My stories for the houses competition year 2 @redroseaurora
Sisters and Their Ribbons

Sisters and their ribbons

House: Gryffindor

Year: Prefect 1 (stand in)

Category: Short Story (additional short for Prefect 1)

Prompt: Blue Hair Ribbon

Words: 1168

Main characters are Molly Weasley 2, Lucy Weasley.

Molly Weasley and her sister, Lucy Weasley loved dressing up as pretty princesses. They loved wearing: prop tiaras, dresses for princesses, fancy shoes and hair ribbons. Molly had blue of everything, and Lucy had green of everything. It went with their eyes.
Their mother seemed to like taking them shopping for new items at these shops run by Muggles. She even helped them dress up every now and then. The father on the other hand, didn't understand it, and thought they should be interested in more interesting things such as Broomstick Regulations.

Even when they were not playing dress ups, they still wore their hair ribbons. Molly always wore a blue hair ribbon, and Lucy always wore a green hair ribbon. Those ribbons were their favourite items of clothing. Though, their dad argued that ribbons were not clothes, but their mum, being a woman who understood these things, said ribbons were clothes.

Because they were always wearing hair ribbons, their mum, hardly ever bothered about buying hair ties. The girls had lots of hair ribbons, but ribbons lasted much longer then hair ties ever would, so mum didn't mind. It saved money that could be spent on other things!


One year, for over January, their mum decided they were to go on a holiday. Their dad, (of course) was against it. And when they arrived, Lucy and Molly could guess why: they were going to live like Muggles. Lucy and Molly were over excited about the idea, which sealed the idea, in their mum's opinion.

Every Saturday afternoon over their holiday, their parents would take the children to the nearby park to play. They would hang around for a while, and then one of their parents, sometimes both, would go and do some shopping. Living at a rent house, they only brought one week's supply of food at a time so they didn't make a mess.

One of the parents would go, as long as there were at least some other kids about their age and two adults, they were happy to leave their children. It was a safe place, with the Police Station next door. Today, there was a group of boys about the same age as Molly. Dad still stayed though: just in case, and their mum didn't want to put up with his complaining about Muggles.

It was fine while Lucy and Molly's mum was around, but as soon as she left and they got a bit further away from dad, the boys slowly migrated over to Lucy, and then started teasing and being mean to her. And being only five, Lucy didn't stand a chance, no matter how fiery she was, older boys were much stronger than her, so she couldn't stand up to them.

"Leave her alone!" Molly cried, realising what they were doing. She disparately looked around for her dad, to see he had disappeared somewhere.

"Oh, big sister coming to defend her little baby sister!" the smallest bully said, trying to stir Molly up. Lucy burst into tears after one of the boys knocked her to the ground.

"So, what if I am?!" Molly said, annoyed.

"We'll leave her alone if you give us your blue ribbon," the boy who must have been the leader said. The others all nodded.

Molly was standing there for a few minutes, trying to work out what they were talking about. Then she worked it out: they wanted her hair ribbon! She couldn't work out why they wanted it: maybe they were guessing it was a prized valuable of Molly's?

"If you promise to leave us alone, you can have it," Molly begrudgingly agreed. She didn't want to, but she had to look out for her sister.

"Deal," the boy said. Molly took her hair ribbon out and handing it to him. They all laughed and ran off.

"Why did you do that?" Lucy asked as Molly helped her up. Lucy was still a little teary in her eyes, but she had stopped crying.

"I don't know where dad is, and they were being mean to you: I had to do something!" Molly explained.

"Oh, okay," Lucy said understanding.
"Lucy! Molly! Are you ready to go?" called Mum. Both girls turned to see their parents had come back.

"Mumma! Daddy!" they both cried, and they ran over to their parents and gave them a hug.

"Sorry for disappearing! Your mum rang me on this stupid contraption, and I had to go and help her with carrying the shopping," their dad apologised.

"That contraption is called a mobile phone, dear," their mum said amusedly. Having a Muggle-born parent, she was used to Muggle things.

"These mean boys came and attacked me after you left, and they wouldn't go unless Molly gave them her blue hair ribbon! And she did!" Lucy said.

"Really? Well done, Molly; that was very brave of you," mum said.

"Yes, that was brave of you," dad said.

"Thanks, mum and dad," Molly said, going red in the face.
"Can we get her a new one?" Lucy asked.

"We go past a shop that sells ribbons on our way home, so I don't see why not? Come on, then," answered their father.

Then they left the park, with Molly skipping ahead. She missed her blue hair ribbon already, and she wanted to go and get the replacement as soon as possible. After a while, Lucy realised she was missing out in the fun, and she ran ahead of their parents to keep up with Molly.

Lucy and Molly arrived at the ribbon shop first. They had to wait almost five minutes before their parents finally caught up. They went inside and went straight over to the blue ribbons. "Which one do you want?" the girl's dad asked.

"The sparkly one!" Molly cried, pointing at the blue sparkly ribbon. Her mum unrolled a bit of ribbon, and then cut it off with the scissors nearby.

"Can I get a sparkly green one, so Molly and I match?" Lucy asked.

"Okay, dear," their father nodded. He took Lucy over to where the green ribbon was.

When they had the ribbon they wanted, they went and paid for it: but before they reached the cash register, Molly suddenly said, "I've changed my mind! I feel very brave, and I want to try a dark purple today! And anyway, I've got other blue ones at our real home."
"Okay," mum nodded. She led Molly back to the blue ribbons, put the blue back, and they went over to the purple. Molly got a sparkly purple ribbon. They then went and paid.

Then they exited the shop. However, they didn't get far before the two girls insisted their parents put their new ribbons in their hair. Their parents agreed, and then they walked the rest of the way home with Molly wearing a sparkly purple hair ribbon, while Lucy wore a green one.

Molly missed her blue hair ribbon, but her new purple ribbon was a novelty.

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