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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Gabrielle Delacour was blonde, beautiful, and had recently turned seventeen, which in the wizarding world meant that she was an adult. In the world of Veela, however, it meant that she was going through her final maturity.

When Veela went through their first maturity, they had a growth spurt just like everyone else. They also started to develop their Allure, though it was much weaker when compared to a fully grown Veela. When they reached their second and final maturity, that's when their Allure strengthened to full power. Much like magic, some people were stronger than others. The Delacour women always had very strong Allures. When the final maturity started, their Allures went haywire. All male family members were forced out of the house for the following month while the Veela in question went through her final change. All Veela kept a secret though. A secret that they never told their non-Veela loved ones. When the maturity hit, they became incredibly horny while they waited for their Allure to calm down. Once a young Veela hit her final maturity, an older family member, usually her mother would choose one lucky man to stay with her for the month and service her needs when demanded. Binding contracts and NDA's were of course signed.

The newly turned seventeen-year-old Gabrielle Delacour sat with her equally gorgeous sister, Fleur outside of their family's beach house in southern France. Porquerolles was an island in France that was renowned for its beaches. The Delacours were lucky enough to own a warded vacation home there. The three women of the family had left behind Jacques, their father, and Apolline's husband, at their family home so he could continue to work. Apolline would visit him every few days, but Gabrielle had to stay away. Her wild and fluctuating Allure could drive him crazy with lust, even for his own daughter! That was the power of the Allure.

Gabby was laying on a long beach chair next to her sister soaking up the rays. It was mostly useless, her skin would always stay the same creamy white that it always was. Veela were unable to get a tan. She still enjoyed the warmth though. She was wearing the teeny tiny purple bikini that she loved above all others. She never wore it in front of guests though. It was too revealing!

"I cannot believe that Mother actually got Harry Potter as my helper!" Gabrielle squealed in French. Harry Potter had been an elusive character. He didn't attend school and instead was tutored by the best practitioners of magic in the world. He wasn't really a part of the public eye until a few years ago when he defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort in single combat! Gabrielle was amazed when she heard the tales. Rare Pensive memories were even available for very high prices. She begged her father to get one so that she could watch it. Being the loving father that he was, he would never deny her anything if he could avoid it. Besides, he wanted to see it for himself as well. What she saw simply amazed her! He was incredible! He wielded magic, unlike anyone she had ever seen! He was also very handsome. She came out of the memory blushing fiercely and sporting a very large crush. Her sister often teased her about it, but not too much since she had a small crush as well.

Fleur chuckled at her sister's excitement. She could feel her Allure going wild. "Not yet. She's interviewing him right now to make sure that he is up to the task," she smirked.

"I'm sure he will be," Gabby said with complete conviction. He was better than any man she knew. He was perfect for the job. "I also told Mother that he was the one that I want," she giggled. Fleur shook her head at the silly Veela. She remembered her own maturity. It was such a letdown. That's how it was with all Veela though. They went in thinking that they were going to receive such pleasure and be taught the ways of lovemaking, only to find that the men ejaculate the moment the Allure hits them. The whole thing was more trouble than it was worth, but she wasn't going to tell her sister that. She loved Gabrielle and didn't want to ruin her excitement.

"I hope so," Fleur muttered, putting her sunglasses back on. It was very bright that day.

"Fleur … ?" Gabby sounded very meek and worried.

"Yes, Gabby?" Fleur asked, concerned. She looked over at her sister and saw that she was biting her lower lip cutely. Gabby was worried. It was easy to read her. She always kept her emotions at the surface.

"When he takes me to bed for the first time … um …," she was embarrassed to finish.

"Yes?" she asked, waiting to hear what she had to say.

Gabby cleared her throat. "I haven't been with a boy before. I'm really nervous. When the time comes, will you be there with me?" she blushed.

Fleur raised one of her perfect eyebrows. "You want me in bed with you?" she asked for clarification. Gabby nodded.

"Like a threesome?" she couldn't believe her ears. Sure, Veela could be a bit naughty in bed, but this was wild, even for her.

"You don't have to do anything with him if you don't want to. I still want you there though. It would make me feel better," she muttered, trying to calm her blush. Fleur had pink cheeks as well. She sighed. She could never refuse her anything.

"Fine," she sighed. "I'll be in bed with you," hugging her sister when she squealed and threw her arms around her.

"Thank you, Fleur! Harry Potter is wonderful! I'm sure that you will have a great time!" Her sister chatted away, talking a mile a minute about the coming month.

Hired Help

Apolline Delacour looked the young man up and down. He was handsome to be sure. He was a young man that a young Apolline would have loved to marry. He was good-looking, well-built, rich, and famous. He was everything that she could want. An older Apolline wanted him as possibly, a son-in-law, to either Gabrielle or Fleur. First, she needed to make sure that he was worthy. She would not have her daughters suffer the same fate as her. She loved her husband very much, unfortunately, he had a very small penis, as did many men in the wizarding world. She never let him know how much it bothered her, but it did. She had spent the last twenty-five years of her life unsatisfied in bed. She didn't want her daughters to go through that.

"Now 'Arry, I must make sure that there are no sexually transmitted diseases. So please, drop your trousers," she told him, taking deep breaths to keep her face from heating up. It was incredibly embarrassing asking a young man less than half her age to strip naked. He didn't seem to mind, however. He just smiled and said, "Sure."

She watched him pull off his shirt revealing strong muscles and a mouth-watering six-pack. He sat on a chair and pulled off his shoes and socks before standing up again. Her eyes were glued to his hands as he unbuckled his belt and undid the button on his trousers. Apolline gulped when his zipper lowered and his pants and underwear started moving down at the same time. Her eyes followed the waist of his trousers. First, she saw his six-pack, then her eyes lowered to his bellybutton. Then they moved down to his lower stomach before catching her first glimpse of neatly trimmed pubic hair. Her mouth was dry when she spotted the base of his cock. She looked him in the eye and blushed deeply when she saw that he was looking her dead in the face!

She gasped loudly when his trousers went down far enough and a gargantuan cock sprang forth, already hard and ready for sex! Apolline couldn't believe her eyes! She didn't even realize what she was doing when she walked up to him and wrapped her small hand around him.

"It is enormous!" she exclaimed quietly to herself. Her fingers didn't even come close to touching. This thing would stretch her in such wonderful ways, her mind wandered. It would ruin her for other men! She blushed. She kept her hand on his cock when she looked up. She glared slightly when she saw him smirking. 'The bastard is taunting me!' she thought.

"Hmmmph!" she dismissed him. Her hand was still on his cock. "It may be big, but can you use it properly?" she stroked him a few times, keeping him hard and ready. Harry chuckled and wrapped his arms around her waist. Her face was heating up when he lightly kissed her neck.

"I'm very good at what I do," he said, as he dropped down to one knee and reached under her sundress. She felt him grab her panties and lower them to the ground. She wasn't able to control herself as she stepped out of them. He stood back up and sniffed the fragrant material. "Mmmm, you smell fantastic, Apolline," he said, holding her silky panties up to his nose and inhaling deeply. Apolline had never been so embarrassed! Still, she was able to contain herself. "Open your mouth," he ordered, rubbing her lower lip sensually with the pad of his thumb. She did as ordered.

Apolline's eyes widened dramatically when Harry Fucking Potter stuffed her panties in her mouth! "Don't want the girls to hear," he smirked as he reached down and stroked her wet pussy a few times. She was about to pull her panties out of her mouth and rebuke him when he pinched her clit and channeled pure magic straight through her!

"Iiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!" her muffled scream bounced off the walls as her pussy exploded with juice! She stood there, in front of Harry Potter with her legs parted as her pussy juice squirted out of her and splashed on the floor. Her body was shaking wildly as jet after jet of girl cum sprayed out, leaving an ever-growing puddle of her arousal! As her body trembled, the little shit grabbed the front of her lovely sundress and ripped it open! Her large breasts burst free, jiggling and bouncing along with her orgasming body! He cupped her spraying pussy and hit her with magic again! Her orgasm continued!

She was thrashing and wailing when he picked her up and threw her over her shoulder. She wanted to tell him to put her down, but the only thing that came out of her mouth was cries of pleasure. He slapped her ass as her juices sprayed her beach house walls! She didn't even know where she was being carried to! Finally, she impacted a soft bed, only to have her throbbing cunt stuffed with his giant man-meat! She was stretched to the fullest as her pussy fluttered over his massive member! Her legs were lifted up and rested on his shoulders. Her breasts were shaking as the brute began thrusting!

"Oh … Oh … Ohhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiit!" she squeaked out a high pitch wail as he fucked the living shit out of the gorgeous, blonde MILF. The incredibly wet sounds of her pussy getting stuffed embarrassed her! She had never been so wet! Almost instantly, her orgasm had hit its fullest again! Her back arched as she came on him!

"Maman, are you almost done? Gabrielle cannot wait any longer for …" Apolline watched wide-eyed as her eldest daughter opened the bedroom door. Fleur's eyes grew large as she saw what was going on. Harry smiled.

"You must be Fleur! It's nice to meet you," he said, pulling out and getting up as Gabrielle walked in.

Gabrielle only had about a second to take in what was going on. Harry Potter was naked and glorious! He apparently fucked her mother. And her mother was having an orgasm. That was about it before she was sprayed in the face.

Apolline hid her face in her hands as her pussy sprayed her daughters in the face and chest! Her body was spasming as a jet of cum hit Fleur right in the face. She tried to angle it away only to drench Gabrielle. That fucker, Harry Potter was laughing up a storm, having a good time as she couldn't stop cumming! He just stood there and lovingly rubbed her thigh. Thankfully, after a few minutes, she was able to calm down a little. She was breathing heavily as her daughters stood there wide-eyed and speechless. Harry was standing, straight-backed with his cock proudly erect!

"So … do I have the job?" the little shit smirked.

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