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Chapter 1

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A Family Affair

Harry Potter, fresh out of Hogwarts was walking down Diagon Alley with a huge smile on his face. This was the first day of true adulthood for him. He was out of school, and most importantly, he had taken care of the whole Voldemort problem. For the first time in his life, he was completely free to make his own choices and live his life in any way that he desired! He had just come from Gringotts and had everything taken care of. The number of houses that he was Lord of was staggering, but Harry thought that he would be able to handle it. Finding a wife for each title would be tricky, but then again, he didn't think that there would be a shortage of girls wanting to claim the spots.

Harry stopped at the Quality Quidditch Supply to check out the available brooms. He needed a new one after losing his Firebolt. The loss of it still ate at him. It was one of the few gifts that he had received from his godfather, who was just one of many victims of the Death Eaters. After talking with the worker, he left the shop without a new broom. A new model would be coming out soon, and he wanted to be among the first to get it.

"Harry?" he heard a female voice call out to him. Turning around he spotted Andromeda Tonks walking his way. He hadn't seen her in quite a while, since before her husband Ted had died. Tonks' mother was very beautiful. She did resemble her crazy sister Bellatrix quite a bit, but her features were softer and much nicer. She had long, black hair that was a little wavy and ended partway down her back. She had big, beautiful gray eyes like most of the Black family members and an aristocratic face. Her lips were plump and formed a really nice smile. She was wearing a robe so he couldn't really comment on the state of her body, but she looked fit.

"Mrs. Tonks, it's great to see you," he replied, accepting her hug and giving her one in return.

"I've been meaning to talk to you, Harry. I was about to send you a letter, but luckily, I found you here," she smiled.

"What can I do for you then?" he asked, a little confused about what she wanted from him. She wouldn't contact him just to chat.

"How about you come over to see me tomorrow at noon? We can chat over lunch," she asked, checking her watch for the time. She probably had somewhere to be.

"Umm, sure. I'll see you then I guess," he agreed, still confused over her request.

"Excellent! I'll see you then Harry," she smiled again and took off in the direction of the bank. Harry shook his head and put the strangeness behind him for the moment. He would speak with her the following day. No point in worrying about it now. For the time being, he still had errands to run. In the distance, he saw Ginny Weasley. Harry quickly walked in the opposite direction. He didn't have anything against her. She was a nice girl and all, but she wanted to be too serious too soon. Harry had just earned his freedom. There was no way he was giving it up so soon. Not even for a hot piece of meat like her. Harry wanted to enjoy himself before he settled down. Granted, he wasn't exactly enjoying himself when I came to women. Unfortunately, he was still a virgin. In his defense, he hadn't really had the time to try and rectify that little problem. During Hogwarts, he was watched all the time, same in the summer at Privet Drive. After graduation, he'd had tons of well-wishers mob him at every opportunity when making a public appearance. Everyone was ecstatic that the war was over. That was great and all, but he couldn't really chat up a girl when dozens of people were vying for his attention. Thankfully after a few days, things started to calm down. He had only half a dozen well-wishers since entering the alley. Putting that out of his mind for the moment, he went on with his business.

A Family Affair

It was near noon when Harry spun out of Andromeda's fireplace. He smiled as he stayed on his feet. With a wave of his wand, the ash and soot on his clothes disappeared. He looked around the room. It looked the same as the last time he was here. She lived in a smallish, clean house that had a very homey type vibe to it. It was easy to be comfortable there. "Harry, is that you?" he heard Andromeda call out from the kitchen.

"Yeah, it's me!" Harry answered, walking to the kitchen to greet her. After the greeting, she ushered him to the kitchen table and gave him a hot cup of tea.

"Just sit tight for a few minutes. Lunch is almost done," she said, preparing what smelled like beef stew. Harry's mouth was watering. He hadn't eaten breakfast and was quite hungry. Not long after, she served him up a big bowl of stew, along with several slices of homemade bread. He devoured his meal, though he thankfully remembered his manners and ate properly so as to not embarrass himself. Once watered and fed, she led him into the sitting room. It was clear that they were by themselves. He'd heard no one since arriving and knew that Tonks was at work at this time of the day.

"So Mrs. Tonks, you said you wanted to speak with me. What can I do for you," he asked, wanting to get down to business.

"I'd like to ask you what your opinion is of Remus Lupin," she said, sitting on the couch next to him, keeping the appropriate amount of space between them.

"Moony?" Harry asked confused. "Well, he's a good teacher. Other than that, I really can't say. He was my parents' friend, but I don't know him very well myself. He's a nice enough guy," Harry answered honestly. He liked Lupin well enough.

"Yes I agree that he's a nice enough guy, as you said, but he's also a good-for-nothing coward that ran off as soon as his friends were killed and his other was locked in prison. He makes every excuse as to why his condition has kept him from becoming a proper provider for my daughter, and instead relies on her less than lavish Ministry paycheck," she said heatedly. He could now see the fire that her sister often showed.

"As I said, he's a nice man and with a lot of work, he could make a decent husband. He's just not good enough for my daughter! Nymphadora is way too young to be trying to change a middle-aged man's way of thinking," she huffed.

Harry raised an eyebrow. He'd never heard anyone talk about Moony like that. He supposed that she did make a few points. He certainly wasn't perfect, and in all likelihood, Harry wouldn't become bosom buddies with him. He thought about what he wanted to say before actually opening his mouth.

"While I agree with you on some of your concerns, and while I can understand how you feel as Tonks' mother, I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to do about it."

"Simple, Harry. I want you to break them up," she simply stated. Harry almost choked on his tea. Was she drunk?

"Pardon?" he asked, putting down his cup of tea.

"I said that I would like for you to break them up," she clarified, taking a sip of her tea.

Harry rolled his eyes. "How exactly am I supposed to do that? Your daughter's an adult and can do whatever she wants. Besides, she would never listen to me anyway."

"You're smart Harry. I'm sure you'd figure out a way."

Harry shook his head. This was insane. Sure, he didn't hold any particular love for Moony, but that didn't mean that he wanted to go against the guy. Even so, Harry imagined that he could indeed break them apart. It probably wouldn't be that hard.

"If I agreed to help, what would I get out of it?" he asked. He was tired of taking care of everyone's problems for free. This wasn't a charity.

"What exactly do you want for your services?" she raised an elegant eyebrow. Harry thought about what he would ask for. Perhaps a favor? He didn't need money, since he was the Lord of several houses and had plenty of gold. He looked at Andy. While she was quite a bit older than he was, she was still very beautiful. Now that he got a look at her out of her robes, he could see that she had a very sexy body. She had a wonderful hourglass figure with pale, creamy legs coming out of her knee-length skirt. Her breasts looked to be a large C-cup and filled out her blouse nicely. His face heated up, and he cleared his throat.

"I know how you can repay me," he said, embarrassed.

"Oh? Do tell," she asked properly, setting down her cup and crossing her legs.

"As I'm sure you know, when I was at school I never had any time to myself. It got even worse once I graduated. As you can imagine, I've never spent any decent amount of alone time with a girl before, and I need someone to teach me about sex," he stated before losing his nerves.

Andromeda looked a bit flabbergasted. "My my, Harry. I never knew you were so bold," she said, surprised. Harry's face went red in embarrassment.

"It's true that I wouldn't normally ask something like that of you. However, I think it could work out for the both of us," he said, trying to calm down.

"How so?"

"Well, I need someone that knows what she's doing and won't go after me for my money, fame, or chance to marry into the families. You don't want any of that stuff, and you're already in the Black family. Also, you're older than me and I'm sure you know how it all works," he said, blushing. "I've also heard Tonks talking. She's worried that you'll never move on from your deceased husband and become lonely. I'm not saying that you should move on. I figure that you'll know when the time is right. In the meantime, you'll have me to 'scratch your itch' whenever you get the urge. It'll help keep you from getting lonely," he laid out his reasons.

Andromeda stayed quiet for a moment. Harry didn't know if she was going to go Bellatrix on him and start tossing curses his way. All she did was pick up her cup and take a sip of tea. A short while later, she put her cup back down and looked at him. "Alright. I agree."

Harry's eyes widened. He honestly didn't expect her to. "You do?" he asked, unsure.

"Yes," she answered again. "I am the best choice to show you the ropes when it comes to sex. We are both single, and I have been feeling a little lonely recently. Besides, even though I lost my husband, that doesn't mean that I lost my urges and needs. It would be nice to have a warm body to take to bed when I get the desire."

She got up and took him by the hand. "Now come along."

Harry gulped but followed along. She pulled him into her bedroom. It was a nice looking room that was obviously decorated by a female. "Take your close off," she ordered, tapping her foot. Harry let out a shuddered breath and complied. With shaky hands, he removed his shirt first. He then sat on the bed and removed his shoes and socks. Next came the trousers, and then he was down to his boxers. He was about to pull them down when Andy smacked his hand out of the way.

"I'll get these," she said, teasing him a bit. Her hand slid down his stomach until her fingers slipped under the waistband. She pulled them down slowly until a massive cock sprung out and slapped against his belly. "Holy crow! You've been hiding a monster down there," she exclaimed, never taking her eyes off of it. "Lie back on the bed."

Harry laid back with his legs hanging off the side, bent at the knee. His cock was standing straight up. Andy dragged one of her fingers up the length of his erection and flicked the head. He watched as she started to unbutton her white blouse, revealing a lacy white bra underneath. "I think we need to get your first shot off before we can proceed."

She turned around and wiggled her behind as she unbuttoned her skirt and lowered the zipper. Sensually she let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it. She spun back around and was standing in front of him with her shirt open and her bra and panties exposed. Her panties were plain white cotton that fit snugly against her hips and rode up her perky ass. She took a step forward and straddled one of his thighs. She moaned as she started grinding her crotch against his naked leg. One of her hands grabbed him at the base of his eleven-inch beast while the other hand grabbed him around the middle.

"I can't believe it takes both of my hands to give you a proper hand job!" she said, happily. "I believe I'll make good use out of this in the coming years," she stated plainly. Harry's eyes widened. She was planning to keep their arrangement going for years? He wasn't about to complain.

Harry moaned as she began using her hands in tandem. She was obviously skilled as she worked the length of his cock, stroking him from the base to the head. She saw his breathing pick up and knew that he wouldn't last long. She smirked to herself. She may be older now, but she was still sexy enough to get a young man off. She took a real good look at his penis. It was long and thick. Very thick in fact. She couldn't even touch the tips of her fingers together! It was ramrod straight and veiny. She couldn't wait to take it for a ride. Hearing Harry loudly moan, she watched as glob after glob of thick, pearly cum erupted from the tip of his dick. She bit her lower lip as it shot up into the air and landed all over her. With every stroke more just squirted out! It must have been a solid minute before she wanked him dry.

"That's a lot of cum," she said aloud, waving her wand to clean them up. As a young man, she knew it wouldn't take him long to recover. She removed her blouse and unclasped her bra. She saw Harry's soft cock harden as she let her bra fall to the ground. In her opinion, her tits were her best feature. They were large and perfectly shaped. Even in her advanced age, they were still incredibly perky! They were capped with light peach colored nipples that she loved to play with. She giggled and shook her chest. His eyes followed the gentle sway of her tits as they jiggled. Andromeda kicked off her black high heels and hooked her thumb into the band of her panties. Turning around, she looked over her shoulder sexily as she slowly lowered them down her gorgeous legs. She turned back around and rubbed her bald pussy.

"I have so much to teach you, but right now you'll have to excuse me. I need to sit on that cock and get nice and fucked!" she said, climbing on top of Harry and grabbing him around the base. Harry felt Andy sliding the head of his cock all around her wet pussy until it was in exactly the right spot. She lowered herself, and he moaned out loudly.

Andy giggled, "Feels good?"

"God yes!" was all that he could get out.

"It's about to feel even better," she said slyly as she leaned down and kissed him passionately. Breaking the kiss, she straightened herself and placed her hands on his muscled pecs. She wiggled her hips to align everything properly before she started bouncing. Andromeda threw her head back and moaned. She hadn't had sex in so long that it felt even better than she remembered. Perhaps it was because of the massive pole of flesh she was bouncing on, she thought. Hearing Harry compliment her on her skill had her nipples crinkling. She lifted a hand off of him and squeezed one of her breasts while gyrating her hips.

Harry had never felt so good in his entire life. If he knew that sex was this good then he'd have been trying to fuck every girl in school! He groaned as he slid his hands up Andromeda's silky smooth thighs. He gripped her hips and squeezed them as he lifted his pelvis up, trying desperately to go as deep as possible. He didn't know how long he could last!

Andy gasped as she felt her orgasm approaching. The pleasure and naughtiness from fucking a boy so much younger than she had her pussy drooling all over his teenage cock. Then his hands slid up her toned stomach and grabbed her breasts. As his fingers brushed over her hypersensitive nipples, her pussy convulsed and gripped his invading member as tight as she could! She yelled out and fell forward, landing on top of Harry, who wrapped his arms around her waist and started thrusting! She panted into his shoulder as he was pushed over the edge. She closed her eyes and moaned at the feeling of warm cum filling her tunnel once again. Looking at Harry, she giggled at the look on his face. He looked like Ted did when she had taken his virginity so many years ago. She was going to have the best time teaching him the ropes!

A Family Affair

Two Months Later

Getting Moony to end things with Tonks was surprisingly easy. Harry thought that he would have to seduce Tonks or hire a prostitute to seduce Lupin. In the end, all it took was for Harry to hit him with light compulsion charms and hire him to run one of his new businesses in America. He knew that it kind of sucked for Tonks, but she would get over it soon enough. As for Moony, well, Harry made sure to hire an attractive female werewolf roughly his age. He was sure that the two would get along famously, and wouldn't be surprised if they were married within the year. Moony seemed very excited about going to America where the werewolf laws were much more relaxed. Hopefully, everything would turn out well for everyone.

Nymphadora Tonks was pissed! She had wasted over a year of her life with that deadbeat werewolf! And for what? He ended things with her and ran off to America. She should have listened to her mother.

Tonks silently entered her childhood home and skulked into her old room. She smiled at the Weird Sisters posters taped all over her walls. She kicked off her boots and looked into the mirror. She was young and beautiful. She could look however she wanted and could do some perverted things with her metamorph powers. She brushed the bubblegum pink hair out of her eyes. Remus was an idiot, she thought. She left her room and went to find her mother.

As she was looking for her mom, she heard what sounded like feminine moans coming from her mother's room. Being curious, she cracked open the door and took a peek inside. Tonks' eyes widened. She saw her mother completely naked and sitting on the face of who she knew to be Harry Potter! Her mom was straddling his face and was pointed at his feet in the reverse cowgirl position. She was wiggling her hips and moaning like a common streetwalker! The sounds of wet slurps coming from between her legs had Tonks blushing in embarrassment. The most fascinating part was the penis. Harry's penis to be precise. It was humongous! It stood proudly sticking up from his pelvis, like some perverse pine tree in the middle of an empty field. The sight caught her breath and hardened her nipples. She had never been with someone that big! She quickly wondered what it would be like. As if she was being called by magic itself, Tonks removed her clothes and crept into the room where the couple was fucking.

Andromeda was in heaven. She had taught Harry what she could. The boy was an eager learner. His skills at eating pussy had improved greatly over the last couple of months. She was leaning her head back with her eyes closed when she felt the bed dip slightly. She opened her eyes and gasped in shock.


"Sorry mum, but I can't take it! I have to have some," she moaned, sitting on the meat pole and taking it all the way to the base. Andromeda squeaked as Harry moaned around her clit. She tried to rebuke her daughter but couldn't get the words out. Every time she opened her mouth, Harry's tongue would vibrate against her! Soon there was nothing stopping her daughter.

Tonks thrust her chest out as she rode this young stallion beneath her! Her mother was doing the same thing, only on his face. She was too busy being entranced by the sexiness of her own mother that she didn't notice when Harry bucked his hips causing her to tip forward. Tonks' face landed right in her mother's sweaty bosom! Her mouth had a mind of its own and captured the lovely nipple between her lips. Andromeda grabbed the back of her head and pulled her tighter! Tonks moaned around the hard nipple in her mouth. She was losing her mind with pleasure. She didn't realize that her hand traveled down and began rubbing her mother's spit covered clit!

"Oh fuck!" Andromeda yelled out and came all over Harry's face. Tonks likewise came all over his cock and the duo collapsed on top of the Boy-Who-Lived. They were both red-faced and sweaty, but Harry wasn't letting them off the hook. He grabbed Tonks and dropped her on top of her mother, face down. They both blushed as their bodies were pressed together, face to face. Tonks squealed when Harry started pounding her doggy style.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Tonks cried out, her breasts rubbing against her mother's. Harry hit a wonderful spot deep inside of her and made her fall forward. Tonks just started cumming as he pulled out and slid inside of her mother. Their foreheads pressed together as Andromeda started moaning. Tonks cried out when Harry began finger fucking her asshole! Both mother and daughter were about to cum at the same time! They frantically locked lips in an incestuous kiss as both squirted pussy juice all over Harry's chest and stomach!

"Finish me off," Harry ordered. They both got to their knees and placed their heads side by side. He pointed his cock at them, stroking it vigorously. Tonks took his cock into her mouth as Andromeda sucked in his balls. He grabbed them both by the back of their heads and guided their movements.

"Take it all Tonks," he moaned as she deep-throated his massive erection. About to finish, he pulled out from her and pointed his cock at them.

"Open up," he said, aiming at their opened mouths. He groaned as sticky seed erupted from his cock, landing in their mouths and splattering across their pretty faces. He stroked his dick trying to get every last drop. Once done he wiped his cock on Tonks' hair and sighed.

All three looked at each other in shock, finally realizing what had happened between them. Harry chuckled. It would certainly be an awkward conversation.

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