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Achivement's Discovered

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(A/N) This was supposed to be a chapter with Bella getting a dungeon skill and fighting her way through waves of enemies... It didn't happen. It seemed too... common in gamer fics. So this happened instead, and now(Other than with Rebekah), I have no idea where I'm going with this fic.

Ideas are welcome.


Bella didn't sleep all night. All she could do was face her window. Too afraid to even close her eyes in case she missed Edward sneaking in. And when morning finally came around, Bella simply turned off her alarm clock and stayed in bed—not wanting to leave the warmth of her comforter to go to school.

I'm surprised I'm not tired.

It was odd. While Bella had been too afraid to sleep, she also hadn't felt the need to. Her mind and body felt exactly as awake as she'd been yesterday morning. It was something Bella had noticed when exercising the day she first got the system but hadn't realized the full extent of her body's changes till now.

Quest Alert!
Make it to class before the bell!

+1 Int, $2,000

"No." Bella clicked instantly. She knew going to class with killers or future killers, one of whom just so happened to have been in her room, was not the wisest decision. Plus, the quest reward wasn't exactly much of an incentive.

Quest Alert!
Make it to class before the bell!

+1 Int, $2,000

What the hell? Bella clicked no again, confused. The last quest she rejected hadn't popped up like this again.

Quest Alert!
Make it to class before the bell!

+1 Int, $2,000

Is this thing broken or what? I clicked no... TWICE! It can't be one of those main quests which can't be refused that I read about. I'm not in an actual game, nor am I some character in one. So There shouldn't be any story mode or whatever else is going on...

Narrowing her eyes, Bella clicked no again. Unfortunately, the quest reappeared... So Bella clicked no yet again.

And again...

And again...

And again...

Finally, after some time, Bella was about to reject the quest again when she noticed something.

It had changed.

Quest Alert!
Lose your fear and increase your abilities.

+10 stat points, +2,000 exp

Bella had been so busy rejecting the quest that she hadn't actually taken the time to see if the description had stayed the same. For all she knew, she could have been declining a variety of different quests.

...It probably won't be easy, but at least this quest is far better than the last one.

Accepting the quest, Bella took a deep breath and got out of bed, her body tensing as she turned her back to the window. After a few moments, Bella relaxed, then made her way down the stairs in an oversized t-shirt and sweat pants, not bothering to change as she wasn't planning on going anywhere.

Sitting down at the table, Bella opened up her inventory and clicked the skill book she got from yesterday's quest reward.

Use skill book?

She pressed yes.

You have gained a new skill!

[Stitching] - Uncommon - Lvl. 1/25 - Exp: 0%
Description: Minor wounds no longer need a hospital visit!

That's it? Bella frowned, a little disappointed. Now, of course, a stitching skill wasn't terrible, and she would have loved to have the skill before the system. Back when she was constantly getting injured and going to the hospital for treatment. But now, with her agility up and her balance more normal, she hadn't fallen at all, making the skill a little useless.

Closing the window, Bella tapped the table, glancing around the room. Boredom creeping up on her once more, something she never really felt much before but did now. Time to check the computer again.

Booting up the laptop, which of course still took far longer than it really needed, Bella went back to some of the forums she'd looked through yesterday, then checked her post. Just a random question about video games and her lack of understanding them.

Someone actually replied? A little surprised, Bella read the message.

RM: While I can not answer your question, most technology of this age still evades me. I must say it's lovely to see another person with proper grammar on this forum.

"Proper grammar?" Bella smiled amused, one of the first things she noticed the other day being the lack of vocabulary and butchering of the English language in almost every post. Very few, unless more informative, didn't have some type of slang.

Swan: Nice to meet you as well. Interesting choice of words. I think the last time I heard the word 'age' used was in my history class.

"That doesn't sound bad, right?" Bella frowned, rereading the message she sent and feeling a little unsure, this was the first person she'd ever spoken to online, and well, she was bored. After a few minutes of waiting and no response, Bella grabbed a random book on the shelf next to her and opened it up. She had nothing better to do as she was skipping class, and Bella was curious to know if she would get a response or not.


Hearing the notification go off, Bella bookmarked her spot, still not far enough in the book to tell what she was reading. Then checked the new message.

RM: A response? I must say I'm surprised. Most others simply send a variety of vulgar statements when I comment on their grammar.

Swan: Then why Bother commenting?

RM: I find myself plagued by boredom, and messing with a few fools online can occasionally be an enjoyable way to pass the time.

"Well, that's an interesting hobby."

Swan: I see.

Picking up her book once more, Bella started to read once again as she waited, this time finding it a little more challenging to concentrate, her curiosity about the person messaging her growing. Setting down the book, Bella glanced at the computer screen but saw no new messages.

I gotta wait, I guess.

Six hours later

"And that one's done too." Bella sighed, finishing yet another book, setting it down on a stack she'd already finished. A glance at the computer showed that there were still no new messages. "What am I doing."

Standing up, Bella walked to the hall, grabbed her hoodie from the closet as well as her keys, and left the house. She couldn't wait any longer. The boredom was killing her. She'd rather just drive somewhere than sit around doing nothing.


"So this is Port Angeles," Bella muttered, entering a book shop. She'd parked a few blocks back and was now visiting any store that caught her interest. Something Bella would typically never have been caught dead doing given her hate for shopping. But at this point, she'd take anything over sitting in a chair waiting for some random person online to reply to her message.

Scouring for any interesting titled books on the shelf, Bella walked up and down the isles, then stopped, surprised as a system window appeared in front of her for the first time in hours.

Skill book discovered!

Without her doing or pressing anything, Bella watched as the window closed and the book that no doubt had been a skill book. Vanish into a flash of black light—getting the attention of the owner, a rather old man with peppered gray hair and spectacles, who caught sight of the tail end of the flash. While immediately noticing the missing book.

"What type of witchcraft is this! What did you do!"

"W-What? N-No, I didn't do anything!" Bella back up, looking nervous, having never expected the book to vanish or anyone to see it. Unfortunately for Bella, her actions only made her seem guilter, confirming for the owner that she had done something.

Seeing the man grab a phone off the wall, Bella felt a flash of panic shoot through her. Then without thinking, she grabbed a book off the shelf beside her and threw it at the man, nailing him in the head, causing the owner to fall to the floor with a thump, attracting the attention of a few other people in the bookstore who hadn't bothered to pay any attention earlier.

"Shit." Bella cursed, seeing the other people. Then making a rather stupid decision that, as a cop's daughter, Bella knew better than to do, she ran—exiting the bookstore and running down the street. Not thinking clearly in the slightest or bothering to check on the old man, something she would have normally done, but oddly enough now, it didn't even occur to her.

After a few minutes and not seeing anyone chasing her, Bella slowed to a stop, having never run so hard in her life. Seeing a bench, she walked over and sat down, the adrenaline slowly draining from her body as her mind grew clearer. Damn it, what did I just do.

She'd thrown that book without a second thought, almost instinctively. Something that had never happened to her once in her life before. In fact, Bella had never even been in a fight, yet now she threw the book at an old man. To say it was out of character for her was putting it lightly... Then again, she'd panicked and had never been in that type of situation before. So maybe not.

"What brings a pretty little thing like you out here." A smug and rather annoying voice rang out to the side of Bella.

Standing up, Bella frowned, a group of four men only a few feet away from her. Looking like some of the gang members she'd only ever seen in pictures when Charlie was working on a case.

"I give her a four outta ten." Another man leered.

Taking a step back, Bella glared at the man who spoke in disgust before glancing back at the road. Looking for anyone who could help, unfortunately, it was getting dark, and there weren't any cars or people that she could see. The area she'd run to more secluded, which meant she wasn't going to be able to find any help without some crazy luck... But in Bella's case, with her zero luck, that meant she was on her own.

Feeling someone grab her arm, Bella twisted her arm and got herself out of the man's grip. Staying silent but giving the man a death glare.

"Oh ho... Look at that. Feisty one, aren't you."

With those words, it was as if a signal went off, the rest of the group of men swarming towards Bella, reaching for her clothes, not yet tearing them, but harassing Bella all the same with their hands, grabbing everywhere even as she tried to escape, her strength paling in comparison. Then oddly enough, in the midst of her struggling, Bella felt a small bit of pain, almost like a bug bite, one that didn't hurt but was annoying all the same.

"FUCK! Dude, why'd you stab her!"

"God damn it! I didn't mean to. I wanted to scare her!"

Eyes widening, Bella glanced down, and sure enough, there was a knife lodged in between her ribs. The slight pain she'd felt surprisingly being, in fact, a stab wound. Grabbing the handle of the blade, Bella pulled it free, then looked back up. Only now noticing her health bar, which had been invisible all this time, now to the side of her vision.

HP: 673.2/643.2 | Regen: 16.8 per min.

A stab wound is only 30 damage?

Staring at her health stat then back down at her wound, Bella frowned, a little confused. She could see her wound bleeding, and yet nothing was happening. She wasn't nauseous. In fact, Bella barely felt anything, and although there was quite a bit of blood leaking, staining her shirt, her health bar wasn't decreasing in the slightest.

Backing away from Bella and looking more than a little freaked out, all four men glanced at each other, then back at the girl who'd just been stabbed, her face looking entirely too calm about it.

"...Did you break her?"

"What? No, stop being such a fucking idiot... She... She's obviously in shock... Yeah, she's in shock, that's it!"

"Let's just knock her out."

Hearing the chatter going on in front of her, Bella looked up just in time to see one of the larger-looking men make a grab for her. Not thinking, Bella swiped the knife in front of her, lodging half the blade in the man's throat. Her strength was not enough to make a clean slice, but still shocking everyone, including herself, at her actions.



"You..." Paling, the man ripped the knife out of his throat and pressed his hand against the wound, his actions only making the bleeding worse. Within seconds the front of his shirt was dyed red, and he collapsed to the floor, his eyes wide.

Frozen, Bella stared, unable to take her eyes off of the dying man, her mind having a little trouble understanding what had happened. She'd never attacked another person like she did now, self-defense or otherwise. Yet, here without a second thought, she did. "I... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to."

"You didn't mean to?" The man who yelled brother a few seconds ago stood up, the sound of his teeth grinding together clearly audible. "What the fuck is that supposed to mean, you stupid bitch! You killed him!"

"What?" Blinking, Bella looked down at the man she'd injured, now lying on the floor, no longer moving. "He's really dead."

He... He died? Just... It can't be that easy, right?

As a kid visiting Charlie, she'd heard many, many cop stories, many of which were about killers. Which she knew now was not exactly the type of story to share with an eight-year-old girl, but anyways. Bella had been told and had heard many times how hard it was to kill someone, the guilt a person feels, and how it could and had driven many people crazy. Later, when Bella got older, she'd heard news of crazy killings happening, as well as learned about some of the more depraved things that occurred, which Charlie hadn't mentioned when she was younger. It was one of the reasons she never wanted to become a cop, beside's it being her dad's profession.

Now though, Bella was confused. She'd killed a man, not on purpose, really. It had been an almost instinctive reaction. But still, she'd killed him all the same... and yet she didn't feel a thing about it. No guilt, shame, remorse... Anything.


Spinning around, Bella looked for who shouted, then froze. The shopkeeper she'd thrown the book at earlier was standing across the street with a large bruise on his face, two police officers right beside him. Both with their pistols out and pointed at her, the body laying on the concrete and the bloody knife on the ground not painting a pretty picture.

"Drop the weapon, miss..."

Damn it.

Not waiting to be arrested or shot at, Bella ignored the officer's words and ran. A rather foolish thing to do given that it was self-defense, and her running only made her look guiltier. But she ran, all the same, going past the men who were surrounding their fallen comrade and further down into an alley.

30 minutes later

"That should be far enough." Bella sighed, coming to a stop. The two cops chasing her having long since disappeared as the distance between her and them got farther and farther. "Hopefully, no one got a good look at my face."

Sitting down on a bench, Bella rested against it, more for the sake of doing something than actually feeling any fatigue. She hadn't felt any since she got her memory back, not from exercise or her run from the cops.

What's this?

At the corner of her vision, much like her health bar, which had disappeared a while ago after Bella's health recovered, a small faded mail-shaped icon was blinking red.

[Automatic Notifications Turned On.]

Achievement Gained!
Killing your first human!

+ 500 Exp
+ 5 stat points

As if a switch had flipped, Bella breathed sharply, her stomach twisting with nausea before she leaned over the side of the bench and threw up. The lack of emotion at having killed someone quickly disappearing, the void now filled with guilt, shock, disbelief, and more than a bit of disgust at her actions.

Tears welling up in her eyes, Bella wiped her mouth with her sleeve, staring off into space. The knowledge of what she'd done and what might happen in the future terrified her. She could feel it. The system in her mind was changing her. Bella would have never done what she had not even a few months ago. Yet now, she'd killed someone, taken a life. Someone who most likely had a family out there expecting him to return. But perhaps worse yet, and more proof of the changes taking place in her mentality. Bella didn't feel sorry about the fact. Sure she felt hella guilty... But she was in no way apologetic. She knew what could and most likely would have taken place if she hadn't defended herself.

"I need to get home."

Standing up, she shoved down all the thoughts and emotions coursing through her as best she could, then made her way back in the direction of her truck. Wanting nothing more than to climb into bed and sleep this nightmare of a day away.


Staring up at the ceiling, Bella ignored the now risen sun, feeling mentally exhausted. Something she hadn't felt since she got the system, but apparently, even that couldn't stop her nightmares. The man's face and his expression of shock as he died a nonstop picture that Bella couldn't stop herself from seeing whenever she managed to doze off.

"Enough of this!" Bella groaned, throwing off her comforter and sitting up, feeling a little hungry. Heading downstairs, she turned on the tv and grabbed a pan from the cabinet. Ready to start leveling her cooking skill once more.

"—I know, I'm as surprised as you, George. Who could have imagined a young girl like that fighting against three men."

Head snapping up, Bella stared at the tv, hoping she was just hearing things from the lack of sleep but having a sick feeling in her stomach that she wasn't.

"I certainly did not expect it. And unfortunately for the young woman, despite what seems to be a clear use of self-defense. She did run and did kill a man... It's not going to be pretty once the cops catch her."

"Speaking of catching her, can you believe this shot? I know there have been some pretty incredible things caught on camera, but this? We have a clear shot of her face, the truck she uses, and even her wallet. The latter of which making the rest almost useless. You know, if anyone were having a competition on bad luck, well, I'd say this woman would be the winner."

"Hmm... What?" The news host onscreen blinked, holding the earpiece in his ear and looking more than a little surprised. "...We'll, speaking of bad luck. I just received news that the woman, or maybe it's more accurate to say, girl. Is the police chief's daughter down over in the town of... Forks? She should be getting picked up about now, and there's a good chance her father will be making the arrest."

"Ouch, I can't imagine that's going to be easy."

"Oh my god." Dropping the pan in shock, Bella stumbled back, barely catching herself on the edge of the counter as what she was hearing sunk in.

Title Gained!

500 Exp
+5 stat points
You have leveled up!

I can't stay here.

Racing up the stairs, Bella banged open her door and grabbed some random clothes from her closet, then began to change. Not bothering to look at what she was putting on, she grabbed her sneakers, emptied her school bag, then, after stuffing in some extra clothes and her cash, ran back downstairs.

Knock, knock, knock!

"Damn it!" Bella hissed under her breath before turning around and heading for the back door, her plan to take her car to escape now gone. She'd have to go on foot and make it as far as she could, as for where. Well, she wasn't sure of that yet. Not getting arrested was her first priority.

Exiting the house, Bella made her way across the backyard, no one guarding it as Charlie probably didn't think she'd run. Climbing over the fence, Bella, as silently as she could, dropped into her neighbor's yard, then kept moving. Cutting through the back of people's houses, and somehow, despite having no luck. Managing not to run into a single dog.

Unfortunately for Bella, however, that was as far as her 'luck' went. As soon as she cleared the last house, she found herself face to face with Edward Cullen.

"Get in."

Unsure of what to think, Bella glanced from the open car door and back to Edward. Surprisingly finding herself free of the fear she'd had of him two nights ago when she saw him in her room. The previous day's events had helped to that. She was now more afraid of the system and the mental changes that were occurring in her mind than of the Cullens and them maybe being vampires.

"Bella, love, get in. I need to take you somewhere safe."

What the hell! Taking a step back, Bella threw Edward an odd look, not having the faintest idea why he was calling her love and feeling a little creeped out at the possessiveness in his tone.

Emergency Quest Alert!
Now remembering his past life, Edward feels momentous regret at allowing Rosalie to kill you. Escape or kill the vampire before he kidnaps you.

+ ?, +10,000 exp

... And there's no refusal option.

Smiling a little shakily, Bella's fear that she'd thought she lost came rushing back again. If the system was right and she wasn't about to doubt it now. Edward was for sure a vampire, remembered his past life, and wanted to imprison her. Exactly the last thing Bella needed right now with her being wanted and all.

Looking at Edward, Bella thought about what she knew about vampires, which was nothing except for what she saw in movies and read in books. Then made a rational decision that would help keep her alive in this situation. "Okay, where are we going."

Quest Failed!

Ignoring the screen, Bella got in Edwards's car, her heart thumping wildly in her chest as she resigned herself to her fate. Even with higher agility than before, she knew she couldn't outrun a vampire, let alone kill one. Hell, Bella didn't even have anything in her inventory. Something she'd forgotten entirely about in her panic when she'd run from the house.

"I'm taking you to my family. You'll be safe there." Edward smiled in what Bella supposed was to be a calm or maybe gentle way. But for her, it just made her skin crawl.


Doing as best she could to hide the worry she felt from her face, Bella turned to look out the window, trying to think of an idea that would prevent Edward from bringing her to his house. She wasn't sure why, but the closer they got, the worse she felt, and something in her mind was screaming at her to stay as far away as she could. So without thinking, Bella blurted out the first thing she could think of that would make Edward stop the car.

"I'm pregnant!"

A second after Bella's words, Edward slammed down the brakes, turning to stare at Bella, his expression a mixture of disbelief, disappointment, and a small amount of disgust. "Y-You..."

Cheeks flushing, Bella looked down, feeling embarrassed at having to use such an excuse but pleasantly surprised that Edward believed her. "It... It was before I arrived in Forks. My ex-boyfriend and I got drunk and well..."

Okay, maybe that's too much... There's no way he'll believe that, right?

Glancing up at Edward, Bella watched as the vampire's face changed, looking as if he was in pain. Then in a blink, she saw a blur of the door open and Edward disappear in a flash, vanishing into the forest beside the road.

He... He believed it? Ha, what were the cha- nope. Not even going to think about that... Wait a minute... How the hell was I supposed to escape or kill something that fast?

Shaking her head, Bella got out of the car, making a mental note not to take the system's words at face value. Then going around to the other side, she got in behind the wheel, locked the doors, and quickly started to turn around. Edward having conveniently left the key in the ignition, allowing Bella to take his car.

Hopefully, he won't be too mad about me taking his car. I'd rather not have an angry vampire following me across the states.


(A/N) If you find the chapter confusing well, that's because of the way I wrote it over the course of the past year. Each section with some parts being rewritten. To be honest reading over it now, I think I'm just going to focus on my other fics.

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