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Episode 1: Pope Lick Monster

Good day to you all Everyone! Now i know this seems like it came right out of nowhere, but I've been wanting to do this kind of story for a while now, so i hope you all like it, especially since Halloween is right around the corner!

Now i want something very Clear.

I do not own Lost Tapes, the series is owned by Animal Planet. This fanfiction is purely for entertainment.

Now with that out of the way, let's get spooky!


The Presence of hidden creatures have been a subject of continued debate.

The following story is inspired by the possibility of their existence.

Viewers may find this material to be extremely graphic and disturbing.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Footage begins with two men in the cab of a train on its way to the Pope Lick bridge in the dead of night, the driver being filmed by his colleague.

"All we gotta do now is cross the bridge, and once we do we'll be at the station in no time." The driver says.

"Good, I'm sick and tired of sitting in this cramped cab all day long." The man with the camera replied.

"I hear ya, it's late and i need to get home for some sleep." The driver says, adjusting his hat.

"Let's just hope we don't run into any problems on that bridge, i hear it's bad news." The cameraman says in a worried voice.

"Shut up! Don't jinx us! People have actually gotten killed on that damn bridge!" The driver snaps at his colleague.

"Okay okay! I get it! Sorry."

He points the camera forward, facing the window as the train approaches the bridge. As they near the middle of the bridge, something off in distance catches their eyes.

"What the hell is that?" The cameraman asks.

"Don't tell me... GOD DAMN IT! SOMEONE'S ON THE BRIDGE!" The driver yells.

"HIT THE BRAKE! HIT THE BRAKE!" The cameraman yells in a panic.

The driver pulls the brake with all of his might, but even then, the momentum was keeping the train moving, closer and closer until the light on the front of the train illuminated the figure of a woman sitting on the tracks and looking behind her, seeing the incoming train as a strange figure can barely be seen running off the end of the bridge into the woods.

The last thing heard before the footage cuts out was the horn of the train, mingled with the screams of the woman and the brays of a goat off in the distance.

"There are creatures science refuses to recognize."

Footage shows a Sasquach like creature walking towards the camera, before cutting to a Plesiosaur swimming underwater.

"But if our eyes see it,"

Footage changes to a scene where a woman holding a camera sees an axe being thrown at her from out of the darkness, lodging itself in a nearby tree.

"If our cameras capture it,"

A clip is shown of a hairy ape like creature wading through a swamp.

"Does it exist?"

Another clip is shown, this time of people in a boat being shocked by the sight a dead whale in the water, sporting massive wounds, like chunks of flesh torn away.

"Enter a world where Fact, meets Fiction."

Footage then shows a reptilian tail, highlighted by the headlights of a jeep, before scurrying into the darkness.

"Science, meets Legend."

Once again, the clip changes, this time to a clip of a white humanoid creature trying to smash it's way in through a window.

"Do you believe?"

The last footage is of a door being kicked open and creature with hooves stalks inside.

Lost Tapes

Pope Lick Monster

In 2015, boyfriend and girlfriend, Travis and Clair, ages 23 and 25, decide to head out to Pope Lick in the hopes of catching the infamous Pope Lick Monster on camera, an amazing feat that no thrill seeker has succeeded in doing.

But little do they know, that only thrill seekers with a death wish are the only ones that get any cred from the media, and for the wrong reasons.

These are their tapes.

5:00 P.M.

The camera turns on, showing the couple in Travis's Truck on their way to the woods near the Pope Lick Bridge.

"I still think that this is a bad idea." Clair tells her boyfriend.

"C'mon Clair, think about it, we be the first ones to actually catch that goat thing on tape, we'd be local celebrities!" Travis says excitedly.

"But people have died there Travis!" Clair says to emphasize her worry.

"Don't worry, as long as we stay the hell away from the bridge and stay in the woods, we'll be fine." Travis says dismissively.

"I still don't like it Travis..."

Rumors say that the Pope Lick Monster is a humanoid, goat like creature. Some stories say that it used to be a man used was a Satan worshiper, who was granted this form for all of the goat sacrifices he made.

Some people claim that the creature is capable of hypnosis, voice mimicry, and that also carries an axe.

5:30 P.M.

The truck stops near the woods, and Clair and Travis get out and take in the surroundings.

"Well, let's head in and see what we could find." Travis says, taking a pistol and holstering it.

"I hope we don't even have to use that thing." Clair says, regarding the gun.

"Not unless we come across anything dangerous. But what are the odds of that really?" Travis says with a smirk.

"Don't jinx us dude." Clair replies, annoyed.

The Bridge at Pope Lick is like a magnet for death and calamity. In 2016, a woman was killed when was hit by a train while she and her boyfriend were searching for the Monster. The boyfriend survived by hanging off the edge.

7:35 P.M.

Hours go by, and the couple have had no luck finding anything even remotely like something out of the ordinary.

"This is stupid, we could've done something better with our lives, like we could've went and saw a movie, but noooo, we have to go monster hunting." Clair rants, trudging behind Travis.

"I could've sworn i heard something coming from this direction..." Travis mutters.

"Maybe it was just your imagination. Since you're so obsessed with finding Mr. Goatboy, you've been hearing things." Clair complains.

"Alright! Alright!" Travis says, stopping in his tracks and taking a deep breath. "We've wasted enough time, this was a stupid idea. We're going home."

"Finally!" Clair says exhausted.

"Just let me go take a piss first, and we'll go." Travis says, heading off into the woods.

"Don't take to long!" Clair calls after him.

8:07 P.M.

"Travis! Where the hell are you!?" Clair calls as she walks through the dark forest, no sign of her boyfriend anywhere.

She keeps walking until she sees something on the ground, shining in the light of her flashlight. She walks over to pick it up, and finds that it's actually Travis's gun.

"What the hell! Why would he drop this??" She says in confusion.

"Travis! Travis! Travis this isn't funny dude, where are you!?" She calls out, but getting no response.

"Damn it Travis! I'm not playing around! Where are-!?" She's cut off as a hatchet flies out of the darkness and embeds itself into a nearby tree, scaring the crap out of her.

Panting heavily, she looks closely and see that the axe is dripping with blood.

"No! No no no! What the hell is going on here!?" Clair screams, turning around and running away.

She runs through the trees and looks back, seeing a figure with a goat's head taking the axe out of the tree and looking towards her.

"Oh god! No! Please No! Get away from me!" She screams, getting a low, guttural bray in response.

She continues to run and run, until she trips and falls. She sees that she tripped over the railroad tracks. Thinking she could follow them back to civilization, she followed them, running as hard as she could from the beast tailing her.

However, it seems her plan has hit a snag, as she finds herself on top of the bridge.

"OH NO! NO NO NO!!!" She screams, tears falling down her face.

Suddenly she hears heavy footsteps approaching from behind, so she drops the camera and runs further onto the bridge before tipping again, as the camera captures and humanoid goat like figure approaching her, reading the axe in its hand.


However suddenly, the monster stops in its tracks and it's ears perk up. It lowers its hand, and turns away rushing back the way it came.

Before Clair could even let out a sigh of relief, a bright light illuminates behind her. Looking back, she sees and oncoming trains heading right for her, the camera catching the trains horn, along with her screams as a bray is heard off in the distance before the battery in the camera dies.

Clair's body was recovered from the tracks the following morning, and her camera was recovered from the scene as well. While investigators used the footage to try to help locate Travis, his body was never recovered, nor was he ever seen again.

The footage completely baffled the investigators, and for reasons unknown, the footage, the death of Clair, and the disappearance of Travis was never made known to the public.

Though the legend of the Pope Lick Monster still has not gone away, neither have the tragedies that continue on the bridge.

But we have to ask ourselves, were these deaths caused by the monster?

Are these deaths caused merely by the Legend itself, leading those foolish enough to believe it to their demise,

Or does it live among us?

Episode Death Toll: 2

Season Death Toll: 2.


Alright everybody, i hope you enjoyed that spooky as hell story, and i hope many of you like Lost Tapes as much as i do!

Now let me take a moment to say something.

For those of you on FanFiction or AO3 who love the idea of me making this into a series, and want to support me,

If you have any suggestions for an episode, and even a basic premise to go along with it, go right ahead, i welcome it! I would love to hear your ideas!

Just real quick i need make an important note, please do not suggest anything involving the Enigma Corporation. I never liked the idea of it when it occurred in season 3. I would've been fine if they just made them a one time thing.

I feel having recurring characters in a series like Lost Tapes kinda ruins the immersion.

Anyway, that being said, i hope you guys liked it!

Chozin Out!

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