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Chapter 2: Mixing It Up

Chapter 2: Mixing It Up.

Wednesday, March 25th.

Miku waited all throughout the school day for when it ended so she and Teto can head to her house to play their little "game" again.

Miku was so excited that she had her first wet dream the previous night and woke to find that her pajama pants were all wet and sticky. It's a good thing that her mom just thought she had an accident.

Finally, the bell rang and Miku raced away to meet Teto out front. After a minute or two, Teto raced out to greet her and they both set off to Miku's house for a day debauchery.

Soon enough, they arrived at Miku's house, greeted her mom and told her they would be playing with dolls in Miku's room.

They both ran upstairs and into Miku's bedroom and this time, they locked the door behind them.

"You ready Teto? I've been waiting since last night!" Miku said excitedly.

"You betcha!" Teto said as she took off her skirt, panties, and shirt but kept her boots and sleeves on.

"So we're just keeping these on?" Miku said, keeping her boots and sleeves on too.

"I figured it wouldn't matter as long as we our pants and shirts are off." Teto replied.

"I guess so. Anyway, let's get started!" Said Miku.

"So how do we start?" Miku asked.

"Actually, I peeked into daddy's room, and saw that he was watching another of those weird movies. This time though, I watched from the door and saw a lot of other stuff we can try!" Teto said smiling.

"Like what?"

"Here, I'll sit right here on the bed, and you lick my flower."


As she said, Teto sat down on Miku's bed and spread her legs giving her a clear view of her pussy. Miku then got on her knees and started to lick circles around Teto's glistening pussy. Teto moaned feeling Miku's tongue probe her insides.

"Ahhh, Miku that's so good. More!" She said.

Miku's tongue than brushed against Teto's clit making her moan louder.

"Miku! Right there! Lick right there!"

Miku obeyed and kept flicking her tongue against Teto's clitoris driving her crazy.

"Ahhh! Miku I can't take it! I need it inside!" Teto cried.

She pushed Miku's head away and made her sit on the floor with her back against the bed and straddled her with Miku facing her back and inserted her dick into her pussy and began to ride.

"Oh Teto, it's so good." Miku gasped both in pleasure and relief from finally having her penis in Teto's pussy again.

She put her hands on Teto's butt in front of her as she bounced up and down squeezing Miku's penis and sending pleasure through her body.

"Oooh, Teto it's warm inside you. It's so tight too!" Miku said groping Teto's butt.

"Miku, I wanted to do this since last night too. Oooh, do me!" Teto moaned.

She suddenly moaned louder and her pussy tightened signaling her orgasm and causing Miku to blow her load into her.

Teto climbed off, turned around and kissed Miku.

"I see you're still hard, wanna keep going?" She asked.

"Heck yeah!" Miku replied.

"Let's take off our boots and sleeves though. It's starting to feel uncomfortable."

After tossing said boots and sleeves on the floor next to their clothes, Miku lied down on the bed and Teto crawled over and began to give Miku a blowjob.

"Mmm, so good." Miku said.

Teto giggled as she suckled on her dick, getting it as wet as possible.

Miku then came in Teto's mouth and she swallows it all.

Since she was still hard, Teto straddled her and began to ride Miku's penis again, grinding back and forth while Miku grips her butt and starts humping her vigorously.

They both moaned together and Teto even leaned down and started kissing Miku, swirling their tongues together.

Just then, Miku began jizzing into Teto's pussy again while Teto spurted her juices allover her cock.

Teto climbed off of Miku and then took her place lying on the bed, spreading the lips of her pussy.

"You be on top this time." She said.

Miku smiled and slowly began to push her dick into Teto's awaiting pussy again and begin to hump her hard.

"Ah, ah, a-amazing!" Teto said.

"Oooh Teto your so tight!" Miku hissed.

Teto then wrapped her legs around Miku's waist and begged for more.

"Harder Miku! Harder Miku! Pound me! Pound me!"

Miku gave her what she wanted and started humping her pussy again and again even harder than before.

"Teto, you're so, so cute. Ah! It's coming out again!" Miku moaned even louder and came in Teto for the third time today.

She pulled out and Teto sat up.

"Wow! You're still hard!" She said, amazed.

"I can go all day!" Miku chirped.

Teto smiled and got on all fours and shook her butt.

"Give it to me from behind this time!" She said.

Miku happily obliged and put her cock inside Teto's pussy and started fucking her doggie style.

"Oh yeah, feeling your booty against my groin feels so good!" Miku said gripping onto Teto's hips and humping her nonstop.

"Oh Miku, do me!!!" Teto cried loudly as she hit her climax, her pussy clamping down on Miku's dick.

"Oooh, here comes a big one!" Miku yelled as she cummed hard in Teto's pussy.

They both layed down on the bed tired after all their fun. Miku was the first to catch her second wind and she sat up.

"So Teto, you wanna go again?" She asked.

Teto looked at the clock on the dresser before answering.

"Oh, sorry Miku but I gotta go home soon. Don't get me wrong, I wanna keep going, but we gotta wait until tomorrow." She said with a sad look on her face.

"Oh, I see." Miku said disappointed.

Teto tried to comfort her by putting her hand in Miku's shoulder.

"Aw don't worry Miku. Tell ya what, my parents won't be home after school tomorrow since they both have overtime at work, so how about you come over to my place and we can have fun there?"

"I guess that'll be alright. I can just ask my mom if I can stay at your place after school tomorrow."

"Actually I just got an idea! You know Rin Kagamine from school?"

"The girl with the blonde hair?"

"Yeah, how about we invite her to join us?"

"That would be awesome! She would love it!"


End of Chapter 2.

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