Miku's Futanari Discovery @chozin_yi
Chapter 1: Learning with Teto

Chapter 1: Learning with Teto.

Tuesday, March 24th.

Miku and her friend Teto are walking to her house to play. School had let out about 5 minutes ago and they decided to go to Miku's place since it was closest. Hatsune Miku is a very sweet and innocent girl, with a petite stature and teal blue hair that hangs in 2 long twintails on the sides of her head. Her friend Kasane Teto in contrast had red hair and rather than being tied in simple twintails like Miku's, her hair was curled in 2 tornados at the sides of her head.

There was one more thing about Miku however that made her what her parents call, "unique".

Miku is a futanari, meaning that she has both male and female genitals.

It took a long talk with her parents for her to realize that what she has is very rare and that it's something she absolutely needs to keep to herself unless she knows that who she tells won't shun or discriminate her.

Teto does know fully well about Miku's "secret" since Miku's parents explained it to hers when they first started hanging out together and as such they had to explain it to Teto afterwards. So she does know about Miku's penis even though she's never seen it before.

As the 2 little girls walked down the sidewalk through the neighborhood, they finally get to Miku's house and her mother opens the door so the girls can come inside.

"Nice to see you again Teto." She says.

"It's nice to see you too Mrs, Hatsune!" Teto says in a very cheery tone.

"By the way Teto, I hear your birthday is next week. How old are you gonna be?" Miku asks her friend.

"I'm turning 11!" Teto says proudly. "If you wanna come over your more than welcome. My parents wanted me to invite you if you wanted to."

"Really?! I'd love to! Mom can I go to Teto's birthday party? Please!"

As she led the girls into the kitchen to make them a snack, Miku's mother turned and giggled.

"Why of course Miku. It's only fair since Teto came to yours this year."

Both girls then sat at the table while Mrs, Hatsune made sandwiches for them, which they both ate happily.

Once their plates were empty Mrs, Hatsune took them both and placed them into the sink and began to clean them.

"Would you two like some milk now?" She asked the girls.

"Yes please!" They both said.

"Alright, just let me finish up here and I'll pour some glasses for you."

"Oh I can get it mommy!" Miku said hopping from her chair and heading to the fridge. She opened the fridge the grabbed the gallon of milk struggling to keep hold of it.

"Oof, this is heavy!" She said in a strained voice.

"Uh oh, Miku sweetie you should really let me take that." Her mom said now drying her hands.

"Lemme help!" Teto said jumping from her seat and hurrying to help Miku when her grasp on the milk jug failed and dropped it drenching herself and her best friend in cold milk.

"Oh dear..." Miku's mom said in a disappointed tone.

"M-mom, I'm s-s-sorry, I just wanted to help..." Miku said, tears beginning to well up in her eyes.

"Now sweetie I'm not mad, I understand you wanted to help, but sometimes it's better to let mommy handle it alright?" Her mom said drying her daughter's face with a washcloth.

"Anyway why don't you head upstairs and prep a bath for you and Teto okay?"

Miku wiped her eyes and said "Okay" before heading upstairs.

"I'll get some spare clothes ready for you in your room. And I'll call Teto's parents and ask them to bring outfit for her." She called up to her daughter.

Teto was about to run after her but Mrs, Hatsune stopped her.

"Now Teto you do remember Miku's secret right?" She asked. Teto nodded in response.

"So you promise that your not gonna tease her or make her feel bad about herself?"

"I promise ma'am."

Mrs, Hatsune smiled and patted Teto on the shoulder and sent her upstairs to join Miku for bath time.

Teto entered the bathroom just as Miku finished filling the tub with water.

"Ready?" Miku asked her.

"Yup." She answered and then both girls began to strip off their sticky clothes.

As Miku tossed hers into the hamper, Teto got a good look at her groin and saw the very thing that made her so different from her best friend.

While Miku's bare pussy was clearly visible, just above where her clitoris would be, was a pair of balls, and a penis, all flaccid.

As Teto tossed her clothes into the hamper next, she couldn't help but stare. She even got on her knees to get a better look at it.

"Wow, so this is a penis?" She said. Miku blushed, having her most private area being given a stare down by her friend.

"I-it doesn't look weird?" She asked embarrassed.

"No, I think it's pretty cool." Teto answered. Miku smiled a little and turned to get into the bath, Teto getting in next to her.

Both of them took turns cleaning each other and occasionally splashing each other too. It's only when Mrs, Hatsune knocked on the door letting them know that their new cloths were waiting in Miku's room, that the girls decided to get out. Teto pulled the plug on the drain and Miku then tossed a towel to her and the girls both dried off.

They both went into Miku's room and saw the spare clothes her mom placed for them both. But before Miku could begin to put hers on, Teto stopped her, having a question she really wanted to ask.

"Miku, is it okay if I ask for a favor?"

"Okay?" Miku said unsure of what Teto wants.

"Is it okay if touch your penis?"

Miku blushed and looked at her friend, at a loss for words.

"Why do you wanna touch it?" She asked.

"I just want to know it feels like."

Miku looked to her side, unsure about Teto's request.

"J-just this once okay? And we can't tell anyone!" Miku said getting up the courage to give Teto permission.

Teto smiled and then got on her knees in front of Miku and reached out to touch her flaccid dick. Miku cringed at having her most private place being fondled.

"Wow, it's so squishy." Teto commented.

"Um Teto, I really think you should stop."


"It feels really weird. It's making my tummy tingle."

While listening to Miku, Teto felt her dick begin stand and stiffen slowly.

"Oh look at that, it's standing up." Teto said noticing her dick now fully erect.

"Why is it doing that?" Miku asked, now curious since this has never happened before.

Teto closed her eyes in thought, trying to find out why when a realization hit her.

"Oh! I remember my parents teaching me something about how sometimes when a boy and girl love each other a lot, the boy's penis gets big and they do naughty things together. It looks like you want to naughty things Miku!" She said.

"Well, what kind of naughty things?" Miku asked, tilting her 10 year old head.

"Go sit on the bed and I'll show ya!" Teto chirped.

Miku understood and sat on the edge of her bed. Teto then got on her knees in front of her and spread Miku's legs apart to get a better view of her erection.

"What now?" Miku asked.

"I remember about a month ago I was looking for my daddy, and I was looking into his room. He didn't see me, because he was watching this weird thing on T.v. where this girl was naked and sucking on something. I was embarrassed, because I felt like I shouldn't be watching that so I ran away. Now that I think about it, it must've been a penis she was sucking on." Teto explained to Miku.

"Ehhh?! So you're gonna suck on mine??" She said embarrassed.

"Well, it looked really fun, don't you wanna try it?" Teto asked with an eager look on her face.

"Ummm, okay, I guess. Your not gonna bite it are you?" She asked, a worried expression on her face.

"I won't, trust me."

Teto than took Miku's erect penis into her hand, leaned in closer and slowly began to lick it up and down the sides, causing Miku to flinch and the sudden sensation. Swirling her tongue around it, Teto than began to flick it across the slit as Miku began to pant ever so slightly. Teto than took it up a notch and enclosed her mouth on Miku's penis, sucking on it and bobbing her head up and down, up and down. Miku gasped and moaned at feeling Teto's warm mouth suckle on her dick.

"Oh my goodness Teto! That's awesome! More!" She begged.

Teto smiled at hearing how much her friend was enjoying her blowjob and continued to suck, swirling her tongue around and around, tasting more of Miku's cock.

This insane amount of pleasure was so new to Miku, and she was loving every second of it.

At one point, another sensation, deep within her belly was gradually getting stronger and as Teto continued to suck her cock, it only got stronger until Miku suddenly gasped and cried "Teto! Stop! I think I'm gonna pee! Ahhh!" when a sticky white liquid squirted out and into Teto's mouth.

While surprised at first, she swallowed it and then spit what was left into her hands to show Miku.

"Look what came out!" After taking a few breaths, Miku looked at Teto's hands and saw what she was talking about.

"That white stuff came out of my penis?"

"Yeah, from what my parents told me, when the boy gets excited enough, sperm comes out of his penis. I guess this is it. Did it feel good coming out?"

"It felt amazing!"

Teto smiled and hugged her best friend.

"Hey uhh, do you wanna kiss?"

Miku blushed and looked at Teto.

"You want to kiss me?" She said.

"Yeah, you want to try it?" Teto asked.


Miku and Teto both leaned in close and touched lips, smooching each other. Teto then licked Miku's bottom lip, startling her, but also making open her mouth, allowing Teto to deepen the kiss, shoving her tongue in to Miku's mouth. Miku found it very enjoyable and in turn, shoved her tongue into Teto's mouth, exploring her caverns just Teto was. Eventually they broke apart for air and smiled at each other. Teto then took notice that Miku's penis was still hard.

"What to do something even better Miku?" She asked.

"Like what?" She responded.

Teto then pushed Miku onto the bed, her head lying on the pillows, while she straddled her.

"Mommy and Daddy told me that this how a boy and girl make a baby."

"So this how moms get pregnant?"

"Yeah, but they don't always do it to get pregnant, sometimes they do it just because it's fun."

Teto then took Miku's penis in her hand and tried to line it up with her pussy.

"You're gonna put it inside you?" Miku asked.


Finally, Teto began to lower herself onto Miku's dick and push it into her virgin pussy, breaking her hyman and causing her to yelp in pain.

"Teto are you okay?!" Miku asked her best friend, concerned.

"I-it hurts, but it's slowly beginning to feel good..." She replied.

When the pain subsided, Teto began to grind herself on Miku's penis slowly, enjoying the feeling of being filled up with it. Miku was on cloud 9, and moaned louder than when Teto was blowing her.

"Oh my gosh, it's so wet and tight! Teto this is awesome!"

Having her dick being enveloped by Teto's pussy was so good. Out of instinct, Miku clasped her hands on Teto's butt and started to hump her slowly.

"Oh Miku, you're so hard!"

"Teto ride me more!"

Both girls moaned together and Teto bounced on Miku's cock at a faster pace while Miku humped her at a similar speed.

Eventually Miku felt that sensation from before in her tummy again and cried "Teto! Sperm's coming out again!"

Soon her release came and she let it all out into Teto's warm pussy, causing her to have her first orgasm and she released all of her juices on Miku's dick. Both girls lied together in bed trying to catch their breath.

"Wow Teto, I never imagined that something like that would be so fun!" Miku said kissing her friend on the lips.

"Teto! Your parents are here to pick you up!" Miku's mom called from downstairs.

"Okay! I'm coming!" She called back. She got off the bed and began to put her clothes on.

"Wanna do this again tomorrow Miku?"

"You bet!"


End of Chapter 1.

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