My stories for the houses competition year 2 @redroseaurora
Silvanus Kettleburn

Silvanus Kettleburn

House: Gryffindor

Year: Prefect 1 (Stand in)

Category: Drabble

Prompt: Professor Silvanus Kettleburn

Words: 331

An AU.

Silvanus Kettleburn loved teaching. He loved teaching people new things, and he loved all the children's eager faces at every lesson.

Unfortunately, he was a magnet for trouble. He had lost two limbs and got lots of bruises, scratches and cuts. He had gotten them from varies magical creatures. Every class, he had something happen to him. And his pupils quite often got injured, too. That was why Silvanus got over fifty probations: through being unobservant.

Despite all this, Silvanus was well loved by his students because he made the lessons fun and interesting. His favourite students were Fred and George Weasley. With all this, Fred and George Weasley gave him a special magical animal as a retirement gift:

"Professor," Fred Weasley started. Professor Kettleburn turned around to see Fred and George Weasley, two of his students in his last class ever at Hogwarts.

"Yes, Mr Fred Weasley and Mr George Weasley?" Professor Kettleburn asked.

"We are your last class at Hogwarts, right?" George Weasley asked.

"Yes," their Professor said slowly.

"Well, we thought we'd give a retirement gift before the class started," Fred Weasley said, handing out a box with air holes put into it.

"What is it?" Professor Kettleburn asked, taking the box with his one hand and putting it on a nearby barrel.

"Open it and see!"
Professor Kettleburn opened it and pulled out a creature that looked suspiciously like a fire crab. "It's a fire crab we have experimented on: it now breathe water instead of fire; and we thought we'd give it to you," George Weasley explained.

"Oh!" Professor Kettleburn said, sounding excited.

Then the crab sprayed water into Professor Kettleburn's face, and he was sent tumbling to the ground. Fred and George quickly looked at each other, expecting their Professor to get mad at him.

"Excellent! That is so awesome! Thank you, Weasleys; and ten points each for such a wonderful gift!" Professor Kettleburn cried happily, as the rest of the class started to arrive.

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