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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Gabrielle stood there dripping with her mother's juices. Her mom was still lying in bed breathing hard. She hadn't even closed her legs yet! Her smooth and wet vagina was still on view to everyone in the room! Her breasts shook slightly with her fast breathing. She looked over at Harry.

Her face went red, and her breathing increased. He was everything that a man should be, in her opinion! He was handsome and muscular. Her eyes lowered, and she gulped audibly. His penis was huge! She couldn't believe that she would soon be taking that beast! She was thankful that she had the brains to ask her sister for help. Fleur would talk her through it. She looked over at her sister.

Fleur spit out a mouthful of her mother's cum and wiped her face with the back of her hand. Her mind was going into overdrive! She saw what had happened to her mother! While she wasn't thrilled that she had had a sexual dalliance behind her father's back, she could at least understand why. Her mom had told her on many occasions how unfulfilled her sex life was. To finally meet someone able to give you what you desperately desire must have been quite a shock. Fleur was feeling the same way! She had never heard of a Veela having a true orgasm, much less such an explosive one like her mother did! The mere thought had her pussy moistening. She looked at the cock that brought such pleasure to her mother. It was thick and long, and ramrod straight with angry veins spread across it. It was a tool made to leave women in a pool of their own juices! Her face reddened when she realized that that was just what had happened to her mother moments ago. It was still hard and ready to go. She cleared her throat. She reached out and took him by the penis.

"Come along, 'Arry Potter," she said with as much dignity as she could. "You as well, Gabrielle," she added, pulling Harry by the cock. Gabrielle clapped and squealed. She was ready to become a woman!

Fleur led them both out of her mother's room and into her own. She had a bigger bed than her sister, and it looked like they would need it. Once inside her room, she let go of his cock and sat down on the bed facing him. She crossed her legs sexily. "Now, 'Arry, you are 'ere to 'elp bring my seester into adult'ood. You will also be taking care of my needs while you are 'ere, do you agree?" she asked, her eyebrow raised. Harry raised one of his own. She was being a bit snobby for a girl dripping with her mother's juices. Harry bit down his annoyance. He would be fucking three Veela for an entire month after all! He nodded and smiled, already planning his revenge.

"Excellent! First, though, we must make sure that you can 'andle 'er allure! Gabrielle, do not attempt to restrain it anymore. Let it go completely!"

They looked at the younger Veela. She relaxed and immediately, Harry felt the air thicken with magic. He made sure to clamp down on his mental shields. He was taught Occlumency by the best, and while his shields were taking a bit of a beating at the moment, it was nothing compared to Dumbledore's hammering magic when the old man tested his skill. Harry just smiled and walked to the little Veela.

Fleur sighed when it looked as though he would not be able to control himself. What she didn't expect was for Harry to rip Gabrielle's bikini bottoms off with a single pull and push his pure magic right into her virgin cunt when he slid a finger inside her! Fleur watched, her mind blown when Gabrielle's eyes went wide and she screeched out something inaudible. Suddenly a massive jet of liquid squirted out of the young woman! Gabby grabbed her pussy that was still being fingered by Harry Potter and squeezed her thighs together, trying to stop the squirting!

Harry held back a snicker. These girls would soon find out the skill he possessed in the bedroom. Fleur would feel the brunt of his sexual prowess. He would take it easy, comparatively speaking, on Gabrielle since she was still a virgin. He grabbed the squirting Gabby and threw her over his shoulder. He spanked her perfect bottom and angled her backside towards her sister!

"EEEEEEK!" Fleur yelled out, reaching out to block the sudden stream of pussy juice hitting her in the face! Gabby was squealing in orgasmic pleasure as her pussy convulsed. Harry spread her legs a little and the spray only got larger! " 'Arry! What are you doing?!" Fleur bellowed, still being drenched in her sister's juice! She ran to the other side of the room to escape the sprays. Harry followed her laughing as he aimed Gabby's pussy right at her! " 'ARRY!" she yelled, then choked as a squirt hit her in the back of the throat as she yelled.

Harry chuckled and gave her time to stop coughing. He proved his point. Maybe she wouldn't be so uppity in the future. He tossed the cumming Gabby on the bed where she curled up into the fetal position, her pussy still milking a cock that wasn't there. He walked up to Fleur who was breathing hard.

Fleur yelped as he ripped off her bikini top and bottom and tossed her on the bed next to her sister! Before she could even say anything, his face was buried between her legs, and his lips were pulling on her engorged clit!

"Ohhhhhhhh, yes!" she moaned as he pushed low levels of magic through her clit. Not enough to make her orgasm, but enough to push her close to it! He let go of her clit, and she wanted to complain! His mouth on her pussy felt so good! His lips were already traveling north. They explored a vast amount of her creamy, pale skin. He licked her hairless mound and nibbled on her hip bone making her squeal with pleasure. She blushed when he tickled her belly button with his tongue, and groaned when his lips peppered kisses all over her flat tummy. Her legs parted as he settled between them.

Harry groaned when he captured one of her perfect pink nipples. He sucked on them hard and pushed a little magic into his tongue. He smirked into her breast as she groaned aloud, grinding her wet pussy against his crotch. She was ready for him! He claimed her plump lips for the first time as he easily entered her slick folds.

Fleur moaned into Harry Potter's mouth as she felt his very large member spread her folds apart and slide inside of her deeper than any man had ever been! She even squeaked when his spongey cockhead knocked against her cervix! His hand slid down the back of her smooth thigh and squeezed her perky bottom. Her orgasm exploded from her body as he touched her virgin asshole and funneled his magic straight through it! She yelled into his mouth and sprayed his cock with her cum! Her body was trembling wildly as her pussy fluttered around his monstrous member! She was still shaking when he suddenly pulled out of her and dropped Gabby down on her front. She was in a sixty-nine position with her sister! She could smell her sister's arousal when he stuffed himself back inside of her! She squealed with every thrust of his mighty cock! He rubbed her wet clit, and she came again!

Gabrielle watched as her sister squirted again! She had a front-row seat to their fucking! She could see every aspect of her penetration. Harry was thrusting until he pulled his cock from her and pressed it against her lips! Gabby couldn't even complain! As soon as she opened her mouth to say something, he stuffed it in! Now he turned his cock into a PussyPop, and she was the one sucking on it! Her head bobbed rapidly as she sucked Fleur's juices right off of him. When his cock was clean, he'd stuff it right back in until Fleur cummed again, squirting juice all over his cock, and her face. Gabby's face was dripping with juices as she took his cock in her mouth again. Being annoyed at her sister, she decided for some payback! She rubbed her wet pussy all over Fleur's face!

Fleur squeaked as her sister dry-humped her mouth! It wasn't very dry either! Her wet pussy smeared her arousal all over her face! She opened her mouth to say something when Gabby stuffed her clit right between her lips! On instinct, she sucked on it! Gabby moaned noisily on Harry's cock.

Truth be told, Gabby didn't really know how to suck a cock properly. It was still good though! Any time a girl sucked your cock could be considered a great time! She still had a lot to learn. He would make sure to teach her. Perhaps her older sister would show her how it was done. First, he needed to make sure she was good enough. He pulled out of the blonde and waddled over to Gabby's pussy. He looked at the hairless split. Her pussy was perfect, just like her mom's and sister's. He pressed his cock against her slit and slowly pushed in.

Fleur let go of Gabrielle's clit with a wet popping noise. She looked to where the other two were joining. Harry's cock looked massive next to Gabby's tiny pussy! She watched wide-eyed at how such a tiny, little thing could stretch to accommodate such girth! Gabby was whining and groaning into her pussy as she was split apart. He was nearly at the base when his large balls brushed across her face. Not wanting to be idle, she stuck out her tongue and slathered the large testicles with her saliva! Pressed against her mouth, all she could do was lick and suck on them as he started fucking her virgin sister!

Harry and Gabby moaned together. Her pussy was exquisite, he thought as he bottomed out inside the young blonde. He spread her cheeks apart and saw her tiny, pale asshole open and close as it puckered. A hole for a different day, he thought. Still, he pressed his thumb against the tiny hole and massaged it as he thrust even harder!

Gabby was moaning against her sister's pussy. Fleur's juices kept getting on her face! Every time she moved her face, Fleur would wiggle and her pussy would rub against her again! Finally, she gave up and let her wet slit coat her cheeks and lips in her arousal. Suddenly, she felt magic travel from her untouched asshole, all the way throughout her entire body, ending in her pussy which soon started spasming! Gabby smooshed her face into Fleur's groin by accident and yelled into her cunt!

Harry groaned at the sudden tightening of an already incredibly tight pussy! That pushed him over the edge and his balls started churning. He cursed as he injected his seed into the former virgin Veela. He spurted a huge load into the young woman as Fleur sucked his balls which were stained with her sister's wetness! Harry pulled out.

Fleur squeaked as Harry pulled out of Gabby, and she caught a face full of her sister's girl cum mixed with Harry's seed! As Gabby was lying on top of her, she couldn't move as her top half was sprayed over and over by the cumming Veela.

" 'Arry! It feels too good!" Gabby yelled as Harry slapped her ass loudly, making her perky cheeks jiggle. He slapped her again making her spray even harder! Harry smirked. Seems like the little Veela loved to be spanked! He spanked her again!

Gabby squealed as another wave of pleasure erupted within her as she was slapped in the ass! Every time that he struck her, her pussy would pulsate!

"Nooo," Fleur moaned as she heard another slap on the ass! She closed her eyes and mouth as she was squirted in the face again! She opened her mouth to complain, only to have a large cock stuffed in there. Harry moaned when he started slowly fucking her mouth. Fleur, annoyed at being used as a sex toy, just went along with it. She would yell at him later. She massaged him with her tongue as he used her mouth to clean his cock. Not long after, he shuddered and spilled his seed into her waiting mouth. She moaned and drank it down. She swallowed everything that he gave her! She felt him get off the bed and left them to themselves. She was too tired to do anything though. She promptly fell asleep, her face pressed against her sister's cum-filled pussy. Gabby was asleep as well, softly breathing over Fleur's sensitive clit.

Harry looked at them and shook his head. He'd need to whip them into shape. They couldn't even last a whole hour! 'Maybe Apolline is up for another round!' he thought wickedly. Harry smiled and went to find the MILF!

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