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Chapter 8: A Special Invite

Chapter 8: A Special Invite.

Monday, March 30th.

It's the beginning of the week, meaning it's time for school again. Miku and her friends all sat at the same table for lunch time, discussing simple things, like family and how their day has been going. Teto was acting bubblier than her usual self which made Miku pretty curious.

"What are you so happy about Teto?" She asked the red haired girl.

"Heh heh, it's my birthday tomorrow!" Teto said very matter of factly.

"Oh yeah! That's right!" Miku snapped her fingers as she remembered.

"Oh! I almost forgot! Rin, Nana, do you wanna come to my birthday tomorrow?" Teto asked the other two girls as they ate.

"We'd love to!" They both said, smiling brightly.

After eating, the girls all left their table and went outside into the courtyard, where students go to hang out until the bell rings, signaling the end of the lunch period. Nana left to go play kickball with some other kids, so Miku, Teto, and Rin all sat on a bench together at the far end of the courtyard, watching her.

Miku watched Nana kick the ball and run around the bases. She almost didn't make it to the base closest to them when she tripped, but got back up. The thing is, when Nana tripped, Miku got a good look at her panties from under her dress. Miku's face flushed and she giggled. Though her face wasn't the only place where her blood was flowing, as her dick stood tall.

Miku nudged Teto, who was sitting next to her and whispered in her ear.

"Hey um, Teto? I think I need a little help." Teto looked over and saw the bulge in her skirt.

"Okay, let's find somewhere private." She whispered back.

"Oh, lemme come too!" Rin whispered as well.

Teto looked around, took Miku's hand, and led her over to the abandoned van on the edge of the courtyard with Rin tailing along. That van's been there since the beginning of the year. It belonged to a member of the staff at school, but it broke down and for some reason, it was never towed away. Students aren't allowed near it, so it seemed like a good place to get some privacy. With all of the strength she could muster, Teto yanked one of the back doors open, and had Miku and Rin get inside while she followed them closing it behind her.

It was very musty in there, and the windows were grimy, so very little sunlight got inside, but other than that, it was still in relatively decent shape.

"Okay Miku, do you wanna quickie, or do you want the full thing?" Teto asked her.

"I think I may need the full thing." Miku said pulling her panties off and removing the rest of her clothes.

Teto and Rin were only too happy to oblige, and stripped as well. With all three girls naked, Miku sat down with her legs spread while both Teto and Rin got on their knees and both began to suck her dick.

"Mmm, so nice..." Miku moaned, loving the feeling of her two best friends going down on her, sucking and licking her penis.

"Rin, here's an idea. Could you suck on my balls too?" Miku asked the blonde, in between moans.

Rin gave her what she wanted and began to lick one of her balls, before putting the whole thing in her mouth and sucking on it, increasing Miku's pleasure. Soon Miku felt the all too familiar sensation signaling her climax and she came in Teto's mouth. Teto swallowed it all, and Rin made Miku lie down while she straddled the blue hair beauty and began to ride her. Miku as expected, put her hands on Rin's butt and started humping her. Teto then straddled Miku's face and she licked all over her pussy, making Teto moan loud.

"Ooh, Miku your penis fits me perfectly." Rin moaned, bouncing up and down, up and down at a faster rate.

"Miku, your tongue is so warm! Omigosh! It's so good. Lick me right there!" Teto begged as Miku ate her out and licked up her clit.

Rin hit her peak and came, causing Miku to jizz inside her. As the blonde got off, Teto turned around and took her spot riding on Miku's cock backwards as Miku squeezed her butt.

"Oh Teto, I never got to say this, but thank you so much for teaching me this, I never had so much fun in my life!" Miku moaned, cumming inside Teto.

The girls all sat down and tried to catch their breath, when they heard a ringing in the distance. Realizing it's the bell, they scrambled to get their clothes back on, jumped out of the van and ran as fast they could to class.

At the end of the day, Miku and the girls all met at the front entrance.

"So I'll see you all tomorrow?" Teto asked them.

"You bet!"

"It'll be awesome!

"Wouldn't miss it for the world!"


End of Chapter 8.

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