Lost Tapes: The Unofficial 4th Season @chozin_yi
Episode 5: The Rake

The presence of hidden creatures has been the subject of continued debate.

The following story was inspired by the possibility of their existence.

Viewers might find this material to be extremely graphic and disturbing.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Footage begins with the bodycam of a forest ranger rushing through the woods in the dead of night, brushing past trees and foliage as he shines his flashlight ahead of him.

"Base camp, this is Henry! I found a possible trail that might've been left by the child! I'm heading in to find her now!" He calls into his walkie talkie.

"Copy Henry, we'll be sending backup in your direction as soon as possible." Base responded back.

Henry jumped over a fallen tree as he came upon a clearing. There, in the beam of his flashlight on the ground, was an unsettling sight. A child's shoe, covered in dirt and dried blood.

"Dear god, Base Camp this is Henry! I need that back up now! Lindsey may be in serious danger!" He radioed in, trying to keep calm, but couldn't prevent his voice from cracking slightly.


Suddenly, he heard a loud cracking coming from above him. Henry looked up and shone his light into the trees, looking for the perpetrator, until he looked to the right and saw a pair of glowing eyes looking at him from it's perch in the nearest tree.

"God damn you, you son of a- AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!" Henry screamed as he pointed his gun in the direction of the eyes, before the shape leaped from it's perch and lunged at him from above, shots being fired as the light illuminated it's pale body and mouth wide with sharp teeth as it let out a horrifying, inhumane scream as it attacked before the camera went dark.

"There are creatures science refuses to recognize."

Footage shows a Sasquach like creature walking towards the camera, before cutting to a Plesiosaur swimming underwater.

"But if our eyes see it,"

Footage changes to a scene where a woman holding a camera sees an axe being thrown at her from out of the darkness, lodging itself in a nearby tree.

"If our cameras capture it,"

A clip is shown of a hairy ape like creature wading through a swamp.

"Does it exist?"

Another clip is shown, this time of people in a boat being shocked by the sight a dead whale in the water, sporting massive wounds, like chunks of flesh torn away.

"Enter a world where Fact meets Fiction."

Footage then shows a reptilian tail, highlighted by the headlights of a jeep, before scurrying into the darkness.

"Science meets Legend."

Once again, the clip changes, this time to a clip of a white humanoid creature trying to smash it's way in through a window.

"Do you believe?"

The last footage is of a door being kicked open and creature with hooves stalks inside.

Lost Tapes

The Rake

In the Summer of 2012, the days leading into the 4th of July, the Parker family went on a camping trip to mountains of Montana to celebrate, however, everything went horribly wrong when their youngest daughter, Lindsey, had gone missing.

The forest rangers were put on high alert as they ventured into the woods to find her, hours into the night. When ranger Henry Saunders radioed in the distress call once he discovered Lindsey's blood stained shoe, rangers Lawrence Foster and Maria Navarro rushed to scene, the situation becoming more urgent as Henry's screams of agony are heard over the radio.

However, for the forest rangers, the Parker's, and everyone else involved, a nightmare thought to have only existed through the digital world of the internet, is on a complete and utter rampage.

The Horror Show has only just begun.

These are the tapes.

8:49 PM.

Footage from Maria's bodycam shows her perspective as she and Lawrence rush through the woods in the direction of Henry's location, Maria with a rifle in her hand, and Lawrence with a shotgun in his.

"Did you hear that screaming coming from the radio!?" She says frantically to her partner.

"Whatever is was, it's dangerous. For my money, I say we have a very mentally disturbed person out here and we need to find Henry and the girl fast!" Lawrence calls back, vaulting over a fallen tree.

Maria does the same and both arrive in the clearing, finding the shoe, as well as a lot of blood all over the dirt and grass.

"Henry!" Lawrence calls out, repeating it into the radio, only to get static in response.

"Lindsey! Can you hear me!?" Maria calls, shining her light all around her, until she sees more blood and claw marks on a nearby tree.

Gun at the ready, she rushed over to investigate, discovering a trail leading deeper into woods.

"Over here!" She calls to her partner.

The two of them hurry through the trees, stomping through bushes as they follow the blood trail, until they arrive at a most peculiar sight.

The trail of blood was leading up a tree.

Pointing the flashlights in that direction, Maria and Lawrence slowly follow it, until they discover a severed arm hanging from the branch, still clutching a pistol.

"Dear god!" Maria gasps.

"Base, we have a confirmed fatality, repeat, a confirmed fatality! Ranger Saunders is down!" Lawrence urgently radios in.

The radio only responds with static, worrying the two rangers, until suddenly a horrified call comes in.

"Rangers! You need to return immediately! We have some kind of person, animal, SOMETHING IS TRYING TO BREAK INTO THE RANGERS STATION! WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!" Ranger Debby O'Hanidy screams through the radio.

Looking at each other in disbelief, Maria and Lawrence run back to base as quick as they could.

The Rakeis a creature believed to be a humanoid in appearance, with several references in folklore and horrific urban legends, originally appearing on the internet on Creepypasta. The creature reportedly attacks humans due to unknown reasons and often causes its victims great psychological trauma.

Several theories as to the first development of the Rake point towards internet threads and online discussions; however due to alcoholism, allusions to a creature known as the Rake can be found well before these sources could've developed the idea. The Rake has also been tied to alternate figures, such as theSlender Man, an internet meme and subject of several video games, based on ancient folklore referencing an unnaturally tall and skinny man mysteriously lurking in the woods.

It is theorized that the Rake could possibly be a proxy of Slender Man, subject to its own self-mutilation and psychological disorders. A YouTube channel showing images and footage captured of the rake was closed down, but if you search "the Rake caught on tape", you will find a half hour video showing you these episodes.

9:21 PM. The Rangers Station.

Changing to footage of security cameras in and around the station, Debby attempts to console the Parker family's son, Arnold as he cries from missing his sister, and the banging sounds from outside the building.

"It's okay little buddy! Everything will be just fine!" She tries to say calmly, but the banging only gets louder.

"When will they get here!? I don't want to be killed by the thing that got my daughter!" Myriam Parker screams frantically, already at wits end and tired of waiting for backup.

"We need to get out of here!" Tyson Parker agrees.

"It'll be fine! They'll be here in no time! They got the jeep, it should only be two minutes at most." Debby says, trying to convince herself mostly.

Suddenly a loud crash can be heard as security cameras catch a feral looking humanoid busts down the back door of the building, scaring the Hell out of everyone as Debby leads and rushes the family out of the radio room to a safer area, The Rake hearing them, and running on all fours towards the noise.

Debby and the Parker's hear the creature heading for them and they turn the corner, only to see the thing screaming at them. They scream and head in the opposite direction towards the front of the building, but to their horror, the front door is blocked on the other side by several tree branches jamming the door shut.

The screaming getting closer and having no other option, they all run and crowd into a closet, shutting the door and blocking it with a big crate, just as the monster starts bashing into the door with inhuman strength, the crate just barely keeping the door blocked.

Debby and the Parker's scream in fear and little Arnold cries louder just as the beep of a jeep can be heard outside.

Creepypastas are horror-related legends that have been copied and pasted around the Internet. These Internet entries are often brief, user-generated, paranormal stories intended to scare readers. They include gruesome tales of murder, suicide, and otherworldly occurrences. According to Time magazine, the genre had its peak audience in 2010 when it was covered by The New York Times.

Creepypasta originally referred to short user-generated horror stories that were copy and pasted across the internet; the term has since become a catch-all term for horror content posted onto the internet.The subject matter of creepypasta varies widely and can include topics such as ghosts, murder, zombies, and haunted television shows and video games.Creepypastas range in length from a single paragraph to lengthy, multi-part series that can span across multiple media types.

9:27 PM

Getting out of the jeep, Maria and Lawrence hurry to the front door, only to find the door barred by all the branches.

"I'll get the tow cable! You hurry around the back!" Lawrence tells her, Maria nodding before heading off around the building, rifle at the ready.

Seeing the back door busted down, Maria heads inside, following the screaming coming from the front of the building.

"I'm coming!" She calls out.

"In here! It's going to kill us!" Debby calls out.

Maria turns the corner and sees the humanoid bashing and clawing at the closet door, before turning around and looking at her as she points her gun and fires at it, the creature scurrying away faster than anything native to these woods, Maria firing multiple times as it seems to disappear into the shadows of the building.

"Open the door! I'm here!" She calls through the door.

Meanwhile, Lawrence uses the jeep's tow cable to rip the branches and the door out, before heading inside to meet Maria, who has Debby and the Parker's right behind her.

"Let's go!" He yells.

Everyone heads off towards the front door, only for Lawrence to get tackled from behind by the creature, him wrestling it with his shotgun as it tried to claw at him to Maria and everyone else's horror.

"Forget me! Just go! Get to the jeep!!!" He yells at them.

Maria doesn't want to fire at the thing out of fear of hitting Lawrence, so she leads everyone to the jeep, all of them piling in as Maria got in the drivers seat and was about to drive off as Lawrence runs out towards them.

They all call for him frantically, but once again he's attacked and this dragged away by the thing as he screams in agony and blindly fires his shotgun as the flashes fade and disappear into forest.

Maria and Debby manage to drive back to civilization and get the Parker family to safety. The bodies of Lawrence, Henry, and little Lindsey Parker were never found.

The Parker's would never fully recover from this horror show.

The Ranger Station was torn down and the reserve was abandoned, the unofficial explanation being that whatever lived there needs to be left alone.

In this digital age, horror stories about monsters such as The Rake circulate like a modern campfire story. It would be easy to dismiss Creepypastas as nothing but fiction, but is it really...

...Or do they live among us?

Episode Death Toll: 3

Seasonal Death Toll: 12

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