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Chapter 9: Birthday Blowout pt 1

Chapter 9: Birthday Blowout pt 1.

Tuesday, April 1st.

Today is the day, it's Kasane Teto's birthday. At school, the now, 11 year old girl was praised by all her classmates. Especially from Miku, Rin, and Nana. But of course, this isn't where we are starting off.

Miku dressed up nicely in the new dress her mother bought yesterday. She looked at herself in the mirror, checking out how she looked. Miku smiled and nodded, satisfied with her look.

"Miku sweetie, it's time to go, are you ready?" Her mom called from downstairs.

"Almost." Miku called back.

Before leaving her room, Miku looked back at her dresser, and grabbed a pink ribbon.

At the front door of the Kasane residence, Mrs. Hatsune knocked on the door and Mrs. Kasane answered it.

"Hey you two! Glad you can make it. The party's in the backyard." She said leading them both to the back door leading there.

The backyard was all decorated with streamers and balloons, a big table set up for all the presents, and an even bigger one set up for everyone to sit and eat. On one side of the yard, were all of the adults talking, and on the other side were all the kids playing. Out of the blue, Teto showed up out of nowhere and gave Miku a big hug.

"Omigosh! Miku you made it! Thank you! Thank you!" Teto squealed. Miku smiled and hugged her back.

"I told you I wouldn't miss this for world Teto." She told her.

Teto took Miku's hand and lead her over to where the other kids are. As expected, Rin, Nana, and even Gumi were there waiting for the two.

"Hey guys!" Miku said to them.

"I knew you'd show up!" Rin said smiling.

"It's so great to have you here Miku!" Nana said excitedly.

"Wouldn't be much of a party without all of us." Gumi chuckled.

The girls all laughed, and joined the other kids in their games. They were all the typical games you'd find at any kid's birthday party, pin the tail on the donkey, bobbing for Apple's, hide and seek, the usual. Teto even introduced her friends to her brother Ted, who drove down from college for the party. He was a real nice guy. Rin then introduced everyone to her brother Len. He was a really energetic boy and seemed to take a liking to Miku. After about half an hour of playing they all took a break and sat at a picnic table. It was here, that Miku decided to make her move.

"Hey Teto?"


"I've got a present for you. Shall we go to your room?"

"Yes please!"

The girls all got up and ran to the house.

"Mama, we're going inside okay?" Teto told her mother.

"Okay sweetie."


End of Chapter 9.

To be Concluded.

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