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Chapter 5: Sisterly Love

Chapter 5: Sisterly Love.

Same Day, March 27th.

Gumi stood at the doorway with a look of utmost shock on her face, all the girls just stared, looking like deer caught in headlights.

"What the hell were you girls doing?!" She screamed.

"Onee-Chan! It's not what it looks like! I, I, t-they, no, I mean..." Nana stammered, looking like she's on the verge of tears.

She didn't want Gumi to tell their parents, but she didn't want to sell out her new friends either.

"B-but, you're all just kids! How could you be doing this? I just can't believe what I just walked into." Gumi said, leaning her head against the wall.

"Least of all with other girls..."

"Ms. Gumi, you don't understand, we can do this with Miku because she's special." Teto tried to explain.

"What are you talking abo-..." But Gumi cut herself off once she noticed Miku's erection.

"Why do you have a penis!?" She suddenly said.

"I was born with it." Miku said simply, looking down at it while twisting her foot on the floor.

Rather than being grossed out by the fact that a girl with a penis and balls is standing in front of her, Gumi instead leaned down and got a closer look at it.

"I've, never seen one before..." She said in a low voice.

She was getting wet, and her mind was telling her to touch it.

"Do you wanna join us, Ms. Gumi?" Rin asked her.

Blushing from this sudden suggestion, Gumi wracked her brain about she should do.

"I was planning to finally have my first time during my blind date tonight." She muttered.

"Onee-Chan, you know your last one didn't go well, they never did. If you want to do this so much, Miku's right here, willing to do it with you." Nana tried to explain to her sister.

"Yeah, it would cool to do it with an older girl!" Miku said excitedly.

After about a minute of quick thinking, Gumi gave in.

"Fine! I'll join in!"

She then dropped her shorts down, followed by her panties, revealing her pussy with a patch of green pubic hair above it. After that she pulled her shirt off, exposing her C cup breasts as they jiggled freely.

"Okay, Miku, go sit on the bed and open your legs." She demanded, Miku doing as she was told no problem.

Gumi then got on her knees and wrapped her breasts around Miku's dick.

"Bet your friends can't do this, can they?" She said, teasing her.

"Nope! That's amazing Ms. Gumi." Miku said enjoying her first tit fuck.

"Please, just call me Gumi."

She then stuck out her tongue and licked Miku's penis as she continued to bounce her breasts up and down her length.

"Mmm, Gumi your boobies are so soft." Said Miku.

Soon, Miku felt herself getting close and cried: "Ah! Sperm's coming out!" as she sprayed Gumi in the face with cum.

Gumi backed up and wiped some of it off to taste it.

"So thick, and creamy..." She said in a distant voice.

Her pussy was absolutely drooling and she had an itch that needed to be scratched!

Gumi hopped onto the bed, pushing Nana out of the way, and opened her legs.

"C'mon! I need it now!" She begged.

Miku lined herself up with her pussy, ready to fuck her.

"Jeez Gumi, your so wet!" She said before pushing in, taking a girl's innocence for the fourth time in only a week.

While Gumi cringed and hissed feeling her hyman tear, she quickly got used to it and begged Miku to fuck her.

"Oh is that what that word means?" Miku said as she humped Gumi.

"My parents told me it was a bad word."

"Not during this it's not." Gumi said in ecstasy.

"Still, I don't think any of you should say it, it just doesn't seem right for kids your age."

Nana, Rin, and Teto all watched Miku and Gumi fuck while the trio fingered themselves waiting for their turns.

Sure enough, Miku hit her peak, and released her fifth load that day into Gumi's sopping pussy.

"Ahh! A little girl with a dick is jizzing in me!" Gumi said as she orgasmed and shook in pleasure.

Miku pulled out, still hard and Nana went up next to her.

"Miku! I wanna go next! C'mon, do me! Do me!" She begged, bouncing on the bed.

Gumi smiled seeing how eager her little sister is.

"Nana come over here and sit with your Onee-Chan." She said.

Nana crawled over and sat between her sisters legs as she spread her own, ready for another fucking from her new friend Miku.

Still hard, Miku inserted her penis into Nana for the second time that day and started humping her vigorously.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Miku I love it! Thank you so much for teaching me!" She said moaning more then when she rode Miku earlier.

"Watching my little sister get fucked while she sits in my lap, that is so hot!" Gumi commented.

"Nana, your flower is so good." Miku moaned. Nana then put her hands to Miku's face.

"Miku, kiss... kiss me." She said, her face flushed with pleasure.

Miku compiled, and kissed Nana, swirling her tongue with the green hair girl's as they smooched each other.

Miku suddenly came and filled Nana's pussy again while the girl came too and they both moaned into their kiss.

Miku pulled out, and even after cumming for the sixth time, she was STILL hard!

"Hey Nana, I just realized, you have sucked on me yet." Miku said to her.

"Suck on you? Okay. What's that?" She asked.

"Lemme show you." Gumi told her sister.

She got off the bed and had Miku lie down with her legs dangling off the edge of the bed, (and moving the pillows for her head) and had Nana stand over Miku's cock and showed what to do.

Nana took a deep breath, and slowly started sucking Miku's dick.

"Mmm, Nana your mouth is so good." Miku said enjoying Nana's first blowjob.

"You're getting really into it little sis. Let me have a taste too." Gumi said, joining her sister in licking Miku's dick.

"Oh my goodness! Two at a time, this is even better!" Miku cried.

"Hey! How come we never thought of that?" Teto asked as she and Rin, so desperate for another turn, they had resorted riding on their fingers, imagining it was Miku they were both riding.

As Nana and Gumi both licked her dick all over, Miku felt yet another orgasm coming, and jizzed all over the sisters faces. Nana tasted it and even started licking it off her sister's face.

Miku looked over at Rin and Teto and smiled seeing them with their mouths open drooling.

"I guess you want your turn now?" She said slyly.

After repositioning her self, so her whole body was on the bed, Miku called Rin and Teto over and Teto began riding her dick while Rin sat over her face and Miku ate her out again.

Bouncing up and down her cock, Teto moaned loudly and even began to pinch her little nipple and rub her clit.

Eventually, Miku came into Teto's pussy, making the red haired girl cum with her.

Rin then turned around and nudged Teto away while she began riding Miku's cock backwards. This was new to Miku, and she enjoyed watching Rin's butt bounce as she rode her dick.

"Gumi, can I have a kiss?" The blue haired girl asked her.


As Miku and Gumi made out, Nana fingered herself watching them and looked over to see Teto kissing Rin as she continued to ride Miku backwards.

Suddenly Miku moaned into her kiss as she began cum hard into Rin's pussy.

The five girls all lied down together on the bed, tired, and trying to catch their breath. Miku was first to catch her second wind and said:

"Hey, since tomorrow is Saturday, are we gonna be able to do this all day?"

"Well Miku, that depends. Since I'm the oldest, I'll see if I can figure something out. Meanwhile, can you guys give me your numbers?" Gumi asked.

As she entered the girls numbers into her phone, Gumi suddenly realized something.

"Oh crap, I need to cancel my date!"


End of Chapter 5.

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