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Chapter 1

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AN: This is in the same AU as Hired Help. This takes place before he goes to France.

Chapter 1

A nearly twenty-year-old Hermione Granger looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was as perfect as it could possibly be, considering the bushiness of it. It took an hour and nearly half a bottle of Madam Sleekeazy's hair treatment potion, but she finally got it to look normal. It looked better than normal, she thought. Her hair actually looked good! She looked at the rest of herself. Her face was pretty, in her opinion. She didn't think that she ranked among the most beautiful in magical Britain or anything like that, but she was lovely. She had big, pretty brown eyes and a cute nose. Boys often told her that she had a nice smile, especially since she got her teeth shrunk down.

Her body was nice enough. She didn't have the hourglass figure that Susan Bones had or the Barbie doll figure that Daphne Greengrass had, but she never heard any complaints about what she did have. Her legs and butt were her best features, she thought. She had a mid-sized chest that was nice enough. Her breasts were perky and a little more than a handful. She placed her hands on her breasts and lifted them up as if to judge them. She nodded her head. She'd wear a push-up bra. Those made her boobs look even better! She looked at the rest of her nude body. She was completely smooth and hairless from the neck down. Madam Sleekeazy had a potion for everything, Merlin bless her soul! Normally, she wouldn't bother with the hair between her legs. It wasn't very often that she let a boy down there. In fact, she had only let one boy down there. 'And that was a damn mistake,' she thought, shaking her head. She remembered the experience. It wasn't pleasant. The idiot boy fumbled and made mistake after mistake. If she didn't save herself for marriage or at least someone she loved, then she should have let someone with experience have her virginity. Too late now, she thought. Unfortunately, it left a sour taste in her mouth when it came to sex.

She hoped he would be better. It was almost guaranteed since the last one was such a dud. Even so, she had heard rumors of his sexual prowess. The stories made her blush. It was so shocking that she had come across him in her search!

Around a year previous, she had heard a rumor about a special book that was discovered. It was said to hold secret knowledge from ancient times! Old spells long forgotten, lost ritual magic, wards that didn't exist anymore, the book supposedly had it all! Of course, she wanted to find the book and read it for herself! She looked everywhere and followed every lead. She couldn't figure out who had it! She thought it must have fallen into the hands of some secret collector, or was now in the library of some old Pureblood family. That was until she heard that Harry Potter himself had it! She had never met him since he didn't go to Hogwarts. That was such a shame, she thought. He would have been in the same year as her! She needed to find a way to talk to him, to see if she could take a peek at the book! Getting a meeting with him wasn't easy. She finally found someone that had access to him. Some skanky girl with more looks than brains. That didn't matter. The only thing that did was that she talked to Harry Potter. She had to pay the skank one hundred galleons, but she came through in the end. She got a meeting with him!

The meeting didn't start off great. When she first met him, she blushed and stammered a lot. 'It wasn't my fault! He was really cute!' she thought to herself, blushing again. After pulling herself together, she asked him about getting access to the book. He of course refused. She tried everything, money, favors, but nothing worked. She was disheartened when she joked about sleeping with him. He agreed! She was so ecstatic about getting to see the book that she didn't really comprehend the deal she was making! For every hour she spent in his bed, she would get an equal amount of time with the three-thousand-page tome! He wouldn't let her take the book anywhere. Only an idiot would. She'd have to read it in his library and couldn't make any copies of it. She'd also have to sign a contract that forbade her from teaching or talking about any spells, rituals, or wards that she learned from the book. She agreed to it all! They set up a time for her first "payment". It wasn't until she got home that she nearly hyperventilated. She offered her body to Harry Potter!

She stared at her nude form in her bedroom mirror. She couldn't back out of it now. Truth be told, she didn't want to back out of it. Mainly because of what she would be gaining. She was about to get knowledge that almost no one on the planet had! That thought alone had nearly brought her to orgasm! The other part was Harry himself. He was so secluded that this might be her only chance to spend some time with him. Not only that, but she would be having sex with him! Not many girls could claim to be one of his bedmates. Perhaps when she was older and more mature, she could brag to her friends about sleeping with a celebrity in her youth. She shook those thoughts from her head and finished getting ready. She had a meeting and didn't want to be late!

The Payment

After her contract was signed, Harry ushered her into his very large bedroom. His home was beautiful! It was large, but not too large. It looked to be at least a couple hundred years old. His manor house was made of large stones stacked on top of each other. The best part was the estate itself. It was huge! He had plenty of land to explore and a small lake that had water lilies growing in it. She would love to live here! Unfortunately, she stayed in a one-bedroom flat in the back part of Diagon Alley. It was all that she could afford for the time being.

As she walked into his room, she felt his hands grip her waist. They slid down her hips and squeezed. Hermione's heart hammered in her chest!

"You smell good," he said, burying his nose into the back of her head and inhaling. Her hair always smelled of strawberries. His hands reached around her and unclasped her robe. She didn't move as it fell to the floor. Finally, she stepped out of the pooled material and gulped. She was now in front of Harry Potter wearing only a little, silk nightie and high heels! She gasped when he kissed her neck gently. She didn't notice his hands grip the hem of her nightie and lift it up. "Mmmmm, no panties?" he teased, looking down at her hairless mound. She blushed fiercely!

"N… no," she stammered, embarrassed by her choice of going commando. "I thought you might like it," she confessed.

"I do like it," Harry smiled into the back of her head. "I like it a lot in fact!" She nearly fainted when his hand brushed over her bald mound. She closed her eyes as his hand explored her most naughty area! She bit her lip when finger after finger brushed over her throbbing clit. She squeaked when he scooped her up bridal style and tossed her onto his bed! She eeped when she bounced on contact. He quickly grabbed her ankles and pulled her body until her butt was nearly at the edge of the mattress. He didn't let go of her ankles. "I think we should keep these on," he said lustfully, indicating to her black high heels and kissing her from her ankle all the way to the inside of her knee! He didn't stop there though! Hermione's face was bright red when he traveled up the inside of her creamy thighs.

She couldn't hold back a moan as his lips and tongue kissed, licked, and nipped at the tender flesh right beside her wet pussy! He chuckled and moved her hand away when she reached down to play with herself. She was so horny! Not only that but the sensation of having no pubic hair was making her extra wet! She heard him inhale deeply and blushed harder than she ever had! He was sniffing her scent! When he groaned in satisfaction, she knew that he liked how she smelled. That made her feel good. What made her feel better was when he licked her from asshole to clit!

"Ohhhhhhhh, Harry!" she reached out and grabbed a handful of his hair. Her thighs spread wide, giving him plenty of room to lick every inch of her. He didn't disappoint! His tongue snaked inside of her, lapped the wetness from her inner lips, and nibbled on the smooth, puffy outer lips that hid her wet crevice. She didn't even pretend to be proper, she just grabbed the back of his head and face-fucked him! She was desperate to have her throbbing clit in his mouth. She angled her cunt until her clit was pressed up against his moist lips. Pressing harder against his mouth, she cried out when he sucked her in! She didn't have time to prepare when what she thought was a lightning-bolt of pleasure struck her clit and traveled all the way up her insides and exploded against her G-spot!

AHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed as her eyes widened when a torrent of liquid sprayed out from between her legs. Her lower half was bucking wildly, even while he held her down. Her juices were drenching him and the rest of the room! She could even feel mist raining down on her warm face as she wailed and thrashed in pleasure! She was still cumming when his clothes disappeared, and he settled himself between her parted legs. She was squirting on him when he reached out and grabbed the silky material of her nightie at the neckline. With a single pull, he ripped it completely open causing her perky tits to jiggle as they were set free! She couldn't say yes or no as she was still cumming and unable to comprehend more than that! She was grabbed behind the knees and her lower half was folded until her ass and pussy were in the air! She saw an arch of girl cum flying through the air as Harry slapped his cock against her orgasming slit! Her breath was caught in her lungs when she felt herself be stuffed completely full! Her groan was loud as he stretched her tiny pussy.

From the way her body was folded, she could see the penetration. Her pussy was squirting as inch after inch of girth was sinking into her twat! Being stuffed caused her squirting to come out in different angles, and now she was catching some of her own ejaculates right in the face! Her toes were curling in her high heels as he bottomed out! She watched as he pulled out, only for his cock to be streaked with her white cream! He leaned down and kissed her, which she happily returned.

"Ready to earn your time with that book?" he smirked, Her eyes bulged when he started hammering into her, caveman style! Her orgasm hit a new level! She was crying and wailing and begging him to stop and begging him for more! She didn't really know what she was saying! All that she knew was that she may have bitten off more than she could chew. That was the last thing she remembered thinking as her pussy exploded with a shower of girl cum!

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