A Different Kind of Sex-Ed @chozin_yi

This is not a continuation of this story. I am writing to address a "review" i received on this story about 30 minutes ago as i am writing this.

If you are gonna complain about my stories going against site guidelines, you might as well complain to the thousands upon thousands of other people who write stories just like this. It's not up to you to complain to begin with. If the people running FanFiction really cared about people making shit like this, i would rather hear it from them, not you.

Even then, i will still complain, because if FanFiction really cared, there wouldn't be fanfics like this on the site at all. And yet, there are, and they're not going away. I'm not gonna stop writing the stories i want to write, and you're just gonna have to deal with it.

I did not want to write this, i am having a bad day, i am not in a good mood, and this only made it worse. Not to mention that i have a busy day tomorrow, and i can't waste it on stupid shit like this.

Rant is done. Chozin out.

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