giggled. “My pussy isn’t going to get any wetter,” she added, parting her legs and showing off her plump, hairless lips coated in arousal. She squealed when Tracey slapped her wet pussy.

“Be nice,” she said, leaning down and kissing her. Tracey quickly tossed on a bathrobe and ran to the living room where the only fireplace was. Susan hopped off the bed and walked to the full-length mirror. She examined herself and liked what she saw. Susan was a cute girl in her own opinion. She had long dark auburn hair that was closer to brown, and a full, curvy figure. Men often stared at her body, which she secretly enjoyed. She had wide hips and large breasts that gave her a classic hourglass figure. Quickly she fixed her hair and makeup. She didn’t want to look like a mess when Harry came over. Once finished, she jumped back in bed and waited. She waited and waited and waited. Looking at the clock she saw that Tracey had been gone for at least twenty minutes. Wondering what had happened, she huffed and got out of bed. She walked nude into the living room and gaped at the sight.

An equally naked Harry Potter was holding Tracey up from behind her knees. Tracey’s back was pressed against Harry’s chest, and Susan could see him thrusting his humongous cock into Tracey’s asshole. Tracey’s legs were spread as wide as they could go, showing off her wet slit.

“SUSAN!” she yelled. Susan being pulled out of her daze looked at her girlfriend right before getting squirted in the face.

“EEK!” Susan put her hands up to block the torrent of girl cum splashing on her nude body. She heard Tracey squealing out in pleasure every time that a new blast of fluids drenched her form. Using her hand to wipe her face clean, she was finally able to take in what had happened. Somehow they had ended up fucking without her knowing, and Tracey had a massive analgasm that resulted in a very wet ejaculation from her. Her eyes rose and she saw Tracey with her head turned making out passionately with Harry. Huffing at being left out again, she decided to help herself. She walked up to Tracey’s exposed pussy and licked her from Harry’s embedded cock, all the way up to her throbbing clit.

“Sensitive!” Tracey squealed into Harry’s mouth as her body jerked.

“Well, too bad. Maybe you should have brought him back to the room as we planned,” she muttered, licking the juices off her slightly gaping pussy.

“I think that was my fault, Suzie,” Harry said happily. “When I came through the floo, she told me what she had in mind and dropped her robe. When that happened, well … I couldn’t wait any longer.”

“If you had waited a few seconds longer, then you could have had both of us,” she snorted, her tongue wiggling around the damp, engorged nub.

“I still plan on having you both,” he moaned, pulling his cock out of her ass and poking her in the lips with it. She took him in her mouth and sucked him clean. She didn’t need to worry about anything since both she and Tracey used spells to clean their pipes before any anal play. Tracey groaned and put her hand on the back of Susan’s head. She used her hand to guide Susan into taking him all the way in, which wasn’t an easy thing to do. Tracey smiled as she heard her girlfriend gag on such a large cock. She pushed Susan’s head down until his cock was all the way down her throat and kept it there. Susan struggled to get up before Tracey let her off of his cock. Susan shot up with watery eyes, gasping for breath. She saw that Harry’s cock was all wet with slobber.

“Slut!” Susan cried out, slapping her thigh. Giggling, she turned to Harry and kissed him quickly.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

Harry nodded and tossed her over his shoulder, making her yelp. “C’mon, Suzie!” Harry ordered, slapping Susan across her fat ass. Susan squeaked and ran after them. Once in the bedroom, Harry set her down on her feet and laid on the bed with his cock sticking straight up. He looked at Susan and stroked himself, “Hop on, Suzie.”

Susan didn’t waste time. She crawled after him before straddling his waist. She leaned forward and Tracey, being the good girlfriend that she was, grabbed his cock and placed the head inside of her wet slit. “Fuck, you’re tight!” Harry groaned in pleasure as Susan sank down on him. Once bottomed out, Susan did a sexy little wiggle of her hips to make sure he was properly lined up.

“And you’re fucking big,” she moaned, leaning down and licking his lips. He quickly captured hers in a deep kiss. “You’re stretching me out of shape,” she breathed out, sitting up and rolling her hips.

Tracey saw their activities and wanted to be part of it. She quickly opened a bedside drawer and pulled out a strap-on with a harness. She stepped into the leather harness like a pair of panties and lifted them up. She tightened it then attached the purple rubber dildo to it. Once ready, she crawled behind Susan and pushed her forward.

Susan felt Tracey pushing her and making her lean forward. Not fighting it, she leaned down and kissed Harry, only to feel the familiar sensation of Tracey’s dildo slipping between her cheeks. “Oh god!” Susan huskily moaned, burying her face in Harry’s shoulder.

She felt Tracey bottom out, and soon they were moving in perfect rhythm. Susan was mewling and moaning against his neck as she was being double-stuffed. Her tongue snaked out and licked the side of his neck as she nuzzled his warm skin. As Harry pulled out, Tracey would stuff hers in, then Harry would penetrate her deeply after that. She was moaning so much that she was starting to drool on him.

“Does this feel good, Suzie?” Tracey teased, spreading her cheeks apart and making her gasp when cool air brushed over her taint. Susan mewled and rubbed her naked tits against his chest, stimulating her nipples on his muscular body. “Well?” she asked again, spanking her naughty bottom in the process.

“YES!” she cried. “It feels good,” her wails of pleasure echoed throughout the room as Harry’s huge cock was battering her cervix. Soon after, her body began to vibrate.

“Here it comes,” Tracey giggled. It was easy to tell when Susan had an orgasm. Susan began thrashing wildly, but Harry wrapped his arms around her and held her close, still fucking her at the same time. He groaned loudly as the feeling of her pussy contracting and fluttering was too much for him. Susan gasped when warm, thick cum flooded her slutty pussy. It had been so long since she was last creampied. She moaned as it painted her insides while her pussy milked him for every drop. Finally, he sighed in contentment as she felt his cock soften. Once his cock slipped out of her, Tracey pulled out of her ass and leaned down to lick up his offerings. Susan felt her tongue wiggle around her inner thighs and pussy licking up the gooey, white drippings. Susan and Harry shared a passionate kiss.

“That was wonderful,” she sighed, resting her head on his chest.

“It’s about to get a lot better,” he said. “Just give me five minutes to gather myself,” he yawned.

Susan giggled happily. He had better not even try to go to sleep. There was still so much that she wanted to try, and now that she had a willing partner with a huge cock, she was going to try them all.

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