My stories for the houses competition year 2 @redroseaurora
Power is Might?

Power Is Might?

House: Gryffindor

Year: Prefect 1 (stand-in)

Category: Themed (Power doesn't corrupt, people do.)

Prompt: Green

Words: 2604

This is an Au.

Green was the colour of many things. Green was the colour of the trees, green was the colour of envy, green was the colour of acid, and green was the colour of snakes. But for Padma Patil, it was the colour of her eyes.

It seemed if you had green eye in Indian culture; you were untrustworthy, and you deserved to be given the cold shoulder. That was what Padma found, at any rate. She put up with it for a while, thinking it just was a thing that people were not used to, and they would stop doing it. But that never happened.

By the time Padma started at Hogwarts, she was feeling pretty down and depressed. Her housemates at Hogwarts didn't make any comment about her eye colour, in fact, they just ignored her, but she still had all that teasing and out casting from her family and Indian natives in her mind, and she was sure there would be more to come. It just got worse as she got older, too. The only person who changed as time went on was Parvati: she was getting better about it.

As Padma went through school, it occurred to her, if she got a high-powered ministry job, such as Minister for Magic: they could no longer bully her and she would be more powerful than them, which meant she'd be able to lock them up if they annoyed her too much. That idea had a lot of appeal to Padma, and she began to look up what you needed to do to become Minister for Magic.

After her disastrous Yule Ball experience with Ron Weasley, Padma decided for sure she would become Minister for Magic. But, how dare that pitiful excuse for a human being dare ignore her, and get upset when she wanted to go and dance with another boy! However, her new dance partner didn't prove to be much better when he insulted her choice of dress colour: she was wearing a bright green and pink Indian style dress, and he insulted it; that had made Padma very upset.

From there, Padma worked as hard as possible to get above all these people. She was so pleased when she got the Prefect Badge before her fifth year. As usual, her parents couldn't care less but were upset Parvati didn't get a badge.
"How dare that green-eyed whore get the Prefect badge, and sweet Parvati didn't!" her parents said. That upset Padma, and she ran off to find somewhere to cry. Parvati soon found her and sat with her.

"I don't think you're a whore. And I think mamma and papa are very mean to say that," Parvati said.
"It's all right, Parvati; you don't need to explain yourself. I'll show them that I'm not a whore, and they have no right to ignore me!" Padma vowed.


When Padma returned to school, she worked herself to the limit. If she wanted to become Minister for Magic, she needed top marks. Padma believed she was capable, but she just needed to work for it.

It was hard with Umbridge around, but Padma kept up. She joined the DA because of Umbridge: she needed to be actually doing proper work to get good marks in her Defence Against the Dark Arts O.W.L. Even when they got caught, Padma still believed it was worth it. On the whole as far as she could make out, getting good marks in O.W.L.S and N.E.W.T.S was more important than having a clean school record for getting high up in the ministry.

After that, Padma stayed at school, working hard. He parents withdrew Parvati, despite Parvati's protests, but they didn't care what Padma did. Padma suspected they were kind of hoping she would die while at Hogwarts. But Padma survived it all.

She fought when the few Death Eaters who had come to kill Dumbledore arrived, and she fought again when the Death Eaters and You-Know-Who came back the next year. A lot of people died, but Padma was among the living. Despite the near deaths, and the depression her family had caused her, Padma had a strong will to survive.

She might not be the presses favourite, like Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley for example, but she had her name mentioned as one of the living in the war, and she was one of the ones thanked for fighting. That made Padma's day.

After seeing the newspaper, her relatives began to realised even though she had green eyes and was different, she was still a talented and good person, and they started treating her better. The news didn't make her parents treat her any better; they treated her the same as always.

Because of the interruptions and the closure of the school due to the war, Padma had to return to Hogwarts to complete her seventh year. It had been annoying because she was almost done, but she was glad, too. Padma was not quite ready to leave Hogwarts just yet.

She found the repeat of her Seventh year much easier, but that was because she had done it all already. She found it a bit cheap she had to repeat the whole year, but Padma could understand it. Everyone was still getting back on their feet from the war, and it was just easier to make every student repeat their work instead of letting them pick up from where they left off. Especially the younger years.

Things started to change for Padma though: like she found herself talking to her housemates more. Apparently, they were feeling bad for not talking to her a bit more. And then there was Draco; for the first time in her life, Padma found someone she liked in a romantic way. That happened in late November.

"Oh bother," Padma sighed as her scarf blew off and into the Black Lake. As soon as it touched the water, the ice started to form around it immediately, and then something grabbed it and pulled it down into the lake.
"No getting it back now, I suppose," Padma sighed sadly.

"Sorry about your scarf," someone behind Padma said. Padma turned around to see it was Draco Malfoy.

"You didn't do anything: why are you apologising?" Padma asked.

"I was practising a wind creation charm, and it worked, but it sent your scarf into the lake. Here, have mine as an apology," Draco said, taking off his Slytherin green and silver scarf. Padma hadn't had a lot of activity with Draco before the war, but these days, he seemed different. She supposed he had been forced to mellow out a bit and lost some of his arrogance, and he now seemed a bit nicer.

"Oh, thank you. It will go with my eyes," Padma said taking it.

"And so it does! Your eyes are green. I've only just noticed," Draco said smiling embarrassedly.

"And I wouldn't have expected you to," Padma said, giggling slightly.

She and Draco stared at each other for a while, before Draco finally said, "Well, I've got to go. See you, Patil!"
"Bye, Malfoy! And thanks for your scarf!" Padma called as he walked away.


Over the rest of the term, Padma and Draco met up quite a lot, and become on first name basis, then it went to girlfriend/boyfriend relationship. Padma was happy during that time. She had someone who understood her, and someone she could study with, and who appreciated her idea of becoming Minister for Magic.

When they left Hogwarts, both Draco and Padma went and worked in the ministry, and worked hard, especially Padma. After a few years, she was almost there; she was almost at the top. When Kingsley Shacklebolt decided to step down from Minister for Magic, Padma immediately started working to get that job. Soon after though, Padma discovered she had opposition: Hermione Granger.

Knowing she didn't stand a chance of getting more votes than Hermione, Padma began to think up lies about Hermione to get the people to vote for her, instead. It was very dishonest she knew, but if that's what it took to get above a publicly more favourite person, then so be it.

After she had thought up a few lies, she owled a few reporters and arranged a meeting with one of them. Padma made her skin look lighter, and she but on green framed glasses, and a green Muggle suit. Padma Patil had dark skin, never wore glasses and never wore muggle suits; so, Padma thought she was pretty safe. She couldn't go as herself because if people discovered, that would ruin her chances. No, it was much safer to be disguised.

The first lie Padma span was to a reporter called Jasmine Lillies; that lie was that Hermione had ducked out of the war at an early stage, and had been dragged back in to get back. It wasn't that bad, per say, but it would hopefully dampen the public's view of her.

And it did. Padma found a lot more people were talking about Hermione more negatively now: she had to try very hard not to jump for joy, especially when she had Draco around. If he ever discovered what Padma had been up to, he would get very upset.

Two and a half weeks after the first lie had been released, Padma released another one. This one was slightly more truthful but just as damaging. This one was that Hermione Granger as a girl dated a lot of guys; like up to three at once. And with one at least, she had a nasty break up with.

That stirred the public even more. If you wanted to get them not to like someone, or you wanted rumours to go around, just spread a private life lie, and it would work! Padma was very happy; her climb to power was going very well, and she was pretty sure she was getting to the peak, now.


A few months later, the votes from the election for Minister for Magic had finished coming through. Padma thought she had a very good chance of getting the spot, with all the work she had been doing. She had span quite a few more lies about Hermione, and raised her own profile, and gotten very popular with the public, thus, gaining political power.

Now though, Padma along with Hermione and the rest of the Ministry, were gathered in the main hall, waiting for the results to be announced. Padma was dressed in green robes, with an emerald embraided over her chest.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to announce the new Minster for Magic! But first, I would like to thank Kingsley for all the work he put in as Minister!" Percy Weasley said, with his voice being amplified by the amplifying spell.

Kingsley, who was standing near the front, turned around and nodded as everyone clapped. "Thank you," he said.

"And now, the winner of the election and the new Minister for Magic is… Padma Patil! Congratulations, Padma!" Percy cried. All of Padma's friends and followers who were there clapped and cheered madly.

Percy then gestured for Padma to come up the front and give a few words, "Hello, fellow witches and wizards; and thank you for coming. I look forward to hearing what you want in the future of magical England, and what you want from me. And, I'll try my best to be a just as good minister for magic as Kingsley Shacklebolt was!"
Everyone clapped again. Padma smiled and waved at them all, before stepping back. Percy stepped forward again.

"Well done, Padma, and better luck next time, Hermione Granger. And thank you, everyone, for coming!" Percy said, and the crowd clapped some more. When they finished everyone went home for the day. Though, in Padma and Hermione's case, they had to give a few interviews on their way out.


Over the next few years, Padma did really well as Minister for Magic, and she did a lot of great things for the community. Of course, a few people rose up to try and get the Minister for Magic spot; but a few lies and a few favours, and Padma was guaranteed to stay in.

She was happy as Minister for Magic, too. She had power, she had respect; and finally, her parents (they'd written to her) finally saw her as a daughter to be proud of. Padma getting in also helped Parvati's business: she ran a beauty parlour, that was not doing very well until Padma hired her as the chief beautician for the high up ministry wizards and witches when they went to Ministry functions.

However, not everything was so rosy. The relationship between Padma and Draco was falling apart. Which wasn't surprising considering how much time Padma at least, spent working. She hadn't seen their relationship falling yet; but as far as she was concerned, the main thing for her was keeping up the good work as Minister for Magic.

One day, when she got home from the ministry, she found the shared house between herself and Draco very quiet. Which was unusual. "Draco? Draco?" Padma called. She started looking around for him.

After a while of looking downstairs, she heard something upstairs. Padma slowly and quietly climbed the stairs, holding one of her hands around her wand, which was in her pocket. She didn't find anything upstairs until she came to her office.

"Draco, what are you doing in here?" Padma asked as she entered her office, and saw Draco looking around.

Draco quickly slammed shut the draw he was looking through, and span around. "This way," Draco said icily, going past Padma to the room they shared. Padma quickly followed.

On the bed, were the clippings, letters and plans of Padma getting to the Minster spot in the first place. Padma gasped: that was all well-hidden! How had he found it?!
"Care to explain this?" Draco calmly asked. Padma could see he was sieving with anger, though.

"It was all necessary! You know how much I wanted that spot! And I was so close; I couldn't let Hermione take it from me!" Padma cried.

"You were dishonest! When I first met you, you wouldn't have done that! Has that want for the power of Minster for Magic corrupted you?!" Draco screamed.

"What if it has! It got me what I want! Anyway, people in power are always dishonest!" Padma screamed back.

"And on top of that, you have been so caught up in your work our relationship has gone down the drain!" Draco said, crying slightly.

"No, it hasn't!"
"Yes, it has. You just haven't noticed. I can't deal with it anymore, Padma: this is it. You obviously think work is more important than our relationship, and I've tried for you, but I can't do it anymore," Draco said sounding down. Then he flicked his wand and had magic pack his stuff.

"Please, Draco! Give me another chance! Now that you have shown me what I've been doing wrong, I can make this work! Please!" Padma pleaded. She wasn't going to let Draco go; she just couldn't.

"I'm sorry, Padma; I can't risk it. Goodbye, I hope the rest of your ministry campaign goes well," Draco said as his bags finished packing themselves.

"Draco! Wait!" Padma cried through her tears as Draco left. "DRACO! DRACO!"

Then she heard the floo go, and Padma realised he was gone. She broke down in tears in her bedroom and cried. Her tears placing wet splotches all over her green carpet.

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