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Chapter 10: Birthday Blowout pt 2

Chapter 10: Birthday Blowout pt 2.

Same day.

The girls were now all inside Teto's bedroom, waiting in anticipation for what Miku's got. Miku then began to strip her clothes off, leaving her panties for last.

"Happy birthday Teto." She said pulling them down. Her penis sprung up erect, with a pink bow wrapped around the base.

"Aw Miku, how sweet of you." Teto said, licking her lips and taking her clothes off, while the rest of the girls followed suit.

Miku sat down on the bed and Teto got on her knees and began to suck, savoring the taste.

"Haah, Teto you're such a good birthday girl." Miku moaned putting her hands on Teto's head as she bobbed up and down.

Teto increased her pace and sucked harder and faster, enticing loud moans from Miku. Her balls began to tingle, and with a big thrust into Teto's mouth, Miku cummed a big load inside. Teto swallowed it all and then climbed onto the bed and spread her legs.

"Time to give the birthday girl what she wants." Miku said pushing herself in and humping her hard.

"Ahh! Miku yes! Pound me! Pound me!" Teto chanted.

"Oh I'll pound you alright. I'll pound you hard. I'll pound you so hard you'll never forget it!" Miku told her as she increased her pace, going as fast as she can go.

The other girls fingered themselves as they all watched. Normally, they would be begging Miku for their turn, but since it's Teto's birthday, they waited patiently. Miku continued to pound away at Teto's pussy again and again and again.

"Oh Miku! That you so much for being my friend! If you ever moved I away I don't think my heart could take it! Ahhh!" Teto screamed as she came, causing Miku to jizz inside her.

She pulled out and lied down in Teto's spot, trying to catch her breath.

"I really went at it there. I'm already tired." Miku panted.

"Don't worry, I'll take it from here." Rin said as she straddled Miku's cock and rode her hard.

Miku held on to her butt as Rin bounced on her length.

"Oh Rin, your flower is so good. So warm and wet. I love it so much. More. More. Ride me more." Miku said in a soft and strangely erotic voice.

This enticed Rin to ride her cock faster and the more Miku begged, the more Rin grinded.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh it's gonna come, it's gonna come. Don't stop, don't stop, keep going! Ahhh!" Miku moaned loudly as she released her cum I to Rin's pussy making her cum as well.

Rin climbed off, all tired from grinding so much on Miku.

"I'm next!" Nana said jumping onto the bed. Miku smiled and had the petite, green haired girl straddle her backwards and shoved her dick into Nana's pussy.

Miku then pulled her down and onto their side as she lifted Nana's leg and humped her pussy, making her moan from pleasure.

"Yes Miku! Yes! Oh I'm so glad I met you guys! This is awesome! More!" She begged.

Miku happily obliged and fucked her harder, making the green haired beauty chant "Harder! Harder! Harder!"

Miku hissed as she cummed inside her, dropping Nana's leg and pulling out. Gumi then climbed onto the bed and started riding Miku too. Meanwhile, Rin and Teto crawled over and Miku wrapped her hands around each of their waists and fingered them, while at the same time, Nana straddled Miku's face as she ate her out.

"OMIGOSH! OMIGOSH! OMIGOSH! Yes! Lick me! Right there! Lick me there!" Nana moaned loudly as she always did Miku used her mouth on her.

Gumi rode Miku and started playing with her tit as she also rubbed her clit. The girls went at it for a while, when soon, they all came at once, moaning at the same pitch.

They all lied there on the bed, panting from their lovemaking. They all looked at each other, and began to laugh. This would be a day that these girls, these friends, would never forget. Never.

"Teto! Girls! Come down! It's time for cake and presents." Teto's mom called from downstairs.

The girls looked at each other and smiled. They all rushed to get their clothes on, opened the door, and ran downstairs.


And that's the end of that everyone! Hope you all liked it!

Chozin out!

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