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Chapter 6: Life's a Beach

Chapter 6: Life's a Beach.

Saturday, March 28th.

The morning was going by slowly, Mrs. Hatsune was doing the dishes from breakfast when the phone began to ring. She dried her hands on her apron and went to the living room to answer it.

"Hello?" She said into the receiver.

"Hi, is this the Hatsune residence?" A female voice answered.

"Why yes. May I ask who's calling?"

"My name's Gumi, I believe your daughter Miku is friends with my sister?"

"Oh yeah, my Miku sure is something, she's been making new friends every day."

"Anyway, I wanted to talk to Miku, I got a request for her from my sister Nana."

"Okay, sure."

She walked into the dining room to find her daughter sitting at the table drawing in a coloring book.

"Miku sweetie, phone for you." Miku hopped from her chair and took the phone from her mother.

"Thanks mommy." She said.


"Hi Miku, it's Gumi."

"Oh hi!"

"Listen Nana and I have a request for you, we're planning on going to the beach today, would you like to join us?"

"Yes! Yes! I'd love to!"

"Okay, cool, we'll swing by and pick you up."

Miku told her mother that she was going to the beach with some friends and being happy for her daughter, Mrs. Hatsune helped her pack everything she needed, swimsuit, (obviously) sunscreen, towels, sunglasses, a Sun hat, bottled water, and a lunch.

She also pulled Miku aside to ask her something important.

"Now Miku, you remember how I showed you to tuck in your 'special place' when putting on your swimsuit?"

"Yes mommy." She told her mom.

Soon enough, a mini van drove in front of the house and Miku ran out to meet everyone.

"Hey Miku!" Gumi and Nana said, and so did Rin and Teto in the backseat.

"Hey guys! What are you doing here?" Miku asked curiously.

"Well you see, our parents were gonna take just us two to the beach, but the furnace blew out last night. So mom and dad had to stay home to help the repair guy. Nana was pretty upset, so I offered to chaperone her. Nana however didn't want it to be just us two, so I had an idea and called Teto and Rin and asked if they could come and of course after that I called you." Gumi explained.

"I thought is was kinda weird that we're going to the beach at this time of year, but it is pretty hot today, and the weather's gonna be nice too." Said Rin.

Either way, Miku hopped into the mini van, and Gumi hit the gas and they drove away, with Miku's mom waving goodbye.

As they drove down the highway leading to the beach, Gumi talked to the other girls as she drove.

"So listen up, we're not just going to the beach, there's a secret area at the beach that no one else knows about except for me. Since I'm the one chaperoning, I'm taking you girls there. That way, no one will bother us. It's just the five of us, and we can have all the fun we want." She said, putting a lot of emphasis on "Fun" and winking at them in the rear view mirror.

The girls looked at each other and smiled, knowing what she meant.

With about half an hour of driving, they finally pulled up at the beach. The girls climbed out, and took in the view of a beautiful white sandy beach with the waves crashing into the shore.

"Okay, now follow me." Gumi said as she carried her bag over her shoulder.

The group followed Gumi's lead down the shore and up and over some rock formations until finally they arrived at a part of the beach that looked virtually untouched and secluded.

"Here we are! Alright let's get changed." Gumi said with a smirk, pleased that the beach was exactly as she remembered it.

The girls then changed into their bathing suits, Miku wearing a two piece with blue and white stripes, (also being sure the tuck in her package) Teto wearing a similar one but with red and white, Rin wearing a two piece with yellow polka dots and a cute skirt, Nana wearing a pure white one piece, and Gumi with a green two piece that showed off her sexy body.

On the count of 3, the girls all ran to the water and spent their time either showing off the fruits of swimming lessons they were given, playfully dunking each other, or just simply splashing each other. Miku eventually got out of the water, taking a break and lying down on her towel, watching the rest of the girls playing volleyball. She couldn't help but stare at them, Gumi's big butt and breasts, Nana's adorable face, or Teto and Rin's cute legs.

Miku began to get hard and found herself stroking it through the bottoms of her swimsuit.

It wasn't until Rin walked over and said "I guess it's that time right?" with a smirk that Miku decided she waited long enough.

"You bet." She answered.

Smiling, Rin stripped off her swimsuit and Miku removed her top and kicked away her bottoms letting her Boner spring free.

Rin then got on her knees and began to suck it.

"Oooh Rin, that's so nice." Miku said closing her eyes and putting her hands on Rin's head as she bobbed up and down, tasting more of Miku's dick.

"Does it taste good Rin?" Miku asked her.

"Mmm, ish sho gud, I lub ih." She garbbled and sucked harder.

Miku moaned and felt herself get ready to release. Soon she cummed in Rin's mouth with her swallowing it all.

"Time for the main event." Rin said, licking her lips as she straddled Miku and began to ride her.

Miku grasped Rin's butt and humped her, enjoying the feeling of her pussy enclosed around her penis. Soon, the other girls walked over and stripped their swimsuits off as well.

"Starting without us I see." Gumi said as her boobs bounced free.

"Sorry guys, I just couldn't wait any longer." Miku said, continuing to the hump the blonde girl riding her with her tongue hanging out.

Miku then came inside Rin's pussy causing the blonde to cum as well.

After she climbed off, Gumi took her place.

"Lemme take this thing for a ride." She said bouncing on top of the younger girl below her.

Miku loved the feeling of being ridden by the older girl, although because of her weight, she couldn't hump her, but enjoyed it all the same.

"You're so wet Gumi, and not because of the sea water." Miku said in ecstasy.

Nana then crawled over to her and asked: "Miku, can you lick me too?"

Miku nodded and Nana straddled her face as she ate her out, making the green haired girl moan like she did yesterday.

"OMIGOSH OMIGOSH! Yes! More Miku! Right there! Lick me there! Oooh!!!"

"Wow, watching my own sister get eaten out by the same girl who's dick I'm fucking, I'm gonna cum!" Gumi screamed as her pussy squeezed down on Miku's cock, making the blue haired girl shoot her load into Gumi's pussy.

She climbed off her and sat down on the sand, recovering from her intense orgasm.

Miku stopped licking Nana's clit, and smiled at the pretty girl.

"Want your turn now Nana?" She asked.

Nana nodded yes with a big grin on her face.

Miku then had her get on all fours as she got behind the girl and readied herself.

"I haven't done it like this yet." Nana said looking back at Miku.

She then pushed herself into Nana's pussy and began humping her from behind.

"Ahh! This is so new, I love it!" Nana moaned.

"Yeah, I love the feeling of your booty against my groin. It's so soft." Miku moaned as she gripped Nana's hips.

"I think that's the third time you said that to any of us Miku." Teto joked as she fingered herself while making out with Rin.

After humping Nana for about 5 minutes, Miku jizzed inside her and filled her pussy up before pulling out, still hard as usual.

"C'mon Teto! You're next!" She said to the red haired girl.

Teto stopped kissing Rin and lied down on the towel in front of Miku, spreading her pussy, ready for fucking.

Miku then inserted her dick into Teto and humped her vigorously, enticing loud moans from her.

The rest of the girls all watched happily as Miku plowed her, making Teto wrap her legs around her waist saying: "Pound me! Pound me!"

Miku leaned down and started making out with her long time friend, swirling their tongues together and exploring each other's mouths. Sure enough, Miku came again and spewed her seed into Teto, causing her to orgasm too.

Miku pulled out and lied down in Teto's place, her arm resting on her forehead, eyes closed and trying to catch her breath.

"I think I need a break. This heat is starting to get to me." She said panting.

"Don't worry Miku, you just lie down and let us do the work." Nana said, straddling her and riding her dick again.

The girls each took turns riding Miku as the day went on, her cumming inside them each time, without going soft once.

Eventually, the sky turned into dusk and the girls all changed back into their clothes and packed everything away before climbing into the mini van and drove away.

Teto, Rin, and Nana all fell asleep leaving Miku and Gumi the only ones still awake.

Gumi dropped Miku off at her house first, and she got out of the van and was greeted by her mom at the front door. She waved goodbye to Gumi and the girls as they drove away. Miku yawned.

"You tired sweetie?" Her mom asked.

She just nodded her head.

"Alright, let's get you tucked in for bed." Mrs. Hatsune said picking Miku up and carrying her to her bedroom.

"By the way Miku, guess what?" Her mom asked.

"What?" She said, trying to keep her eyes open.

"Well, an activity center in town just opened, and I thought I'd take you over there tomorrow. How's that sound?"


End of Chapter 6.

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