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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Harry groaned as he flipped through the family expense reports. Of course, it wasn't the bills and payments that were pleasing him. It was Andromeda Tonks, who just so happened to be resting between Harry's parted legs with her plump lips wrapped around his enormous cock. She was so good at sucking cock that he couldn't concentrate on the damn reports! He tried to keep from bucking his hips as she took him to the base without even gagging. Pulling off of his cock, she went back to licking and sucking on his balls.

"So what do you think about it?" she asked him, her tongue bathing his balls in her saliva. She knew that when asking for a favor from a man, it was good to put them in a positive frame of mind. Nothing put Harry in a positive frame of mind like a good old-fashioned blowjob!

"Think about what?" he moaned out. Andy rolled her eyes. The little bastard wasn't even paying attention!

"About taking that meeting with my sister," she reminded him, grabbing his erection and licking him from his balls all the way to the underside of the head. She giggled when he cursed. He always loved it when she did that to his dick!

"Remind me again what she wants from me?" Harry put his reports on the bedside table and looked Andromeda in the eyes. She stared right back as she took him in her mouth for a few seconds before letting go of him with a wet pop. She took him in hand and started stroking him.

"As you know, the Malfoy family isn't doing too well after the Dark Lord's defeat. With Lucius in prison for life and the massive amount of fines and bribes to keep Draco from suffering his father's fate, their coffers are paper thin. They've already sold everything of value except their manor. If they don't get help soon, they'll surely lose that as well," the sexy MILF explained. She kept her eyes on his gargantuan member. The sight of it always amazed her, no matter how many times she saw it.

"Yes, I've heard about their troubles," Harry responded, eyeing Andromeda's nude form. His eyes roamed over her soft, curvy form. He inhaled deeply and could smell her intoxicating arousal. "I was thinking about buying Malfoy Manor and turning it into a brothel," Harry snorted. Andy rolled her eyes. "Either way, why do their problems concern me? It's true that she's your sister, but from what I remember, you two don't get along very well. I've only met her a few times and didn't find her very pleasant to be around. We both know that Draco is an annoying shit that caused a lot of problems and made a lot of enemies. Wouldn't it be better to wash our hands of them?"

Andy was working his cock like a professional. In his opinion, out of all the girls that had given him a handjob, she was the best. She knew when to slow down, and when to speed up. At the moment she was giving him long, slow strokes. She started at the base and slowly slid her hand all the way to the head, letting it rest there for a moment to rub underneath his head with the pad of her thumb.

"Narcissa could be very useful to you in the political game. She knows plenty of people and probably knows a lot of things that she shouldn't. You're right when you say that we don't get along. We do, however, get along better than Bellatrix and I did, so I wouldn't consider our relationship a lost cause. Besides that, both she and I were trained to put our differences aside to better our lives and family. I'm not lying when I say that she could be useful," she told him honestly. Deciding that she needed to make him a little happier, she crawled on top of him and grabbed him by the base. She rubbed the tip of his cock against her sloppy, wet folds and lined him up. Sinking down, she bit her lip in pleasure as she took the big beast inch by inch. She felt him grab her hips and squeeze. Andy kept from smirking. Harry was obsessed with her hips. He absolutely loved her hourglass figure and would spend hours worshipping every inch of her body if she let him, which most times she did.

After what seemed like forever, her hips finally settled, and she was able to begin fucking him. She leaned back a bit and placed her hands on his thighs. She made sure to arch her back a little to proudly display her amazing tits. Seeing that his eyes were glued to her bouncing beauties, she started rocking her hips. She loved his cock! It was so big and thick and could reach any part of her that she desired. It took a little practice to figure out the best maneuvers and angles to pleasure the best spots, but in the end, she found them all. Both Harry and she had a great deal of fun practicing! Andromeda moaned out as she felt her cream smearing all over her lover's cock. She didn't need to look to know that his cock was now streaked with her white sex fluids. The added lubrication told her everything that she needed to know. She wiggled her hips from side to side and jiggled her breasts for him as she leaned forward and squeezed his pecs. "Please meet them for me, lover," she whispered as she dragged her tongue up the side of his face.

"Fine!" he growled out, clearly wanting to get on with the fucking. She smiled sweetly and started bouncing. She always knew how to get what she wanted!

A Family Affair

Andromeda and her sister Narcissa walked into the room. Harry was sitting behind his old, and very expensive mahogany desk going over some paperwork. This was one of the things that Harry hated the most about being the Lord of so many families, the paperwork. Not bothering to look up, he gestured for her to sit down. Andromeda took that as her cue to leave. Her sister Narcissa bit her lip in trepidation.

Narcissa Malfoy knew that her options were very limited. She would go as far as to say that they were non-existent. Her former husband had done many bad things and made enemies out of most of the magical families in Britain. Of the few allies they had left, none wanted to help them. It wasn't surprising. With the Dark Lord gone, one wrong move could bring everyone down on them, so they weren't willing to stick their necks out for anyone. Narcissa would have acted the same way if she were in that position if she was being honest with herself. That didn't make it easier to swallow though.

If her son hadn't turned out like his father, then he might have made some friends that were willing to help. Alas, much like his father, all he made were enemies that wanted nothing more than to see him suffer. Unfortunately, she would suffer right along with him. She was in a desperate situation. The most desperate that she had ever been in, financially speaking. They had sold everything that wasn't nailed down, even the illegal dark items that Lucius had hidden away. The price of their freedom left them in near squalor. If nothing changed, they would have to sell the house in a few weeks. Potter was her last chance. Normally she wouldn't consider it a challenge. Potter was a young man, and she was a very attractive, older woman who was skilled in the sexual arts. It should have been easy to seduce him and get what she wanted. Sure, she would likely have to fuck him, but that wasn't anything to cry about. It would probably even be fun for her!

Unfortunately, Potter had already taken an attractive, older woman who loved to fuck. Her own sister for fuck's sake! That had really pissed her off when she had found out. Her last chance was nearly ruined because Andromeda liked them young! Thankfully she was able to play the sister card and score a meeting with him. She knew Andromeda looked to get something out of the arrangement, and that was fine. As long as she got to continue living in the lifestyle that she was used to, she didn't care who got what.

Harry put down his paperwork and looked at Narcissa Malfoy. She was certainly a beautiful woman. A woman of her age shouldn't possess such a body. The same could be said for her sister. It seemed the Black women aged very well. She didn't have the hourglass figure that her sister did. Instead, she had the body of a model, lean and thin with shapely assets. She had long, blonde hair that was a bit darker at the roots, which led Harry to believe that she dyed it. Not surprising considering everyone else in the Black family had dark hair. She was wearing an expensive set of Acromantula silk robes that hugged her body nicely. He tried thinking about something else so that his cock wouldn't get hard.

"Lady Malfoy," Harry nodded his head in recognition, one that she returned.

"Lord Black," she responded. Narcissa sat up straight, not only because that was what she was taught, but also because she wanted her chest to look as nice as possible. If he was thinking about sex, then maybe he wouldn't focus on the less pleasant aspects of their families' relations.

"So, what can I do for you, Narcissa? I can call you Narcissa, right?" he raised an eyebrow, daring her to say no.

"Of course, my Lord," she quickly answered. "I am here to ask you for help concerning my family."

Harry nodded. "Yes, I've heard that the Malfoys have fallen on hard times. I'm sorry to hear that, but what am I supposed to do about it, or better yet, what would you like me to do about it?" he asked. He knew what she wanted, at least in the broad term, but he wanted to hear it from her own sexy lips.

Narcissa took a deep breath. "I'd like for you to take my family under your wing, so to speak, for the time being, and ensure not only our survival but also to ensure that my son can wed the woman of his choosing."

Harry raised an eyebrow. He hadn't heard that Draco was on the market for a wife. Andromeda hadn't mentioned it either, so it must have been somewhat of a secret. "I assume when you speak of survival, you mean monetarily?"

Narcissa blushed at having to practically beg for money. She had to remind herself that things could always get worse for her. Women like her could easily end up on the street, whoring themselves for money, or more likely becoming the plaything of a wealthy old man. "Yes, my Lord. We are quickly running out of funds. I fear that soon we will lose our home."

"And what of your son marrying? I haven't heard about any talks of marriage concerning him," he asked. Honestly, he didn't know any girl dumb enough to marry the git.

"He's been keeping it a secret, but he and Astoria Greengrass have been courting," she answered. Narcissa normally would have been very happy with the union of her son and the Greengrasses. Unfortunately, the Greengrasses had suffered nearly as much as the Malfoys did. While they weren't exactly followers of the Dark Lord, they did do business with a lot of his supporters. They built their entire business on the backs of Death Eaters. Now that the Dark Lord was dead, and his supporters were dead, imprisoned, or on the run, they didn't have anyone to do business with. They had burned a lot of bridges, and there weren't many people willing to give them a second chance. Add in the fact that the head of the house, Marcus Greengrass had recently died, and the whole family was teetering on collapse. The eldest daughter, Daphne was doing her best to keep things together.

"The Greengrasses?" Harry asked, confused. "Aren't they having troubles of their own?"

Narcissa sighed. "Yes. I have talked to him about it, but he is adamant. He says that he loves her and is willing to do anything to be her husband. Astoria's sister, however, is doing her best to make sure her family survives as well. We simply cannot come to an agreement at this time because of her demands. I was hoping that if we came to an agreement, you might be willing to negotiate on our behalf," she told him, batting her eyes without making it obvious.

Harry decided to avoid declining her request right away and thought about it. First of all, no matter how much the Malfoys annoyed him, she was still Andromeda's sister. Andy could say what she wanted, but he knew that she still cared about Narcissa, even if only a little. Turning Narcissa away would likely hurt Andromeda, and he didn't want that to happen. He cared about Andy.

Second, Andromeda was right in the fact that Narcissa was probably useful to him politically. It would be good to have her on his side rather than an enemy. It was presumed that she knew many secrets about many different people and families. If she and Andromeda worked together, his families would certainly benefit greatly.

Third and most importantly, she was a MILF! The woman was sexy, and he wanted a piece of her. His dick was already hard thinking about an Andromeda/Narcissa threesome that he could probably talk them into. Whatever else Harry was, he was still a guy and therefore, thought with his dick on occasion. This happened to be one of them.

Harry sat behind his desk for a long moment pretending to think. Finally, he answered. "Very well, Narcissa. I will do as requested and take financial responsibility for House Malfoy until the time that they can take care of themselves. Furthermore, I will talk to the Greengrass girl on behalf of your family. I'm sure that an arrangement can be made. Of course, this isn't charity. I want two things for my support," he told her, stopping himself from rolling his eyes when she let out a deep breath and tried to keep herself from looking giddy.

"Of course, Lord Black. What do you require of us?" she asked happily. Things were looking up for her. Hopefully, she would be back in her fancy dresses and going to fancy parties soon enough.

"Of Draco, I require nothing. I only ask that you make sure to keep him in check. I know that he's changed quite a bit since Hogwarts, but I want you to make sure that he doesn't go back to his old way of thinking," he warned. Harry didn't need to tell her that if he did, all support would end immediately. Narcissa nodded. Harry nodded back.

"Of you, first I require that you work with your sister to help better my families, politically. Andromeda can tell you what I want of you. For a woman of your skills and brains, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. In fact, from what Andromeda tells me, it seems that you were born for this kind of work."

Narcissa quickly agreed. Her sister had warned her that he would likely ask this of her. She had no problem with it. She had played the political game since her first day at Hogwarts and had become quite good at it. Now she just waited to hear what else he wanted from her.

"The only other thing that I want is you," he stated lewdly, vanishing his trousers and standing up.

Narcissa's eyes widened considerably when Potter stood up and let his enormous cock flop down on the desk with a loud THUNK! The fact that he would require sex from her wasn't what made her eye widen. No, that was expected. What did, however, was the incredible size of the fleshy beast! It was the biggest that she had ever seen by a long shot! It was rock hard and ram-rod straight. It looked veiny and angry at not being inside of her. Her cheeks pinkened when she considered the thickness. It would more than likely stretch her out of shape for any other man. The bastard was going to claim her as his and ruin her for every other man! She didn't want to brag, but she knew that she was tighter than normal, simply because Lucius was a very small man. That was something that she took secret pride in. Now Potter was going to take that from her! At least she would get a great deal out of it. If Potter knew how to use that monster, then she might even get a few orgasms as well!

"If I am going to spend that amount of gold on your family, then you are going to earn it. For as long as I provide for the Malfoys, you are to warm my bed anytime that I desire. Do you agree?" he asked, looking her dead in the eyes. Seeing her nod he told her to stand up, which she did. He walked around his desk and stood behind her.

He pressed his lips against the side of her neck and gave it a little nibble. "Let's see what you have under here," he said, unbuttoning her robe. Narcissa didn't bother trying to stop him as her expensive robes pooled at her feet, exposing her completely nude body. Harry looked a little surprised.

"Were you expecting us to have sex, or do you always go nude under your robes?" he chuckled as his hands slid up her hips, and he cupped her large breasts from behind. She gasped out when he grabbed her nipples and pulled.

"I was expecting it," she moaned out honestly. "You're a young man, and I'm an attractive woman. It's only natural that you would want to make use of my body." Narcissa was breathing heavily as Harry mauled her sensitive breasts. His lips felt incredible against her delicate neck! Lucius had never been one for four-play, so she missed out on a lot of passion in her sex life.

"Don't worry, Cissa. I plan to make use of it over and over again," he growled as he claimed her lips hungrily. Narcissa moaned into his mouth as his hands cupped her toned bottom. Breaking the kiss, Harry pulled off his shirt and sat down on his desk with his thighs parted. His magnificent cock was standing proudly, waiting to be serviced. "Show me how good your mouth is," he said, staring at her body while stroking his cock. Narcissa didn't hesitate as she dropped to her knees and licked him from base to head. He groaned and stuffed his large member down her pureblood throat! Narcissa's eyes went wide as inch after inch of cock was stuffed down her throat. She breathed through her nose as he started thrusting his cock and took his pleasure from her.

Narcissa couldn't believe the nerve of him! She was gagging around his cock while saliva dripped down her chin. Only a few minutes in and he turned her into a common pleasure whore!

"You have such a great mouth, Cissa," he groaned out, holding the back of her head while fucking her pretty face! "Stand up!" he ordered. She pulled off his cock and quickly complied. No sooner than she stood up, he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her. He spun her upside down until they were in a standing sixty-nine position! "Start sucking!"

Narcissa took him back into her mouth and squealed around him when she felt him drag his tongue from her asshole to her clit. She continued to suck him off when he stuffed his fingers inside her sloppy, wet pussy! She pulled off of him and yelled out, "FUCK!" when he hit her G-spot.

Andromeda had taught him how to find the most pleasurable areas of a woman's insides. It was slightly different for each, but he was able to find Narcissa's quite easily. His fingers were rubbing against her spot rapidly and repeatedly while he rimmed her virgin ass with his tongue. Wandlessly, he attached her to him with a sticking charm so he was able to use both hands.

Narcissa was panting around his cock like a third-year virgin. His fingers were doing incredible things to her. She could feel her juices rolling down her hips as he continued to finger fuck her into submission. The wonderful coil was building up inside her belly when she felt his finger press against her bum. She shuddered on his cock when the first penetration happened. A few minutes later and she was taking it in both holes at the same time like a pro! Narcissa was squealing on his cock while her body spasmed. Finally, she bucked wildly when the biggest orgasm of her life had hit her. Her pussy leaked fluid all over her, and her asshole clenched his invading finger tightly. She wasn't ready for the massive amount of cum to flood her mouth and pour down her throat! She coughed and gagged as he placed her face down on his desk and entered her with a single thrust! She looked back wildly! This was going to be her life for the foreseeable future, so she needed to get used to it, she thought.

A Family Affair

Narcissa and her son Draco, and the Greengrass sisters were all sitting in his office negotiating a contract.

"That's unacceptable," Daphne said once again. "I want the same agreement that the Malfoys got," she stated, not willing to budge.

Harry sighed. The eldest Greengrass girl was something else. He was offering a really good deal considering Astoria was only a second daughter and would be inheriting nothing! Daphne seemed to expect not only the Moon but the Sun as well! He had repeatedly stopped himself from telling the annoying girl to fuck off. He reminded himself that Narcissa had lived up to her end of the bargain and that Draco seemed like a changed person and truly did love Astoria. It suddenly came to him why she was so set on getting the same deal as he gave the Malfoys. More than likely, her family was worse off than anyone realized! 'Daphne must be incredibly desperate,' he thought lewdly. Daphne was an incredibly attractive female. She was one that he certainly wouldn't mind having under his banner, so to speak. She wanted the same deal as Narcissa? He'd give it to her!

"Alright, I've had enough. I'll talk to Daphne alone. Narcissa …," he said, handing her his black card. Narcissa bit her lip, trying to keep from showing her excitement. The woman loved shopping. "Why don't you treat yourself to a day of shopping. I hear that the store you love in Harrods got a new shipment of shoes. Why don't you go get a few?" She nodded her head quickly and left.

"Draco, you take Astoria on a nice lunch date at that new Italian restaurant in Diagon Alley. Tell them to put it on my tab." Malfoy and Astoria agreed and left soon after. That left only Harry and Daphne.

"Are you sure that you want the same deal as the Malfoys? You must realize that I have a great deal of influence over them. Basically, they answer to me," he asked her.

Daphne brushed the blonde hair out of her eyes. "I'm aware, and I agree. Besides, it won't be forever. I'm sure that we'll be back on our feet in no time," she said confidently, even though she knew that it would be a long, tough road to independence.

"Very well," Harry said. Daphne stiffened when he pulled out his wand, but relaxed when he cast a privacy ward around the office. He got up and locked the door. "If you're sure then I'll expect you to repay me the same way that Narcissa does," he vanished his clothes. Daphne gasped, looking over his naked body. "If you wish to reconsider, then tell me now," he said, looming over her. She steeled her nerves and kept quiet.

Daphne was in a desperate situation. Her family owed gold to some really nasty people. While it wasn't a great deal of gold, it was more than they had! Her family's safety hinged on getting Potter to take care of her. If that meant that she had to be his personal whore for a while, then that's what she would do. With a wave of his wand, her clothes appeared in a pile on the side table. Her face turned red as she sat there completely nude. He pulled her to her feet.

"You have the most spectacular set of tits that I have ever seen!" he marveled at the roundness and perkiness of them. He pushed her down to her knees. Knowing what he wanted, she got to work. She used her skills and took him all the way down her throat. It was difficult because of the sheer size of the man! She bobbed her head and choked down his large member. He groaned and pulled it from her mouth. She was gasping for breath when he rubbed his spit covered cock all over her pretty face! "Hold those tits up for me," he ordered.

She held them up for him as he rubbed his cock all over them, circling her nipples with the head. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. She tried to keep from moaning. Very few people knew how sensitive her body was. It didn't take much to make her orgasm. Harry placed his cock between her lovely breasts. Taking the hint, she started moving them up and down.

"Holy fuck, Daph! You're really good at that!" he groaned out. She glared at him for calling her Daph, but let it slide. Unfortunately, her glaring face got splattered by a jet of thick, white cum erupting from his bloated balls!

"EEK!" she yelled out, pointing his cock away from her. The damage was already done. Her face was painted in his spooge! She choked and sputtered as he picked her up and laid her down on his desk. She allowed him to do what he wanted and wiped her face off while he spread her legs and knelt down between them. She heard him inhale deeply. Her face went red in embarrassment.

"You smell wonderful, love. Let's see how you taste," he said perversely. His tongue slid the length of her wet slit, licking up every bit of moisture that her sexy cunt was producing. Daphne gasped loudly and arched her back. She reached out and grabbed him by the back of the head. Soon she was rubbing her wet pussy all over his face as he licked, nibbled, and sucked her moist flesh. Daphne's toes were curling when he sucked her clit into his mouth!

"Harry!" she squealed when she came on his face. He moaned and motorboated her wet pussy, smearing her juices all over himself.

She was breathing hard when he flipped her over and lifted up her ass like a common whore! She closed her eyes and was rewarded with another orgasm upon first penetration!

"My my, you certainly love to cum," he said, spreading her cheeks apart and playing with her untouched asshole.

He didn't wait for a reply. He just started fucking! Daphne's body was being pushed and pulled in every direction. She had no control. All she could do was scream and squeal when she came on his large cock! "You're creaming all over me!" she heard, embarrassing her further. She couldn't help it! It felt good!

Daphne was crying out as the sounds of their fucking echoed throughout the room. The wet slaps and lewd squelching of her cunt made her cheeks pink. Suddenly she felt some magic run through her ass. She felt clean and loose, and a bit slimy! She got her answer why when he stuffed his mammoth cock into her tiny opening! She didn't stop squealing until his hips met her ass. Without wasting time, he grabbed her hips and started pounding her virgin ass. Thankfully the magic kept it from hurting.

Daphne's pussy was wet, and her nipples were hard. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head. Something was happening deep inside her. She suddenly felt like she needed to pee!

"Harry, stop!" she cried out a warning when a powerful thrust into her ass caused fluid to shoot out of her pussy and spray everything underneath her!

"Fuck!" she yelled with every squirt! She could feel herself drenching his desk, and probably her lover as well. Her body was shaking and trembling uncontrollably as the largest orgasm of her life kept on getting bigger with every titanic thrust of his cock. Finally, he sank into her with a stroke that went from his head, down to his balls and released a massive dose of spunk into her waiting bowels. The feeling of having her ass seeded caused her to spray again! Her body thrashed and her breasts and nipples rubbed against his hard desk as her pussy juice rained down on everything in his office. The whole place stunk of her pussy! She looked back and saw him pull out. His cock was covered in cum. Her ass felt stretched as she collapsed into unconsciousness. Her last thought was to curse her family for getting her in this situation. At least she would get some fun out of it, she thought, looking on the bright side.

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