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Episode 4: Arica Monster

Lost Tapes: The Unofficial Fourth Season

Episode 4: Arica Monster

After 8 months of unannounced hiatus, I'm finally back with a new chapter!

I'm sorry to all the people who liked this story, but I promise I will try at least to update more frequently.

If the apology wasn't enough, than I hope that the chapter itself makes up for it.

Let's get to it!


Important Notice: I do not own Lost Tapes, the series is owned by Animal Planet. This fanfiction is purely for entertainment.

Also, I am not fluent in Spanish, so I apologize in advance if I get anything wrong. I'm just copy and pasting from Google Translate.


The Presence of hidden creatures have been a subject of continued debate.

The following story is inspired by the possibility of their existence.

Viewers may find this material to be extremely graphic and disturbing.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Footage begins with two men carrying Mini-Uzis as they trudge through the dense jungle to their hideout, with one of them wearing a body cam.

"Espero que el jefe no se enoje con nosotros por llegar tarde." (I hope the boss doesn't get pissed at us for being late.) The man walking in front says to his colleague.

"Él hará más que enojarse, podríamos terminar como Satipo." (He's gonna do more than just get pissed, we might end up like Satipo.) The other man replies nervously.

"Entonces date prisa! ¡Necesitamos estar allí para la entrega!" (Then hurry up! We need to be there for the delivery!) The man in front yells back as he begins to book it towards their destination.

"¡Espera!" (Wait up!) The man with the body cam says as he runs to catch up.

They both run ahead through the foliage until suddenly, the man in front stops and looks over to the right.

"¡Ve más despacio!" (Slow down!) He whisper-yells.

They both look in the same direction and notice in the distance a dead cow. However, it seems that something is feeding on it. It seems vaguely reptilian, but the foliage obscures most of its features.

"¿Qué diablos es ésto?" (What the hell is it?) The camera guy whispers.

His partner looks very shaken and without warning, raises his Mini-Uzi and fires at the creature. The creature nimbly avoids the fire and runs off into the jungle.

"¡¿Que estabas haciendo?!" (What were you doing?!) His partner yells.

The other guy looks at his partner with a dead serious look in his eyes.

"Espero que Dios no sea lo que yo pensaba." (You better hope to god that wasn't what I thought it was.) He said bluntly.

"There are creatures science refuses to recognize."

Footage shows a Sasquach like creature walking towards the camera, before cutting to a Plesiosaur swimming underwater.

"But if our eyes see it,"

Footage changes to a scene where a woman holding a camera sees an axe being thrown at her from out of the darkness, lodging itself in a nearby tree.

"If our cameras capture it,"

A clip is shown of a hairy ape like creature wading through a swamp.

"Does it exist?"

Another clip is shown, this time of people in a boat being shocked by the sight a dead whale in the water, sporting massive wounds, like chunks of flesh torn away.

"Enter a world where Fact meets Fiction."

Footage then shows a reptilian tail, highlighted by the headlights of a jeep, before scurrying into the darkness.

"Science meets Legend."

Once again, the clip changes, this time to a clip of a white humanoid creature trying to smash it's way in through a window.

"Do you believe?"

The last footage is of a door being kicked open and creature with hooves stalks inside.

Lost Tapes

Arica Monster.

In 2011, two Narcos teams are dispatched to Chile to arrest members of the Delgato Cartel who are participating in what would've been the biggest drug deal of their careers in crime.

One such team, is Team Alpha, lead by Sergeant Calvin Parker and Lieutenants Alvin Bosco and Burt Randell.

However, what Team Alpha doesn't know, is that Cartel members were going to be the least of their worries. Waiting within the Atacama Desert, is a prehistoric nightmare ready to feast on their lives.

These are their tapes.

4:00 P.M.

The footage begins with Calvin addressing both Team Alpha and Team Beta outside of their jeeps, the meeting being recorded by the Jeep's dash cam.

"Alright fellas, the plan is this: Both teams are to drive to the directed area were it is believed the Delgato's are going to be meeting for their deal." Calvin informs.

The other members nod in acknowledgement.

"Is there a reason why both teams are taking completely separate routes sir?" Alvin asks his commanding officer.

"It's in order to flank them from different directions. Catch them by surprise." Calvin responds.

"So where are we heading?" Burt asks.

"Team Alpha will be taking a route through the Atacama Desert, Team Beta will heading around the mountains this way." The Sergeant explains, pointing out the directions on the map.

The teams all nod in understanding and are dismissed to get ready for the raid.

In 2004, several members of a large Spanish family saw what they described as a dog-faced kangaroo-like creature that surrounded their vehicle as they made their way home to Arica. Several times in 2004, other people reported seeing the creature. Once, it was seen in a group.

There are many possibilities of what this animal could be. It could be a living type of dromaeosaur or possibly some of the other unique prehistoric fauna that floods South America, such as a Phorusrhacos. Since the Atacama desert is so vast and it can barely support the very few animals that live there, most people say it was just a hoax. Others say otherwise.

5:58 P.M.

We cut to Team Alpha's dash cam as both jeeps are heading down the road.

"Okay everyone, pretty soon we're about to hit a fork in the road, once we do, Alpha team heads to the left, Beta to the right." Calvin explains over the walkie.


Just as expected, the fork in the road comes into view and Alvin steers the Jeep to the left as Team Beta heads to the right.

The Arica Monster was first spotted at the Atacama desert in Chile 1980. Witnesses describe a run in with huge kangaroo-like, bipedal monster in the deserts. The sightings have occurred by people who were traveling by car on different days through the remote road that links the cities of Iquique and Arica through the Atacama desert, some 2,000 kilometers north of Santiago, Chile. The newspapers in those cities collected recent accounts from citizens who claim to have seen the rare creatures. In addition, a military officer named Hernan Cuevas says that he spotted two of the beasts while traveling with two other adults and two children in a vehicle. He was quoted as seeing, "a huge beast, much like a two-legged dinosaur, with huge thighs."

They described the animal as being exactly like the raptor from Jurassic Park. In this case, it's said to be a living Dromaeosauridae.

7:45 P.M.

Dusk begins to fall as the Jeep rolled through the desert, darkness slowly encompassing the world around them and necessitating the need of the headlights.

Suddenly, something rushes past the front of the car, the team inside just barely able to somewhat see it as the dash cam catches a reptilian tail in the glow of the headlights before it disappears.

"What the hell was that?" Burt says in surprise in the back seat.

"Probably just some wild animal." Calvin says, shrugging it off.

Just then, a loud crunch could be heard and the vehicle begins to deaccelerate as the engine shutters.

"Alvin, what's going on?" Calvin asks urgently.

"I don't know, I gotta go take a look." Alvin says, getting out of the car and turning on his body cam as he gets on the ground and shines a flashlight under the car.

He sees a red liquid leaking from under the car.

"Looks like we hit a big rock and it ruptured something. It's leaking transmission fluid all over the place like the car's bleeding." Alvin explains.

"I'll radio command and explain that we need help." Said Calvin as he breaks out the radio.

"Least I can go take a leak." Burt says, climbing out of the Jeep and rushing off behind a hilly cliff.

Burt's body cam records as he heads behind the hill, however he hears a reptilian growl and pulls out his pistol.

"Who's there!?" He demands.

He grabs his flashlight and turns it on, just in time to see a dinosaur like creature rushing towards him as he screams and fires his gun at it before it attacks and takes him down to the ground.

"What the hell!? Burt! What happened!?" Alvin calls, hearing his partner's cry for help and the gunshots.

"Alvin! Stay here and try to contact base for back-up! I'll take care of this!" Calvin yells, opening the back and grabbing an assault rifle with a gun cam attached before heading out to help.

Calvin rushes in, only to find himself too late and coming across Burt's mutilated body.

"What the hell could've done this!?" Calvin exclaims in shock.

He then hears the growling and turns around to seeing something rushing away into the darkness. He raises his gun and fires some rounds in the direction of the creature with no luck hitting it.

Calvin decides to rush back to the Jeep to warn Alvin and contact Base. He hurries back as fast as he could and could see the Jeep just up ahead when he hears something rushing behind him.

He turns and see the reptile rushing at him. He fires several bursts of bullets at the thing and while some seem to hit it, it doesn't slow the monster down and it jumps up and attacks the Sergeant, Calvin screaming bloody murder as his gun flies out of his hand.

"Sergeant!? Sarge!" Alvin calls, seeing the gunshots ringing out in the darkness as he looks out from the open door of the Jeep.

Getting no response, he hurries back into the Jeep, forgetting to shut the door behind him as he tries to contact base one last time.

"This is Alpha Team! We are under attack and need urgent back-up! We got casualties and- OH MY GOD- AARRRGGHHHHH!!!" Alvin screams as the gun cam catches the creature jumping into the Jeep and the vehicle rocking back and forth.

Team Beta was successful in arresting the Cartel members, however knew something was wrong when Team Alpha didn't show up.

Reinforcements arrived at the desert to find a scene of carnage. All of Team Alpha, dead.

The Cause of Death for each of them were left unspecified for unknown reasons.

The continued existence of prehistoric creatures has been a subject of continued debate, and while many claim that dinosaurs are without a doubt extinct, evidence like the attacks on Team Alpha have us ask, are they extinct...

...Or do they live among us?

Episode Death Toll: 3

Seasonal Death Toll: 9


Well everyone, I hope the wait was worth it! Catch you all next time!

Chozin out!

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