My stories for the houses competition year 2 @redroseaurora
A Glass incident

A Glass incident

House: Gryffindor

Year: Sixth

Category: Short Story

Prompt: Broken Wine Glass

Words: 521

Wine glasses were really interesting to look at. They came in interesting shapes, had interesting patterns on them, and sometimes the glasses were painted; which looked very pretty; especially when animals were painted onto them. They looked good from every angle and looked different from every angle.

Even when the wine glasses became broken wine glasses, they were still interesting, though in a different way. When glasses broke, you could see the patterns and paint much better, and you could see how they were made.

Daphne Greengrass found that about wine glasses, and she loved admiring glasses. She loved staring at her father's collection of wine glasses; they were so interesting and pretty; and there were so many! Then there were the champagne glasses: don't get her started on that! You'd be there forever! Every time her father got new wine glasses, Daphne would be there staring at them. She would stare at them for ages.

One day though, Daphne decided she wanted a closer look. Daphne found a chair, and moved it close to the cupboard, and climbed onto the chair and opened the door. Both of those things took a bit of time, with Daphne only been seven. Daphne then looked at them all: which one would she take? She then spotted a glass painted with purple on a high shelf, and she reached up to grab in.

Unfortunately, as she struggled to reach it, a few glasses were pushed down by her arm, and they landed on the ground and smashed. That gave her a terrible fright, and she gave a small yelp in fright.

"What the hell?" Daphne's father said, charging in. He looked very worried, which was not surprising.

"The wine glasses broke! They fell down and smashed!" Daphne sobbed as she jumped down; carefully avoiding the shards.

"Oh dear," her dad said, bending down and hugging Daphne as she rushed towards him. "It's okay; your safe, the glass didn't hurt you."

"What is happening? Is Daphne alright?" Daphne's mother asked, running in.

"There are broken wine glasses: Daphne climbed up on that chair and knocked some down," Daphne's father explained.

"Oh, poor darling!" Daphne's mother said, grabbing Daphne and giving her a bear hug. Daphne splattered slightly, mostly from the shock of it.

"I better clean these broken wine glass shards up, otherwise Astoria will come down and get some glass stuck up her foot because she decides to ran across them," Daphne's father said. Then he flicked his wand to summon a broom and dust pan, and got it to get to work.

"Mummy, if Astoria gets 's glass up her foot, would that be bad?" Daphne asked, starting to cry.

"Yes, but don't worry; nothing will happen now your father is cleaning up the glass," her mother said, calming her.

But Daphne didn't believe that. She vowed right then to make sure Astoria never ever got broken wine glass shards up her foot. Later on, she made a vow to protect Astoria from everything. That second vow came after Astoria got injured in a hall way duel. But that's a story for another time.

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