The Payment @dasteiza
Chapter 2

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AN: This is in the same AU as Hired Help. This takes place before he goes to France.

Chapter 2

Hermione laid in bed thinking. Her nipples were rock-hard, and her pussy was moist. She was thinking about Harry Potter. More accurately, she was thinking about the pleasure that he had brought her. It was incredible! She had never experienced anything even close to that before! That wasn't surprising, since she had had only one lover in her entire life before him. The only thing that she wasn't satisfied with was her performance, or rather her lack of longevity. She had only earned a single hour with the book!

One hour with a book of that caliber was ridiculous! She only scratched the surface when he came to tell her that her time was up. No amount of begging or flirting had convinced him to let her continue. He just smirked and said that she needed to earn more time! The bastard!

Still, earning more time wasn't something that she would consider a chore. It was glorious! She laid in bed thinking about the way he made her squirm and squirt! Her pussy was fluttering just thinking about it. She needed him! How could she go on with her life knowing that that kind of pleasure was out there, just beyond her grasp?! She needed to talk to him. She had to convince him to take her on as a full-time lover! It shouldn't be too hard. She was a pretty girl after all! What man would turn down a no-strings-attached relationship with a young woman? She closed her eyes and reached down. She bit her lips as her fingers brushed over her damp folds. Yes, she definitely needed Harry Potter.

The Payment

Harry was lying back with his hands behind his head. He watched as the beautiful Daphne Greengrass bounced on his cock. She was one of his regular lovers. She was gorgeous and great in bed. In fact, there were a lot of things that were great about her. Still, he didn't care much about her. She was using him just as much as he was using her. It was a symbiotic relationship. He certainly wasn't complaining. Having a beauty like her as a constant fuck-toy was a great thing in his book. There just wasn't any thrill to it anymore. He was getting bored with her. He wasn't stupid enough to end their agreement or anything like that. She was a sexy little thing after all. He just wanted to add something new into the mix. He groaned as Daphne did that thing with her hips that he really liked. He thought about the new girl. Hermione Granger was her name. She was quite pretty and smart. She also had one of the tightest pussies that he had ever fucked! Her pussy was fantastic! There was also something else about her that had captured his interest. He thought about it and realized that it was her inexperience. She was something innocent that he could corrupt with his perverseness! He could show her everything he knew about sex, which was quite a bit! Yes, he wanted Hermione Granger. She was going to be his! He smirked. He didn't even need to message her. If he knew one thing, it was that she would contact him again, probably soon. She would either want another go in the bedroom or want to earn more time with his book. Either way, she would be back in his bed.

The Payment

Hermione was content with how things played out. She had contacted Harry Potter about "earning more time", but actually wanted to talk to him about making their arrangement more permanent. After a little back and forth, he agreed, and they came up with a suitable agreement that both were happy with. She would move in with him and get her own room. He could have her whenever and however he desired, and in return, she got access to his complete library! The last part made her very excited! She was already salivating over the number of books he had. She only got a quick tour of it before she was brought up to his room to spend some quality time together. She didn't complain since she was just as eager for pleasure as she was for knowledge! That led her to where she was now. Hermione was sitting between his legs, facing him as she worked his cock with her feet! He said that he needed to teach her how to properly please a man, and apparently getting foot-fucked was part of it!

He simply laid back and instructed her how to make him cum with her feet. He handed her a bottle of lube, and she got to work. It took a little bit of learning to get it right, but now she was confident in her movements. Her tongue was poking out from between her teeth as she concentrated. She had his abnormally large penis trapped against the oiled up arch of her foot as the toes of her other foot stroked the underside of his cock. He seemed to like that.

"That's real nice, Hermione," he groaned as the pads of her oily toes rubbed him from the base of his cock, all the way to the underside of his head. He opened his eyes and stared between her legs. Hermione blushed as he looked at her naked pussy. She was a little embarrassed at how wet she was. She shouldn't be so wet from such a perverse act! 'It does feel nice though,' she justified, stroking his cock a little faster.

"Play with yourself," he groaned, still looking at her vagina. She bit her lip and did what he asked. Her hand snaked between her legs, and she moaned quietly as she stroked her kitty. It was turning her on, knowing that she was putting on a show for him. She looked him in the eye as he watched her masturbate for him. He reached out and gripped her ankles. Suddenly, her pussy started clamping down on her fingers as a strong orgasm rocked her body! She squeaked loudly every time her pussy fluttered on her fingers. She watched Harry sandwich his massive erection with her slippery feet and fuck her delicate soles. Hermione's eyes rolled as the naughty tickle made her cumming pussy feel even better. Her wet tunnel was milking her fingers as Harry thrust hard and a healthy load of cum spurted out of the tip of his penis. She watched it fly up into the air and land in a glob on her feet, some of it even landing on her leg! Harry was moaning and rubbing her bare feet all over his cumming cock. It was so naughty that Hermione came again from that alone!

The Next Night

Hermione was on her stomach with her head underneath a big, fluffy pillow. Her back was arched and her ass was sticking up like a whore who was about to be fucked! Her knees were parted and everything she had was on view. She blushed fiercely as she heard the snaps of pictures being taken. She agreed to pose for him only if she didn't show her face. She didn't want the pictures getting out, even if by accident. It could ruin her entire career in the magical world! She only agreed to such a perverted request by being promised a meeting with the Head Unspeakable! She knew that Harry could and would make that meeting happen! "Spread your cheeks apart, love," she heard him say. Reaching behind her, she gripped her cheeks and pulled them apart, gasping at the sensation of cool air rushing over her puckered hole. She heard the magical camera go off repeatedly. Next, he had her shake her ass for him! The pervert! She shook her ass as the camera continued to go off. Being a magical camera, she knew the pictures would move. That meant that her ass shaking would be immortalized in picture form for as long as the photo survived.

Hermione bit down on the bedsheet when she felt his finger stroke up and down the center of her wet slit. She moaned naughtily as he gently tickled her pussy and gasped as he toyed with her clit. Her body started shaking as he pinched her clit lightly. She knew what was about to happen! The intense pleasure hit her like a runaway train, and she cried into the bed as her pussy let loose a jet of girl cum that squirted across the room! Pictures were being snapped as her pussy spasmed and milked a cock that wasn't there! Her ass was jiggling as the snapping got closer, and she knew that he was getting some close-ups of her squirting pussy! 'I better get that fucking meeting!' she thought as she squirted again!

The Next Night

Her back arched as Harry's giant cock was bumping into her cervix and rubbing her G-spot! "Fuck me, Harry!" she moaned. "Fuck me, harder please!" she squealed, her pussy fluttering over his cock. She was on her back while he held her feet to his mouth. He was sucking on her toes as he piledrove her tight pussy like never before! She felt his tongue tickle one of her toes, and she groaned as her pussy tingled around his dick. She was breathing hard, and the whole room stunk of sex! They had been fucking for three hours straight! Her pussy clamped down on him!

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she moaned as she pulled her nipples. He let go of her feet, and she wanted to complain. It was actually her who stuffed her toes into his mouth. After all of the foot-fucking that he had put her through, it turned out that she liked the naughty act! He pulled out and started stroking himself. She had fucked him enough to know that he was trying to decide where on her body to finish. She made the decision for him. She held up her cute, little feet and wiggled her toes at him. He chuckled and held them both in one hand as he slapped his large fuckstick repeatedly on the top of her feet. A few strokes later and he was painting her toes white. "Mmmmm," she hummed in satisfaction as she used one foot to rub the cum into her other foot. She took his cock between her cum slickened feet and made sure that he remained hard. He had work to do!

"Mmm, so naughty," he said, spreading her legs roughly and slamming his cock back inside of her. Her back bowed with pleasure as her pussy clamped back down on him. He was fucking her so hard that her breasts were flopping back and forth, slapping into her chest! He reached out and grabbed her neck. Her eyes bugged out when he squeezed! She grabbed his wrist trying to get him to let go! She was beginning to see spots when he let go. She gasped out a huge breath and came harder than she ever had! She couldn't scream because she didn't have any air in her lungs, but she squirted violently, her pussy squeezing his cock so tight that it kind of hurt him! Finally, she was able to choke out a cry of pleasure only for him to choke her once more. Again she gripped his wrists, but he wouldn't let go until she nearly passed out! She cried out as her pussy squirted all over him. He leaned down and kissed her passionately as he spurted his seed inside her waiting cunt. She wrapped her arms around his neck and sucked his tongue as her pussy milked his cock! He broke the kiss and watched as her body trembled. A while later, her orgasm tapered off and he was smirking, his cock still inside of her. "So, little Miss Prim-and-Proper likes to be choked and has a foot fetish? So scandalous!" he teased, earning a blush from the cute bookworm.

Hermione didn't say anything. She was too embarrassed. He just leaned back down and kissed her hard. "Don't worry, love. You and I are going to have a whole lot of fun in the coming years!" He sucked her tongue into his mouth as he began fucking her once more.

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