My stories for the houses competition year 2 @redroseaurora
The Blue Rose

The Blue Rose

House: Gryffindor

Year: Prefect 1 (Stand in)

Category: Short Story

Prompt: Blue (colour)

Words: 851

Okay, this is based of the prologue of the Sliver Rose Ballet. AU where The Gryffindor girls are all a bit closer. And Jessica Casper is the unnamed female mentioned to share a dorm with Hermione.

Dark figures approached her. Each figure held a big round mirror, and each figure wore blue gloves. One wore a blue rose in their lapel. Lavender Brown desperately tried to get away from them, but every time it looked like she was getting away, she would get grabbed by one that had snuck up behind her; and it forced her to look at the horrible picture in the mirror.

Each mirror reflected Lavender back as an old woman. An ugly old hag; and her beautiful blue nightgown did not fit because she had shrunk with age. Lavender screamed at what she saw and tried to wiggle out of her captor's grasp. She didn't succeed though.

"Look at you!"
"Ugly! Ugly!"
cried the blue gloved figures as the drew closer, holding up their big mirrors.

"No! NO! YAHHH! Get away from me!" Lavender cried, trying not to look at the mirrors. But that was not possible, she couldn't look away, and for some reason, she couldn't close her eyes, either.

"Lavender! Please wake up!" Parvati Patil pleaded. Lavender opened her eyes and looked up to see Parvati was holding onto her as if she had been trying to shake her awake. Lavender then saw Fay Dunbar, Hermione Granger and the other girl, Jessica Casper, were all standing at the foot of Lavender's bed. Parvati let go of Lavender.

Lavender looked down at herself to see she was wearing her favourite blue nightdress, and it fit as well as it always had. She then looked across at the mirror to see she was still fifteen, and no an ugly old witch.

"What happened?" Lavender asked, looking down at her hands.

"You were screaming in your sleep, 'no! No! Get away from me!' We tried to wake you, and we were all starting to get worried when Parvati couldn't wake you up," Jessica said, still looking concerned.

"Oh. Sorry," Lavender apologised.

"Do you want to talk about it? We're all awake anyway," Fay asked.

"Okay, but don't laugh if it seems silly; which it probably will. I was dreaming I had turned into an old and ugly woman, and there were these dark figures wearing blue gloves rubbing it in my face with huge mirrors. My biggest fear is becoming ugly!" Lavender said, shuddering as she remembered the dream.

"That sounds awful!" Parvati cried sincerely.

"I wouldn't worry though, Lavender: if anyone's going to become an ugly old witch, it's going to be me," Hermione said, partly being truthful, and partly trying to make Lavender feel better.

"There is nothing wrong with how you look!" cried Jessica.

"Anyway, we're only fifteen. There are still years before we turn into old women, ugly or otherwise," Fay pointed out.

"True. But what did the people wearing blue gloves mean?" Hermione asked, scratching her head. They had to mean something, because why would Parvati remember them if they didn't?

"Oh! So, there is something the fantastic Hermione Granger doesn't know!" Fay said gleefully.

"Fay! Don't you start!" Jessica cried, ready to break up a fight if one so happened to occur.

"Well, Lavender only might have been able to see their hands, and maybe it was to show she had been feeling blue? Because she has been a bit down recently," Parvati said thoughtfully.

"This is not the first dream like this, I have to say: and they have been making me depressed," Lavender admitted.

"How about we talk about it?" Parvati suggested.

Then the girls chatted a bit and had a few hugs. They talked about their dreams, and the symbolism of blue gloves and a blue rose; then they made a few jokes about getting old and ugly. By the end, Lavender felt much better: she might become ugly, but that will still be a long way away, and she might not go ugly, anyway.

"Good girl. Come on, let's try to get back to sleep," Parvati suggested after a few minutes of silence. Hermione, Jessica and Fay nodded, and they all went to their beds while Lavender just lay back down and went to sleep. And fortunately, the nightmare didn't come back, so the rest of her sleep was not disturbed.

!?(Next Day)?!
The next morning, as Parvati, Lavender, Fay, Jessica and Hermione entered the Great Hall for breakfast, Draco Malfoy come up to Hermione.

"Malfoy," the five girls acknowledged. Malfoy hadn't been nice to any of them, especially Hermione, until recently; and it made them all a bit suspicious.

"Casper, Brown, Dunbar, Granger, Patil," Malfoy nodded. Then he asked Hermione, "Granger, would you—"
But then he stopped as Lavender jumped behind Parvati.

"Wha?" questioned Parvati, glancing behind at Lavender.

"He's wearing blue gloves!" Lavender stammered. She had only just noticed he was wearing blue gloves.

Everyone looked at each other, then Malfoy's hands to see he was indeed wearing blue gloves. Everyone laughed. Lavender whacked herself in the face, then started laughing when she realised the silliness of it: Malfoy might be wearing blue gloves, but he was certainly not one of those figures! Malfoy looked at them all confusedly and then shook his head.

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